WWF Sunday Night Heat – 1999 Results

1/10/99; San Antonio, TX; Freeman Coliseum
1/10/99 – featured Kevin Kelly & Shane McMahon on commentary; included an opening in-ring segment with Vine & Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson, & Gerald Brisco, with Vince stating he would deal with WWF World Champion Mankind on Raw, then addressing the severe injuries sustained by Shawn Michaels on the previous week’s Raw and noting that he warned Michaels not to show up that night; moments later, the McMahons noticed Jose Lothario in the crowd and invited him into the ring, with Lothario refusing to apologize on Shawn’s behalf and then being attacked by Vince’s entourage; included Michael Cole conducting a backstage interview with the Blue Meanie & Al Snow on the latter facing Christian later; included Cole conducting a sit-down interview with WWF Women’s Champion Sable at San Antonio’s Riverwalk, with Sable discussing her title reign, status as a role model, and officially accepting Luna Vachon’s challenge for the Royal Rumble; featured a backstage segment with Vince instructing the Big Bossman to make Triple H’s face look like hamburger meat later:
Christian pinned Al Snow (w/ the Blue Meanie) at 2:10 with a reverse DDT; during the bout, Goldust came ringside and stole Head after knocking out Meanie, who did guest commentary for the match
Owen Hart fought Steve Blackman to a no contest in a Lion’s Den Match at 5:19 when guest referee Dan Severn attacked Blackman as Blackman had Hart in a Sharpshooter; Severn then removed his neck collar and put Blackman in the Dragon Sleeper until officials pulled him off; later in the broadcast, Blackman chased Severn into the parking lot, where Hart and Severn fought him off before driving away
Kurrgan & Golga (w/ George Steele) defeated the Headbangers at 1:43 when Golga pinned Mosh with the sit-down splash
Triple H fought the Big Bossman to a no contest in a Lion’s Den Match at 1:03 when Bossman knocked out his opponent with a nightstick thrown into the cage by Shane McMahon; after the match, Shane entered the cage and began double-teaming Triple H, whose mouth was bloodied; moments later, Billy Gunn, the Road Dogg, & X-Pac brawled with Kane, Ken Shamrock, Test outside the cage and eventually into it, with Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson then helping Shane escape

1/12/99; Beaumont, TX; Montagne Center
1/17/99 – featured an in-ring segment with Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, & Gerald Brisco in which Vince discussed Chyna throwing him out of the ring the previous week on Raw to win the #30 spot in the upcoming Royal Rumble, then challenging her to an arm wrestling match later in the show:
Tiger Ali Singh pinned WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg in a non-title match
Scorpio pinned Mark Henry after Henry became distracted by Chyna at ringside
Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) defeated Edge & Gangrel when Owen pinned Edge; during the match, Sable came ringside but was attacked from behind by Luna
The Godfather pinned Goldust after Al Snow interfered
Chyna defeated Vince McMahon (w/ Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco) in an arm wrestling match when Brisco and Patterson got into a shoving match and bumped into McMahon, causing him to lose; after the match, Chyna accepted a challenge from both Brisco and Patterson to a handicap match for the next night on Raw

1/24/99; Anaheim, CA; Arrowhead Pond
1/24/99 – featured an in-ring interview with WWF Women’s Champion Sable, during which Luna attacked the champion and injured her back; included an in-ring confrontation between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon, during which Vince slapped Austin in the face before fleeing the ring as Austin assaulted Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson:
Scorpio & Bob Holly defeated Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor
WWF World Champion Mankind defeated Mabel (mystery opponent) (w/ Shane McMahon) via disqualification in a non-title match when the Rock interfered, as Mabel was caught in the Mandible Claw, and dropped the champion with the Rock Bottom; moments later, Mabel splashed Mankind

1/25/99; Phoenix, AZ; America West Arena
The Big Bossman pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Jeff Jarrett; after the bout, Bossman hit his opponent with the nightstick
WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart after interference from the Blue Blazer backfired

1/26/99; Tucson, AZ; Convention Center
Luna Vachon defeated Jackie
Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor defeated Golga & Kurrgan
The Godfather defeated WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock via count-out
WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated Triple H & WWF European Champion X-Pac and D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry

2/14/99; Memphis, TN; Pyramid
Viscera defeated Test via disqualification at 2:20
Billy Gunn fought Tiger Ali Singh to a no contest at around the 40-second mark

2/16/99; Chattanooga, TN; UTC Arena
Skull, 8-Ball, Brian Christopher, & Scott Taylor defeated Kurrgan, Giant Silva, Golga, & George Steele
Ken Shamrock fought the Godfather to a no contest after Billy Gunn came to ringside before the bout with Ryan Shamrock, Ken became furious, grabbed his sister, and left ringside
WWF European Champion Shane McMahon (w/ Chyna) pinned WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg after hitting him with the Euro title belt; after the bout, X-Pac issued a challenge to Shane for a title match at WrestleMania XV but Chyna said he would have to go through her first
Al Snow pinned D-Lo Brown after WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett attacked D-Lo while the referee was distracted by Debra
Viscera defeated the Big Bossman via disqualification after Ken Shamrock, Test, and Kane interfered – with the Undertaker and Paul Bearer looking on from the entranceway – and the ring became surrounded in fire

