WWE DVD Releases And Results – 2004

Armageddon 03 (1/20/04)
– Rico (w/ Jackie Gayda) pinned John Heidenreich with a modified neckbreaker at 1:30 after Heidenreich became distracted by Jackie on the ring apron (12/14/03; Orlando, FL)

Mick Foley’s Greatest Hits & Misses (1/20/04)
– Cactus Jack defeated WCW World Champion Big Van Vader (w/ Harley Race) via count-out at 13:28 when Vader hit the steel barrier chest-first and Cactus followed with a somersault splash from the apron to the floor; after the bout, Vader threw around the barrier in anger; Jesse Ventura’s original commentary was edited out of the match (WCW Saturday Night – 4/17/93)
– WCW Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys defeated Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne in a non-title streetfight when Jerry Sags pinned Cactus with a shovel blow to the side of the head after Cactus was tossed from the walkway to the floor; after the bout, Payne was knocked out after being hit in the head with part of a broken table; the theme songs of both teams were altered for the release of the DVD (WCW Spring Stampede 94 – 4/17/94; Chicago, IL; Rosemont Horizon)
– Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously & 911) pinned Cactus Jack at around the 13-minute mark after Dangerously hit Cactus in the head with his portable phone; after the bout, Mr. Hughes came ringside and was about to attack Cactus before Shane Douglas came out and held him back; moments later, the Bruise Brothers came to the ring and fought with Douglas and Hughes as Cactus and Sabu brawled into the crowd; after the Bruise Brothers, Douglas, and Hughes returned backstage, Sabu and Cactus began fighting back inside the ring where Sabu eventually broke a bottle over Cactus’ head after a lengthy brawl (ECW Hostile City Showdown – 6/24/94; ECW Arena)
– Cactus Jack pinned Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Fytch) at 8:12 with the double arm DDT after Candido accidentally ran into Boo Bradley on the ring apron; after the bout, Brian Lee came out to make the save for Cactus; Jim Ross and Les Thatcher did commentary for the bout (11/7/94; Oakwood, VA)
– Cactus Jack defeated the Sandman (w/ Woman) in a Texas Death Match at 16:07 when Sandman could not meet the referee’s standing 10-count after sustaining a double arm DDT and being pinned on the floor (ECW – 2/4/95)
– Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven & Cactus Jack at 13:39 when Funk pinned Raven after Dreamer hit Raven with a piledriver onto a steel chair; during the bout, Cactus wore two t-shirts, one with images of WCW’s Dungeon of Doom and the other with a picture of Eric Bischoff (ECW November to Remember – 11/18/95; ECW Arena)
– Cactus Jack pinned Mickey Whipwreck at 17:19 with a piledriver onto a steel chair; after the bout, Cactus helped Mickey to his feet (Cactus’ last match before jumping to the WWF) (ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash – 3/9/96; ECW Arena)
– WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer) via disqualification at 26:20 when Vader interfered as Michaels had the challenger covered; moments thereafter, Michaels sent Vader to the floor where Psycho Sid came out and brawled with Vader to the backstage area; Michaels was soon knocked out after being hit by Paul Bearer with the urn and later sustained the Mandible Claw from Mankind; the Undertaker then came out of Mankind’s casket, which was brought ringside before the match, and stalked Mankind backstage (In Your House: Mindgames – 9/22/96; Philadelphia, PA)
– Cactus Jack (sub. for Dude Love) pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Chyna) in a streetfight at 13:40 following a piledriver through a wooden table; prior to the contest, Dude Love appeared on the Titantron, saying that streetfights just weren’t his thing; after inviting out Mankind as a possible substitute, Mankind said that he had an idea for the perfect replacement, Cactus Jack (Cactus’ surprise WWF debut) (Raw is War – 9/22/97; Madison Square Garden)
– Mick Foley pinned Terry Funk in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match at around 16:45 with a piledriver followed by a second piledriver onto a steel chair; WWF World Champion Steve Austin did guest commentary for the match and, mid-way through the contest, threw Jerry Lawler out of his seat after he thought it was Lawler’s fault that his headset stopped working; Pat Patterson was the surprise guest referee for the bout; after the match, Foley continued to attack Funk inside the ring before Austin left the commentary table, entered the ring, and threw his cup of beer in Foley’s face; moments thereafter, a blinded Foley accidentally applied the Mandible Claw on Patterson; after a confrontation with Foley, Austin hit the Stunner on Patterson as Patterson prepared to hit him with a steel chair from behind; after Foley walked up the ramp, he was met by Vince McMahon and two dudettes, with Vince handing Foley his Dude Love attire, officially naming him the #1 contender (Raw is War – 4/28/98; Richmond Coliseum)
– WWF World Champion Steve Austin pinned Dude Love at 22:27 with the Stunner; mid-way through the bout, guest referee Vince McMahon had the match turned into a No DQ contest and later on added a falls count anywhere stipulation; late in the contest, McMahon was knocked out by an accidental chair shot from the challenger; as Pat Patterson, the guest ring announcer for the bout, attempted to make the count for Dude he was pulled out of the ring and chokeslammed through one of the commentary tables by the surprise guest ring enforcer – the Undertaker; moments later as Gerald Brisco, the guest time keeper, attempted to do the same, he was put through the second commentary table by Taker; Austin then grabbed the unconcious McMahon’s hand and slapped it to the mat three times to give himself the win (Over the Edge 98 – 5/31/98; Milwaukee, WI)
– The Undertaker pinned Mankind in a Hell in a Cell match at 17:38 with the tombstone after dropping Mankind with an electric chair and chokeslam onto a pile of thumb tacs inside the ring; the match began on the roof of the cage where, 90 seconds into the contest, Taker threw his opponent off the top through the Spanish announce table on the floor; moments later, EMTs, Terry Funk and WWF officials Vince McMahon, Sgt. Slaughter, Tony Garea, and Dave Hebner came out to check on Mankind and to load him onto a stretcher; nearly 8 minutes later, Mankind pulled himself off the stretcher and scaled the cage to continue the match; less than 20 seconds later, the Undertaker hit a chokeslam on the roof of the cage, resulting in Mankind falling through the roof, hitting the mat, and being legitly knocked out by a steel chair which fell inside the ring on top of him; EMTs and officials again swarmed the ringside area where Taker hit a chokeslam on Terry Funk in order to buy Mankind time to recover his senses; voted Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Match of the Year and named Pro Wrestling Torch’s Match of the Year (King of the Ring 98 – 6/28/98; Pittsburgh, PA)
– Mankind (w/ Triple H, Billy Gunn, the Road Dogg, X-Pac, & Chyna) pinned WWF World Champion the Rock (w/ Vince & Shane McMahon, Test, WWF Tag Team Champions – WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock & WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman, Test, & Kane) to win the title at 8:48 after Steve Austin interfered and hit the champion in the head with a steel chair as all members of DX and the Corporation battled around ringside; after the match, DX hoisted Mankind on their shoulders in victory (Raw is War – 12/29/98; Worcester, MA)
– WWF World Champion Triple H pinned Cactus Jack at 26:49 with the Pedigree followed by a second Pedigree onto a pile of thumb tacs inside the ring; Stephanie McMahon escorted the champion ringside prior to the match before going backstage; mid-way through the bout, the Rock interfered and hit the champion over the head with a steel chair as both participants were near the entrance; late in the contest, Stephanie returned ringside after the challenger poured a bag of thumb tacs over the ring; after the match, Cactus knocked over the champion’s stretcher as he was being helped backstage, dragged him back inside the ring, and hit him with a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire (Royal Rumble 00 – 1/23/00; Madison Square Garden)

