WCW SuperBrawl Results

SuperBrawl – St. Petersburg, FL – Bayfront Center – May 19, 1991 (6,000)
The Mighty Thor defeated El Cubano
Pay-per-view bouts – included Mandy Brown performing “America, the Beautiful” to begin the broadcast; featured Jim Ross & Dusty Rhodes on commentary; included Tony Schiavone speaking at the entrance stage with Tom Zenk, recovering from a torn bicep, and Missy Hyatt about the card; Schiavone then said Missy would be going back into the dressing room later in the show and recapped footage from Wrestle War 91 of when Stan Hansen ran her out of the dressing room; featured Schiavone speaking at the entrance stage with Teddy Long’s newest wrestler Johnny B. Badd; moments later, both Badd & Long cut a promo on PN News, with Badd calling him a big ugly bear (Badd’s surprise debut); included Stan Hansen as a guest of an in-ring segment of The Danger Zone in which Hansen called out the likes of Dustin Rhodes, Brian Pillman, and Tom Zenk and said no one wanted to wrestle him that night; Hansen then continued to insult Dustin and then stormed off; Dangerously then praised Ric Flair and WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson and said they would win their respective matches later in the show; featured Missy backstage in which she came into the dressing room and attempted to interview Terrance Taylor about his match earlier in the show; Missy then thought Zenk was in the show and was about to sneak in only to realize it was Hansen; Hansen, wearing only his boxers, then spanked her until she ran out of the dressing room; included Diamond Dallas Page hosting a segment of the Diamond Mine in which he introduced a pretaped promo by Sting & WCW US Champion Lex Luger regarding their upcoming match against WCW Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner; DDP then said Sting & Luger weren’t big enough stars to be live on the Diamond Mine and then introduced the Diamond Studd as his latest find (Scott Hall’s surprise debut as the Diamond Studd); featured a pretaped segment in which Gordon Solie announced the 1991 Great American Bash would take place July 14 at the Baltimore Arena and the Bash tour would begin July 3 at the Meadowlands, highlighted by Wargames; all the dates of the tour then scrolled across the screen; included a backstage segment with Schiavone outside IWGP Champion Tatsumi Fujinami’s dressing room, with Fujinami, Shinya Hashimoto, and Mr. Saito then walking past him on their way out to the ring; Schiavone then spoke with Hiro Matsuda who said he intended for Fujinami to take the WCW World Title back to Japan:
Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin defeated Tracey Smothers & Steve Armstrong at 10:11 when Hayes pinned Smothers after a masked man interfered, after the referee had been knocked down, and dropped both Smothers & Armstrong with DDTs from the middle turnbuckle after both Hayes & Garvin sustained the elevated side elbow off the top double team; stipulations stated the winners would win the vacant WCW US Tag Team Titles; prior to the bout, Hayes & Garvin were escorted to the ring by Diamond Dallas Page; Brad Armstrong came out early in the bout to counter the interference of Big Daddy Dink in the Freebirds’ corner; moments later, Armstrong returned backstage and Dink was ejected from ringside; the masked man had the word “Fantasia” on his shirt (Fantasia’s surprise debut)
Dan Spivey pinned Ricky Morton with a knee to the midsection and the powerbomb at 3:11
Nikita Koloff pinned Tommy Rich with the Russian Sickle at 4:08
Dustin Rhodes pinned Terrance Taylor (w/ Alexandra York & Mr. Hughes) at 8:06 after Hughes accidentally hit Taylor in the face behind the referee’s back; prior to the bout, the board of directors for the York Foundation stood at the entrance stage as Taylor, York, & Hughes came out
Big Josh pinned Black Bart (sub. for Larry Zbyzsko) at 3:47 with a double axe handle and the Northern Exposure; prior to the bout, Josh came ringside with two performing bears
Oz (w/ the Great Wizard) pinned Tim Parker at the 29-second mark after an airplane spin throw; prior to the bout, Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion were escorted by the Great Wizard, with a monkey on his back, toward the entrance stage; Oz eventually said he would show the world who he really was (Kevin Nash’s debut as Oz)
Barry Windham pinned Brian Pillman in a taped fist match at 6:09 after moving referee Nick Patrick out of the way, landing a low blow as Pillman was on the top rope, and hitting the superplex; after the bout, Windham landed several more blows to the face of the bloody Pillman
El Gigante pinned Sid Vicious in a stretcher match at 2:14 with the claw after kicking Vicious as he ran into the corner; after the bout, the One Man Gang and Kevin Sullivan attacked Gigante from behind but Gigante slammed the Gang onto the stretcher on the aisle; moments later, Sullivan threw powder into Gigante’s face, with Gang then hitting Gigante with the stretcher; moments later, Gigante stalked the two backstage (Vicious’ last appearance for 2 years)
Ron Simmons pinned Butch Reed (w/ Teddy Long) in a steel cage match at 9:40 with the spinebuster after avoiding being hit with a foreign object thrown to Reed by Long; during the bout, Long was suspended above the ring in a cage
WCW Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Sting & WCW US Champion Lex Luger at 11:10 when Scott pinned Sting after Nikita Koloff interfered as referee Randy Anderson was knocked down on the floor and attempted to hit Luger with the Russian Sickle, a chain wrapped around his arm, but hit Sting instead and busted him open when Sting shoved Luger out of the way; after the match, the Steiners and Luger tended to Sting as Tony Schiavone conducted a backstage interview with Koloff about his actions, with Koloff saying Sting was in the wrong place at the wrong time; moments later, Sting jumped Koloff with the two men then brawling outside the arena until Sting grabbed hold of a chair (The Rise and Fall of WCW, Sting: Into the Light)
Bobby Eaton pinned WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson to win the title at 11:50 with the Alabama Jam, moments after Brian Pillman appeared and chased off Barry Windham as Windham attempted to interfere
WCW World Champion Ric Flair pinned IWGP World Champion Tatsumi Fujinami at 18:39 with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage after Fujinami butted heads with referee Tiger Hatori, with referee Bill Alphonso then making the pinfall; prior to the bout, Fujinami was escorted to the ring by Shinya Hashimoto; during Flair’s entrance, a cook, chauffer, maid, and others stood by the entrance stage; Hatori was the inside referee while Alphonso was the backup outside referee

SuperBrawl II – Milwaukee, WI – Mecca – February 29, 1992 (5,000)
Big Josh pinned Diamond Dallas Page at 7:36