2/28/99; Dayton, OH; Nutter Center
Ivory pinned Jackie (w/ Terri Runnels) with a DDT
The Undertaker pinned Kurrgan with the chokeslam; after the bout, the Brood attacked the Oddities
Public Enemy defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy; after the bout, the Brood attacked Public Enemy
Triple H (w/ X-Pac) fought Chyna (w/ WWF European Champin Shane McMahon) to a no contest when X-Pac chased Shane backstage, Kane came ringside, Chyna hit a low blow on her opponent, and Kane hit several chokeslams on Triple H

3/2/99; Pittsburgh, PA; Civic Arena
3/7/99 – included a segment where Tiger Ali Singh offered $500 for any American to blow their nose in an American flag, with Singh pointing out Kurt Angle to do the challenge, calling him a local Pittsburgh hero; Angle refused to do it for $500 or $2000, but agreed when Singh upped the price to $5000; then as Angle was about to do it, he blew his nose in Singh’s Indian flag and hit a belly-to-belly suplex and judo throw on Singh (Angle’s TV debut):
The Public Enemy defeated the Acolytes via disqualification after the Acolytes used a number of weapons
The Road Dogg pinned Jeff Jarrett after D-Lo Brown (dressed as the Blue Blazer) interfered, pushed an interfering Owen Hart off the top, and hit Jarrett with the Sky High
Ken Shamrock & Goldust (w/ the Blue Meanie) defeated WWF IC Champion Val Venis & Billy Gunn when Goldust pinned Venis with a superplex; earlier in the bout, Shamrock attacked his partner and walked out of the match; after the bout, Goldust left with Meanie and Ryan Shamrock – who had come ringside earlier in the mach – while Gunn and Venis began fighting each other
The Big Bossman pinned Al Snow with the sidewalk slam; after the match, the Bossman held off the Acolytes with his nightstick

3/14/99; Bakersfield, CA; Centennial Garden Arena
Test defeated D-Lo Brown via disqualification when X-Pac, who did guest commentary for the match, prevented the cover after Test hit his opponent with Shane McMahon’s European title belt
Al Snow fought Droz to a no contest after Mankind attacked both men on their way to the ring
WWF IC Champion Val Venis & WWF Hardcore Champion Hardcore Holly defeated the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn when Venis pinned Road Dogg with the fisherman’s suplex

3/15/99; San Jose, CA; Arena
WWF Hardcore Champion Billy Gunn pinned Al Snow after Hardcore Holly, who did guest commentary for the match, hit the challenger several times with a chair
WWF IC Champion the Road Dogg defeated Ken Shamrock via disqualification after Val Venis attacked the champion; after the bout, a brawl ensued between Shamrock, Goldust, Venis, and Road Dogg
Steve Williams defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy in a handicap match with a powerslam
Triple H pinned the Godfather with the Pedigree
WWF World Champion the Rock fought the Big Bossman to a no contest after the Ministry attacked the Bossman, the Rock left ringside, and a staredown took place between the Rock, Paul Wight, and the Undertaker

3/28/99; Philadelphia, PA; First Union Center
3/28/99 – included Vince McMahon announcing that the Steve Austin / WWF World Champion the Rock match would be a No DQ bout, with Paul Wight then blocking the door to the arena to prevent Austin from arriving; featured the Big Bossman cutting a promo on facing the Undertaker later in the night, with the lights then going out, the Brood appearing, and Bossman receiving a bloodbath; included a backstage brawl between Mankind and Wight, during which Austin was seen arriving to the arena:
Jackie (w/ Terri) pinned Ivory at 1:24 with a back suplex; after the bout, Terri – who did guest commentary for the bout – stuck a lit cigar into Ivory’s face until Tori made the save
Test and D-Lo Brown co-won a battle royal at 4:16 when Droz and the Godfather eliminated each other; other participants included: Bradshaw, Farooq, Steve Blackman, Brian Christopher, Road Warrior Hawk, Road Warrior Animal, 8-Ball, Skull, WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Mideon, Tiger Ali Singh, Viscera, Rocco Rock, and Johnny Grunge; due to pre-match stipulations, Test and D-Lo earned a tag team title shot later in the night; WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett did guest commentary for the bout and attacked the winners after the match

