WWWF Championship Wrestling – 1971 Results

9/28/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Stan Stasiak pinned Mickey Doyle with the heart punch
Fred Blassie pinned Mike Pappas with a neckbreaker
The Russians defeated Cowboy Hondo & Jerry Novak with an atomic drop
Manuel Soto defeated Killer Brooks via count-out at 2:31
WWWF Tag Team Champions Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham defeated Ernie Lassiter & Tomas Marin via KO

9/28/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Freddie Blassie pinned Tomas Marin with a neckbreaker
WWWF Tag Team Champions Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham defeated Mickey Doyle & Cowboy Hondo when Hondo submitted to a guillotine neckbreaker
Karl Gotch defeated Killer Brooks with a reverse leg nelson
Stan Stasiak pinned Jerry Novak with the heart punch
Victor Rivera pinned Mike Conrad with the steamroller

9/28/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Karl Gotch defeated Mickey Doyle with a leg nelson
The Russians defeated Ernie Lassiter & Jerry Novak when Novak submitted to a surfboard
Freddie Blassie defeated Mike Conrad with a neckbreaker
Manuel Soto pinned Cowyboy Hondo with a small package
Victor Rivera pinned Ramon Lopez with the steamroller

10/19/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Rene Goulet defeated Juan Caruso
Freddie Blassie defeated Manuel Soto
The Rugged Russians defeated Al Coco & Bob Dirkus
WWWF Tag Team Champion Luke Graham defeated Jerry Novak
Killer Brooks defeated Chuck Richards

10/19/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Freddie Blassie defeated Jerry Novak
Mike Monroe defeated Bull Molina
Jimmy Valiant defeated Bob Dirkus
Donna Christianello defeated Debbie Johnson
The Rugged Russians defeated Tito Torres & Cowboy Hondo

10/19/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
WWWF Tag Team Champion Tarzan Tyler defeated Cowboy Hondo
Killer Brooks defeated Tito Torres
Jimmy Valiant defeated Al Coco
Donna Christianello & the White Venus defeated Vicki Williams & Debbie Johnson
Rene Goulet defeated Chuck Richards

11/9/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
The Black Demon defeated Mike Pappas
Sonny King defeated Bobby Blaine
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Cowboy Hondo
Killer Brooks defeated Tom Reeseman
Stan Stasiak defeated Frank Rodriguez

11/9/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Killer Brooks defeated Mike Pappas
Sonny King defeated the Black Demon
Stan Stasiak defeated Tomas Marin
Freddie Blassie defeated Al Coco
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Tom Reeseman

11/9/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Freddie Blassie defeated Frank Rodriguez
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Tomas Marin
Stan Stasiak defeated Cowboy Hondo
Sonny King defeated Killer Brooks
The Black Demon defeated Bobby Blaine

11/30/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Victor Rivera defeated Juan Caruso
Sonny King defeated Al Coco
Little Brutus defeated Sonny Boy Hayes
King Curtis defeated Chuck Richards
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Ron Sanders

11/30/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Jimmy Valiant defeated Cowboy Hondo
Freddie Blassie defeated Al Nelson
Killer Brooks defeated Ron Sanders
Mike Monroe defeated Jerry Novak
Stan Stasiak defeated Chuck Richards

11/30/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Cowboy Hondo
King Curtis defeated Mike Conroad & Jerry Novak in a handicap match Sonny King defeated Juan Caruso
Sonny Boy Hayes & Farmer Jerome defeated Sky Low Low & Little Brutus via disqualification
Victor Rivera defeated Killer Brooks

12/21/71; Philadelphia, PA; Arena
Freddie Blassie defeated Dean Ross
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Al Nelson
Sonny King defeated Juan Caruso
Stan Stasiak defeated Tomas Marin
Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Mike Conrad