WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event – 2006-2008 Results

WWE @ Detroit, MI – Cobo Hall – March 18, 2006 (7,000; sell out)
Saturday Night’s Main Event #32 – shown on a 1 hour tape delay at 8pm EST on NBC (3.1) – the return of the show after a 14-year absence; the return of the show to NBC after a 15-year absence; included an opening package with comments from Vince & Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, WWE World Champion John Cena, John Bradshaw Layfield, & the Boogeyman; featured Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, & Tazz on commentary (JR’s return after a 5-month absence); included a backstage segment with Booker T & Sharmell in which they faked a knee injury to Booker to convince Teddy Long to cancel the scheduled Booker / Boogeyman match for later in the night; featured Mick Foley as a guest of The Cutting Edge in which Edge, with Lita, dared Foley to come out and then set fire to a table when he did; after the fire was put out, Foley gained control of an in-ring brawl and poured a bag full of thumbtacs in the ring but was thrown into them by Edge after distraction from Lita; Foley then ran up the ramp after Edge, hit a neckbreaker on the ramp, and then hit his own Con-Chair-Two; included a backstage segment where Booker & Sharmell were shown celebrating their night off until the Boogeyman’s red light and music began playing in the lockerroom and the Boogeyman appeared hanging upside down, scaring Booker & Sharmell down the hallway and past Teddy Long and Carlito Caribbean Cool; featured an in-ring beer drinking contest between John Bradshaw Layfield and Steve Austin in which each man had 1 minute to drink as many beers as they could; after Austin caught JBL pouring the beer on his shirt to pretend he drank them, JBL threw a beer in Austin’s face before going out to the floor and attempting to go backstage; moments later, WWE US Champion Chris Benoit ran out and threw JBL back inside the ring where Austin poured the remainder of the beer all over JBL and dropped him with the Stunner; included the announcement that Booker T would face the Boogeyman at WrestleMania; featured an in-ring promo by Mark Henry & Daivari regarding the upcoming casket match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania; moments later, the Undertaker appeared, accompanied by several druids who brought a casket to ringside, and won a brief brawl over Henry before dropping Daivari with the tombstone on top of the casket:
WWE World Champion John Cena & Triple H defeated World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, & Rey Mysterio Jr. at 11:40 when Cena pinned Orton with a roll up after avoiding the RKO; late in the bout, Triple H hit the Pedigree on his partner, leading to a brief brawl between the babyfaces and heels; after the bout, Cena, in the ring, and Triple H, on the floor, locked eyes
WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus & Mickie James (sub. for Torrie Wilson) defeated Candice Michelle & Victoria at 2:40 when Trish pinned Victoria with the Stratusfaction; Mickie was never legally involved in the bout; after the match, Mickie grabbed the mic and said she wanted to say goodbye to Trish the right way, then shook her hand and attempted to kiss Trish on the lips but Trish turned her face so it wound up on her cheek; Trish shoved a hug away with Mickie then hitting her own Chick Kick and following with her own version of the Stratusfaction
Shane McMahon (w/ Vince McMahon) defeated Shawn Michaels in a streetfight at 16:42 when Vince called for the bell after Shane locked Michaels in the Sharpshooter; late in the bout, Shane accidentally knocked Vince out with the Van Terminator when Michaels moved out of the way and Michaels hit the superkick on Shane moments later but Vince dragged the referee to the floor and knocked him out (Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event)

