WCW US Championship Tournament – 2000

All matches took place at Spring Stampede 2000, held April 16, 2000 at the United Center in Chicago, IL.

– Quarter-Finals

– Scott Steiner defeated the Wall via disqualification at 3:51 after the Wall, temporarily blinded, hit a chokeslam on the referee through a table set up on the floor; Steiner used his Steiner Brothers “Steinerline” theme music for the event

– Mike Awesome defeated Bam Bam Bigelow and the Cat at 4:00 by pinning the Cat with a clothesline and Frog Splash; the bout was originally Awesome vs. Bigelow (subbing for an injured Cat who was attacked by Bigelow during a pre-match backstage interview) until the Cat came out late in the contest, making it a three-way (Awesome’s in-ring debut)

– Sting pinned Booker T at 6:33 by countering a suplex attempt into the Scorpion Death Drop; after the bout, Booker confronted Sting on the floor, had him get back in the ring, and then hit hands out of respect

– Vampiro pinned Billy Kidman (w/ Torrie Wilson) at 8:27 when Hulk Hogan, who was seen arriving to the arena mid-way through the match, attacked Kidman, threw him onto a commentary table and then slammed him through it; after the bout, Hogan cut a promo at ringside saying he was coming after Eric Bischoff; moments later, Hogan confronted Bischoff in his office until several police officers arrived – called by Vince Russo – and arrested Hogan; as Hogan was being led away, Terry Taylor and Terry Funk walked by with Taylor telling Funk Norman Smiley was waiting for him in catering for their match

– Semi-Finals

– Scott Steiner defeated Mike Awesome at 3:14 via submission with the Steiner Recliner after Kevin Nash came out and broke his crutch over Awesome as Awesome stood on the top rope

– Sting defeated Vampiro at 5:57 via submission with the Scorpion Deathlock following the Scorpion Death Drop

– Finals

– Scott Steiner defeated Sting at 5:32 via KO with the Steiner Recliner after Vampiro came up from underneath the ring, pulled Sting down, and moments later pushed a bloody Sting back out