WWE DVD Releases And Results – 2003

Unforgiven 02 (1/14/03)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the 619 and West Coast Pop at 8:58 (Unforgiven 02 – 9/22/02; Los Angeles, CA)

Best of Confidential Vol. 1 (1/14/03)
– Jimmy Snuka defeated Ray Stevens via count-out at 6:50 after Snuka threw Stevens into the corner, with Stevens then falling out to the floor and not being able to meet the referee’s 10-count; after the bout, Snuka again knocked Stevens to the floor (12/28/82; New York City, NY; Madison Square Garden)
– Davey Boy Smith pinned WWF IC Champion Bret Hart to win the title by blocking a sunset flip attempt at 25:11; after the match, the two along with Diana Hart Smith celebrated in the ring; voted Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Match of the Year (Summer Slam 92 – 8/29/92; London, England; Wembley Stadium)
– WWF European Champion Shawn Michaels defeated WWF World Champion Bret Hart to win the title at 12:18 when referee Earl Hebner called for the bell as Michaels had Hart in his own version of the Sharpshooter, however there was no submission from Hart; the original ending for the bout called for the Hart Foundation to interfere, causing a disqualification and involving DX in a post-match brawl, however Vince McMahon had secretly planned this alternative ending since Bret was unwavering in his refusal to lose the heavyweight title in Canada to Michaels in his final match in the WWF; only the world title was on the line (Survivor Series 97 – 11/9/97; Montreal, Quebec; Molson Centre)
– WCW U.S. Champion Booker T pinned WCW World Champion Scott Steiner (w/ Madajah) with the Book End to win the title at 5:11 after avoiding a powerbomb attempt; both titles were at stake in the match; Tony Schiavone & Scott Hudson provided commentary for the bout (WCW Monday Nitro – 3/26/01; Panama City, FL)

Survivor Series 02 (1/14/03)
– Lance Storm & William Regal defeated Goldust & the Hurricane at 3:02 when Storm pinned Goldust with a cradle after Regal hit Goldust from behind; after the bout, Tommy Dreamer assaulted both Storm & Regal with his Singapore cane, clearing them from the ring (Sunday Night Heat – 11/17/02; Madison Square Garden)

Rebellion 02 (1/14/03)
– Shawn Michaels defeated WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith to win the title at 22:53 when the referee stopped the match as the challenger had a figure-4 applied, with an illegal assist from Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Rick Rude, and Chyna; several minutes prior to the finish, the Bulldog injured his ankle while attempting the powerslam outside the ring and suffered the superkick and Pedigree on the floor; after the match, Bret and Owen Hart made the save for the Bulldog and Diana Smith against Michaels, Helmsley, Rude, and Chyna; the Bulldog’s wife, mother, and sister – who was being treated for cancer at the time – all sat ringside for the bout (One Night Only – 9/20/97; Birmingham, England; NEC Arena)

Armageddon 02 (2/4/03)
– Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit, WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Eddie Guerrero, and Edge in an elimination match at around 20:45; Benoit defeated Guerrero via submission with the Crippler Crossface at around 7:30 after Guerrero sustained a spear from Edge; Edge pinned Benoit with the spear at around 9:30 after Guerrero interfered and hit Benoit in the back of the head with his tag team title belt; Angle pinned Edge with an Olympic Slam off the top; due to prematch stipulations, Angle earned a world title shot against the Big Show at Armageddon; after the bout, Show and Paul Heyman came to the ring, with Show hitting the chokeslam on Angle as the show went off the air (the bout began during the commercial break) (12/3/02; Dallas, TX; American Airlines Center)