Pay-per-view bouts – hosted by Tony Schiavone & Eric Bischoff; featured a backstage segment with Missy Hyatt in which she said she would try to get interviews during the show with WCW World Champion Lex Luger and Ricky Steamboat; included an in-ring segment in which Jim Ross introduced Jesse Ventura, who then drove ringside on a Harley Davidson; Ross and Ventura then discussed the card, with Ventura saying Ross would look just like JR Ewing if he had a cowboy hat; the two then sat at the commentary table to call the night’s matches; featured Missy conducting a backstage interview with Terrance Taylor regarding his match later in the show against Marcus Alexander Bagwell; included Schiavone & Bischoff discussing the upcoming Steiners / Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton match in which Bischoff wore a University of Michigan jacket; featured a backstage segment in which Missy attempted to interview Steamboat but was blocked by Steamboat’s ninja, with Madusa then appearing and trying to get in to see Steamboat until she slapped him and he chased her down the hall; included a backstage segment with Missy in which she said there was a lot of commotion after the previous backstage segment and then watched as the ninja led Steamboat down the hall for his match; featured a backstage segment in which Missy walked into the Dangerous Alliance’s dressing room following the Rude / Steamboat match to find Dangerously in the ninja’s outfit; featured the announcement that Sting & the Great Muta would face Rick & Scott Steiner and that Dusty Rhodes would come out of retirement for the WCW Japan Supershow II, which would air on pay-per-view in March; the scheduled match of El Gigante, Johnny B. Badd, Big Josh, & Mike Graham vs. Diamond Dallas Page, Vinnie Vegas, Tracy Smothers, & Steve Armstrong did not take place:
Brian Pillman pinned WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Jushin Liger to win the title at 16:59 with a leg roll up into a bridge after the champion missed a dive off the top; after the match, the two men shook hands and hugged (Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon)
Marcus Alexander Bagwell pinned WCW US Tag Team Champion Terrance Taylor at 7:38 with a roll up
Ron Simmons pinned Cactus Jack with a powerslam at 6:34; after the match, Abdullah the Butcher attacked Simmons from behind until the Junkyard Dog came out of the crowd, knocked down two security guards, and cleared the ring (JYD’s surprise return)
Van Hammer & Tom Zenk defeated Vinnie Vegas & Richard Morton at 12:01 when Zenk pinned Morton with a sunset flip out of the corner after Morton hit the turnbuckle; prior to the bout, Jesse Ventura, regarding Hammer and Zenk, said there was no money in bodybuilding, which might have been a knock on the World Bobybuilding Federation
Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham defeated WCW TV Champion Steve Austin & Larry Zbyzsko (w/ Madusa) at 18:21 when Windham pinned Zbyzsko with a lariat off the top after Rhodes shoved Zbyzsko off the top; during the bout, it was mentioned Dustin would team with his father Dusty Rhodes during the Tokyo Dome pay-per-view telecast in March
WCW Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton (w/ Madusa) defeated Rick & Scott Steiner via reverse decision at 20:05; the challengers originally won the match and titles when Scott pinned Eaton with the Frankensteiner but the decision was overturned since Rick – blinded by powder thrown in his face by Anderson – accidentally dropped the referee with a belly to belly and dumped Anderson over the top to the floor; prior to the bout, Gary Michael Cappetta announced that Kip Frye had banned Paul E. Dangerously from ringside for the match, with Madusa then subbing for Dangerously at ringside after he was forcibly removed by officials; during the match, it was announced Frye was attempting to sign Steve Williams & Terry Gordy to WCW
WCW US Champion Rick Rude pinned Ricky Steamboat (w/ the ninja) at 20:00 after the ninja, Paul E. Dangerously in disguise, repeatedly hit Steamboat in the head with his phone as Steamboat went up to the top rope; pre-match stipulations stated Dangerously was barred from ringside for the bout
Sting pinned WCW World Champion Lex Luger (w/ Harley Race) to win the title with a crossbody off the top at 13:01 after fighting off an interfering Race on the floor (Luger’s last appearance for nearly 4 years)

SuperBrawl III – Asheville, NC – Civic Center – February 21, 1993 (6,500; 6,200 paid; sell out; another 1,000 people watched via closed-circuit across the street)
Matt Hardy was in attendance for the show
Pay-per-view bouts – included an opening announcement by Eric Bischoff & Missy Hyatt in which it was noted Ron Simmons was sidelined with a shoulder injury and would be replaced by Maxx Payne in the match against WCW US Champion Dustin Rhodes; moments later, Johnny B. Badd came out to join them and hype the show; featured Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura on commentary; featured Payne performing the national anthem on his guitar; throughout the show, clips of the ‘White Castle of Fear’ mini movie were shown; included a segment in which Bischoff and Badd confirmed that Ric Flair was back in WCW, with Missy meeting his limo backstage and trying to get an interview with him; after security forced her away, Flair emerged from the limo flanked by police officers and Missy trailing far behind; after the segment, the crowd chanted “We want Flair” (Flair’s return after nearly a 2-year absence); featured Bischoff conducting a podium interview with Payne about his Norma Jean guitar and facing Rhodes later in the night, with Payne eventually playing Taps on the guitar to signify what he would do to Rhodes; included Bischoff, Badd, & Hyatt in which Missy said Flair would be in the arena later in the night; featured backstage footage of Gordon Solie & Michael Hayes speaking with Rhodes as part of the WCW Hotline; included a segment in which Bischoff, Badd, & Hyatt discussed the upcoming Sting vs. Vader strap match; featured Bischoff conducting a closing podium interview with Barry Windham regarding his newly won NWA World Title and the appearance of Flair:
Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Erik Watts at 16:35 when Pillman pinned Bagwell after Austin came off the top behind the referee’s back with a forearm to Bagwell as Bagwell had Pillman covered with a fisherman suplex
2 Cold Scorpio pinned Chris Benoit at 18:19 with a modified victory roll as Benoit attempted the dragon suplex; the official time of the bout was 19:59, with Scorpio winning 1 second before the expiration of the time limit (Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story)
Davey Boy Smith pinned Bill Irwin with the running powerslam at 5:50 after catching Irwin coming off the middle turnbuckle; during the bout, it was noted the WCW European tour would begin in March and Smith would be part of it (Smith’s debut; Irwin’s first appearance after several years)
Cactus Jack pinned Paul Orndorff in a falls count anywhere match at 12:19 after hitting him in the face with a shovel; prior to the bout, Eric Bischoff interviewed Orndorff behind the curtain regarding the match until Cactus appeared and scared Orndorff to the ring to begin the match
Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Stan Lane & Tom Prichard (w/ Jim Cornette) at 12:52 when Gibson pinned Prichard after Bobby Eaton’s interference backfired and he came off the top onto Prichard when Morton moved out of the way; Eaton escorted Cornette, Lane, & Prichard ringside before the match but was ejected from ringside just before the bout began; after the bout, Prichard and Eaton got into a shoving match
