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March 17, 2018: A special message to our fans

To those checking out the website, thank you. It's because of fans like you that this site has grown to what it is today.

This project was created back in 2002, long before social media and the WWE Network and when wrestling rumors and urban legends were taken at face value. I'd like to think, because of this work, we've been able to clear up what really happened in an industry built on myth.

It's a great time to be a wrestling fan. Even if Raw and Smackdown aren't your style of wrestling, there's NXT, there's 205 Live, there's a growing UK division. And that's just WWE. For a fan, it's fantastic. For a guy like me whose job it is to document these events in (sometimes painful) detail, it's overwhelming.

This project is called The History of WWE. So, for the time being, that's where my focus will be. Expect a lot more updates when it comes to 1976 WWWF and 1983 Crockett, and not so much what happened last week or even last year.

Will I eventually get to what happened in the WWE in 2016? Absolutely. But with so much new footage coming out on the WWE Network, and with DVD projects like WWE Unreleased, it's not a priority right now. There are many holes left to fill in what's already here on the website; it's not time to expand just yet.

Thanks very much for all your support over the past 16 years. We're not going anywhere. :)

– Graham Cawthon