WWE @ Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center – July 15, 2006 (17,343; 14,500 paid; sell out)
Saturday Night’s Main Event #33 – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the Raw matches and Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield covering the Smackdown! bouts; included an opening in-ring segment with Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke in which Brooke said it was an honor to stand inside the ring with her dad in front of the fans; moments later, Randy Orton interrupted, gave Brooke a rose, and then respectfully challenged Hogan to a match at Summer Slam; moments later, Hogan accepted and the two men shook hands before Orton left the ring; the camera picked up Orton winking at Brooke and Brooke seemingly liking it; featured a backstage segment in which Vince McMahon and the Spirit Squad discussed what they were going to do to Degeneration X later in the show, with Shawn Michaels & Triple H dubbing over their own dialogue to make it sound like Vince was asking the Squad to come by his hotel room after the show and spank him; included highlights of the earlier rounds of the Divas Bikini Bullriding contest and the announcement that Victoria would face Michelle McCool in the finals later in the show; featured footage of Kevin Von Erich being introduced to the crowd prior to the show going live; included a Sabu vignette highlighting his in-ring battles in WWE and ECW; featured an in-ring promo by Daivari & the Great Khali regarding Khali’s upcoming Punjabi Prison Match with the Undertaker at the Great American Bash, with ECW World Champion the Big Show & Paul Heyman interrupting; moments later, Show said he and Khali would battle one day to determine who the one true giant was before he discussed how impressive Khali has been against the Undertaker; just then, the Undertaker’s music played and Taker made his way to the ring; after clearing the ring of Khali, Taker brawled with Show and attempted a chokeslam before Khali came back inside the ring and, with the help of Show, hit a double chokeslam on Taker before leaving the ring; after the commercial break, Big Show said he would put his title on the line against the Undertaker the following Tuesday on ECW TV if Taker was up to the challenge; included Brooke Hogan’s “About Us” music video, after a camera in the parking lot caught Brooke talking with Randy Orton; after the video was over, Hulk appeared and said he would see Orton at Summer Slam; after helping his daughter into the car, Hulk sustained the RKO from Orton onto the trunk of the car with Brooke not seeing what had happened; featured the finals of the bikini bullriding challenge in which Michelle McCool, 12 seconds, defeated Victoria, 6 seconds:
World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr., Batista, & Bobby Lashley defeated Booker T (w/ Sharmell & William Regal), WWE US Champion Finlay, & Mark Henry at 10:07 when Batista pinned Booker with the sit-down powerbomb after Booker sustained Mysterio’s 619 (Batista’s return TV match after a 7-month absence)
Carlito Caribbean Cool & Trish Stratus defeated WWE IC Champion Johnny Nitro & Melina at 2:36 when Carlito pinned Nitro with the Back Cracker after Trish and Melina began fighting on the floor
Triple H & Shawn Michaels defeated WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Kenny, Mitch, Mikey, Nicky, & Johnny in a non-title No DQ handicap elimination match at 8:52; Michaels pinned Mitch with the superkick at 1:28; Triple H pinned Johnny with a spinebuster at 4:13; Triple H pinned Mickey with the Pedigree at 7:32; Triple H pinned Nicky at 8:06 after Michaels hit the superkick; Triple H pinned Kenny with the Pedigree after Michaels hit the superkick; per pre-match stipulations, each person eliminated was locked in a cage at ringside; after the bout, Vince McMahon, who came ringside mid-way through the bout, knocked out the referee and stole the key to free the Spirit Squad from the cage; however, before the Squad could get out, Michaels superkicked Vince into the cage and locked the door with he and Triple H then climbing on top of the cage and posing (The New & Improved DX, Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event)
Sabu pinned Stevie Richards in an Extreme Rules Match at 2:02 after coming off the top with a steel chair as Richards was laid across a table; after the bout, Sabu pulled what appeared to be a knife from his boot and went after Richards until the referee pulled him back, with Sabu then scaring the ref out of the ring with the weapon; Joey Styles & Tazz did commentary for the bout
John Cena defeated WWE World Champion Edge (w/ Lita) via disqualification at 7:54 when Lita punched referee Mike Chioda on the floor as the champion was caught in Cena’s STFU inside the ring; because Edge was caught in a submission hold many believed the title had changed hands when Chioda called for the bell; after the bout, Edge hit the spear on Cena but Cena fought back moments later by hitting the champion with a TV monitor and hitting a FU from the top of the ring steps through the ECW commentary table to close the show (Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event)

WWE @ Toronto, Ontario – Air Canada Centre – May 28, 2007 (14,000 paid; announced at 16,176; sell out)
Saturday Night’s Main Event #34 – 6/2/07 on NBC – featured Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary; included Maria conducting a backstage interview with World Heavyweight Champion Edge, with Maria asking him whether he was the smallest or strangest – two of the three themes of the show – with Edge saying he was neither but instead the greatest; featured an in-ring performance by Extreme Expose in which they danced to Timbaland’s “Throw it on Me;” as the song was playing, Little Boogeyman was shown chasing Hornswaggle backstage, past Cryme Tyme and Dusty Rhodes, until Finlay hit the taller Boogeyman with his shallalagh; moments later, Little Boogeyman chased Hornswaggle into the ring, interrupting the dancing, with Hornswaggle putting Brooke on his shoulders and Little Boogeyman putting Layla on his leading into a brief chicken fight until Little Boogeyman chased Hornswaggle backstage; included a closing music video recapping the night’s matches to the tune of Puddle of Mudd’s “Famous”:
The Great Khali (w/ his interpreter) pinned WWE World Champion John Cena in a non-title match with the tree slam at 6:20; Ashley was the guest ring announcer for the bout; after the match, Khali grabbed the mic and cut a promo on Cena, with his interpreter saying Khali would beat Cena for the title at One Night Stand
Bobby Lashley defeated Mark Henry (w/ ECW World Champion Vince McMahon) (sub. for McMahon) via disqualification in an arm wrestling match when Henry attacked Lashley as Lashley was about to win; Kristal was the guest ring announcer for the contest; prior to the contest, McMahon said he didn’t need to humiliate Lashley because he would do so at One Night Stand and then introduced Henry as his replacement; after the bout, Henry assaulted Lashley in the ring until Lashley fought back, hitting a spear before McMahon used the title belt to hit Lashley in the back of the head
Batista & Chris Benoit defeated World Heavyweight Champion Edge & WWE US Champion MVP at around the 10-minute mark when Benoit pinned MVP with the diving headbutt following a spinebuster from Batista, moments after Edge walked out of the match; Torrie Wilson was the guest ring announcer for the bout (the bout began during the commercial break)
Finlay & Hornswaggle defeated the Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman at 3:49 when Finlay pinned Little Boogeyman after kicking him in the face, moments after Boogeyman chased Hornswaggle up the aisle; Candice Michelle was the guest ring announcer for the bout
Kane, Eugene, & Doink the Clown defeated Umaga, Kevin Thorn, & Viscera at 10:55 when Kane pinned Viscera with a chokeslam; Michelle McCool was the guest ring announcer for the bout; advertising for the match was Kane, Goldust, Shannon Moore, & Kamala vs. Umaga, Viscera, Doink, & Thorn but Goldust backed out a few days before the taping

