WWF Intercontinental Championship Tournament – 1996

August 19, 1996 – September 23, 1996

– Quarter-Finals

8/19/96; Wheeling, WV; Civic Center
Raw – 8/19/96
– Owen Hart defeated Davey Boy Smith via count-out at at 8:55 after hitting a spin wheel kick on the floor; during the match, it was announced WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels would face Mankind at the following month’s In Your House and the Undertaker would face Goldust in a Final Curtain match; early in the contest, the video feed had faked static interference, with the commentators implying Taker was behind it; during the bout, Jim Cornette spoke to the commentary team from backstage, during which he said he wasn’t at ringside because he didn’t want to have to choose between his men and then ranted about Vader having beaten Michaels twice the night before and not walking out with the title and that Clarence Mason was trying to steal his talent; Cornette then said Yokozuna had rejoined Camp Cornette and he was the one that got Yoko a match later in the night against WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels; after the contest, Smith got into an argument with Sunny, who joined the commentary team mid-way through the match; moments later, Cornette came ringside and confronted Sunny and called her a slut for interfering in his men’s match; several in the crowd started a chant of “Bulldog” as Cornette and his men left ringside 8/19/96; Wheeling, WV; Civic Center
Raw Championship Friday – 9/6/96
– Psycho Sid pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley with the powerbomb at 3:39; early in the match, footage was shown from two weeks earlier on WWF Superstars when Mr. Perfect came ringside and took Helmsley’s escort backstage as well as from him doing the same recently at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto; late in the match, Perfect appeared in the aisle; after the contest, Perfect took Helmsley’s escort, named Kimberly, backstage 8/19/96; Wheeling, WV; Civic Center
Raw Championship Friday – 9/6/96
– Marc Mero (w/ Sable) defeated Steve Austin via disqualification at 8:39 when Austin pulled the referee in front of Austin as Mero was coming back into the ring; Brian Pillman did guest commentary for the match, during which he said he broke into the business in Calgary, Alberta in the Dungeon, was a friend of Bret Hart, and would interview Hart at In Your House in Philadelphia; Pillman then said Bret and Owen Hart had reconciled; moments later, Jim Ross noted Mr. Perfect and Hunter Hearst Helmsley were having to be held apart by officials backstage; after the match, Austin attacked Mero, dropped him with the Stunner, and threw him to the floor; moments later, Mero returned to the ring and brawled with Austin until referees, Jerry Brisco, Tony Garea, Dave Hebner, and Rene Goulet came out to break up the fight 8/19/96; Wheeling, WV; Civic Center
Raw – 9/9/96
– Farooq Asad (w/ Sunny) pinned Savio Vega with the Dominator at 13:37; after the bout, Psycho Sid came to the ring and had a face-to-face confrontation with Farooq before officials seperated the two

– Semi-Finals

Wheeling, WV – Civic Center – August 19, 1996
Raw – 9/16/96:
Marc Mero (w/ Sable) pinned Owen Hart at 9:26 by pulling the cast off Owen’s arm and hitting him with it Wheeling, WV – Civic Center – August 19, 1996
Raw – 9/16/96:
Farooq Asad (w/ Sunny) defeated Psycho Sid via disqualification when Sid hit Farooq over the back with a steel chair three times

– Finals

Hershey, PA – Hersheypark Arena – September 23, 1996
Marc Mero (w/ Sable) pinned Farooq (w/ Sunny) with the Shooting Star Press after Farooq was hit with Sunny’s loaded purse; after the match, Mero was congratulated in the ring by Mr. Perfect; Pat Patterson was the referee for the contest