The Undertaker: He Buries them Alive (1/27/04)
Rerelease of 1995 home video
– The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) pinned Kwang with the chokeslam (8/15/94; Lowell, MA)

Cause Stone Cold Said So (1/27/04)

The Stone Cold Truth (2/3/04)
– Steve Austin pinned WCW TV Champion Bobby Eaton to win the title at 7:56 with a roll up after Lady Blossom came out and poked the champion in the eyes as referee Nick Patrick was knocked down (Lady Blossom’s surprise debut); Tony Schiavone & Gordon Solie provided commentary for the match (6/3/91; Birmingham, AL)
– Ric Flair & Arn Anderson defeated WCW / NWA Tag Team Champions Steve Austin & Brian Pillman in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 20:47, 2-0; fall #1: Flair pinned Pillman with a running forearm at 9:41 after Anderson tripped Austin as he ran the ropes and held him back from breaking the cover; fall #2: the challengers won via disqualification at 11:06 when NWA World Champion Barry Windham came off the top, attacking Flair as Flair attempted to apply the figure-4 on Austin; Jesse Ventura’s commentary was edited out of the match (Flair’s WCW TV in-ring return after 2 years) (Clash of the Champions XXIII – 6/17/93; Norfolk, VA)
– ECW World Champion Mikey Whipwreck pinned Steve Austin (sub. for the Sandman) at 4:38 with a sunset flip and grabbing the tights for leverage; prior to the bout, Austin attacked the Sandman as he came out for the match, repeatedly canning him and dropping him with the Stun Gun across the guardrail, with the Sandman being taken backstage by paramedics moments later; after the bout, Austin attacked Whipwreck and threw him to the floor (Austin’s surprise ECW in-ring debut) (ECW November 2 Remember 95 – 11/18/95; Philadelphia, PA)
– Million $ Champion Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated Scott Taylor via submission with the Million $ Dream at around the 3-minute mark (the match started during the commercial break) (12/19/95; Bethlehem, PA)
– Steve Austin pinned WWF IC Champion Owen Hart with a roll up to win the title at 16:17; stipulations for the match stated Austin would have to kiss Hart’s ass if he didn’t beat him; following Hart’s entrance, Michael Cole conducted a backstage interview with Austin regarding the stipulations for the match, with Austin telling him off; during the final minute of the match, Hart dropped Austin with a modified tombstone piledriver, causing Austin to have temporary paralysis; after the contest, several referees helped Austin to his feet and then backstage (Summer Slam 97 – 8/3/97; East Rutherford, NJ)

