WCW World Heavyweight Title History (2001)

This follows the title lineage of the WCW Heavyweight Championship after the purchase of WCW by the WWF in March 2001. Panama City, FL

March 26, 2001
WCW Monday Nitro:
– WCW U.S. Champion Booker T pinned WCW World Champion Scott Steiner (w/ Madajah) with the Book End to win the title in a unification match Pittsburgh, PA
Mellon Arena
July 24, 2001
– Kurt Angle defeated WCW World Champion Booker T via submission with the ankle lock to win the title at 10:29, despite Steve Austin interfering and hitting the Stunner on Angle after a Harlem side kick from the champion accidentally knocked out the referee; late in the bout, many members of the Alliance came ringside to help save Booker’s title only for a WWF contingent to make the save, with both groups brawling around ringside; as the referee was distracted, Kanyon came in the ring and hit Angle in the back with a steel chair; moments later, the wrestlers were escorted backstage by officials or battled into the crowd Philadelphia, PA
July 30, 2001
– Booker T (w/ Shane McMahon) pinned WCW World Champion Kurt Angle in a No DQ match to win the title at 8:16 after Steve Austin interfered as the referee was knocked out and hit the Stunner; after the bout, Angle chased Austin backstage where Austin drove off in his pickup truck Summer Slam 01
San Jose, CA
Compaq Center
August 19, 2001
– The Rock pinned WCW World Champion Booker T (w/ Shane McMahon) to win the title at 15:19 with the Rock Bottom after Booker landed the scissors kick and performed the Spinaroonie; the Acolytes came out around the 11-minute mark, after Shane hit Rock with the title belt behind the back of referee Charles Robinson, with Farooq chasing Shane around the ring where he eventually ran into Bradshaw’s Clothesline from Hell; minutes later, Rock hit the People’s Elbow but Shane pulled the referee out of the ring to prevent the pinfall, with Rock then sliding out to the floor and dropping Shane with the Rock Bottom; after the contest, the WWF lockerroom was shown celebrating Rock’s title win backstage No Mercy 01
St. Louis, MO
Savvis Center
October 21, 2001
– Chris Jericho pinned WCW World Champion the Rock at 23:47 to win the title with the Breakdown onto a steel chair, thrown in the ring by Stephanie McMahon moments earlier; prior to the finish, the Rock grabbed Stephanie, threw her inside the ring, and hit the Rock Bottom on her, distracting the referee as Jericho hit the Russian legsweep onto the chair; after the bout, Jericho taunted Stephanie, as it was her interference which inadvertantly led to his win; moments thereafter, Rock confronted Jericho with the chair and handed the weapon to him; Jericho then held both the title belt and chair up in celebration Long Island, NY
Nassau Coliseum
November 5, 2001
– The Rock pinned WCW World Champion Chris Jericho to win the title at 15:03 with an inside cradle as the champion attempted to apply the Walls of Jericho; after the bout, Jericho hit Rock in the head with the title belt before twice hitting the champion with a steel chair Vengeance 01
San Diego, CA
Sports Arena
December 9, 2001
– Chris Jericho pinned WCW World Champion the Rock at 19:05 to win the title with a low blow and the Rock Bottom after the champion was distracted by Vince McMahon 12/9/01: The WCW World Title was unified with the WWF World Title when Jericho pinned Steve Austin in the main event of the evening.