3/30/99; Long Island, NY; Nassau Coliseum
4/4/99 – included an opening in-ring segment with WWF European Champion Shane McMahon, the Rock – with Steve Austin’s Smoking Skull belt, Chyna, and Triple H in which Shane officially retired the European title as undefeated champion; Triple H then took credit for everything that was DX, referring to his former DX teammates as the 1-2-3 Kid, the Real Double J, and Rockabilly, and challenged X-Pac to a match at Backlash; moments later, Shane ordered a rematch between the Rock and Steve Austin for the world title at Backlash, with Shane himself as the guest referee; Rock then cut a promo on Austin; Shane announced that the following night on Raw, the Big Show would pay for interfering in Corporation business; featured Ryan Shamrock asking Val Venis to be with her again but he turned her down; included WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett, with Debra, cutting an in-ring promo regarding their lack of competition; after issuing an open challenge, Kane appeared and sent them out of the ring; Jarrett then grabbed a microphone and said that they would face him later on in a title match; featured Jerry Lawler conducting a live interview with Vince & Stephanie McMahon at their home in Greenwich, CT regarding Stephanie’s kidnapping, with Vince stating that he thinks Taker has started to believe that he is the gimmick; Stephanie went on to state that she no longer feels safe at home, only when she is with her dad:
Tori defeated Jackie (w/ Terri) via disqualification at 1:25 when Terri interfered and pulled Tori’s hair as Jackie was caught in a sleeper; after the bout, Tori was beaten down and sustained a splash off the top before Ivory came out to make the save; moments later, Ivory was beaten down as well and almost had Terri stick her lit cigar into Ivory’s face before the referee took the cigar away
Val Venis pinned Steve Blackman with the Money Shot at 2:35; after the bout, Blackman hit a dropkick from behind and assaulted Venis with his kendo sticks until referees made him leave the ring
The Big Bossman pinned Droz with the sidwalk slam at 1:36; mid-way through the bout, Bossman ripped out Droz’ nose ring, causing him to bleed profusely
Kane defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) via disqualification in a handicap match at 1:44 when Jarrett broke his guitar over Kane’s back as he attempted to hit a chokeslam on Hart; after the bout, the champions double teamed Kane until X-Pac came out and helped clear the ring; moments thereafter, Kane put a choke on X-Pac but eventually let go; the tag team titles were on the line in the match

4/11/99; East Lansing, MI
4/11/99 – included an opening segment in which WWF Tag Team Champions X-Pac & Kane came out, with X-Pac challenging Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart to a rematch; moments later, Jarrett & Owen, along with Debra, came out and accepted the challenge; the New Age Outlaws soon followed, with the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn saying that they should be the #1 contenders and that they deserve a title shot as well; X-Pac then agreed to a three way title match for later in the night; featured Jim Ross conducting an in-ring interview with Mankind, with Mankind coming out with balloons, confetti, a birthday cake, and Yurple the Clown in celebration of Mr. Socko’s return to his birthplace; during the segment, JR mentioned that Mankind would face the Big Show in a Boiler Room Brawl at Backlash; moments later, Mankind said he would soon be going into seclusion to prepare for his upcoming match with the Big Show:
Ken Shamrock defeated Mideon via submission with the ankle lock at 2:24; during the bout, it was announced that Shamrock would face the Undertaker at Backlash; after the bout, Shamrock refused to release the hold and demanded Mideon tell him where his missing sister was; moments thereafter, Shamrock cut a promo on the Undertaker, mentioning that both men would be in Detroit for Raw the following night and that he was looking for revenge after what Taker did to his sister Ryan
The Rock (w/ Shane McMahon) pinned D-Lo Brown (w/ Ivory) with the Rock Bottom / People’s Elbow combo at 3:21; Shane did guest commentary for the bout
The Big Bossman defeated Droz via disqualification at the 50-second mark when a fan came out of the crowd and attacked the Bossman, hitting a powerslam and back suplex before Test came out, causing Droz and the fan to go to the floor; the fan later became known as Albert (Albert’s TV debut)
WWF Tag Team Champions Kane & X-Pac defeated the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn and Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) when X-Pac pinned Gunn with the X-Factor at 2:03 after Kane punched Gunn from the apron; during the bout, Triple H & Chyna were seen watching the match from the stage; after the bout, the New Age Outlaws congratulated X-Pac for the victory

4/13/99; Grand Rapids, MI; Van Andel Arena
Ken Shamrock defeated Test & the Big Bossman in a handicap match via submission after applying the ankle lock on Test
The Brood defeated Viscera & Mideion via disqualification after the Acolytes interfered
WWF Tag Team Champions Kane & X-Pac defeated the Rock & Triple H (w/ Chyna) via disqualification when Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart interfered; X-Pac worked most of the match by himself as Kane didn’t arrive ringside until halfway into the bout; after the match, Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg made the save for the champions

4/25/99; Providence, RI; Civic Center
4/25/99 – included the announcement by Shane McMahon that the Rock / Austin main event would be a No Holds Barred contest and that if Austin put his hands on Shane during the match he would automatically lose the championship:
Val Venis & Nicole Bass defated D-Lo Brown & Ivory at 1:43 when Bass pinned Ivory
Droz & Albert defeated Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor at 1:09 when Albert pinned Taylor
Kane pinned the Big Bossman at 2:45
Viscera pinned Test at 2:09

5/2/99; San Diego, CA
The Road Dogg & Billy Gunn defeated Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown via count-out at 1:14 after Henry & Brown began brawling with Prince Albert & Droz on the floor
Ken Shamrock & Test defeated the Acolytes at 1:20 when Faarooq submitted to Shamrock’s ankle lock
Mankind fought the Big Bossman to a no contest in a Boiler Room Brawl
WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow fought Hardcore Holly to a no contest