The Monday Night War (2/24/04)
– Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith to win the titles at 13:25 when Austin pinned Smith after Michaels hit the superkick behind the referee’s back; after the bout, Austin grabbed his title belt and left ringside to attack Bret Hart on the ramp while Smith, Owen, Brian Pillman, and Jim Neidhart attacked Michaels inside the ring;  during the bout, Bret, Pillman, and Neidhart watched on from the ramp; if the champions had won, they would defend the titles as scheduled against the Legion of Doom at the King of the Ring but if the challengers won then they would defend against the LOD the following week (Raw – 5/26/97; Evansville, IN)
– The Legion of Doom defeated WWF World & European Champion Shawn Michaels & Triple H (w/ Chyna) via disqualification at around 10:15 when Chyna interfered and hit a low blow on Road Warrior Animal as Animal was double teaming DX, while at the same time the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn had come ringside and were attacking Road Warrior Hawk on the floor, eventually knocking him out with chloroform; after the bout, the New Age Outlaws shaved one of Hawk’s two mohawks and moments later all four men, along with Chyna, assisted in powerbombing Animal off the apron through the announce table; inside the ring, Gunn hit a top rope legdrop on Hawk before Michaels hit the elbowdrop off the top; after DX and the Outlaws left the ring, the LOD were attended to by officials, among them Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson (Raw – 12/9/97; Durham, NH)
– Chris Benoit defeated Booker T via submission with the Crippler Crossface after a reversal at 8:18; during the bout, WCW TV Champion Fit Finley briefly came out to scout both men; match 4 in the Best of 7 series; Benoit – 2, Booker 2 (WCW Monday Nitro – 6/1/98)
– WCW US Champion Bill Goldberg pinned WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan to win the title with the spear and Jackhammer at 8:11 after Hogan became distracted by Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone at ringside, with Malone hitting the Diamond Cutter on Curt Hennig who had come ringside moments earlier (WCW Monday Nitro – 7/6/98; Georgia Dome)

– #1 Contender Tournament Finals: John Cena pinned Chris Benoit at around 12:30 by blocking an attempted sunset flip as Benoit countered the FU; due to pre-match stipulations, Cena earned a world title shot against Brock Lesnar for Backlash (Smackdown! – 4/15/03; Norfolk Scope)
– WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar pinned John Cena at 15:14 following the F5 after the referee prevented the challenger from using his trademark steel chain as a weapon (Backlash 03 – 4/27/03; Worcester, MA)
– John Cena pinned the Undertaker at 16:52 with the FU, moments after Albert interfered, hit a pump kick, and the backbreaker on Taker (Smackdown! – 8/5/03; Kelowna, British Columbia)
– WWE US Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated John Cena via disqualification at 11:31 after the challenger hit a low blow while Guerrero attempted a series of rolling snap suplexes; after the bout, Cena bloodied the champion by hitting and choking him with his steel chain before dropping Guerrero with the FU onto a steel wheel in the ring – taken from Guerrero’s car earlier in the evening; prior to the bout, the champion attacked Cena from behind as Cena made his way to the ring and admitted that it was he who vandalized Eddie’s car earlier in the evening; several members of the champion’s family were shown sitting at ringside during the match (Smackdown! – 8/26/03; El Paso, TX)
– Kurt Angle defeated John Cena with a victory roll into the ankle lock and then applying the heel hook for the submission at 18:28 (No Mercy 03 – 10/19/03; Baltimore, MD)

No Way Out 04 (3/16/04)
– Tajiri, Akio, & Sakoda defeated the Ultimo Dragon, Billy Kidman, & Paul London at 5:36 when Tajiri pinned Dragon after Dragon sustained Tajiri’s kick to the head mid-way through a Sakoda powerslam (Sunday Night Heat – 2/15/04; San Francisco, CA)

