WWF Intercontinental Championship Tournament – 1998

All matches took place during a live episode of Raw, October 12, 1998 at the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY.

– Quarter-Finals

– Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman via submission with the ankle lock at 2:50; after the match, the Blue Blazer attacked both men before running off; once he regained his senses, Shamrock again applied the ankle lock on Blackman

– Val Venis (w/ Terri) pinned Marc Mero (w/ WWF Women’s Champion Jackie) at 2:15 with the fisherman’s suplex after Mero became distracted by Terri; after the bout, Venis and Mero broke up a fight between Jackie and Terri

– Mankind defeated Mark Henry via submission to the Mandible Claw at 3:18; Chyna stood at ringside for the duration of the match; following Mankind’s entrance, footage was shown of Michael Cole conducting a backstage interview with Mankind earlier in the night in which he discussed his upcoming match against Ken Shamrock at Judgment Day and said the recent chairshot he took from Shamrock was the weakest of his career; during Henry’s entrance, it was noted he would face the Rock at Judgment Day; footage was then shown from earlier in the day of Henry reciting a poem backstage about how much he would like to go out with Chyna; late in the bout, there were chants of “Socko” (debut of Mr. Socko as a finisher)

– X-Pac pinned Jeff Jarrett at 3:09 with a roll up after Jarrett opened his guitar case to find Head in the place of his guitar; after the contest, Al Snow regained Head

– Semi-Finals

– Ken Shamrock defeated Val Venis via submission at 4:35 with the ankle lock; after the bout, Venis was attacked by Goldust

– X-Pac pinned Mankind at 3:17 with a roll up after Shamrock came ringside and distracted Mankind; Shamrock immediately attacked X-Pac after the contest

– Finals

– Ken Shamrock defeated X-Pac at 3:57 via submission to the ankle lock; Triple H did guest commentary for the match; after the contest, Mankind and Triple H helped the injured X-Pac