5/9/99; Jacksonville, FL; Coliseum
The Acolytes defeated the Road Dogg (sub. for WWF Tag Team Champion Kane) & WWF Tag Team Champion X-Pac when Road Dogg was pinned; Kane was taken out of the match early on when he battled an interfering Billy Gunn backstage; after the bout, the Union and Kane made the save against the Corporate Ministry
Billy Gunn pinned Val Venis with the Fameasser after Venis became distracted by Jeff Jarrett and Debra at ringside; after the bout, Kane came ringside and hit the chokeslam on Val – which caused Nicole to give him mouth to mouth; after Val came to, he ran backstage in disgust
WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow pinned Head after hitting him with his deer head
Triple H (w/ Chyna) pinned the Road Dogg with the Pedigree after Dogg became distracted by Billy Gunn at ringside; after the bout, Kane made the save
The Big Show fought Mideon to a no contest when Show threw the referee out of the ring; after the bout, Show attempted to hold Mideon hostage as bait for the Undertaker but when the Undertaker said he had more important things to attend to, Show hit the chokeslam on his opponent
Meat (w/ Jackie & Terri Runnels) pinned Droz (w/ Albert) with the Meat Grinder; after the bout, Albert attacked Meat until Jackie and Terri made the save

5/11/99; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; National Car Rental Center
WWF Tag Team Champion X-Pac defeated D-Lo Brown via disqualification when Ivory interfered
Gangrel & Edge defeated Droz & Albert
The Road Dogg defeated Hardcore Holly at the 56-second mark in a hardcore match
WWF Tag Team Champion Kane fought Mark Henry to a no contest
The Big Show, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, & Test defeated Skull, 8-Ball, & Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor at the 19-second mark when Show pinned Skull with the choke slam

5/23/99; Kansas City, MO; Kemper Arena
5/23/99 – included an in-ring promo by Shane McMahon in which he announced he would officiate a bout between Mideon and Steve Austin later on Heat; later in the show, Vince McMahon – with Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco – came out and called Shane out over the match, saying it wouldn’t happen; moments later, Shane said that if Austin wasn’t in the match then he would strip him of the title and the only way Austin wouldn’t appear was if Vince replaced him in the match; Vince agreed to replace Austin; featured the Rock cutting an in-ring promo on facing Triple H, with Triple H – with Chyna – eventually cutting him off on the big screen, saying that if Rock didn’t take the cast off his broken arm then he would forcibly do so during their match; included the Ministry trapping the Union in their lockerroom as the Union was giving a backstage interview:
Meat (w/ Terri, Jackie, & Ryan Shamrock) pinned Brian Christopher (w/ Scott Taylor) with the reverse DDT after Christopher became distracted by Jackie on the ring apron as Taylor was distracted by Shamrock on the floor; during the bout, Terri did guest commentary; after the bout, Michael Hayes & the Hardy Boyz ran to the ring and sent Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor to the floor
Matt & Jeff Hardy (w/ Michael Hayes) defeated Goldust & the Blue Meanie at 4:52 when Matt pinned Meanie with the Twist of Fate after Jeff hit a leap onto Goldust on the floor; after the bout, the lights went out; when they came back on, the Hardyz & Hayes had sustained a bloodbath from the Brood
Vince McMahon (sub. for WWF World Champion Steve Austin) fought Mideon to a no contest after a matter of seconds when Vince and Shane began fighting, with Vince being beaten down by the Corporate Ministry and eventually sustaining a chair shot to the ankle from Mideon as Vince’s leg was laid on the steel ring steps; after the bout, Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco helped Vince to his feet as the big screen showed that Steve Austin had arrived to the arena

5/25/99; Moline, IL; Mark of the Quad
5/30/99 – included a video package on the history of the King of the Ring, featuring the most recent tournament wins by Steve Austin, Triple H, and Ken Shamrock; featured an in-ring promo by Steve Austin which was interrupted by the Undertaker on the Titantron, with Taker saying he would come face-to-face with the Higher Power the following night on Raw:
Test & Tori defeated Meat & Jackie (w/ Terri & Ryan Shamrock) at 2:58 when Tori pinned Jackie with a DDT; after the bout, PMS attacked Tori until Test scared them from the ring
KOTR Qualifying Match: Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/ WWF Women’s Champion Debra) via submission with the ankle lock at 2:55 after avoiding the figure-4; after the bout, Jarrett broke his guitar over Shamrock’s head
KOTR Qualifying Match: Hardcore Holly pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow with a Michinoku Driver in a non-title match at 1:24
KOTR Qualifying Match: WWF Tag Team Champion X-Pac pinned the Big Bossman with a crucifix at 2:37 as Bossman laid across him making a cover; after the match, the Road Dogg came out to make the save but was beaten down by Bossman and the Acolytes; moments later, Kane made the save and hit a chokeslam on Farooq; after the commercial break, the Road Dogg challenged Bossman to a match on Raw while the Acolytes challenged X-Pac & Kane to a tag team title match
KOTR Qualifying Match: Billy Gunn pinned Viscera with the Fameasser at 2:05 after Viscera hit the corner