WCW US Champion Dustin Rhodes defeated Maxx Payne (sub. for Ron Simmons) via disqualification at 11:26 when the challenger pulled the referee into Rhodes as Payne was caught in an abdominal stretch; after the bout, Payne threw Rhodes to the floor and continued to attack him until Rhodes fought back and cleared Payne from the ring
Barry Windham pinned NWA World Champion the Great Muta (w/ Hiro Matsuda) to win the title at 24:09 with a lariat and the DDT after lifting his knees to block the champion’s moonsault; prior to the bout, Ric Flair was introduced to the crowd and was interviewed at ringside by Schiavone about his return to WCW before joining the commentary team for the title match; during the pre-match instructions by referee Randy Anderson, there was a thunderous chant of “We want Flair” from the crowd; after the bout, Flair strapped the belt around Windham’s waist until Windham realized it was Flair and pulled away, with Flair then leaving ringside
WCW World Champion Big Van Vader (w/ Harley Race) defeated Sting in a non-title non-sanctioned strap match at 20:55 when Sting kicked Vader into the fourth and final corner; after the bout, Sting whipped Vader repeatedly with the strap until Vader fell out to the floor

SuperBrawl IV – Albany, GA – Civic Center – February 20, 1994 (7,600; 4,217 paid; more than 1,000 tickets were given away to fans who turned in a handgun)
2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Lt. James Earl Wright
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary; it was announced at the beginning of the broadcast that Johnny B. Badd would face Michael Hayes in an unscheduled match following Hayes turning on Badd the previous day on WCW Worldwide during a tag match against Harlem Heat; moments later, Badd came out for the match, with an “injured” Hayes being brought out in a wheelchair by Jimmy Garvin; Gene Okerlund and WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel then came out on the ramp, with Hayes telling them he was unable to wrestle; Bockwinkel then said there was still a WCW contract for the Freebirds and Garvin, even though retired, would have to take Hayes’ spot in the match later in the show or they would both be fined and suspended indefinately; included Okerlund backstage showing the heavy security backstage between the lockerrooms of WCW World Champion Ric Flair and Vader; featured Okerlund speaking with Ricky Steamboat and Bockwinkel in which it was announced Steamboat would get a title match against the winner of the Flair / Vader match; included Okerlund speaking with WCW’s German commentator Olivier Muffler; featured the announcement the next pay-per-view, Spring Stampede, would take place in Chicago on April 17; included Okerlund trying to speak with Vader & Harley Race in their lockerroom but Vader scared him off; featured Okerlund speaking backstage with Flair, Steamboat, and Arn Anderson, with Okerlund saying Hulk Hogan was watching the show with great interest; Flair said if he and Hogan ever met it would be the biggest match of all time but he would first have to go through Vader and then the challenge of Steamboat:
Harlem Heat defeated Thunder & Lightning at 9:46 when Kole pinned Lightning after Kane kicked Lightning in the ear behind the referee’s back as he had Kane rolled up; during the match, WCW World Champion Ric Flair was shown meeting with Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat in his lockerroom
Jim Steele pinned the Equalizer with the Thesz Press at 6:30; during the match, Heenan said even Hulk Hogan had been asked about the Flair / Vader match, to show how important it was
Terry Taylor pinned Diamond Dallas Page at 11:46 after avoiding a charge into the corner
Johnny B. Badd pinned Jimmy Garvin (sub. for Michael Hayes) (w/ Michael Hayes in a wheelchair) at 10:47 with the sunset flip off the top; after the bout, Garvin hit Badd with Hayes’ boot and dropped him with the “911” jawbreaker (Stunner)
WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal (w/ Sir William) pinned Arn Anderson at 27:32 by blocking a sunset flip into the ring and grabbing Sir William’s umbrella from the outside for leverage; the match was given a 30-minute time limit rather than the usual 15-minute but the match ended as Gary Michael Cappetta said there was 6 seconds remaining in the contest
Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne defeated WCW Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys via disqualification at 12:26 when Saggs twice smashed a guitar over Payne’s head as Payne had the Pain Killer applied on Knobbs; the champions brought the guitar to the ring before the match (the Nastys’ first appearance without Missy Hyatt)
Sting, Dustin Rhodes, & Brian Pillman defeated WCW International World Champion Rick Rude, WCW US Champion Steve Austin (w/ Col. Rob Parker), & Paul Orndorff in a Thundercage match at 14:37 when Pillman pinned Austin after being press slammed onto Austin by Sting; after the bout, Rude slammed the cage door into Sting’s face and dropped him with the Rude Awakening on the floor (Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon)
WCW World Champion Ric Flair defeated Vader (w/ Harley Race) in a Thundercage match at 11:30 when guest referee the Boss stopped the match as Flair had Vader in the figure-4, but he never asked Vader if he wanted to submit; the Boss was attacked from behind and handcuffed to the cage by Vader at the 7:30 mark, who then used the Boss’ nightstick on the champion; several minutes later, Arn Anderson and later Ricky Steamboat attempted to break into the cage to help Flair but couldn’t; the Boss then broke free of the handcuffs and assaulted both Vader and an interfering Race before awarding the match to Flair; after the contest, a furious Vader confronted Heenan at the commentary table, saying he never gave up and wanted Nick Bockwinkel to do something about it

SuperBrawl V – Baltimore, MD – Arena – February 19, 1995 (13,390; 10,000+ paid; sell out)
The Main Event – featured Eric Bischoff & Dusty Rhodes on commentary; included footage of WCW US Champion Vader arriving to the arena earlier in the night where he was shown speaking with someone with blonde hair in his limo; moments later, another limo pulled into the arena with Vader then harassing the driver and asking if WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan was in the car before punching through a window and shoving the cameraman away; the announce team later suggested either Ric Flair or Bobby Heenan was in the limo with Vader; included Gene Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Col. Rob Parker, Meng, WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck, and the Blacktop Bully regarding their respective matches later in the night; featured a video package highlighting the Hogan / Vader feud; included Okerlund announcing he would speak with Ric Flair on camera later in the night:
Paul Orndorff pinned Brad Armstrong at 3:45 with his feet on the ropes for leverage after dropping Armstrong face-first onto the top turnbuckle
Marcus Alexander Bagwell & the Patriot defeated Romeo Valentino & Dino Casanova at 1:10 when the Patriot scored the pin with a full nelson slam; during the bout, WCW US Champion Vader appeared and confronted Eric Bischoff about where Hulk Hogan was, then ran to the ring and rammed Bagwell into the side of the ring during the closing moments of the bout; after the match, Vader hit the powerbomb on one of the unknowns and the Patriot
WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson (w/ Col. Rob Parker & Meng) pinned Johnny B. Badd in a lumberjack match at 4:29 by grabbing the tights for leverage after the Blacktop Bully, one of the lumberjacks, shoved Badd off the top; lumberjacks for the bout included Dave Sullivan, Dustin Rhodes, Alex Wright, Jim Duggan, the Blacktop Bully, Paul Roma, Kevin Sullivan, and Bunkhouse Buck; after the bout, all the lumberjacks brawled with the faces clearing the heels from the ring
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary; included footage from ‘The Main Event’ pre-game show of WCW US Champion Vader arriving in a limo, punching through the window of another limo, thinking WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan was inside, and then later interrupting the Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Patriot match; featured Gene Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Sister Sherri & WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat regarding their title defense later in the show against the Nasty Boys, during which Booker T said they had a new move called the Harlem Hangover; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with the Nastys regarding their upcoming tag team title shot; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Big Bubba & Avalanche regarding their match later in the show against Sting & Randy Savage, during which Okerlund alluded to Bubba cussing on live TV during the previous month’s Clash of the Champions; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Sting & Savage regarding their upcoming match with Bubba & Avalanche; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Vader regarding his upcoming title match with Hogan; included a vignette of Vader highlighting his recent confrontations with Hogan, narrated by Vader; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Hogan & Jimmy Hart regarding the match with Vader and Ric Flair sitting ringside:
Alex Wright pinned Paul Roma at 13:20 with a dropkick from behind, knocking Roma into Paul Orndorff on the ring apron, and roll up; Orndorff appeared ringside to be in Roma’s corner at the 3-minute mark
Jim Duggan pinned Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Col. Rob Parker & Meng) at 11:56 with the running clothesline after knocking Parker off the apron; after the match, Meng attacked Duggan in the ring and applied a nerve hold for several moments until referee Nick Patrick came out to order him away
Kevin Sullivan (w/ the Butcher) pinned Dave Sullivan at 7:17 with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage after ramming Dave face-first into Butcher on the ring apron; after the match, Butcher rolled around in pain on the floor covering his face as the commentary team cited his parasailing accident in 1990; Kevin eventually helped Butcher mid-way down the aisle but eventually left him and went backstage by himself
WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) defeated the Nasty Boys via reverse decision at 17:06; the challengers originally won the match and titles when Brian Knobbs pinned Stevie Ray with a roll up after Sherri came off the top and accidentally hit Stevie with her loaded purse but referee Randy Anderson came out and told referee Nick Patrick that Jerry Saggs threw Booker T over the top to the floor moments before the finish
The Blacktop Bully (w/ Col. Rob Parker) pinned Dustin Rhodes at 16:09 when Parker grabbed Rhodes’ leg out from under him as Rhodes attempted to suplex Blacktop into the ring, with Blacktop falling on top and Parker holding the foot down during the cover; prior to the bout, WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel ejected Meng from ringside under the threat that he would suspend Parker if Meng didn’t follow the order
Sting & Randy Savage defeated the Butcher & Avalanche at 10:17 when Sting pinned Avalanche with a crossbody off the top, with Avalanche tripping backwards over Bubba, moments after Bubba sustained Savage’s flying elbowsmash; prior to the bout, Gene Okerlund conducted an interview with Ric Flair in the aisle in which Flair evaded answering whether he was the blonde in Vader’s limo earlier in the show, then commented on Savage’s arrival to WCW, said he would take a ringside seat, and that he would party after the show; the Great Muta was shown in the crowd during the match; during the match, Savage briefly confronted Flair at ringside, with Flair grabbing a security guard and putting him between he and Savage; after the contest, Savage went to confront Flair but was held back by security
WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated WCW US Champion Vader via disqualification at 15:09 when Hogan attacked an interfering Ric Flair, who sat ringside for the match, in the ring; Hogan received a mixed reaction during his introduction; Muta was again shown on camera during the match; after the bout, Vader and Flair double teamed the champion, with Flair locking Hogan in the figure-4 until Sting and Randy Savage came out to clear the ring; moments later, Flair and Vader high-fived each other in the aisle and left ringside together

SuperBrawl VI – St. Petersburg, FL – Bayfront Center – February 11, 1996 (7,200)
The Main Event – shown live:
The Road Warriors defeated Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck
Hugh Morrus defeated Chris Kanyon
Big Bubba & VK Wallstreet defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman & Joey Maggs
Jim Duggan defeated Loch Ness via disqualification
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, & Bobby Heenan on commentary; included Gene Okerlund interviewing Mexican and WCW US Champion Konnan regarding his rematch later in the night against the One Man Gang; featured Okerlund interviewing Harlem Heat backstage regarding their rematch against WCW Tag Team Champions Sting & Lex Luger later in the night and a potential match against the Road Warriors; included Okerlund interviewing the Road Warriors backstage regarding their interference in the Sting & Luger / Heat match and their title shot later in the night; featured Okerlund interviewing the Giant & Jimmy Hart backstage regarding the steel cage match later in the night against Hulk Hogan; included Okerlund interviewing Ric Flair & Woman regarding Flair’s steel cage title shot against Randy Savage later in the night; featured Okerlund interviewing WCW World Champion Randy Savage & Elizabeth backstage regarding Savage’s defense against Flair; included Okerlund interviewing Hogan backstage regarding Elizabeth turning on Savage and his cage match against the Giant:
The Nasty Boys defeated Public Enemy at 7:50 when Brian Knobbs pinned Rocco Rock after hitting him with a piece of broken table after avoiding a Drive By off a prop souvineer stand near the entranceway (Allied Powers)
WCW TV Champion Johnny B. Badd (w/ Kimberly) pinned Diamond Dallas Page at 14:56 by reversing a tombstone attempt into a tombstone of his own; during the bout, WCW US Champion Konnan was seen speaking with the Spanish announce team of Pedro Morales and Miguel Alonzo; due to pre-match stipulations, Kimberly won DDP’s $6 million; after the bout, Badd handed Kimberly the oversized check for the $6 million