Before They Were Superstars 2 (2/4/03)
– Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated Iron Mike Sharpe & the Intruder at 3:09 when Jannetty pinned the Intruder after Michaels hiptossed his partner onto the Intruder (Michaels & Jannetty’s TV debut) (6/1/88; Oakland, CA; Coliseum)
– Avatar (Al Snow) pinned Brian Walsh at 2:25 with a standing moonsault and splash; before and after the bout Avatar unmasked (Avatar’s debut) (10/23/95; Brandon, Manitoba)
– Chris Jericho fought Alex Wright to a no contest at 4:52 when, after Wright hit his head against the ringside barrier while jumping to the floor, Jericho told the referee he didn’t want to win via count-out, thus giving up his easy victory; after the bout, Gene Okerlund interviewed Jericho at ringside with Jericho saying he didn’t come to WCW to take easy wins and that men like himself and Wright would stand up to Hulk Hogan and the nWo (Jericho’s WCW debut) (WCW Monday Nitro – 8/26/96; Lakeland, FL)
– Taz (w/ Bill Alphonso & Team Taz) defeated Mikey Whipwreck via submission at 3:33 with the Tazmission; during the bout, Farooq cut an insert promo on facing the Undertaker later in the show and his ongoing feud with Ahmed Johnson; late in the bout, Sabu lept off the Raw sign onto Taz’ entourage and attempted to get at Alphonso but was soon dragged off by Team Taz; Paul Heyman did guest commentary for the bout (2/24/97; New York City, NY; Manhattan Center)
– Tygress defeated Torrie Wilson in a Down-Underwear Match at 1:56; the women wore Australian attire and the goal was to strip the opponent down to her underwear (WCW Monday Nitro – 10/7/00; Sydney, Australia)
– Kurt Angle pinned John Cena at 5:37 with a double chicken wing into a roll up; prior to the bout, Cena accepted Angle’s open challenge for someone whom he had never faced before to wrestle him; after the match, Cena offered to shake Angle’s hand in a showing of respect but Angle just laughed and walked away; moments later, Cena was congratulated backstage by Rikishi, Farooq, Billy Kidman, and the Undertaker (Cena’s TV debut) (6/25/02; Chicago, IL; Allstate Arena)

Raw: 10th Anniversary (3/18/03)
– The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) pinned Damien Demento with the tombstone at 2:25; during the bout, it was announced Mr. Perfect would face Papa Shango, Ric Flair would face Tito Santana, and WWF World Champion Bret Hart would appear for an interview the following week (1/11/93; New York City, NY; Manhattan Center)
– WWE Tag Team Champion Kane defeated Chris Jericho & Christian, Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley, and Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy in a TLC match at 25:07 after chokeslamming Jericho off the top of the ladder; the Hurricane was scheduled to defend the titles alongside Kane but was attacked backstage before the match by Ric Flair and Triple H (10/7/02; Las Vegas, NV)

Royal Rumble 03 (3/18/03)
– Chris Jericho defeated Rob Van Dam, Kane, and Batista at 6:33 in a battle royal by last eliminating RVD; Batista eliminated Kane with a clothesline; RVD eliminated Batista with a series of kicks; due to prematch stipulations, Jericho could pick any number to draw for the Royal Rumble match; Jericho chose #2 since Shawn Michaels already had the #1 slot; after the bout, Michaels came ringside and tossed Jericho to the floor (Raw – 1/13/03; Uncasville, CT; Mohegan Sun Arena)

No Way Out 03 (4/15/03)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) at 4:35 by reversing a powerbomb into the West Coast Pop (2/23/03; Montreal, Quebec)

Divas: Desert Heat (4/15/03)