6/6/99; Long Island, NY; Nassau Coliseum
6/6/99 – included Jim Ross conducting an in-ring interview with the new WWF Tag Team Champions the Acolytes in which, after stating there were no teams that could beat them, the Brood appeared to confront the Acolytes; after all five men brawled briefly, the lights went out and when they came back on the Acolytes were covered in blood; featured a backstage interview with Steve Austin in which he declined to confess who the Higher Power was after seeing his face on the previous week’s Raw:
KOTR Qualifying Match: The Road Dogg pinned the Godfather at 1:02 after Billy Gunn accidentally hit Godfather in the head with a steel chair as Godfather attempted the Ho Train; after the bout, Road Dogg chased Gunn backstage
KOTR Qualifying Match: The Big Show pinned Droz (w/ Albert) with a boot to the chest and the chokeslam at the 59-second mark; after the bout, Show hit a flying clothesline on an interfering Albert; moments later, Steve Austin attacked both Droz & Albert as they came backstage
WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ WWF Women’s Champion Debra) fought Mark Henry (w/ D-Lo Brown & Ivory) to a no contest at around the 2-minute mark when Debra and Ivory began fighting in the ring, which then led to Steve Austin coming out, hitting the Stunner on both Henry and D-Lo, then chasing Jarrett & Debra backstage; during the bout, Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly discussed Jake Roberts perhaps being the Higher Power
Ken Shamrock defeated Meat (w/ Jackie, Terri, & Ryan Shamrock) via submission with the ankle lock at 3:37 after hitting a belly to belly; after the bout, Jeff Jarrett came out and smashed his guitar over Shamrock’s head and put him in his own ankle lock before Steve Austin returned to the ring and hit the Stunner on Jarrett and Meat; during the bout, Cole & Kelly again discussed who the Higher Power could be and mentioned Shawn Michaels’ name; after the commercial break, Shamrock cut a promo backstage, challenging Jarrett to face him in the Lion’s Den on Raw
KOTR Qualifying Match: Kane pinned Test with the tombstone at 3:04 after avoiding the pumphandle slam
KOTR Qualifying Match: Chyna (w/ Triple H) pinned Val Venis (w/ Nicole Bass) with the Pedigree at 2:14 moments after Triple H interfered and kicked Venis in the groin as he had Chyna down in the fisherman’s suplex, with Bass then rolling the groggy referee back inside the ring, not realizing Venis was hurt; after the bout, Triple H and Venis brawled until a number of referees broke the two up; moments later, Steve Austin came to the ring and hit the Stunner on Venis and a number of officials

6/8/99; Worcester, MA; Centrum
6/13/99 – included Jerry Lawler conducting a backstage interview with Test regarding his date the previous night in Pittsburgh with Stephanie McMahon; Test said that, to appease all involved, he and Stephanie agreed to just be friends; at the tail end of the segment, Jeff Jarrett & Debra appeared with Jarrett telling Test off; featured Jim Ross conducting an in-ring interview with WWF Women’s Champion Debra & WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett in which JR confronted Jarrett about his interference in the Shamrock / Vince McMahon Lion’s Den match; after refusing to answer, Ross then asked Debra about her upcoming title defense against Ivory; Jarrett then cut Debra off, with Test appearing moments later and issuing a challenge for later in the hight; Jarrett quickly accepted:
Gangrel, Edge, & Christian defeated Michael Hayes, Matt, & Jeff Hardy in an elimination match at 4:27; Jeff pinned Gangrel with a northern lights suplex at the 29-second mark after Hayes hit Gangrel from behind; Jeff pinned Edge at 1:28 after Matt hit a DDT on the floor and pushed Edge back inside the ring; Christian pinned Hayes at 2:36 with an inverted DDT; Christian pinned Jeff with the Unprettier at 3:21; Christian pinned Matt with the Unprettier after Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor came ringside, with Brian Christopher throwing Matt from the top to the floor, pushing him into the ringpost, and then rolling him back inside the ring; later in the broadcast, Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor cut a promo backstage, saying that they would now be referred to as Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty; during the promo, Christopher uttered the phrase, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” (Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor’s debut as Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty)
D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Acolytes via disqualification at 2:28 when Mideon and Viscera came ringside, with Mideon shoving D-Lo off the top as the challengers attempted a somersault splash double team; after the bout, D-Lo & Henry were beaten down by all four men, with Viscera hitting splashes on both
Kane & X-Pac defeated the Big Show & Hardcore Holly at 1:57 when X-Pac pinned Holly after Show hit the chokeslam on his partner and walked out of the bout due to Holly refusing to tag him into the match
Val Venis pinned Droz (w/ Albert) following a running powerslam and the Money Shot at 1:36; after the bout, Albert attacked Venis and hit a modified press slam before both men forcibly pierced Venis’ nose
WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) defeated Test via reverse decision; the challenger originally won the match and title at 2:12 after Ken Shamrock interfered, hit a belly to belly suplex on Jarrett, and placed Test on top but referee Tim White came out to inform referee Harvey Wippleman what had taken place; Wippleman was unwavering in changing the decision until Debra whispered something in his ear
Ken Shamrock & the Road Dogg defeated Billy Gunn & Chyna at 1:28 when Dogg pinned Gunn by reversing the Fameasser into a pumphandle slam; Shamrock left ringside mid-way through the match to chase Jeff Jarrett backstage; after the bout, Road Dogg was triple teamed in the ring by Triple H, Chyna, and Gunn until X-Pac came out to attempt to make the save; after X-Pac was beaten down as well, Kane came out and scared the three members of the opposition from the ring; moments later, Road Dogg pushed Chyna back inside the ring where she sustained the chokeslam from Kane as Triple H and Gunn looked on

