WWF Tuesday Night Titans Results


5/29/84 – debut episode:
Paul Orndorff pinned B. Brian Blair with a reverse roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage at 12:53 (3/23/84; St. Louis, MO)
WWF IC Champion Tito Santana fought Adrian Adonis to a 30-minute time-limit draw (4/6/84; St. Louis, MO)

Roddy Piper defeated Ivan Putski via disqualification at 4:07 after Putski hit the referee as both men were brawling in the ring (5/21/84; Madison Square Garden) Paul Orndorff pinned SD Jones at 5:19 with the piledriver (5/30/84; Hamburg, PA)
Big John Studd pinned Salvatore Bellomo at 1:49 with an elbow drop (5/29/84; Allentown, PA)

6/26/84 – featured an interview with Jimmy Snuka; included a feature on Paul Orndorff; featured an interview with Lou Thesz; included footage of Thesz vs. Rikidozan taped in Japan in 1957; featured an interview with Ivan Putski; included an interview with Don Muraco; featured a clip of the Muraco vs. Tony Garea match taped 6/16/84 at Madison Square Garden; included an interview with Jesse Ventura; featured the Jesse Ventura vs. SD Jones match taped in Allentown, PA; featured a WWF Review segment focusing on the Wild Samoans and Moondogs:
WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch defeated Mil Mascaras & SD Jones when Adonis pinned Jones following a kneedrop off the top by Murdoch (6/15/84; St. Louis, MO)
Ivan Putski pinned Ron Shaw with the Polish Hammer at 3:08 (3/28/84; Hamburg, PA)

7/3/84 – featured a promo by WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan regarding his recent return to Minneapolis on 6/17/84; included a TNT Mailbag segment with Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes; featured an interview with Gorilla Monsoon; included footage from Championship Wrestling in 1976 in which Monsoon confronted Muhammad Ali prior to a match against Baron Mikel Scicluna; featured an interview with Capt. Lou Albano; included an interview with David Wolff in which Albano interrupted and assaulted him; featured footage from the Mad Dog Vachon vs. Bobby Colt match taped 6/17/84 in Minneapolis; also included Terry Daniels and Butcher Vachon as guests and a feature on Sgt. Slaughter:
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned David Schultz with a clothesline after the challenger missed a top rope move; after the bout, Schultz hit the champion several times with the belt before Hogan eventually cleared the ring and regained his title belt; Okerlund was the guest ring announcer for the match (Hulkamania) (6/17/84; Minneapolis, MN)

7/10/84 – no episode due to the airing of the 5/19/84 Capital Centre card

7/17/84 – featured an interview with Red Bastien; included footage from a Texas Death Match between Bastien and Dory Funk Jr.; featured an interview with Greg Valentine and his wife; included footage from WWF IC Champion Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine match taped in Allentown, PA; featured an interview with Roddy Piper; included footage of Piper attacking Jimmy Snuka during Piper’s Pit; to end the segment, Piper slapped Lord Alfred Hayes across the face; following the commercial break, Vince McMahon announced Piper would be barred from ever appearing on the show again; also featured Tony Garea and Wendi Richter as guests:
Jimmy Snuka pinned Samula at 9:32 with a crossbody off the top (Wrestling’s Highest Flyers) (2/20/84; Madison Square Garden)

7/24/84 – featured an interview with Tiger Chung Lee; included footage from the Wild Samoans vs. Mr. Fuji & Lee match taped 7/7/84 at the Philadelphia Spectrum; featured footage from the George Steele vs. Steve Lombardi match taped 7/7/84 at the Spectrum; included an interview with referee Dick Woehrle; featured an interview with SD jones; included a TNT Mailbag segment with Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes; featured an interview with Tony Altimore; included a Classic Clip segment focusing on Chief Jay Strongbow & Sonny King vs. King Curtis & Baron Mikel Scicluna in 1972; featured the Kamala vs. Jose Luis Rivera match taped 7/10/84 in Brantford, Ontario; also included Andre the Giant as a guest:
Tiger Chung Lee defeated Steve Lombardi via submission with the Scorpion Deathlock at 2:47 (4/17/84; Allentown, PA)
SD Jones pinned Danny Green with a headbutt (5/30/84; Hamburg, PA)
Paul Orndorff pinned B. Brian Blair at 17:08 with a small package (7/15/84; Meadowlands)