WrestleMania XX (4/27/04)
– The Dudley Boyz defeated Lance Storm & Val Venis at 11:46 when D-Von pinned Venis with the 3D after Storm fell over the top to the floor while atempting he and Venis’ version of the Hart Attack; due to pre-match stiuplations, the Dudley Boyz earned a spot in the four corner tag team title match at WrestleMania (3/1/04; Atlanta, GA)

Divas: South of the Border (4/27/04)
– Nidia (w/ Jaime Noble) defeated Torrie Wilson in a paddle on a pole match at 1:50 after Noble interfered and hit a powerslam on Torrie while the referee was distracted by Dawn Marie at ringside; after the bout, Noble held Torrie so Nidia could hit her with the paddle until Sho Funaki made the save (2/18/03; Indianapolis, IN)
– Gail Kim won a 7-woman battle royal to win the WWE Women’s Title by last eliminating Victoria at 4:09; other participants included: WWE Women’s Champion Jazz (w/ Teddy Long), Molly Holly, Ivory, Trish Stratus, and Jacquiline; order of elimination: Ivory by Molly Holly via a catapult (0:36); WWE Women’s Champion Jazz was eliminated via injury after suffering a kick to the face from Victoria (around the 1:30 mark); Molly by Victoria via a backdrop (1:45); Jackie by Victoria via a kick (1:48); Trish Stratus was eliminated after Victoria catapulted Gail into her as Trish was on the apron (3:08); Gail eliminated Victoria by blocking a powerbomb attempt and holding onto the ring ropes while hitting a hurricanrana and sending her to the floor (Kim’s TV debut) (6/30/03; Buffalo, NY)
– WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly & Gail Kim defeated Trish Stratus in a handicap match at 4:04 when Molly scored the pin with the Molly-Go-Round; during the entrances, Lilian Garcia accidentally called it a no holds barred match instead of a handicap match; after the bout, Trish was double teamed until Lita made the save and laid out both Molly and Gail (Lita’s surprise return) (9/15/03; Columbia, SC)
– Victoria defeated Lita in a steel cage match by escaping through the door at 4:09 after Matt Hardy interfered and slammed the door on Lita’s head as she attempted to leave the cage; after the match, Christian made the save, forcing Hardy to escape over the top; prior to the bout, Eric Bischoff appeared on the big screen and allowed WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly to spin the wheel and determine the stipulation of the contest (11/24/03; Salt Lake City, UT)
– Trish Stratus defeated Jackie Gayda (w/ Rico) in a Bra & Panties Match at 1:59 after Jackie accidentally kicked Rico out of the ring; late in the match, Trish tore off Rico’s pants, revealing a thong underneath; after the bout, Jackie argued with Lilian Garcia at ringside before ripping Lilian’s shirt off (11/24/03; Salt Lake City, UT)
– Trish Stratus, Lita, & Stacy Keibler defeated WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly, Victoria, & Jackie Gayda in a Santa’s Little Helper Match at 3:21 when Trish pinned Molly with the bulldog; after the bout, Victoria helped Molly to her feet before hitting her with the title belt (12/29/03; San Antonio, TX)
– Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) & Lita defeated WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly & Jazz (w/ Teddy Long) when Victoria pinned Molly at 5:54 after reversing a suplex attempt into an inside cradle (1/26/04; Hershey, PA)

Backlash 04 (5/18/04)
– Val Venis pinned Matt Hardy with the Money Shot at 7:58 after knocking Hardy off the top (4/18/04; Edmonton, Alberta)

Hall of Fame 2004 (6/1/04)
– Superstar Billy Graham pinned WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino (w/ Arnold Skaaland) to win the title at 13:43 with a leg pick up and putting both feet on the top rope for leverage (4/30/77; Baltimore, MD; Civic Center)
– Andre the Giant defeated Big John Studd via count-out at 8:22 when Studd left ringside after narrowly avoiding a bodyslam from Andre (4/25/83; New York City, NY; Madison Square Garden)
– Pat Patterson defeated Sgt. Slaugther (w/ the Grand Wizard) in an alley fight at 14:25 when the Grand Wizard, who escorted Slaughter to the ring before the match, returned ringside and threw in the towel after Slaughter had been beaten a bloody mess (voted Match of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter) (5/4/81; New York City, NY; Madison Square Garden)
– Tito Santana defeated WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart) in a steel cage match to win the title at 10:25 by escaping over the top and kicking the door in Valentine’s face before hitting the floor (7/6/85; Baltimore, MD; Civic Center)
– King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan & WWF Women’s Champion the Fabulous Moolah) pinned the Junkyard Dog at 3:23 with a belly to belly suplex after JYD was distracted by Heenan on the apron; due to prematch stipulations, JYD had to bow before Race – which he did before hitting Race with a chair and stealing the robe and crown (WrestleMania III – 3/29/87; Pontiac, MI; Silverdome)
– Don Muraco pinned WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales to win the title at around the 15-minute mark after hitting him with a foreign object as the referee was knocked out (6/20/81; Philadelphia Spectrum)
– WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) pinned Jesse Ventura (w/ Freddie Blassie) at 9:21 with a roll up into a bridge and a fast count from guest referee Ivan Putski; after the bout, an enraged Ventura attacked Putski until Backlund and Putski together sent him out of the ring (3/14/82; New York City, NY; Madison Square Garden)

