WCW Slamboree Results

Slamboree 93 – Atlanta, GA – Omni – May 23, 1993 (7,008; 3,722 paid)
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyzsko (sub. for Jesse Ventura, who was hospitalized with blood clots in his legs) on commentary; included Maxx Payne performing a guitar solo in tribute to the legends on hand for the event; moments later, several enhancement wrestlers – among them Ice Train – carried out the Fabulous Moolah who joined Greg Gagne outside the ring; moments later, Eric Bischoff spoke with Missy Hyatt at the interview platform about the legends they would be interviewing later in the show; as the two spoke about the night’s matches, the lighting went out over them; featured Eric Bischoff conducting an interview on the interview platform with Dusty Rhodes, Stu Hart, and Mr. Wrestling II in which Rhodes spoke about the Assassin’s comments towards him earlier in the show, Wrestling spoke about being inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame, and Hart commented on his son-in-law Davey Boy Smith challenging for the WCW World Title later in the broadcast:
2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Bobby Eaton & Chris Benoit at 9:25 when Scorpio pinned Benoit with a somersault legdrop off the top after Eaton accientally punched his partner in the face
WCW Saturday Night – 5/29/93: Sid Vicious (w/ Col. Rob Parker) pinned Van Hammer with the powerbomb at the 36-second mark; prior to the bout, Parker took the mic and confronted Hammer about him recently putting his hands on Hammer, with Parker then calling for a stretcher to be brought ringside so Hammer could be taken back after the match; Parker then introduced Hammer’s opponent as Vicious; Hammer destroyed the stretcher as Vicious made his entrance (Vicious’ surprise return after a 2-year absence)
Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka, & Dick Murdoch fought Blackjack Mulligan, Jim Brunzell, & Wahoo McDaniel to a no contest
Brad Armstrong (sub. for Bob Armstrong) & Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Baron Von Raschke & Ivan Koloff
Dory Funk Jr. (w/ Gene Kiniski) fought Nick Bockwinkel (w/ Verne Gagne) to a 15-minute time-limit draw)
Rick Rude & WCW TV Champion Paul Orndorff defeated Dustin Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki when Rude pinned Sasaki with the Rude Awakening after Orndorff pushed Sasake off the top
Sting pinned the Prisoner (sub. for Scott Norton) with a crossbody off the top
WCW/NWA Tag Team Champions Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Dos Hombres (Ricky Steamboat & Tom Zenk) in a steel cage match at 16:08 when Austin pinned Armstrong with the Stun Gun; the challengers wore masks for the duration of the match, with Steamboat claiming the masks gave them good luck in an earlier non-title match; Shane Douglas was to have been Steamboat’s tag team partner but left the company just prior to the show; it was never let on that the masked man beside Steamboat was in fact Armstrong (Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon, The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin)
NWA World Champion Barry Windham pinned Arn Anderson after hitting Anderson in the face with the title belt
Davey Boy Smith defeated WCW World Champion Big Van Vader (w/ Harley Race) via disqualification when Vader hit Smith with a chair outside the ring, moments after Smith hit the running powerslam on the champion; after the bout, Sting made the save