7/31/84 – featured footage from the Sgt. Slaughter & Terry Daniels vs. WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch match taped 7/23/84 at Madison Square Garden; included a segment of TNT Mailbag with Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes; featured a WWF Archives clip featuring Crusher Verdu vs. Mario Milano; included footage from the Jesse Ventura vs. Ivan Putski arm wrestling challenge taped 7/20/84 in St. Louis; featured an interview with Adonis & Murdoch; included video of Gene Okerlund & Murdoch visiting Adonis’ former neighborhood in New York City; featured an interview with Chief Jay Strongbow where Adonis & Murdoch insulted Strongbow; Native American dancers performed during the segment; included a segment reviewing the feud between Wendi Richter and the Fabulous Moolah, with comments from Capt. Lou Albano

8/7/84 – featured Vince McMahon conducting an interview with Freddie Blassie, alongside Kamala & Friday, during which Kamala ate a live chicken off camera; included an interview with Ken Patera in which he bent a steel bar, demonstrated Olympic style weight lifts, and pushed back a van, driven by McMahon, using his legs; featured the Patera vs. Billy Travis match taped 7/31/84 in Poughkeepsie, NY; included a segment of TNT Mailbag with McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes; featured a WWF Archives clip featuring the Mongols vs. Victor Rivera & Tony Marino; included a WWF Review segment focusing on Nikolai Volkoff and the Spoiler; also featured Ace Freeman, WWF IC Champion Tito Santana, and the Haiti Kid as guests:
Kamala (w/ Freddie Blassie & Friday) pinned Bob Marcus at 1:44 with a splash to the back (7/10/84; Brantford, Ontario)
Sgt. Slaughter defeated Roger Smith via submission with the Cobra Clutch at 4:55 (7/20/84; St. Louis, MO)
The Haiti Kid pinned Dana Carpenter following an airplane spin (7/28/84; Capital Centre)

8/14/84 – no episode due to the airing of the 7/28/84 Capital Centre card

8/21/84 – featured WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan as the studio guest; included footage of Hogan putting Gene Okerlund into heavy training for their upcoming tag team match, with Hogan showing up at Okerlund’s house at 5 a.m. and getting rid of his coffee and cigar; Hogan then had Okerlund drink raw eggs so that he wouldn’t get overloaded with carbohydrates; the two then were shown running around a lake while being cheered on by onlookers; the two then ran around Minneapolis until Hogan caught Okerlund trying to buy a bratwurst from a street vendor; video highlights were then shown of Hogan and Okerlund working out, set to David Bowie’s “Modern Love;” Hogan & Okerlund then ran up the steps at the Met Center, with Hogan eventually going up the stairs with Okerlund on his back, and Okerlund then trying to do the same with Hogan on his back; featured Hogan teaching Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes about his Hulk Hogan Python Powder protein drink; Hogan put several fruits into a blender along with three eggs, water, and his protein powder and then drank it with a handful of pills from a small plastic bag; Hogan then had Vince drink some, with Vince saying he liked it; after peer pressure, Alfred eventually agreed to have some but then ran off after drinking it

B. Brian Blair pinned Jerry Valiant with an abdominal stretch into an inside cradle (6/17/84; Minneapolis, MN)
Big John Studd pinned Bob Marcus at 4:38 with an elbow drop following a clothesline (8/6/84; Brantford, Ontario)
Ken Patera defeated Tony Garea via submission with the full nelson at 6:22 (8/10/84; St. Louis, MO)
Bob Orton Jr. pinned Pat Patterson with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage at 6:12 (8/10/84; St. Louis, MO)