Judgment Day 04 (6/17/04)

Bad Blood 04 (7/13/04)
– Batista pinned Maven with the sit-down powerbomb at 3:44 after clubbing Maven in the face as he came off the top (6/13/04; Columbus, OH)

Great American Bash 04 (7/27/04)
– Spike Dudley pinned Jamie Noble with the Dudley Dog at 4:13 (6/27/04; Norfolk, VA)

Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story (7/27/04)
– The Pegasus Kid pinned IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jushin Liger to win the title at 15:02 with a legdrop off the top following a tombstone piledriver; after the bout, the two men shook hands; two alternate commentaries were offered for the match – one featuring Tazz & Michael Cole and the other featuring Benoit, Dean Malenko, & Todd Grisham (8/19/90; Tokyo, Japan)
– 2 Cold Scorpio pinned Chris Benoit at 18:19 with a modified victory roll as Benoit attempted the dragon suplex; the official time of the bout was 19:59, with Scorpio winning 1 second before the expiration of the time limit; Jesse Ventura’s original commentary was edited out of the match (WCW SuperBrawl III – 2/21/93; Asheville, NC)
– Wild Pegasus pinned Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) at 10:23 with an arm drag as Tiger came off the top; two alternate commentaries were offered for the match – one featuring Tazz & Michael Cole and the other featuring Benoit, Dean Malenko, & Todd Grisham (Super J Cup 94 Semi-Finals – 4/16/94; Tokyo, Japan)
– Wild Pegasus pinned the Great Sasuke with a gutwrench superplex at 18:46; during the bout, the other participants in the tournament were at ringside, including Taka Michinoku, Jushin Liger, Hayabusa, Dean Malenko, Black Tiger, and several others; two alternate commentaries were offered for the match – one featuring Tazz & Michael Cole and the other featuring Benoit, Dean Malenko, & Todd Grisham (Super J Cup 94 Finals – 4/16/94; Tokyo, Japan)
– Chris Benoit fought Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously & 911) to a no contest at around the 1-minute mark when the match was stopped after Sabu sustained an injured neck following an overhead throw by Benoit (ECW November to Remember – 11/5/94; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena)
– Chris Benoit pinned Al Snow with a dragon suplex at 14:36; after the bout, Benoit hit a powerbomb on Snow before Snow was attended to by paramedics (ECW Double Tables – 2/4/95; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena)
– Chris Benoit pinned Eddie Guerrero with a dragon suplex at 8:36 (WCW Monday Nitro – 10/16/95; Albany, NY)
– Chris Benoit pinned Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) at 10:02 in a falls count anywhere match following a superplex from a table laid across the top turnbuckle; after the bout, Arn Anderson came to the ring, pulled Benoit off Sullivan – appearing to be siding against his Horsemen teammate – before he and Benoit both began stomping the leader of the Dungeon of Doom; moments theraefter, Anderson and Benoit left the ring as Meng, the Barbarian, Big Bubba, and Maxx ran out to make the save (WCW Great American Bash 96 – 6/16/96; Baltimore Arena)
Best of 7 Series: Booker T pinned Chris Benoit at 16:19 following two Harlem sidekicks and a missile dropkick; Booker – 4, Benoit – 3; pre-match stipulations stated the winner would face WCW TV Champion Fit Finlay later in the show (WCW Great American Bash 98 – 6/14/98; Baltimore Arena)
– Bret Hart defeated WCW TV Champion Chris Benoit via submission with the Sharpshooter in a non-title match at around the 32-minute mark; Harley Race was the guest ring announcer for the contest; both men dedicated the match to the memory of Owen Hart, who died in the same arena less than 5 months earlier; prior to the match beginning, Benoit came to the ring wearing a shirt featuring Owen; after the bout, Hart and Benoit embraced out of respect and left the ring together (WCW Monday Nitro – 10/4/99; Kansas City, MO; Kemper Arena)
– Chris Benoit (sub. for WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart) defeated Sid Vicious via submission with the Crippler Crossface at 14:50 after avoiding a chokeslam; due to pre-match stipulations, Benoit won the vacated WCW World Heavyweight Title; Arn Anderson was the guest referee for the bout; moments prior to the finish, Sid hit the chokeslam but Anderson refused to make the 3-count since Benoit’s foot was underneath the bottom rope; during the Crossface, Sid’s foot was also underneath the rope but Anderson didn’t see it; during the bout, Perry Saturn, Asya, WCW Tag Team Champions David Flair & Crowbar, Big Vito & Johnny the Bull, Charles Robinson, Disco Inferno, Meng, Daffney, the Wall, WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobs, Fit Finley, and several others watched on from the entranceway (Benoit’s last match in WCW) (WCW Souled Out 00 – 1/16/00; Cincinnati, OH; Conseco Fieldhouse)
– WWF IC Champion Chris Benoit defeated Steve Regal at 12:45 in a non-title match via submission with the Crippler Crossface after hitting a dragon suplex (3rd Annual Brian Pillman Memorial – 5/25/00; Cincinnati, OH; Schmidt Fieldhouse)
– Kurt Angle defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Chris Benoit in a steel cage match at 14:31 by escaping over the top after Steve Austin, who was doing guest commentary for the bout, slammed the cage door into Benoit’s face as Benoit attempted to leave; after the bout, Austin brutally attacked Benoit with approximately 20 chair shots to the ribs, back, legs, and chest (Raw – 6/11/01; Richmond, VA)
– WWE World Champion Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit via submission at 19:47 with the ankle lock into a heel hook; prior to the bout, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas – who were to have been in the champion’s corner – were sent backstage; after the match, the two returned ringside to celebrate Angle’s win (Royal Rumble 03 – 1/19/03; Boston, MA; FleetCenter)
– Chris Benoit defeated World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win the title at 24:07 when Triple H submitted to the Crippler Crossface; after the bout, WWE Smackdown! World Champion Eddie Guerrero came out to congratulate Benoit; following the telecast, Benoit’s family came out to celebrate the victory as well (WrestleMania XX – 3/14/04; New York City, NY; Madison Square Garden)