WCW Tag Team Champions Sting & Lex Luger defeated Harlem Heat at 11:47 when Luger pinned Stevie Ray after the Road Warriors came out and Road Warrior Animal hit Stevie in the chest with a steel plate, with Luger falling on top for the win; pre-match stipulations stated the Road Warriors would face the champions later in the night; after the bout, Okerlund interviewed the champions at the entranceway on their victory
Mexican & WCW US Champion Konnan pinned the One Man Gang at 7:25 with a somersault splash onto a standing OMG after the challenger failed a top rope move; Steve Grissom of WCW Motorsports was shown in attendance during the match
Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Brian Pillman in an I Quit strap match at the 53-second mark when, before either man was tied to the strap, Pillman grabbed the mic and said “I respect you, bookerman” and walked out; moments later, Arn Anderson came out in a street clothes to continue the match for Pillman (the “bookerman” portion of Pillman’s comments was cut from the home video version)
Arn Anderson fought Kevin Sullivan to a no contest in an I Quit strap match at 3:30 when Jimmy Hart brought Ric Flair out who stopped the match and told the two men they had to work together to take out Hulk Hogan and WCW World Champion Randy Savage later in the night; moments later, Flair said he would take Savage’s title and wife before Anderson and Sullivan shook hands
The Road Warriors fought WCW Tag Team Champions Sting & Lex Luger to a double count-out at 13:53 when all four men began fighting on the floor before brawling to the backstage area (The Life & Death of the Road Warriors)
Ric Flair (w/ Woman) pinned WCW World Champion Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) in a steel cage match at 18:54 to win the title after Flair hit the champion in the face with Elizabeth’s shoe after she opened the door and gave it to Flair as the referee was distracted by Woman after she tried to throw powder in Savage’s face; prior to the bout, Flair cut a promo offering Elizabeth one last chance to kiss him before he sends Savage to the hospital; the bell rang at 14:57 following a nearfall from Savage; after the bout, Hulk Hogan came out, chased Elizabeth and Woman around the ring, scared Flair from the ring, and hit Arn Anderson with a steel chair; as Hogan, the referee, and trainer helped Savage backstage there was a small chant of “Hogan sucks”
Hulk Hogan defeated the Giant (w/ Jimmy Hart & Kevin Sullivan) in a steel cage match at 15:04 by escaping over the top of the cage after kicking the Giant off the top rope; there were chants of “Hogan sucks” during the bout; after the bout, Hogan single-handedly fought off the Giant, Sullivan, Meng, the Barbarian, Hugh Morrus, Zodiak, the One Man Gang, and Shark before Loch Ness came out to face Hogan and was held back by the other members of the Dungeon of Doom

SuperBrawl VII – San Francisco, CA – Cow Palace – February 23, 1997 (13,324; announced as a sell out)
Hugh Morrus defeated Joe Gomez
The Ultimo Dragon defeated Pat Tanaka
Pay-per-view bouts – featured an opening segment in which Roddy Piper was shown leaving Alcatraz prison after being inside a week while preparing for his match against WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan; included Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, & Bobby Heenan on commentary; the first WCW pay-per-view shown in Australia; featured Gene Okerlund interviewing Diamond Dallas Page backstage about which member of the nWo he would be facing later in the night, during which time Okerlund confirmed his opponent would be Buff Bagwell; included Okerlund interviewing the Giant backstage about facing Scott Hall & Kevin Nash later in the show in a handicap match:
Syxx pinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko to win the title at 12:02 when Syxx hit Malenko with the title belt after a tug-of-war over the belt with WCW US Champion Eddie Guerrero, who came out late in the match to prevent the challenger from using the weapon; Syxx came to the ring in possession of the belt after stealing it from Malenko weeks earlier
Konnan, La Parka, & Villano IV defeated Juventud Guerrera, Ciclope, & Super Calo at 8:54 when Konnan pinned Guerrera with the sit-down crucifix powerbomb; Guerrera seemingly kicked out at 2 but the decision stood; Mike Tenay did guest commentary for the bout
WCW TV Champion Prince Iaukea pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. at 8:57 after Lord Steven Regal came out, pulled Mysterio off the apron – causing Mysterio to hit his face on the aprong – and shoved him back inside the ring; after the bout, Iaukea, not wanting to win under those circumstances, handed the title belt to Mysterio who later handed it back
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Buff Bagwell via disqualification at 9:46 when WCW Cruiserweight Champion Syxx, Vincent, Michael Wallstreet, and Nick Patrick rushed the ring after Bagwell sustained the Diamond Cutter, with Page then leaving through the crowd
WCW US Champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Chris Jericho with a crucifix into a sunset flip at 12:04; after the bout, the two men shook hands (Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero)
Public Enemy defeated the Barbarian & Meng and Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) at 7:45 when Rocco Rock pinned Barbarian when, after the Barbarian caught Rocco in mid-air as he attempted a somersault splash off the top, Grunge came off the top sending Rocco on top for the win
Jeff Jarrett pinned Steve McMichael (w/ Debra) at 8:13 when Debra threw the steel briefcase over her head behind her into the ring, as McMichael tried to get at it, with Jarrett then hitting him with the weapon; due to pre-match stipulations, Jarrett became a member of the Four Horsemen
Chris Benoit (w/ Woman) pinned Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jacquiline & Jimmy Hart) in a death match at 8:34 following a headbutt off the top as Sullivan was laid across a table in the ring, with Jacquiline covering Sullivan; Woman and Jacquiline were strapped together for much of the match; after the bout, Arn Anderson was seen near the entranceway watching; moments later, Paul Orndorff, Terry Taylor, and Lee Marshal came out to check on Benoit, Sullivan, and Jacquiline, who were then taken backstage on stretchers and loaded into the back of ambulances
Lex Luger & the Giant defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (w/ WCW Cruiserweight Champion Syxx) to win the titles at 8:53 when Nash submitted to Luger’s Torture Rack; the Giant wrestled the match as a handicap match, since Eric Bischoff didn’t allow Luger to compete due to having a cast on his hand following an injury, but Luger appeared at the 8-minute mark, shoving Bischoff out of the way in the aisle; after the bout, the Giant hit the chokeslam on Hall and had referee Marc Curtis count Hall down for 3
WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan (w/ Ted Dibiase) pinned Roddy Piper at 11:00 after hitting him with a foreign object placed in his hand by Randy Savage, who appeared ringside mid-way through the bout; early in the bout, Piper fought off Vincent and Michael Wallstreet; Sting and Savage appeared mid-way through, with Savage coming ringside as Sting went backstage; Piper thought he had won, and the bell rang, at 10:14 with the sleeper but Hogan’s foot was outside the ring; after the bout, Hogan and Savage double teamed Piper, with Savage dropping the flying elbowsmash on Piper three times as Hogan held him down

SuperBrawl VIII – San Francisco, CA – Cow Palace – February 22, 1998 (12,620)
The Ultimo Dragon defeated Shiryu
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Mike Tenay on commentary; included Gene Okerlund speaking with JJ Dillon in the aisle in which JJ asked referee Nick Patrick to appear and announced he had been re-instated because the executive committee could find nothing wrong with his actions at Starrcade; Patrick then said he would further vindicate himself by refereeing the night’s main event but Dillon said he would not be refereeing the Sting / Hogan rematch; featured the announcement that the Giant would not be appearing in the show due to transportation problems but would appear the following night on Monday Nitro to address his injured neck; included a video package of the Giant and the neck injury he sustained at Souled Out:
Booker T pinned WCW TV Champion Rick Martel to win the title at 10:32 with a Harlem side kick as Martel came off the middle turnbuckle; during the bout, Raven’s Flock was seen sitting ringside; due to pre-match stipulations, Booker would defend later in the night against Perry Saturn; immediately after the match, Saturn jumped into the ring, threw Martel to the floor, and applied the Rings of Saturn on Booker to begin their match (Martel’s last match)
WCW TV Champion Booker T pinned Perry Saturn at 14:23 with a Harlem side kick; during the bout, it was announced Rick Martel had torn a ligament in his knee during the previous match
Disco Inferno pinned La Parka at 11:40 with the Chart Buster after throwing his opponent face-first off the top onto a chair set up in the middle of the ring
Bill Goldberg pinned Brad Armstrong in an unadvertised match at 2:24 following the spear and Jackhammer
WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Juventud Guerrera in a title vs. mask match via submission with the Liontamer at 13:28 after blocking a hurricanrana attempt; Guerrera originally won the match with the 450 splash at 10:32 but the match continued since referee Mickey Jay noticed Jericho grabbing the bottom rope; after the bout, Jericho cut a promo and taunted Guerrera before stealing away his mask after Guerrera unlaced it (The Rise and Fall of WCW, Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho)
Davey Boy Smith defeated Steve McMichael via referee’s decision at 6:09 when referee Scott Dickenson stopped the bout as McMichael was caught in an armbar after failing an attempt at the tombstone; McMichael appeared to suffer a wrist injury mid-way through the bout after punching the steel ringpost which led to the referee ending the contest
WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page pinned Chris Benoit with the Diamond Cutter at 15:48 after Benoit countered a backslide attempt; during the bout, Tenay said DDP had requested a “Best of Chris Benoit” video tape in preparation for the match; after the match, DDP celebrated in the crowd
Lex Luger defeated Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) in a No DQ match via submission with the Torture Rack at 7:33 after both Luger and Savage fought off interference of Scott Norton, Vincent, Brian Adams, and Buff Bagwell; prior to the bout, the Steiner Brothers’ music played briefly before Luger’s music came on to bring him to the ring; the bell rang for no reason at 7:18 as Luger and Savage fought off the nWo; during the closing moments of the bout, Hulk Hogan came out and told his nWo members not to make the save for Savage and after the match was over Hogan said “I’m glad he got beat”
Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (w/ Dusty Rhodes) defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Ted Dibiase) to win the titles at 4:17 when Hall pinned Rick with the Outsider’s Edge; mid-way through the bout, Scott attacked his brother and then Dibiase, with Rhodes then throwing Dibiase into the ringpost; moments later, Scott gave the Wolfpack sign to Hall & Nash; after the bout, Scott handed the tag title belts to the Outsiders before throwing referee Scott Dickenson to the floor; the Outsiders, Scott, and Rhodes then left ringside together (The Rise and Fall of WCW)
Sting pinned Hulk Hogan at 16:33 after Randy Savage interfered and hit Hogan with a foreign object as Sting fought off an interfering Buff Bagwell, Vincent, Konnan, and Brian Adams; Nick Patrick took over referee duties for the match mid-way through after Charles Robinson was knocked out; due to pre-match stipulations, Sting won the vacant WCW World Title; after the match, Sting spraypainted “WCW” on Hogan before JJ Dillon presented Sting with the world title belt (The History of the World Heavyweight Championship)

SuperBrawl IX – Oakland, CA – Arena – February 21, 1999 (15,880)
Pay-per-view bouts – featured an opening video package showing the unnamed blonde woman (Torrie Wilson) in a hotel room talking to someone videotaping her; moments later, the person gave her tickets to SuperBrawl, with Torrie running to the restroom to get changed for the show; included Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Mike Tenay on commentary; featured a video package highlighting the WCW Tag Team Championship Tournament, with comments from Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko; included Gene Okerlund speaking about the tournament while standing beside the two title belts placed at the entranceway; featured backstage footage of Rey Mysterio Jr. & Konnan speaking at the WCW.com booth regarding their upcoming match; included a video package hyping the upcoming Diamond Dallas Page vs. WCW TV Champion Scott Steiner match:
Booker T pinned Disco Inferno with the Harlem Hangover at 9:19 after knocking Disco off the middle turnbuckle; prior to the bout, footage was shown of a confrontation between Booker and Disco the previous week on Thunder
Chris Jericho (w/ Ralphus) defeated Perry Saturn via count-out at 11:21 when Saturn walked out of the match after dropping both Jericho and referee Scott Dickenson with the Death Valley Driver; prior to the match, Dickenson came ringside with Jericho & Ralphus; following the ring entrances, Jericho grabbed the mic and said Saturn was a freak and embarassment for wearing a dress; stipulations stated that if Saturn won then Jericho would have to wear his dress; mid-way through the match, Ralphus left ringside after Saturn dragged him into the ring and ripped off the dress Ralphus was wearing, leaving him in only his boxers; the result was announced as a count-out but Dickenson made no 10 count and called for the bell immediately after coming to his senses after Saturn attacked him
WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the Shooting Star Press at 8:26 after reversing a powerbomb into a facebuster; during the bout, it was announced Lex Luger sustained a torn bicep as a result of the attack he sustained the previous week on Thunder from Rey Mysterio Jr.
WCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Curt Hennig and Barry Windham defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko to win the titles at 20:37; fall #1: Benoit & Malenko won at 19:34 when Windham submitted to Malenko’s Texas Cloverleaf; losses: Hennig & Windham – 1, Benoit & Malenko – 1; immediately after the fall, Malenko attempted the hold again, behind the referee’s back, with Windham wrapping his belt around Malenko’s throat, hitting a clothesline, and then choking Malenko out; fall #2: Windham pinned Malenko at 1:03; losses: Hennig & Windham – 2, Benoit & Malenko – 2
Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (sub. for an injured Lex Luger) (w/ Lex Luger & Elizabeth) defeated Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. at 11:01 when Nash pinned Mysterio after Hall hit the Outsider’s Edge behind the referee’s back, moments after Mysterio knocked Nash out with a knee to the head as Mysterio hit a springboard moonsault; stipulations stated Mysterio would unmask if his team lost and Elizabeth would get her head shaved if her team lost; after the contest, Mysterio relunctantly took his mask off before he and Konnan left the ring; moments later, Nash tried to fit Mysterio’s mask over his own face
WCW TV Champion Scott Steiner defeated Diamond Dallas Page via KO at 13:53 with the Steiner Recliner after ramming the challenger three times back-first into an exposed turnbuckle; prior to the bout, Steiner brought a woman from the front row into the ring with him before cutting a promo on DDP; early in the contest, Buff Bagwell came ringside and cut the turnbuckle pads off before he was ejected by referee Charles Robinson
Scott Hall (w/ Disco Inferno) pinned WCW US Champion Roddy Piper to win the title with both feet on the ropes for leverage at 8:21 after attacking Piper from behind as Piper fought off an interfering Kevin Nash; after the bout, Hall grabbed the mic as Piper refused to hand over the title belt and had the referee again raise his hand to remind Piper who won; moments later, Piper dorpped the belt as Hall’s feet, with Hall attempting to jump Piper but Piper knocked Hall to the floor; Hall and Nash then charged after Piper in the ring but he escaped unharmed and gave them a crotch chop before leaving ringside
Bill Goldberg pinned Bam Bam Bigelow at 11:39 following two spears and the Jackhammer
WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Ric Flair at 12:01 after a masked man came out as referee Charles Robinson was knocked out and used a stun gun on the challenger as Flair had Hogan in the figure-4; the blonde woman came ringside at the 9-minute mark; after the contest, the woman pulled off the masked man’s hood to reveal it as David Flair wearing a Wolfpac t-shirt; moments later, Kevin Nash came out to celebrate the win along with Hogan, David, and the woman (Torrie Wilson’s first arena appearance)

SuperBrawl X – San Francisco, CA – Cow Palace – February 20, 2000 (8,569)
Pay-per-view bouts – included Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, & Mike Tenay on commentary; featured Gene Okerlund backstage beside Commissioner Kevin Nash’s office in which WCW US Champion Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Boys, along with several women – two of which would later be known as Major Gunns and Madajah – with Jarrett saying he was acting commissioner since Nash wasn’t in the building and lifted the ban on the Harris Boys so they would be in his corner for the night’s main event; included Okerlund interviewing Brian Knobbs backstage about his match later in the show against Bam Bam Bigelow; featured a backstage segment where Ric Flair, Lex Luger, and Elizabeth were getting prepared for later in the night; included a look at a room backstage that had been blocked off, with Jarrett later telling the Harris Boys to find out who was in the room; featured Okerlund interviewing Ernest Miller backstage about whether or not James Brown was in the arena; included the Harris Boys trying to break into the unknown room without luck; featured Okerlund interviewing Stevie Ray, Big T, and J Biggs about Big T’s match later in the show against Booker T; included Okerlund interviewing Booker regarding the match; featured Okerlund interviewing the Maestro & Symphony backstage in which the Maestro made a bet to Miller as to whether James Brown would be on the show; included Okerlund interviewing Disco Inferno & the Mamalukes about their match later in the show; featured Jeff Jarrett & the Harris Boys speaking backstage; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with WCW World Champion Sid Vicious outside his locker room about his title defense later in the show; featured an in-ring segment where Ernest Miller introduced James Brown, with an imposter appearing until the Maestro & Symphony came out with the Maestro demanding Miller agree to the terms of their bet since he couldn’t provide the real James Brown; moments later, the real James Brown appeared with his entourage, with Maestro falling to the mat in disbelief; Brown and Miller then took turns dancing in the ring to Brown’s music until Brown put a robe on Miller’s back; moments later, the two left together with Brown saying “I feel good!” and “Pappa’s got a brand new bag!” over the mic; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Scott Hall outside his locker room regarding his match later in the show; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Ric Flair regarding his match with Terry Funk later in the show; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart regarding Hogan’s match later in the show against Lex Luger:
WCW Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: The Artist (w/ Paisley) pinned Lash Laroux at 5:47 to win the title with a jumping DDT off the top
Brian Knobbs pinned WCW Hardcore Champion Bam Bam Bigelow to win the title at 4:44 by pinning Bigelow on the floor after hitting him in the head with a trash can lid; Fit Finlay appeared early in the bout to support Knobbs
Shane Helms, Evan Karagias, & Shannon Moore defeated Norman Smiley in a handicap match at 4:05 when Smiley submitted to Moore’s Boston Crab following a top rope splash from both Helms and Karagias; Smiley’s ribs were heavily taped for the match after the attack he sustained from the Wall on Nitro
The Wall pinned the Demon with a chokeslam off the top at 3:22
Tank Abott defeated Big Al in a jacket on a pole match at 4:33 after dumping Al from the top rope to the floor
Big T (w/ Stevie Ray & J Biggs) pinned Booker T at 5:22 with a Tiger Bomb after Booker became distracted by an unknown man on the apron after the lights went out as Booker had Big T down following a missile dropkick; after the bout, J Biggs said the unknown man was the newest member of Harlem Heat Inc.
