WWF Shotgun Saturday Night – 1999 Results

12/28/98; Albany, NY; Pepsi Arena
Bob Holly & Scorpio defeated Road Warrior Animal & Droz, the Acolytes, and Skull & 8-Ball
Gangrel defeated Tiger Ali Singh The Blue Meanie fought Brian Christopher to a double disqualification

12/29/98; Albany, NY; Pepsi Arena
Bob Holly, Scorpio, Duane Gill, & the Blue Meanie defeated Brian Christopher, Kevin Quinn, Matt & Jeff Hardy
Gangrel defeated Mike Hollow
Road Warrior Animal & Droz defeated the Acolytes via disqualification

1/10/99; San Antonio, TX; Freeman Coliseum
Val Venis defeated Tiger Ali Singh
Gangrel & Edge defeated Bob Holly & Scorpio
Test defeated Matt Hardy

1/11/99; Houston, TX; Compaq Center
Skull & 8-Ball defeated Kurrgan & Golga and Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor in an elimination match
The Godfather defeated Chris Germany
Gangrel defeated Goldust

1/25/99; Phoenix, AZ; America West Arena
The Godfather defeated D-Lo Brown via disqualification
Skull & 8-Ball defeated Bob Holly & Scorpio

1/26/99; Tucson, AZ; Convention Center
WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated Bob Holly & Scorpio
Steve Blackman defeated Tiger Ali Singh

2/8/99; Toronto, Ontario; Skydome
Edge & Christian defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy (the first Hardy’s vs. E&C match)
Mideon defeated Tiger Ali Singh
Triple H defeated Droz
WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart pinned Billy Gunn

2/15/99; Birmingham, AL; Jefferson County Civic Center
Edge defeated Al Snow
The Godfather defeated Buddy Landell
Skull, 8-Ball, Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor defeated Kurrgan, Giant Silva, Golga, & George Steele
Viscera defeated Tiger Ali Singh

2/16/99; Chattanooga, TN; UTC Arena
Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Roger Hill & Frank Parker
Tiger Ali Singh defeated Mark Kyle
Triple H defeated Buddy Landell

2/28/99; Dayton, OH; Nutter Center
Al Snow pinned Droz with the Snow Plow; after the bout, Droz attacked Snow
X-Pac defeated Tiger Ali Singh
Val Venis defeated the Blue Meanie
Mideon defeated Test
WWF Hardcore Champion Hardcore Holly defeated Flash Flanagan

3/1/99; Dayton, OH; Nutter Center
Mideon defeated WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg
Brian Cristopher & Scott Taylor defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy
Viscera defeated Tiger Ali Singh