6/20/99; Nashville, TN; Arena
6/20/99 – featured Jim Ross conducting an in-ring interview with Triple H & Chyna in which Chyna spoke about her participation in the King of the Ring tournament and Triple H explained why he gave Chyna his spot in the KOTR by explaining he wanted the WWF World Title instead; Triple H then made a challenge to whomever the WWF Champion would be after the KOTR, regardless of if it was the Undertaker or the Rock; included JR conducting an in-ring interview with WWF World Champion the Undertaker, with Paul Bearer, regarding his upcoming title defense against the Rock at the KOTR as well as the recent challenge from Triple H; upon being asked about Triple H, Taker put a choke on JR for trying to start trouble; featured a backstage promo by D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry in which Henry challenged Viscera to a gorilla press slam challenge match for the following night on Raw:
Billy Gunn defeated Ken Shamrock, the Big Show, and Kane in an elimination match at around the 8:20 mark; Show and Kane fought to a double count-out at 2:12; after their elimination, Hardcore Holly came ringside and assaulted both men with a steel chair before the battle went backstage; Shamrock was disqualified for throwing down referee Tim White as White tried to pull him away from Gunn on the floor; moments later, Shamrock applied the ankle lock on Gunn inside the ring
Chyna (w/ Triple H) defeated the Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Hardcore Holly in an elimination match at around 5:51; Holly pinned X-Pac at 1:45 after Triple H attacked X-Pac on the floor and hit the Pedigree; Holly pinned Road Dogg at around 5:45 after Chyna hit both men with a steel chair and Holly fell on top of Road Dogg for the cover; Chyna pinned a knocked out Holly
Chyna (w/ Triple H) pinned Billy Gunn at 1:46 after Triple H caused Gunn to fall over the top, as he attempted the Fameasser, then hit the Pedigree on the floor; after the bout, the Undertaker came out and brawled with Triple H until Viscera, Mideon, the Big Bossman, and the Acolytes came out to break the two men apart

6/27/99; Greensboro, NC; Coliseum
6/27/99 – featured an in-ring confrontation between the Road Dogg, Triple H & Chyna in which Chyna hit a low blow on Road Dogg and helped Triple H in double teaming him; included a closing segment in which the Rock cut an in-ring promo on facing the Undertaker in the main event, with Taker then appearing on the big screen, a Brahma Bull symbol lowering from the ceiling, and then catching on fire as a sign of things to come for the challenger for the WWF World Title:
Matt & Jeff Hardy fought Edge & Christian to a no contest at 1:28 when the Acolytes interfered and attacked both teams before Bradshaw challenged Billy Gunn to a match for the following night on Raw; Shawn Michaels immediately booked a rematch between the two teams for later in the night with the winners becoming the #1 contenders to the tag titles
Mideon & Viscera defeated the Big Bossman in a handicap match at 1:47 when Mideon pinned Bossman
Albert pinned Val Venis in a streetfight at 1:57
Ken Shamrock fought Shane McMahon (sub. for Vince McMahon) to a no contest at around the 43-second mark when Steve Blackman attacked Shamrock with his kendo stick and repeatedly hit him with it to the point where Shamrock began bleeding from the mouth

6/29/99; Fayetteville, NC; Crown Coliseum
X-Pac & Kane defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy when X-Pac scored the pin after Kane hit the chokeslam; after the bout, the Acolytes attacked the Hardyz until Kane & X-Pac made the save, with Kane hitting Bradshaw with a tombstone onto the steel ring steps
WWF European Champion Mideon defeated WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow via disqualification after D-Lo Brown interfered and hit the Sky High on Mideon; after the bout, referees had to seperate Brown and Snow
WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Test via count-out after Test left the ring to attacked Joey Abs in the crowd; after the bout, the other members of the Mean Street Posse attacked Test
Hardcore Holly fought Viscera to a no contest when Holly called out Kane, was chokeslammed for his efforts, and the Big Show and Undertaker came ringside, with Taker and Kane having a staredown
The Godfather & Val Venis defeated Albert & Droz when Venis pinned Albert
The Road Dogg defeated the Big Show via disqualification when Kane attempted to attack Show but when Road Dogg stopped him, Kane hit the chokeslam on him instead; after the bout, X-Pac came out and as the two left ringside the Undertaker & Paul Bearer came out, with Kane and Taker making eye contact once more