Rey Mysterio: 619 (5/27/03)
– Fuerza Guerrera, Psychosis, & Louie Spicolli defeated Heavy Metal, Rey Mysterio Jr., & Latin Lover at 12:41 when Metal submitted to a standing armbar by Guerrera (AAA When Worlds Collide – 11/6/94; Los Angeles, CA)
– WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. at 17:51 by reversing a hurricanrana attempt into a powerbomb and putting both feet on the ropes for leverage (Mysterio’s WCW debut) (WCW Great American Bash 96 – 6/16/96; Baltimore, MD)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Psychosis at 15:18 by reversing a Splash Mountain off the top into a hurricanrana (WCW Bash at the Beach 96 – 7/7/96; Daytona Beach, FL)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko to win the title at around the 12:30 mark by reversing a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a hurricanrana and cover (WCW Monday Nitro – 7/8/96; Orlando, FL)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero in a mask vs. title match to win the title at 13:49 by reversing a Splash Mountain off the top into a hurricanrana and cover (WCW Halloween Havoc 97 – 10/26/97; Las Vegas, NV)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. (surprise opponent) pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho in a No DQ match to win the title at 8:02 by reversing an attempt at the Lion Tamer into a roll up, moments after Jericho became distracted by Dean Malenko at ringside; following Jericho’s entrance, Jericho said he was going to do a song and dance routine instead of defending his title as originally scheduled; moments later, Dillon appeared and said Jericho’s fans were disappointed he wouldn’t be wrestling or defending his belt; Dillon then said he had a local guy who said he wanted a title shot; Jericho then said he would agree if it could still be a No DQ match (Mysterio’s surprise return after a 6-month absence) (WCW Bash at the Beach 98 – 7/12/98; San Diego, CA)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. at 5:52 with the 619 and West Coast Pop (Mysterio’s WWE TV debut) (7/23/02; Indianapolis, IN)
– Kurt Angle pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. with an Olympic Slam off the top at 8:26 (9/10/02; Minneapolis, MN)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit at 8:44 by pinning Benoit with a springboard hurricanrana into a cover after Benoit sent Angle to the floor with a back suplex over the top (9/24/02; San Diego, CA)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) at 2:54 with a modified West Cost Pop after Noble threw Mysterio over his head, who then landed and bounced off the middle rope (11/19/02; Hartford, CT)

WrestleMania 19 (6/3/03) – WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Lance Storm & Chief Morley (sub. for William Regal) (w/ the Dudley Boyz) defeated Rob Van Dam & Kane at 10:00 when Storm pinned RVD after the Dudleyz interfered and hit the 3D on Storm, with Bubba Ray then hitting an elbow drop on RVD as he covered Storm (3/30/03; SafeCo Field)

Shawn Michaels: From the Vault (6/24/03)
– Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty fought AWA Tag Team Champions Doug Somers & Buddy Rose (w/ Sherri Martel) to a no contest at 16:10 when both teams, bloodied, began brawling in and out of the ring and knocked down several referees; after the bout, Greg Gagne and other wrestlers made the save for Michaels & Jannetty and ended the brawl (9/2/86; Las Vegas, NV; Showboat Sports Pavilion)
– WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michaels in a ladder match at 18:49 after Michaels had his foot and later his arm entangled in the ring ropes; Diesel was in the challenger’s corner for the early moments of the bout but was sent backstage after attacking Razor on the floor; (voted Match of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and Pro Wrestling Torch) (the first televised WWF ladder match) (WrestleMania X – 3/20/94; Madison Square Garden)
– Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) defeated WWF World Champion Bret Hart in an Ironman match to win the title; the original decision was a draw at 60:02, as neither man had scored a fall in the 60-minute time-limit, however the match was restarted by WWF President Gorilla Monsoon, with Michaels hitting two superkicks in sudden death to pick up the win at 1:53; prior to the bout, Monsoon was formally introduced as the newly reinstated president; during the challenger’s entrance, he came down from the ceiling on a zipwire, eventually landing in the crowd; during the contest, several members of the Hart Family were shown at ringside, including Stu and Blade; Freddie Blassie was shown sitting next to Stu; during the last 34 seconds of the bout, Micheals was trapped in the Sharpshooter but refused to submit; voted Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Match of the Year (WrestleMania XII – 3/31/96; Anaheim, CA)
– WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Diesel in a no holds barred match at 17:52 after landing a low blow, hitting Diesel with Mad Dog Vachon’s prosthetic leg – which the challenger ripped off Vachon as he sat at ringside – and hit the superkick; earlier in the bout, Diesel powerbombed Michaels through the announce table; prior to the match, Michaels was escorted to the ring by Jose Lothario (In Your House: Good Friends…Better Enemies – 4/28/96; Omaha, NE)
– WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer) via disqualification at 26:20 when Vader interfered as Michaels had the challenger covered; moments thereafter, Michaels sent Vader to the floor where Psycho Sid came out and brawled with Vader to the backstage area; Michaels was soon knocked out after being hit by Paul Bearer with the urn and later sustained the Mandible Claw from Mankind; the Undertaker then came out of Mankind’s casket, which was brought ringside before the match, and stalked Mankind backstage (In Your House: Mindgames – 9/22/96; Corestates Spectrum)
– WWF European Champion Shawn Michaels pinned the Undertaker at 29:56 in a non-title Hell in a Cell match after Paul Bearer and Kane came ringside, Kane ripped the door off the cage, and hit the tombstone on the Undertaker before leaving ringside; Michaels was escorted to the ring by Triple H, Chyna, and Rick Rude but all three returned backstage after the cage door was locked shut; midway through the contest, the door had to be unlocked in order to get an injured cameraman to safety (Flash Funk) – resulting in the two participants having a lengthy brawl outside and on top of the cage; after the contest, Triple H and Chyna helped Michaels backstage; due to prematch stipulations, Michaels earned a world title shot for the Survivor Series; named Pro Wrestling Torch’s Match of the Year (the 1st ever HIAC; Kane’s surprise debut) (In Your House: Badd Blood – 10/5/97; Kiel Center)
– Shawn Michaels pinned Triple H in a non-sanctioned streetfight at 27:20 with a double leg pick up into a roll over after avoiding the Pedigree; after the match, a bloody Triple H twice hit Michaels in the back with the sledgehammer and then gave Michaels the DX chop; moments later, Michaels was tended to in the ring and eventually taken backstage on a stretcher (Michaels’ first match in more than 4 years) (Summer Slam 02 – 8/25/02; Nassau Coliseum)