Vengeance 04 (8/17/04)
– Tyson Tomko (w/ WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus) pinned Val Venis (w/ Nidia) at 2:52 with a boot to the face after Venis became distracted by Trish on the floor; after the bout, Maven made the save for Nidia and knocked Tomko to the floor with a dropkick (7/11/04; Hartford, CT)

Shawn Michaels: Boyhood Dream (9/14/04)
– Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) defeated WWF World Champion Bret Hart in an Ironman match to win the title; the original decision was a draw, as neither man had scored a fall in the 60-minute time-limit, however the match was restarted and Michaels hit two superkicks in overtime to pick up the win (WrestleMania XII – 3/31/96; Anaheim, CA)
– WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) fought Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette & Diana Smith) to a draw when both men had their shoulders down following a German suplex into a bridge by the champion (In Your House “Beware of Dog” – 5/26/96; Florence, SC)
– WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) pinned Vader (w/ Jim Cornette) with a moonsault after the challenger missed his own moonsault; Michaels had lost via count-out and disqualification earlier in the bout but the match was restarted on both occasions (Summer Slam 96 – 8/18/96; Cleveland, OH)
– WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Mankind via disqualification at 26:20 when Vader interfered; after the match, the Undertaker made the save for Michaels after the champion was knocked out by Paul Bearer’s urn (In Your House “Mindgames” – 9/22/96; Philadelphia, PA)
– Psycho Sid pinned WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) to win the title with the powerbomb after hitting the champion with a video camera on the floor; moments prior, Sid hit Lothario with the same video camera; after the match, Lothario was taken backstage on a stretcher with Michaels close behind (Survivor Series 96 – 11/17/96; Madison Square Garden)
– Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) pinned WWF World Champion Psycho Sid to win the title after hitting him twice with a video camera and then executing the superkick; Michaels’ parents, who sat ringside for the event, were featured on camera during the match (Royal Rumble 97 – 1/19/97; San Antonio, TX; AlamoDome)

Summer Slam 04 (9/14/04)

