WWE ECW World Title History

6/13/06: Paul Heyman presented WWE World Champion Rob Van Dam with the ECW World Title as part of the premiere of ECW on the SyFy Channel.

7/4/06; Philadelphia, PA; Wachovia Center
– The Big Show pinned ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam to win the title at around the 17:30 mark with a steel chair shot to the head and the chokeslam onto the chair after Paul Heyman came in the ring to count the champion’s cover after he hit the Five Star Frog Splash but then stopped at 2; after Show hit the chokeslam, Heyman counted the pinfall and celebrated with the new champion as the fans threw trash into the ring to close the show

December to Dismember – 12/3/06; Augusta, GA; James Brown Arena
– Bobby Lashley defeated ECW World Champion the Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Test, CM Punk, and Hardcore Holly (sub. for Sabu) in an Extreme Elimination Chamber match to win the title at 24:44; prior to the bout, Paul Heyman, accompanied by his security guards, cut an in-ring promo on the match; RVD pinned Punk with the Five Star Frog Splash at 12:25; Test pinned Holly with a boot to the face at 13:46; Test pinned RVD at 15:01 with an elbowsmash off the top of Big Show’s pod, as a steel chair was placed on RVD’s face, after Show interfered while still inside the pod; Lashley pinned Test with the spear at 19:40; Lashley pinned Show with the spear; Heyman watched the match from ringside

Backlash 07 – 4/29/07; Atlanta, GA; Philips Arena
– Umaga, Vince & Shane McMahon defeated ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley in a handicap match at 15:45 when Vince scored the pin after Umaga twice hit a top rope splash; due to pre-match stipulations, Vince won the title; after the bout, the three were shown celebrating backstage, with Vince and Shane confronting Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, Rob Van Dam, and Sabu, bragging about their win and having the title, and then starting a sarcastic “E-C-Dub” chant

One Night Stand 07 – 6/3/07; Jacksonville, FL; Veterans Memorial Arena
– Bobby Lashley pinned ECW World Champion Vince McMahon (w/ Shane McMahon & Umaga) in a streetfight to win the title at 11:25 with the spear after dropping an interfering Shane with the same move; after the bout, Lashley hit a second spear on Vince

– 6/11/07: Lashley was stripped of the title after he was drafted to Monday Night Raw. A 4-man tournament was devised to determine the new champion. CM Punk defeated Marcus Cor Von and Chris Benoit defeated Elijah Burke to advance to the finals.

Night of Champions 07 – 6/24/07; Houston, TX; Toyota Center
– Johnny Nitro (sub. for Chris Benoit, said to be home for a family emergency) pinned CM Punk at 8:03 with a corkscrew neckbreaker as Punk’s legs were caught on the middle rope; due to pre-match stipulations, Nitro won the vacant ECW World Title; prior to the bout, footage was shown of Taz as ECW World Champion

9/1/07; Cincinnati, OH; US Bank Arena
ECW – 9/4/07
– CM Punk pinned ECW World Champion John Morrison to win the title at 16:17 with the Go To Sleep after avoiding a springboard spin kick; pre-match stipulations stated if Punk didn’t win the title he would not receive future title shots (Morrison’s last appearance for a month)

1/22/08; Charlottesville, VA; John Paul Jones Arena
– Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned ECW World Champion CM Punk to win the title in a No DQ match at 6:27 after World Heavyweight Champion Edge, who did guest commentary for the bout, hit the spear on Punk after Chavo sustained the Go To Sleep; the No DQ stipulation was not announced until during the ring introductions; after the match, Vickie Guerrero, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins appeared to celebrate along with Edge and Chavo

WrestleMania 24 – 3/30/08; Orlando, FL; Citus Bowl
– Kane pinned ECW World Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the chokeslam to win the title at the 11-second mark after Kane came out of the crowd and up behind Guerrero to begin the contest; Armando Estrada served as the guest ring announcer for the bout

Night of Champions 08 – 6/29/08; Dallas, TX; American Airlines Center
– Mark Henry defeated ECW World Champion Kane and the Big Show to win the title at 8:19 by pinning Kane with a splash immediately after Kane hit a superplex on Show; late in the bout, Kane kicked out of Show’s chokeslam

Unforgiven 08 – 9/7/08; Cleveland, OH; Quicken Loans Arena
– Matt Hardy defeated ECW World Champion Mark Henry, Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle), Mike Mizanin, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a Championship Scramble at 20:06 to win the title; order of entry: Hardy (0:00); Mizanin (0:00); Guerrero (5:19); Henry (10:44); Finlay (15:01); decisions: Guerrero pinned Hardy with the frog splash (5:35); Hardy pinned Guerrero with the Side Effect (8:55); Henry pinned Guerrero with the powerslam (11:54); Finlay pinned Hardy with the Celtic Cross (16:17); Hardy pinned Mizanin with the Twist of Fate (16:47); all managers were banned from ringside; after the bout, Hardy celebrated backstage with Jeff Hardy and wished Jeff well in his match later in the show

1/12/09; Sioux City, IA; Tyson Events Center
ECW – 1/13/09
– Jack Swagger pinned ECW World Champion Matt Hardy to win the title at 18:34 with the gutwrench powerbomb after sending the champion face-first onto an exposed turnbuckle

Backlash 09 – 4/26/09; Providence, RI; Dunkin Donuts Center
– Christian pinned ECW World Champion Jack Swagger to win the title with the Killswitch at 11:01 after Swagger hit his head on an unprotected turnbuckle after Swagger was caught by the referee taking the pad off the opposite turnbuckle; moments later, Christian was congratulated backstage by Tommy Dreamer, Evan Bourne, and Finlay until he walked over to speak with Edge; Christian said Edge used to be a lot of fun, with Edge blaming World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and saying he would finally get Cena out of his life later in the show

Extreme Rules 09 – 6/7/09; New Orleans, LA; Arena
– Tommy Dreamer defeated ECW World Champion Christian and Jack Swagger in a hardcore match to win the title at 9:37 by pinning Swagger with the DDT after breaking a crutch over his head; stipulations stated Dreamer would retire if he didn’t win the title; after the contest, Dreamer sat on the ringside barrier and celebrated with the fans

Night of Champions 09 – 7/26/09; Philadelphia, PA; Wachovia Center
– Christian pinned ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer to win the title at 8:32 by reversing the DDT into the Killswitch; after the bout, the two men hugged, with Dreamer then raising Christian’s arm

2/16/10; Kansas City, MO; Sprint Center
– Ezekiel Jackson (w/ William Regal) pinned ECW World Champion Christian to win the title in an extreme rules match at 11:26 following a uranage through a table set up in the ring after the champion dropped an interfering Regal with the Killswitch; prior to the bout, and after bringing out a shopping cart of weapons ringside, Christian noted it was a year ago this week that he returned to the WWE and addressed comments from many that his being on ECW was a demotion; Christian said he never saw it as that and that ECW was his home and opened a lot of doors for him; he then said he would fight for every original ECW member and every young guy backstage trying to find their way; within the 2-minute mark, Zack Ryder, and Rosa Mendes, interfered and fought with Christian; moments later, Christian threw Ryder to the floor before he was slapped by Mendes; moments later, Tiffany ran out, speared Rosa, knocked her to the floor, and ordered both she and Ryder backstage; late in the match, Christian chased Regal backstage, only for Regal to return for the finish (the final ECW match)