9/25/84 – no episode due to the airing of the MSG 6/16/84 card

Sgt. Slaughter pinned Alexis Smirnoff at 3:41 with a clothesline; after the bout, Smirnoff attacked Slaughter with his boot until Slaughter cleared him from the ring (9/1/84; St. Louis, MO)
The Iron Sheik defeated Billy Travis via submission with the Camel Clutch at 4:49 (9/1/84; St. Louis, MO)
Brutus Beefcake pinned Chief Jay Strongbow with a clothesline at 5:40 (9/1/84; St. Louis, MO)

WWF Tag Team Champions Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis defeated the Wild Samoans via disqualification at the 12-minute mark when the challengers began shoving guest referee Capt. Lou Albano after Albano stopped Afa’s cover on Murdoch and went to tell Sika he had to hold onto the tag rope; after the bout, Albano cheap shoted Afa, who was held by the champions, until Sika cleared the ring (8/25/84; Madison Square Garden)

10/23/84 – no episode due to the airing of the Meadowlands 7/15/84 card

Brutus Beefcake (w/ Johnny V) pinned Tony Garea at 5:20 with a running kneelift (10/22/84; Madison Square Garden)

Barry Windham pinned Moondog Rex at 12:11 with the bulldog (Windham’s MSG debut) (11/26/84; Madison Square Garden)


Desiree Peterson defeated Judy Martin via disqualification after Martin kept pushing referee Terry Yorkston; after the bout, Peterson cleared Martin from the ring (6/3/85; Brantford, Ontario)

Gamma Singh pinned Doc Butler at 3:05 with a missile dropkick (4/16/85; Poughkeepsie, NY)



7/19/85 – featured the Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. WWF Tag Team Champions the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff match from the 7/13/85 Championship Wrestling and the Pedro Morales vs. Mr. X match from the 5/25/85 Championship Wrestling




10/18/85 – featured WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan as the studio guest in which he responded to Big John Studd’s comments earlier in the program; Hogan then showed off his weight belt and said he did 1,001 squats wearing it and gave McMahon the belt to give away to a fan and said that fan would be guaranteed to have arms as big as Hogan’s as long as they said their prayers and trained hard; included the Hogan vs. Tiger Chung Lee match from the 8/17/85 All Star Wrestling; following the airing of the match, Hogan ripped his shirt off inside the studio; after Vince McMahon asked Hogan who he would pick to team up against Studd & King Kong Bundy, Hogan said he would pick Andre the Giant; McMahon then named Randy Savage and Adrian Adonis as potential contenders, with Hogan saying there were many contenders but only one champion; McMahon then showed pretaped footage of Lanny Poffo, wearing a suit of armor, in which he read a poem dedicated to Hogan and his title reign



Tiger Chung Lee pinned Mario Mancini at 3:33 with a butterfly suplex (10/1/85; Poughkeepsie, NY)

Iron Mike Sharpe pinned Jim Young at 2:51 after hitting him with the forearm support (10/1/85; Poughkeepsie, NY)



Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji defeated Jose Luis Rivera & Greg Eberhart at 2:50 when Fuji pinned Eberhart with a spinning elbow drop after a bodyslam from Muraco (12/3/85; Poughkeepsie, NY)



Bob Orton Jr. (w/ Roddy Piper) defeated Rudy Diamond in a boxing match via KO (1/28/86; Poughkeepsie, NY)

Don Muraco (w/ Mr. Fuji) pinned Jim Powers with the tombstone (2/18/86; Poughkeepsie, NY)

Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Jose Luis Rivera & Paul Roma when Volkoff pinned Roma by hoisting him with a gorilla press slam and dropping him down across his knee (12/17/85; Poughkeepsie, NY)

Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated George Wells & Don Driggers when Bret pinned Driggers following the Hart Attack (3/11/86; Poughkeepsie, NY)

SD Jones & Paul Roma defeated Joe Mirto & Mike Angelo at 3:21 when Roma pinned Angelo with a powerslam; Gorilla Monsoon & Ernie Ladd provided commentary for the bout (4/21/86; Poughkeepsie, NY)