Backlash 03 (6/24/03)
– Scott Steiner pinned Rico with the reverse DDT at 2:28; Rosey & Jamal appeared ringside briefly mid-way through the match but were quickly ejected by the referee (4/27/03; Worcester, MA)

Judgment Day 03
– The Hurricane pinned Steven Richards with the Shining Wizard at 2:59 (Sunday Night Heat – 5/18/03; Charlotte, NC)
– Andre the Giant defeated Killer Khan in a stretcher match at 9:57 following a sit-down splash and a regular splash; the original commentary was edited out of the match (11/14/81; Philadelphia Spectrum)

Bad Blood 03 (8/12/03)
– Ivory pinned Molly Holly with the facebuster at 3:21 (6/15/03; Houston, TX)

Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain (8/12/03)
– Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated Hulk Hogan via KO at 10:05 with a bearhug after hitting the F5; late in the bout, Lesnar kicked out of the legdrop; after the match, Brock returned to the ring and hit a bloody Hogan in the head with a steel chair and, moments later, smeared Hogan’s blood across his own chest; had Hogan won the match, he would have won Lesnar’s WWE World title shot against the Rock at Summer Slam (8/4/02; Richmond, VA)
– Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) pinned WWE World Champion the Rock to win the title at 15:49 by blocking the Rock Bottom and hitting the F5; at about the 12-minute mark, the champion hit the Rock Bottom on Heyman through the Spanish announce table; Rock was noticably booed in the match (Rock’s last appearance for 4 months) (Summer Slam 02 – 8/25/02; Nassau Coliseum)
– WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) pinned the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match by reversing an attempt at the tombstone and hitting the F5 at 27:15; after the bout, Lesnar grabbed the belt, scaled to the roof of the cage, and posed as the show came to a close (No Mercy 02 – 10/20/02; Little Rock, AR)
– Brock Lesnar pinned WWE Smackdown! World Champion Kurt Angle with the F5 to win the title at 21:08; during the closing moments of the bout, the challenger attempted a Shooting Star Press but missed Angle and landed awkwardly on his head; after the bout, the two men shook hands and embraced out of respect (Angle’s last match for 3 months) (WrestleMania XIX – 3/30/03; Seattle, WA; SafeCo Field)
– WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar defeated the Big Show in a stretcher match at 15:28; late in the contest, after failing to be able to properly put Show on the stretcher, the champion went backstage where he later returned driving a forklift to ringside; as Lesnar was gone, Rey Mysterio Jr. made a surprise appearance by coming through the crowd and hitting the 619 on the challenger and distracting him long enough for Lesnar to return, hit a crossbody off the forklift into the ring, a vertical suplex, a modified version of the F5, placed Show on the stretcher and forklift, and put it in reverse to cross the yellow line near the entranceway and win the match (Judgment Day 03 – 5/18/03; Charlotte, NC)
– WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar fought the Big Show to a no contest at around the 7:30 mark when EMTs attended to both men after a superplex from Lesnar caused the ring to collapse; nearly a dozen referees and medics tended to the two men as the show came to a close (6/10/03; Orlando, FL)


– WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus defeated Victoria via disqualification at 2:52 after the challenger hit Trish over the head with a steel chair as the two were fighting on the floor; after the bout, Victoria was sent backstage by officials (Raw – 9/30/02; Houston, TX)
– Trish Stratus (w/ Tommy Dreamer) pinned Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) at 4:47 in a hardcore match with the bulldog after landing two shots with a Singapore cane, moments after Dreamer hit Richards with his own cane on the floor; during the bout, there were trashcans located at each ring post with a variety of weapons inside that could be used by the participants (Raw – 5/12/03; Philadelphia, PA)
– Trish Stratus pinned Stacy Keibler in a Bra & Panties Mud Wrestling match at around 1:50 with a roll up outside the pool following several chops; after the match, Trish pushed Stacy and Howard Finkel into the pool (Raw – 8/19/02; Norfolk Scope)
– WWE Women’s Champion Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) pinned Trish Stratus on the floor in a Chicago Street Fight at 5:43 after Richards prevented the bulldog and the champion shoved Trish off the apron into the ring barrier; after the match, Jazz made her return to the WWE by brushing past Victoria and Richards on the ramp, coming into the ring, and further attacking Trish by hitting a DDT, a fisherman buster, and applying a STF (Raw – 1/27/03; Chicago, IL)
– Trish Stratus defeated WWE Women’s Champion Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) and Jazz to win the title at 7:17 by pinning Victoria with a kick to the face as the champion ran the ropes, moments after hitting the bulldog on an interfering Richards (WrestleMania XIX – 3/30/03; Seattle, WA; Safeco Field)
– WWE Women’s Champion Jazz (w/ Teddy Long) pinned Trish Stratus at 9:51 after Long came into the ring and threw Trish shoulder-first into the steel ring post as the referee was distracted by Victoria on the ring apron (Insurrextion 03 – 6/7/03; Newcastle, England)


Bloodbath: Wrestling’s Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches (10/28/03)
– WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Ivan Koloff in a steel cage match by escaping through the door at 9:39 after sending the challenger into the corner of the cage; this was the first steel cage match ever held at MSG (12/15/75; Madison Square Garden)
– WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) defeated WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson in a steel cage match at 16:43 by kicking Patterson off him and escaping through the door (9/24/79; Madison Square Garden)
– WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) defeated Stan Hansen in a steel cage match by escaping through the door at 8:59 (4/6/81; Madison Square Garden)
– WWF IC Champion Don Muraco defeated Jimmy Snuka in a steel cage match when a flying headbutt from Snuka sent Muraco tumbling out the door; after the bout, Snuka scaled the cage and hit a splash off the top onto the prone champion, 15 feet below; the challenger and champion were escorted to ringside by Buddy Rogers and Capt. Lou Albano, respectively, but the managers returned backstage before the match began (10/17/83; Madison Square Garden)
– Magnum TA defeated NWA US Champion Tully Blanchard (w/ Baby Doll) in an I Quit steel cage match to win the title at around the 15-minute mark when the challenger drove a broken piece of wood into the champion’s forehead until Blanchard submitted (Starrcade 85 – 11/28/85; Greensboro Coliseum)
– Dusty Rhodes pinned NWA World Champion Ric Flair with an inside cradle to win the title in a steel cage match at 21:04 (7/26/86; Greensboro Coliseum)
– NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated Arn & Ole Anderson in a steel cage match at 19:03 when Gibson dropkicked Morton onto Ole for the pin (Starrcade 86 – 11/27/86; Greensboro, NC)
– WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels (w/ Diesel) defeated Marty Jannetty in a steel cage match at 13:13 by escaping through the door while the challenger was busy fighting off Diesel as he attempted to scale the cage (8/17/93; White Plains, NY)
– WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart in a steel cage match at 32:08 when, as both men were hanging on the outside of the cage, the champion rammed Owen’s head into the cage and Owen was hung upside down with his legs caught in-between the steel bars (Summer Slam 94 – 8/29/94; Chicago, IL; United Center)
– Mankind defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Chyna) in a steel cage match at 16:25 by escaping over the top after hitting an elbow from the top of the cage, just before Chyna was able to pull Helmsley out of the ring; after the bout, Mankind laid on the arena floor until Dude Love’s music began to play, with Mankind then coming to his feet and strutting around ringside (Summer Slam 97 – 8/3/97; East Rutherford, NJ; Meadowlands)
– Edge pinned Kurt Angle in a steel cage match at around the 17-minute mark with a spear off the top rope after knocking Angle off the top to the mat; Angle was the first to escape the cage, at 9:45, but Hulk Hogan came ringside and threw Angle back in the cage before the referee – who was unconscious – could stop the match; Hogan remained ringside until the finish of the match (Smackdown! – 5/28/02; Calgary, Alberta)