WWE @ New York City, NY – Madison Square Garden – August 13, 2007 (sell out; announced as 16,827)
Saturday Night’s Main Event #35 – 8/18/07 – featured an opening backstage segment with Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman in which Coachman said he has cross referenced all the WWE superstars and is confident he could name the identity of McMahon’s child later in the show; included Michael Cole, Jim Ross, & John Bradshaw Layfield on commentary; featured a backstage segment where McMahon saw an early 80s version of himself in the mirror; moments later, Ron Simmons walked over to the mirror, stared at it, and said “Damn;” included a vignette promoting the return of Triple H at Summer Slam; featured WWE US Champion MVP backstage with Evander Holyfield and his entourage talking about Holyfield’s fight with Matt Hardy later in the show; included an in-ring segment with McMahon and Coachman regarding McMahon’s mystery child in which Coachman introduced Eugene as the man he believed to be McMahon’s son, then Melina who he thought to be McMahon’s daughter, with Melina saying she would take McMahon for every cent that he has if it turns out she is his daughter; moments later, Coachman brought out a third option, Steve Austin; Austin then talked about McMahon possibly being his father and all the things he missed out on growing up without McMahon and then said he wanted to help McMahon control his “overactive grapefruits” and then kicked and punch McMahon in the groin before dropping Coachman with the Stunner; moments later, as McMahon struggled to his feet, Austin offered McMahon a beer to celebrate Austin’s return to Madison Square Garden; as McMahon went to drink it, Austin dropped him with the Stunner; featured backstage footage of MVP hyping Holyfield up for his fight against Hardy later in the show; included a closing music video highlighting the night’s events:
Batista & Kane defeated World Heavyweight Champion the Great Khali (w/ Runjin Singh) & Finlay at 8:25 when Batista pinned Finlay with the spear and sit-down powerbomb, despite interference from WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hornswaggle, after Batista & Kane hit Khali with a double chokeslam
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool via submission with the STFU in a non-title match at 5:37; after the bout, Randy Orton attacked Cena, throwing him into the steel ringsteps, and dropping Cena with an RKO onto a steel chair set up at ringside; the crowd chanted back and forth “Randy Orton” and “Sucks” as Orton stood over Cena’s body; after the commercial break, Todd Grisham conducted a backstage interview with Orton regarding the attack and Orton’s upcoming match against Cena at Summer Slam
Evander Holyfield (w/ WWE US Champion MVP) fought Matt Hardy to a no contest in a boxing fight at the 44-second mark of Round 2 when Holyfield knocked out MVP with a punch after MVP repeatedly tried to tell Holyfield what to do in the fight and climbed into the ring; Michael Buffer was the guest ring announcer for the bout
CM Punk & the Boogeyman defeated ECW World Champion John Morrison & Big Daddy V (w/ Matt Striker) at 6:40 when Punk pinned Morrison with an inside cradle; Tazz did guest commentary for the bout

WWE @ Washington DC – Verizon Center – July 28, 2008 (14,722; 12,000 paid; sell out)
Saturday Night’s Main Event #36 – 8/2 – one-hour episode – featured pre-taped comments throughout the show from Ben Stiller, Jeff Foxworthy, and Carmen Elektra; included an in-ring promo by Jenny McCarthy about Autism:
Kane, John Bradshaw Layfield, WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase Jr. defeated John Cena, Batista, & Cryme Tyme when JBL pinned JTG with the Clothesline from Hell
The Great Khali pinned Jimmy Wang Yang
Edge pinned Jeff Hardy with the spear after MVP interfered and kicked Hardy in the head