History of WrestleMania 1-9 (9/14/04)
Rerelease of 1994 home video

Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story (9/28/04)
– Hector, Mando, & Chavo Guerrero Sr. defeated Cactus Jack & the Rock ‘n’ Roll RPMs at 6:35 when Chavo pinned Tommy Lane with a moonsault (AWA Superclash III – 12/13/88; Chicago, IL)
– Octagon & El Hijo del Santo (w/ the Blue Panther) defeated Eddie Guerrero & Art Barr in a Best 2 out of 3 falls hair vs. hair match; fall #1: Eddie pinned Santo with a frankensteiner and Barr pinned Octagon with a frog splash; fall #2: Octagon pinned Eddie with a hurricanrana and Barr submitted to Octagon’s Mr. Salty; fall #3: Barr pinned Octagon with a tombstone, Santo pinned Barr with a piledriver from Panther, and Santo pinned Eddie with a roll up (AAA / IWS When Wolds Collide – 11/6/94; Los Angeles Sports Arena)
– Eddie Guerrero fought Dean Malenko to a draw in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 19:43; fall #1: Eddie pinned Malenko with a reversal into a roll up at 10:31; fall #2: Guerrero submitted to Malenko’s Texas Cloverleaf at 13:26; fall #3: both men were counted down when Malenko made a cover with a bridge, with Guerrero then hooking Malenko’s arms back so he couldn’t lift his shoulders; moments later, the referee announced the match as a draw and raised both men’s hands; prior to the bout, Joey Styles announced to the crowd that Malenko and Guerrero would be leaving for WCW, prompting a “Bischoff sucks” chant, and then said that the upcoming match would be their last in ECW; during the match, the crowd chanted “Please don’t go” to both men; after the bout, Guerrero took the mic addressed those who chanted “You sold out” and thanked all the fans for their support; Malenko then took the mic and said the ECW fans had given him the pleasure of wrestling in front of them for a year, said he was an ECW fan, and a fan of all of those in the audience; Guerrero then told Malenko he was one of the best wrestlers he had ever faced, then embraced Malenko as Paul E. Dangerously, Tod Gordon, Tommy Dreamer, the Pitbulls, and several others filled the ring and hoisted Malenko and Guerrero on their shoulders; Guerrero then took the mic and said he hoped he made his late tag team partner Art Barr proud; Todd Grisham, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko did alternate commentary for the match (Malenko and Guerrero’s last match in ECW) (8/26/95; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena)
– Eddie Guerrero pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho with the Frog Splash to win the title at 17:20 after landing on top of the champion as Jericho attempted a superplex (Fall Brawl 97 – 9/14/97; Winston-Salem, NC)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero to win the title at 17:51 by reversing a crucifix powerbomb off the top into a hurricanrana; due to pre-match stipulations, had Mysterio lost the match he would have had to unmask; after the bout, Guerrero attacked Mysterio from behind and knocked him to the floor; Michael Cole, Eddie Guerrero, & Rey Mysterio Jr. did alternate commentary for the match (Halloween Havoc 97 – 10/26/97; Las Vegas, NV)
– Stevie Ray defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. via submission at 1:35 when Chavo gave up during a handshake; early in the contest, Chavo dedicated the match to Eddie Guerrero, who came ringside moments earlier with a pair of scissors ; after the bout, Chavo said he was ready for his hair vs. hair match with Eddie (Bash at the Beach 98 – 7/12/98; San Diego, CA)
– Eddie Guerrero pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a hair match at 11:55 with an inside cradle as Chavo was distracted by referee Charles Robinson attempting to take a pair of scissors away from him; after the contest, Chavo scared Eddie from the ring and shaved his own head (Bash at the Beach 98 – 7/12/98; San Diego, CA)
– Rob Van Dam defeated WWE IC Champion Eddie Guerrero in a ladder match to win the title at 20:27 after kicking the champion off the top rope to the floor; early in the bout, Chris Benoit appeared in the crowd and showed a ticket to security before taking a seat in the front row (5/27/02; Edmonton, Alberta)
– Eddie & Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit in an elimination match to win the titles at 19:20; Edge pinned Benoit with the spear at 13:04 after avoiding a clothesline; after the elimination, Angle & Benoit attacked their opponents and then argued with one another as they left ringside; Eddie forced Mysterio to submit to the El Passo Lasso after Chavo hit Rey in the leg with one of the title belts as the champion attempted the West Coast Pop (Survivor Series 02 – 11/17/02; Madison Square Garden)
WWE U.S. Championship Tournament Finals: Eddie Guerrero pinned Chris Benoit at 22:12 with the Frog Splash after Rhyno interfered, hit the Gore on Benoit, and then spat on him as referee Mike Chioda was knocked out (Vengeance 03 – 7/27/03; Denver, CO)
– Eddie Guerrero pinned WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar to win the title at 30:05 with the Frog Splash after reversing an attempt at the F5 into a tornado DDT onto the title belt; late in the bout, Lesnar attempted to use the title belt as a weapon while the referee was knocked out but Bill Goldberg, who was arrested earlier in the evening, came out and hit the spear on the champion; after the match, Guerrero celebrated in the crowd and was congratulated by his mother and brother Mondo who sat ringside (No Way Out 04 – 2/15/04; San Francisco, CA)