7/11/99; Indianapolis, IN; Market Square Arena
Viscera, the Big Bossman, & Mideon defeated Gangrel, Edge, & Christian after Gangrel turned on Edge and hit him with the DDT
WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow fought Max Mini, Battalion, Tarantula, and an unknown mini to a no contest when Snow chased his opponents backstage
Droz & Albert defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy via disqualification after the Godfather and Val Venis attacked Droz; after the bout, all six men began brawling
Test defeated Billy Gunn (w/ Chyna) via disqualification when the Mean Street Posse attacked Test; after the bout, the Rock came ringside and attacked Billy Gunn while Ken Shamrock cleared the ring
Kane pinned Bradshaw in a No Holds Barred match with the chokeslam after guest timekeeper Hardcore Holly hit Bradshaw with a chair; after the match, Kane hit a chokeslam on Holly before the Big Show came to the ring and hit a chokeslam on Kane

8/8/99; Detroit, MI; Joe Louis Arena
Val Venis defeated WWF IC & European Champion D-Lo Brown via disqualification when Jeff Jarrett, who did guest commentary for the match, attacked the challenger; after the bout, Jarrett and Brown brawled; only the IC title was on the line
Tori pinned Les Lexie; after the bout, WWF Women’s Champion Ivory attacked Tori and wrote ‘slut’ on her stomach and ‘skank’ on her back
WWF Tag Team Champions the Acolytes fought Kane & the Road Dogg to a no contest
The Godfather fought Albert (w/ Droz) to a no contest when Droz, Albert, and the fan that attacked the Godfather on Raw triple teamed him until Val Venis and Chaz made the save
The Big Bossman pinned Meat (w/ Terri Runnels); after the bout, Bossman assaulted Meat with the nightstick until Terri helped him out of the ring
The Undertaker (w/ the Big Show & Paul Bearer) pinned Billy Gunn (w/ Chyna) with the tombstone at 3:38 after the Rock, who did guest commentary for the bout, repeatedly punched Gunn in the face as he was on the mat; moments later, Rock was assaulted by Show on the floor before being thrown into the ring where both Taker and Show beat Rock down

8/10/99; Milwaukee, WI; Bradley Center
Edge & Christian defeated Papi Chulo & Sho Funaki via disqualification when Gangrel and the Hardy Boyz attacked Edge & Christian
Al Snow defeated the Blue Meanie via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf; after the bout, Stevie Richards attacked Snow when Snow refused to release the hold
Kane defeated the Big Show via disqualification after Hardcore Holly interfered; after the bout, the two double teamed Kane until Show hit the chokeslam on Holly
Meat (w/ Terri Runnels) pinned Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) with the Meat Grinder after Jarrett became distracted by Debra on the ring apron; after the bout, Jarrett argued with Debra until he was attacked by D-Lo Brown
The Undertaker pinned WWF Tag Team Champion X-Pac with the tombstone; after the bout, Kane made the save against the Undertaker and Big Show until both he and X-Pac were attacked by the Acolytes, who did guest commentary for the match

8/31/99; Worcester, MA; Centrum
9/5/99 – included a music montage of Edge to the tune of Godsmack’s “Now or Never” and Hinge’s “Now I See the Light”; featured a “Deja Video” segment focusing on the various vehicles Steve Austin has driven to the ring, set to Cyprus Hill’s “Nothing to Lose” and Pushmonkey’s “Now” and “Lefty”; included highlights from the Taker & Show / X-Pac & Kane match at Summer Slam, set to Godsmack’s “Keep Away”, as well as a look at the incidents from Raw involving Rock & Mankind vs. Taker & Show, set to Pushmonkey’s “Maybe”; featured a week in review video package set to Godsmack’s “Whatever”:
Joey Abs pinned Papi Chulo at 4:21 with a modified crucifix powerbomb after Rodney hit Chulo in the back with his arm cast; early in the match, Rodney & Pete Gas came ringside to be in Abs’ corner
Chaz defeated Meat (w/ Mariana) via disqualification at 3:04 when Marianna tripped Chaz; after the bout, Terri attacked Marianna on the ramp, with both women rolling all the way down
The Dudley Boyz defeated the Blue Meanie & Stevie Richards at 4:56 when Bubba Ray pinned Meanie following the 3D

9/7/99; Albany, NY; Pepsi Arena
9/12/99 – included the announcement that the Acolytes would face the Dudley Boyz and Chris Jericho would face Ken Shamrock at Unforgiven:
Droz pinned Chaz with a powerbomb after Mariana distracted Chaz from ringside
Shawn Stasiak pinned Joey Abs (w/ Terri Runnels, Pete Gas, & Rodney) with the inverted DDT; after the bout, the Posse attacked Stasiak with Terri slapping him
WWF European Champion Mark Henry & Steve Blackman defeated D-Lo Brown & Val Venis when Henry pinned D-Lo after hitting him with the title belt