The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection (11/18/03)
– Ric Flair pinned Pete Sanchez at 10:05 with a suplex (3/1/76; Madison Square Garden; Flair’s MSG debut)
– Ric Flair pinned NWA World Champion Harley Race in a steel cage match to win the title at 23:49 with a flying bodypress off the top; Gene Kiniski was the special referee for the match; after the contest, Flair was congratulated in the ring by a number of individuals including Ricky Steamboat, Angelo Mosca, Jay Youngblood, Johnny Weaver, NWA Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Rufus R. Jones, and Flair’s wife Beth; moments thereafter, Beth entered the ring to hug Flair before he took a microphone and thanked all on hand for their support (voted Match of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter) (Starrcade 83 – 11/24/83; Greensboro Coliseum)
– Dusty Rhodes pinned NWA World Champion Ric Flair with an inside cradle to win the title at 22:06, despite outside interference from Arn & Ole Anderson; after the match, Rhodes was congratulated in the ring by a number of wrestlers including Superstar Billy Graham; the title was later returned to Flair due to the controversial finish (Starrcade 85 – 11/28/85; Atlanta, GA; Omni)
– NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (1/20/87; Fayetteville, NC)
– NWA World Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated Ric Flair in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 55:32, 2-1; fall #1 – Flair pinned Steamboat by reversing an inside cradle at 19:33; fall #2 – Steamboat forced Flair to submit to a double chicken wing at 34:14; fall #3 – Flair pinned Steamboat with the double chicken wing, though Flair’s foot was outside the ring during the pinfall; Terry Funk did guest commentary for the bout (voted Match of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter) (Clash of the Champions VI – 4/2/89; New Orleans, LA; Superdome)
– Ric Flair pinned NWA World Champion Ricky Steamboat by reversing a bodyslam into an inside cradle to win the title at 31:31; Lou Thesz, Pat O’Conner, and Terry Funk served as judges for the bout, in the event it went to a time-limit draw; after the bout, Steamboat shook Flair’s hand; moments later, Ross interviewed Flair in the ring, with Flair saying Steamboat was the greatest champion he had ever faced; Funk then came in the ring and endorsed Flair before issuing a polite challenge for a title shot; after Flair said Funk wasn’t in the Top 10 and wasn’t in line for a shot, Funk shook Flair’s hand before throwing him to the floor and hitting a piledriver on Flair onto the judge’s table at ringside; Funk then hit Flair with a chair as Flair lay motionless on the floor, grabbed a mic from Ross, called Flair “a horsetooth banana nose jerk,” and left ringside (Wrestle War 89 – 5/7/89; Nashville, TN; Municipal Auditorium)
– NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated Terry Funk (w/ Gary Hart) in a non-title I Quit Match at 18:33 when Funk submitted to the figure-4; after the bout, Funk shook Flair’s hand as he had promised to do if he lost (Clash of the Champions IX – 11/15/89; Troy, NY)
– Ric Flair won the 30-man Royal Rumble match by last eliminating Sid Justice at 1:02:02; due to pre-match stipulations, Flair won the vacant WWF World Title; prior to the bout, WWF President Jack Tunney addressed the crowd, saying may the best man win
