WWF All American Wrestling – 1987 Results

WWF Women’s Champion the Fabulous Moolah pinned WWF Women’s Tag Team Champion Leilani Kai at 10:10 with a double axe handle and roll up after dropkicking the challenger into the referee (Best of the WWF Vol. 12) (12/26/86; Madison Square Garden)

2/1/87 – included Sika & the Wizard as guests of the Snake Pit, taped 1/6/87 in Hershey, PA, in which Sika wrapped Damien around himself and began licking the snake

The Junkyard Dog defeated King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan) via count-out at 5:27 after shoving Race into the ringpost; after the bout, Race attacked JYD from behind with his own chain and tied him up, while Heenan slapped JYD and tried to force the unconscious JYD to bow before the King; prior to the bout, a representative of the NY State Athletic Commission came out and ordered Danny Davis to leave ringside after Davis came out and tried to tell the referee he was officiating the match (1/19/87; Madison Square Garden)
Rick Martel & Tom Zenk defeated Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake at 18:36 when Martel pinned Valentine with a springboard splash into the ring, while Valentine had Zenk in the figure-4 (Martel’s return to MSG after a 5-year absence; Zenk’s MSG debut) (Best of the WWF Vol. 11) (1/19/87; Madison Square Garden)



Blackjack Mulligan pinned Tiger Chung Lee at 3:21 with a flying back elbow; Bobby Heenan & Johnny V provided commentary for the bout (2/17/87; Springfield, MA)

Ricky Steamboat pinned Sika with a roll up at 4:06 after Sika hit the corner; after the match, Sika threw Steamboat from the ring (2/7/87; Boston Garden)


Koko B. Ware pinned Sika at 4:51 with a roll up following a dropkick to the back after sliding under the ring and coming out the other end; after the bout, Sika attacked Koko and threw him out of the ring (2/23/87; Madison Square Garden)


Hillbilly Jim (w/ Little Beaver) pinned Iron Mike Sharpe at 6:54 by hitting Sharpe with his own forearm after Sharpe became distracted from chasing Beaver around ringside (6/3/87; Rochester, NY)

Dino Bravo (w/ Johnny V) pinned Scott Casey with the side suplex at 5:59; Jimmy Hart did guest commentary for the bout (7/11/87; Boston Garden)

The Junkyard Dog & Rick Martel defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) via disqualification at 12:23 after JYD sustained the Hart Attack with Bret coming off the top (7/15/87; Glens Falls, NY)


The Junkyard Dog fought Ron Bass to a double count-out at 8:07 (8/4/87; Madison, WI)

Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated the Shadows when Raymond scored the pin after a double team move off the top at 6:24 (8/4/87; Madison, WI)
Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Slick) pinned Jerry Allen with a backbreaker at 6:55 (8/5/87; LaCrosse, WI)

Paul Roma & Jim Powers defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) via disqualification when the champions illegally double teamed the challengers; Lanny Poffo & Don Muraco did commentary for the bout (8/4/87; Madison, WI)

Tito Santana fought Ron Bass to a 20-minute time limit draw (8/22/87; Madison Square Garden)

George Steele defeated Brian Costello via submission with the flying hammerlock at 1:33; Sir Oliver Humperdink did guest commentary for the bout with Bruce Prichard and Mike McGuirk (9/15/87; Peoria, IL)

Hercules defeated Davey Boy Smith via submission with the full nelson at 10:35 after Smith missed a diving headbutt off the top (9/12/87; Boston Garden)


10/25/87 – included an interview with Ted Dibiase & Virgil, taped 10/6/87 in Milwaukee, WI where Dibiase offered $500 to a young boy named Shaun to bounce a basketball 15 times in a row; just as Shaun bounced it 14 times, Dibiase kicked the ball away and paid him nothing:
Ken Patera, Billy Jack Haynes, & Don Muraco defeated the Islanders & Bob Orton Jr. when Muraco pinned Orton at 13:37 after an attempted superplex failed when Patera hit Orton with his cast and Muraco fell on top for the win (10/7/87; Green Bay, WI)


Don Muraco pinned Sika (w/ Mr. Fuji) at 8:20 after ramming his knee into Sika’s head as Muraco fell from the top (10/16/87; Madison Square Garden)


Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov defeated Jim Powers & Paul Roma when Zhukov pinned Powers with a running double axehandle at 11:24; prior to the bout, Nick Bockwinkel joined the commentary team (11/7/87; Boston Garden)




Hercules pinned the Junkyard Dog at 8:15 with his feet on the ropes (12/11/87; Houston, TX)

Billy Jack Haynes & Ken Patera defeated Iron Mike Sharpe & Van Van Horne at 4:28 when Horne submitted to Haynes’ full nelson; after the bout, Demolition came out and attacked Haynes & Patera until the babyfaces eventually cleared the ring by using Mr. Fuji’s cane (12/9/87; Ft. Myers, FL)