Unforgiven 04 (10/19/04)

The Rise & Fall of ECW (11/9/04)
– The Pitbulls defeated ECW Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards (w/ Beulah McGillicutty) in a Best 2 out of 3 falls dog collar match to win the titles at 19:47; fall #1: Raven pinned Pitbull #2 following a piledriver through a table; fall #2: both challengers pinned Richards after a powerbomb off the top through a table; fall #3: both challengers pinned both champions following a powerbomb on top of one another; the Pitbulls originally won the third fall when Raven was pinned after Tommy Dreamer interfered and hit Raven with a DDT but referee Bill Alphonso ordered the match to continue (ECW Gangsta’s Paradise – 9/16/95 – ECW Arena)
– Psychosis defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2 falls to 1, at 12:10; fall #1: Mysterio pinned Psychosis with a hurricanrana at 1:21; fall #2: Psychosis pinned Mysterio with a tombstone at 5:14 after catching Mysterio as he attempted a moonsault from the middle rope; fall #3: Psychosis pinned Mysterio at 5:35 with a twisting senton off the top onto a chair (10/7/95; ECW Arena)
– Mikey Whipwreck pinned ECW World Champion the Sandman to win the title in a ladder match at around the 7-minute mark with a splash onto a ladder, pinning the champion underneath, after repeatedly hitting him with the ladder; the match could only be won via pinfall or submission; during the ring introductions, Steve Austin came out, climbed a ladder which was set up in the ring, and cut a promo on the challenger, champion, and Woman, saying he would soon have the belt; immediately after the bout began, Austin threw Woman over his shoulder and took her backstage; after the bout, Cactus Jack, Axl Rotten, and several others came out to congratulate the new champion (10/28/95; ECW Arena)
– ECW TV Champion 2 Cold Scoprio fought Sabu to a 30-minute time-limit draw moments after the challenger hit a somersault legdrop into the ring onto a steel chair and gained a 2-count (ECW Cyberslam 96 – 2/17/96; ECW Arena)
– Tommy Dreamer (w/ Beaulah McGillicutty) pinned Raven (w/ Lupus & Chasity) with a DDT onto a street sign after a DVD at 15:06, despite interference from Louie Spicolli; after the bout, the lights went on and off three times as Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Jerry Lawler made surprise appearances and assaulted Dreamer, fighting off several ECW wrestlers – the Gangstas, the bWo, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, the Sandman as well as Paul E Dangerously as Spicolli forced Beaulah to watch; after a lengthy beat down, all the heels left the ring when Taz appeared; Rick Rude did guest commentary with Joey Styles for the bout; Jonathan Coachman & Tommy Dreamer did alternative commentary for the bout (Raven’s last ECW match for 2 years) (ECW Wrestlepalooza 97 – 6/6/97; ECW Arena)
– Bam Bam Bigelow pinned ECW TV Champion Taz to win the title at 13:36 after falling backward to escape the Tazmission, with both men falling through the ring, then pulling Taz out of the hole in the canvas to score the win; after the bout, Bigelow was congratulated in the ring by Shane Douglas, Francine, & Chris Candido; Michael Cole & Tazz did alternative commentary for the bout (ECW Living Dangerously 98 – 3/1/98; Asbury Park, NJ)
– ECW TV Champion Rob Van Dam (w/ Bill Alphonso) pinned Jerry Lynn with the Van Daminator and Five Star Frog Splash at 26:56, moments after Lynn kicked out of an initial Five Star Frog Splash; Michael Cole & Rob Van Dam did alternative commentary for the bout (Hardcore Heaven 99 – 5/16/99; Poughkeepsie, NY)

No Mercy 04 (11/16/04)
– Mark Jindrak pinned Scotty 2 Hotty with a left punch (10/3/04; East Rutherford, NJ)

Taboo Tuesday 04 (11/23/04)

Survivor Series 04 (12/14/04)
– John Cena pinned WWE US Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool (w/ Jesus) to win the title with the FU at the 24-second mark after spitting apple in Carlito’s face; prior to the bout, Cena laid out Jesus before assaulting Carlito around ringside and smashing the champion’s heavily-taped shoulder with a steel chair; after the bout, Jesus attacked Cena from behind and punched him in the kidneys with his own steel chain; moments later, Tazz, referees, and medics attended to Cena in the ring and he was later taken backstage on a stretcher (11/16/04; Dayton, OH)