WWF All American Wrestling – 1991 Results

Ted Dibiase (w/ Sensational Sherri) defeated Davey Boy Smith via count-out at 12:48 when Smith chased Sherri backstage after Sherri stole Winston as Smith had Dibiase set up for the running powerslam (5/29/91; Tempe, AZ)

Jake Roberts defeated Typhoon (w/ Jimmy Hart) via disqualification at the 4-minute mark when Earthquake interfered; after the match, Earthquake set Roberts up for the sit-down splash but Roberts moved out of the way; the heels then grabbed the bag with Jake�s snake, Lucifer, inside and were about to squash it until Andre the Giant came to ringside and distracted them long enough for Jake to regain possession of the bag (7/9/91; Edmonton, Alberta)

Ricky Steamboat pinned Col. Mustafa with the flying bodypress at 4:08 (8/20/91; Erie, PA)

Tito Santana pinned the Barbarian with a roll up at 7:56 (10/22/91; Dayton, OH)

The Big Bossman defeated the Warlord (w/ Harvey Wippleman) via disqualification when Wippleman interfered at 5:29 (11/11/91; Utica, NY)

WWF IC Champion Bret Hart pinned the Barbarian (sub. for the Warlord) at 12:26 by blocking a suplex attempt with an inside cradle (WrestleFest 92, Best of the WWF: Superheroes) (11/12/91; Springfield, MA)