9/14/99; Las Vegas, NV; Thomas & Mack Center
Mideon pinned Chaz; after the bout, Mariana had police officers take Chaz away after she claimed he hit her
Stevie Richards pinned Droz with the Stevie Kick; the Brooklyn Brawler was the guest referee for the bout as the other referees were on strike
The Godfather pinned Albert with the Pimp Drop

9/26/99; Charlotte, NC; Coliseum
9/26/99 – included the announcement that WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn would defend against Edge & Christian and that Chris Jericho would face X-Pac, subbing for an injured Ken Shamrock, during the pay-per-view; featured the announcement that the Six Pack Challenge would begin with the Rock, not Triple H as previously reported, against Davey Boy Smith

10/5/99; Long Island, NY; Nassau Coliseum
The Godfather pinned JR Ryder with the Pimp Drop
Steve Blackman defeated Chaz via submission; after the bout, Glen Ruth prevented Mariana from having Chaz arrested again by showing GTV footage of her putting makeup on herself to appear as though she was beaten up; after the bout, Ruth and Chaz reunited as the Headbangers
The Dudley Boyz defeated Chris Jericho & Curtis Hughes following the 3D on Hughes after Jericho walked out of the match

10/12/99; Birmingham, AL
Steve Blackman defeated Taka Michinoku via submission
WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown pinned Albert; after the bout, Albert attacked the champion
The Dudley Boyz defeated the Headbangers following the 3D; after the bout, Mosh fought off the Dudleyz with a chair

10/19/99; Louisville, KY; Freedom Hall
10/24/99 – included a feature on the new WWF IC Champion Chyna; featured an in-ring promo by Chris Jericho in which he insulted Chyna and her winning of the IC title before demanding she give him a title shot later in the show; Chyna, with Miss Kitty, then came out and said she would be unable to compete due to PMSing and having a headache; after the commercial break, Jericho asked Vince McMahon backstage for a title shot, with Vince giving him a shot against D-Lo Brown instead of Chyna; included a recap from Raw of the incidents between the Rock, Triple H, and Steve Austin to the tune of Orange Goblin’s “Land of Secret Dreams”; featured a recap from Smackdown! to the tune of Lords of Acid’s “Young Boys” and L7’s “War With You”:
Kane & X-Pac defeated the Headbangers when Kane pinned Mosh with a chokeslam at 4:17 after Kane hit a flying clothesline on an interfering Bubba Ray Dudley, moments after the Dudley Boyz came ringside and attacked the Headbangers; after the bout, Mosh sustained the Wazzzup Drop and Thrasher sustained the 3D from the Dudleyz
Albert pinned Stevie Richards at 2:36 with a torture rack into a neckbreaker after avoiding the Stevie Kick; Richards came to the ring dressed as Meat, with drawn on muscles; mid-way through the bout, the Blue Meanie came ringside dressed as Albert to distract Richards’ opponent
Gangrel pinned Steve Blackman at 3:27 by avoiding a suplex into the ring, spitting red liquid into Blackman’s face, and hitting the DDT
WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown pinned Chris Jericho at 5:28 with a Sky High off the top after Chyna interfered and hit the challenger with the IC title belt as both men were on the top

11/14/99; Detroit, MI; Joe Louis Arena
11/14/99 – included an in-ring segment in which WWF World Champion Triple H called out the Rock and Steve Austin, with both men coming to the ring until X-Pac and the Road Dogg came out to attempt to attack the challengers in the night?s main event; Rock eventually chased X-Pac and Road Dogg from ringside while Austin cleared Triple H from the ring; featured the Big Show attacking his three tag team partners ? Kaientai and the Blue Meanie ? backstage in the locker room

11/16/99; Cincinnati, OH
The Headbangers defeated Val Venis & Shawn Stasiak following the Stage Dive on Stasiak; after the bout, Venis attacked his partner for losing the match
Steve Blackman pinned Mideon
Rikishi pinned Tracey Smothers with the Rikishi Driver
D-Von Dudley (w/ Bubba Ray Dudley) pinned D-Lo Brown when Bubba Ray prevented a suplex on his partner into the ring and held the foot down during the cover
Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki defeated the Acolytes via disqualification in a technical wrestling match when the Acolytes used chairs and numerous double team moves on their opponents

11/30/99; Anaheim, CA; Arrowhead Pond
Val Venis pinned Albert
Taka Michinoku pinned Mark Henry
WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman pinned the Godfather
The Acolytes fought the Mean Street Posse to a no contest in a handicap match

12/12/99; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; National Car Rental Center
12/12/99 – included a segment where the Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young knocked WWF Women’s Champion Ivory into the swimming pool that would be used for the women’s title evening gown match; featured a brawl in the arena between Rikishi & Viscera and the Holly cousins:
Al Snow pinned Test

12/21/99; Dallas, TX
D-Lo Brown fought Albert to a double disqualification after a chair became used
Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty defeated the Headbangers
Gangrel pinned the Godfather after Luna spat blood into the Godfather’s face; prior to the match, Luna was introduced as the Godfather’s new ho but it was simply a set up