WWE King Of The Ring Tournament – 2006

April 11 – May 21, 2006

– Quarter-Finals

Green Bay, WI – Resch Center – April 11, 2006
Smackdown! – 4/14/06
Kurt Angle defeated Randy Orton via submission with the ankle lock at 8:14 after avoiding the RKO; after the bout, Angle twice reapplied the hold until several referees swarmed the ring

St. Louis, MO – Savvis Center – April 17, 2006
Smackdown! – 4/21/06
Booker T (w/ Sharmell) pinned Matt Hardy with the scissors kick at 18:26 after avoiding the Twist of Fate by hitting a low blow as Sharmell distracted the referee; after the bout, Booker posed beside the King of the Ring throne at the entrance and put on the crown

London, England – Wembley Arena – April 22, 2006
Smackdown! – 4/28/06
Bobby Lashley defeated Mark Henry via count-out at 6:08 when Henry knocked himself out after falling to the floor and hitting his head against the commentary table; after the bout, Henry assaulted Lashley on the floor and splashed him against the steel ringpost

Cincinnati, OH – US Bank Arena – May 2, 2006
Smackdown! – 5/5/06
Finlay pinned Chris Benoit at 20:24 with the Celtic Cross after jabbing Benoit in the throat with a steel chair; after the contest, Finlay sat in the King of the Ring throne at the entranceway

– Semi-Finals

Cincinnati, OH – US Bank Arena – May 2, 2006
Smackdown! – 5/5/06
– It was announced that due to injuries sustained at the hands of Mark Henry the previous week, Kurt Angle would not be medically cleared to continue in the tournament. As a result Booker T advanced to the finals.

San Diego, CA – ipayoneCenter – May 9, 2006
Smackdown! – 5/12/06
Bobby Lashley pinned Finlay with a spear at 16:22 immediately after Finlay hit Lashley in the back with a steel chair; prior to the bout, Booker T & Sharmell came out, with Booker cutting a promo on Kurt Angle, challenging Angle to come out and face him even though he knew Angle had left the building; Booker then counted Angle out of the ring and awarded himself the winner of the match; Booker & Sharmell returned at around the 8-minute mark as Booker watched the match from the King of the Ring throne located at the entrance way; after the match, Lashley grabbed the microphone and told Booker he was sitting in his seat

– Finals

Judgment Day 06 – Phoenix, AZ – US Airways Center – May 20, 2006
Booker T (w/ Sharmell) pinned Bobby Lashley at 9:15 with the scissors kick after Finlay interfered and hit Lashley with his shillelagh; after the bout, Lashley speared Booker off his throne