Order of entry: Davey Boy Smith (00:00); Ted Dibiase (escorted by Sensational Sherri) (00:00); Ric Flair (escorted by Mr. Perfect) (2:31); Jerry Sags (escorted by Jimmy Hart) (4:21); Haku (6:08); Shawn Michaels (8:19); Tito Santana (10:10); the Barbarian (12:17); Kerry Von Erich (14:26); Repo Man (16:32); Greg Valentine (18:16); Nikolai Volkoff (20:23); the Big Bossman (22:15); Hercules (24:21); WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper (26:31); Jake Roberts (28:34); Jim Duggan (30:40); IRS (32:47); Jimmy Snuka (34:44); the Undertaker (escorted by Paul Bearer) (37:06); Randy Savage (38:35); the Berzerker (42:06); Virgil (43:58); Col. Mustafa (escorted by Gen. Adnan) (46:12); Rick Martel (47:59); Hulk Hogan (50:01); Skinner (52:04); Sgt. Slaughter (54:19); Sid Justice (56:07); the Warlord (escorted by Harvey Wippleman) (58:31)
Order of elimination: Dibiase by Davey Boy via a clothesline (1:19); Saggs by Davey Boy via a dropkick after Sags was knocked over the top rope to the apron (5:25); Haku by Davey Boy (7:59); Volkoff by Repo (21:27); Valentine by Repo (22:30); Repo by Bossman (22:58); Davey Boy by Flair (23:37); Von Erich by Flair (23:47); Santana & Michaels eliminated each other at the same time (24:07); Barbarian by Hercules while Barbarian was trying to eliminate Flair (25:14); Hercules by Bossman via a clothesline (25:17); Bossman when Flair moved out of the way of a running tackle (25:53); Snuka by Undertaker (37:13); Roberts by Savage with a running knee to the back (39:30); after the elimination, Savage jumped over the top to further attack Roberts but Savage was not himself eliminated because he was not thrown over the top by an opponent; Mustafa by Savage (48:48); Undertaker by Hogan via a clothesline (50:58); Berzerker by Hogan via a backdrop (51:06); Virgil & Duggan eliminated each other at the same time (51:27); Skinner by Martel (54:18); Slaughter by Justice after been sent charging into the corner and over the top (58:56); IRS by Piper while Piper was down on the apron and pulled him over using IRS’s tie (59:50), Warlord by Justice & Hogan (1:00:13); Piper & Martel by Justice as they were trying to eliminate each other (1:00:38); Savage when Flair hit a running kneelift to Justice who was attempting to eliminate Savage (1:01:02); Hogan by Justice as Hogan was trying to eliminate Flair (1:01:32); Justice by Flair while Hogan was pulling Sid from the outside; after the match Justice and Hogan were separated by several officials (Royal Rumble 92 – 1/19/92; Albany, NY)
– WCW World Champion Ric Flair pinned WCW International World Champion Sting in a unification match with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage at 17:15 as Sting leaned out over the apron to check on Sensuous Sherri – who Flair had pulled in front of a Sting plancha to the floor moments earlier; prior to the bout, WCW President Nick Bockwinkel took possession of both title belts following the participants’ introductions, with Sherri then appearing, wearing Sting-like facepaint and implying she had chosen Sting as her new wrestler to manage; Sherri as well as Bockwinkel sat ringside for the duration of the match; after the bout, Sherri and Flair hugged, revealing a set up, and double teamed Sting until Hulk Hogan – with Jimmy Hart – made the save and cleared them from the ring (Clash of the Champions XXVII – 6/23/94; Charleston, SC)
– WWE Raw World Champion Triple H pinned Ric Flair with the Pedigree at 7:24 after blocking the challenger’s attempt at a Pedigree with a backdrop; after the show went off the air, many of the Raw roster filled into the ring as Flair was hoisted onto their shoulders in a showing of respect and tribute (Raw – 5/19/03; Greenville, SC; BI-LO Center)

Survivor Series 03 (12/16/03)
– WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri pinned Jamie Noble at 4:13 with the kick to the head after kicking the challenger as he came off the top rope; moments earlier, Noble fought off an interfering Akio and Sakoda (Survivor Series 03 – 11/16/03; Dallas, TX)