Billy Kidman (w/ Torrie Wilson) pinned Vampiro at 7:19 with a modified reverse DDT off the top
WCW Tag Team Champions Big Vito & Johnny the Bull (w/ Disco Inferno) defeated David Flair & Crowbar (w/ Daffney) in a stretcher match at 11:20; Flair was taken backstage on the stretcher at the 8-minute mark after the champions taped him down to it; Crowbar was taped to the stretcher after Vito hit a splash off the top through a table at ringside; after the match, Vito, Johnny, & Disco grabbed Daffney and taped her to a wheelchair and took her backstage as well
Ric Flair defeated Terry Funk (w/ Dustin Rhodes) in a death match at 15:38 when Funk failed to meet the referee’s standing 10-count after being pinned; Funk pinned Flair with a suplex on the floor 5:05; Flair defeated Funk via submission with the figure-4 7:46; Funk pinned Flair with a piledriver on the floor followed by a piledriver on the exposed concrete at 10:09; Flair pinned Funk at 15:06 after sending Funk off the top, as he attempted the moonsault, through a table set up in the ring
Hulk Hogan pinned Lex Luger (w/ Elizabeth) at 8:10 with the legdrop after hitting Luger with the cast on his arm; Jimmy Hart appeared in Hogan’s corner at the 6-minute mark as Elizabeth attempted to use Luger’s baseball bat; after the bout, Ric Flair and Luger attacked Hogan and Hart until Sting made the save with his baseball bat
WCW World Champion Sid Vicious defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/ Ron & Don Harris) and Scott Hall in a No DQ match at 7:51 by pinning Hall with the chokeslam after hitting the move on Jarrett, moments after Roddy Piper – the mystery man in the blocked off room backstage – knocked out paid-off referee Mark Johnson and took over officiating duties

SuperBrawl Revenge – Nashville, TN – Municipal Auditorium – February 19, 2001 (4,395)
Chris Harris defeated Kid Romeo
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone & Scott Hudson on commentary; included footage from the live countdown show of Road Warrior Animal assaulting Billy Kidman backstage, forcing Kidman out of the opening cruiserweight elimination match; featured surveillance camera footage of WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. speaking backstage with Ric Flair & Road Warrior Animal just before Kidman was attacked; included Flair speaking with WCW World Champion Scott Steiner & Madajah backstage in which Flair handed him an envelope, saying “it” was done; featured Lance Storm speaking with Kronik as they walked in the building, with Brian Clarke saying he was medically cleared to wrestle but Storm ordered him to see WCW’s doctor before he would be allowed to compete later in the night; included Konnan and Animal brawling backstage, following Animal’s attack on Kidman, until security broke the two men apart; featured a backstage promo by Dustin Rhodes in which he blamed Ric Flair for forcing him to stay at home for 8 months and said he would gain revenge by taking the US title later in the show; included Flair speaking with Storm backstage in which he said he wanted everyone not on Flair’s team out of the building after they lose and said the winner of the Kronik / Totally Buff match would receive a WCW World Tag Team Title shot; featured a backstage segment in which Diamond Dallas Page gave Ernest Miller a pep talk prior to his match against Storm:
Shane Helms (sub. for Billy Kidman) defeated Evan Karagias, Jamie Knoble, Kaz Hayashi, Yang, and Shannon Moore in a cruiserweight elimination match at 17:29; Yang pinned Karagias at 10:22 after a series of botched moves; Knoble pinned Yang with a tombstone at 10:57; Moore pinned Knoble with a Rocker Dropper off the top at 11:58; Helms pinned Moore with the Nightmare on Helms Street at 15:11; Helms pinned Hayashi with the Vertebreaker; due to pre-match stipulations, Helms earned a WCW Cruiserweight Title shot at Greed
Hugh Morrus pinned the Wall at 9:42 with the moonsault; after the bout, Morrus hit a second moonsault
WCW Tag Team Champions Sean O’Haire & Chuck Palumbo defeated Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak at 11:36 when O’Haire pinned Stasiak following the Jungle Kick / Swanton Bomb combo; during the bout, it was announced Konnan had been ejected from the building following his backstage fight with Road Warrior Animal
WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. at 15:33 with the brainbuster after hitting the challenger over the head with a steel chair
WCW US Champion Rick Steiner pinned Dustin Rhodes at 9:14 with his feet on the ropes for leverage after dropping Rhodes face-first onto an exposed turnbuckle; after the match, Steiner dropped Rhodes with the Steiner Driver before cutting an in-ring promo; moments later, Rhodes fought off an attack and hit the Shattered Dreams
Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell defeated Kronik at 6:25 when Bagwell pinned Brian Adams with the Buff Blockbuster after Luger put him in the Torture Rack, moments after Mike Awesome – disguised as Bryan Clarke who faked an injury for the duration of the bout – attacked Adams; during the closing moments of the match, the real Clarke came out and brawled with Awesome in the aisle; due to pre-match stipulations, Luger & Bagwell earned a tag team title shot; after the bout, Kronik got in a backstage fight with security after they were ordered out of the building
Ernest Miller (w/ Ms. Jones) pinned Lance Storm at 8:08 with the Feliner after Storm became distracted by Ms. Jones knocking down an interfering Mike Sanders at ringside; due to pre-match stipulations, Miller won Storm’s commissioner role effective at midnight; after the match, it was announced Miller had been ejected from the building as well
Kanyon (sub. for Jeff Jarrett) pinned Diamond Dallas Page with the Flatliner at 8:16 after Jeff Jarrett interfered and hit the Stroke on DDP as the referee was knocked out; the match was scheduled as DDP vs. Jarrett but Jarrett said Page had unfinished business and showed footage of DDP issuing a challenge to Kanyon the previous Monday for anytime and any place, with Kanyon then attacking DDP from behind to start the match; after the contest, Kanyon introduced Jarrett for the scheduled match
Diamond Dallas Page pinned Jeff Jarrett at 8:28 with the Diamond Cutter after Jarrett accidentally broke his guitar over the head of an interfering Kanyon
WCW World Champion Scott Steiner (w/ Madajah) defeated Kevin Nash in a Best 2 out of 3 falls, falls count anywhere, No DQ loser leaves town match at 12:19, 2-1; fall #1: Nash pinned Steiner at the 18-second mark after hitting him in the face with the belt behind the referee’s back but Ric Flair – who did guest commentary for the match – said the match was a No DQ best 2 out of 3 falls contest and later added a falls count anywhere stipulation; backstage footage then showed Diamond Dallas Page making his way out to keep things even but he was attacked by Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell; fall #2: Stiener pinned Nash on the floor at 3:52 after hitting him in the head with a lead pipe; fall #3: Steiner defeated Nash via KO with the Steiner Recliner after hitting him with a steel chair, moments after Nash dropped Madajah with a side slam and Flair punched out referee Charles Robinson; prior to the bout, Steiner cut an in-ring promo in which he showed footage of Sid Vicious breaking his leg at Sin, with Ric Flair then announcing that the loser of the upcoming match would be forced to leave WCW forever, with the thought being Nash was too injured from the attack he took on Nitro to even make the show; as Robinson began counting Nash out of the ring, he was wheeled ringside by two young, attractive nurses before proving he wasn’t injured at all (Nash’s final WCW appearance)