Slamboree 94 – Philadelphia, PA – Civic Center – May 22, 1994 (4,800; 3,600 paid)
Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma defeated Brad & Brian Armstrong
Pay-per-view bouts – featured an opening segment in which Gene Okerlund introduced many of the legends in attendance – Ole Anderson, the Masked Assassin, Penny Banner, Red Bastien, Tully Blanchard, the Crusher, Don Curtis, Terry Funk (who did not appear), Verne Gagne, Hard Boiled Haggerty, Larry Hennig, Killer Kowalski, Ernie Ladd, Wahoo McDaniel, Angelo Mosca, Harley Race, Ray Stevens, Lou Thesz, Johnny Weaver, Mr. Wrestling II, and Tommy Young; included Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary; featured Schiavone & Heenan speaking with WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel before the opening bout in which Bockwinkel had Sting come out, announced Rick Rude was no longer the WCW International World Champion due to the way he won the title in Fukuoka, Japan, and that the title would be returned to Sting; as Bockwinkel made his announcement, footage from the Japan match was shown; Sting said he didn’t want the title to be won or lost in the board room but said he would compete against Vader later in the show to determine the new champion, with Bockwinkel agreeing; included Okerlund speaking with McDaniel and Ladd; Okerlund then introduced a promo of Dusty Rhodes, who was unable to make the show because he was in Hollywood, with Rhodes wishing Dustin Rhodes good luck since he wouldn’t be able to be there with him; featured Jesse Ventura interviewing WCW World Champion Ric Flair backstage regarding Col. Rob Parker and his mystery man; included Okerlund interviewing Funk backstage in which Funk said he didn’t appear at the beginning of the show because he’s not “a” legend, he’s “the” legend, alluded to wanting to beat up Dustin Rhodes, and said he would be seen later in the show; featured Gordon Solie, with Lou Thesz, hosting the WCW Hall of Fame segment in which Harley Race, the Crusher, Ernie Ladd, the Assassin, Ole Anderson, and the late Bruiser were inducted; included Ventura interviewing Col. Parker about the upcoming bullrope match and his mystery man; featured Okerlund interviewing Bastien and Stevens; included Okerlund interviewing Curtis and the Crusher; featured Okerlund interviewing Gagne and Thesz:
WCW US Champion Steve Austin (w/ Col. Rob Parker) pinned Johnny B. Badd at 16:14 when Austin kicked off the ropes as he had Badd in a headlock and landed on Badd for the win; during the bout, Sherri Martel was shown sitting ringside; the heavily-ECW crowd chanted “We’re not hostile” during the contest; the bell inadvertantly rang at 15:30 following a near fall from Badd
Legends Match: Terry Funk fought Tully Blanchard to a double disqualification at 7:22 after Blanchard kicked referee Nick Patrick and Funk attacked Blanchard with his branding iron; Gordon Solie subbed for Tony Schiavone on commentary during the match; during the contest, the crowd chanted “ECW” and “We want blood;” after the match, Funk took “Hat Guy’s” straw hat, put it on, and then dropped an elbow on it (Legends of Wrestling: Roddy Piper and Terry Funk)
Larry Zbyzsko pinned WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal (w/ Sir William) in a non-title match at 11:36 by reversing Regal’s butterfly suplex attempt into a backdrop and bridge; during the bout, Sherri Martel was again shown taking notes
Dustin Rhodes pinned Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Col. Rob Parker) in a bullrope match at 12:46 after fighting off an interfering Parker and hitting Buck in the face with the cowbell; during the bout, the crowd chanted “We want blood;” after the match, Terry Funk appeared, bloodied Rhodes, and double teamed him with Buck until officials swarmed the ring
WCW World Champion Ric Flair pinned Barry Windham (mystery opponent) (w/ Col. Rob Parker) at 13:22 with a crossbody off the top; Jesse Ventura subbed for Heenan on commentary for the match; Sherri Martel was shown taking notes during the bout (Windham’s surprise return after a 10-month absence; Windham’s last appearance for 4 years)
Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan defeated WCW Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys to win the titles in a streetfight at 9:34 when Cactus pinned Jerry Saggs after guest referee Dave Schultz beat up on Saggs, pulled his shirt up over his head, and Cactus hit Saggs with Shultz’ hockey stick; prior to the bout, Dave “The Hammer” Schultz of the Philadelphia Flyers cut a pre-taped promo about his participation; after the match, Saggs repeatedly hit Cactus with the stick until Maxx Payne walked out, came up behind Saggs, and smashed his guitar over Saggs’ head; moments later, Cactus, Sullivan, and Payne scared Brian Knobbs up the ramp, where Dave Sullivan appeared and smashed one of his crutches over Knobbs; Ventura again subbed for Heenan on commentary
Sting (sub. for Rick Rude) pinned Vader (w/ Harley Race) at 13:54 with a splash off the top after Race accidentally hit a diving headbutt on Vader; during the match, some in the crowd chanted “Sting must die;” stipulations stated the winner would win the vacant WCW International World Title (Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 90s, Sting: Into the Light)

Slamboree 95 – St. Petersburg, FL – Bayfront Center – May 21, 1995 (7,000)
The Main Event – featured Lord Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton attacking the Nasty Boys near the entranceway:
Lord Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton defeated Ricky Santana & Fidel Sierra
Steve Austin defeated Eddie Jackie
Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Mark Starr
WCW US Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals: Meng (w/ Col. Parker) pinned Brian Pillman with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker; after the bout, Road Warrior Hawk came out and had a confrontation with Meng, leading to the announcement the two men would have a one-on-one match during the pay-per-view
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Eric Bischoff, subbing for Tony Schiavone, & Bobby Heenan on commentary; included Bischoff conducting a podium interview with the Nasty Boys regarding their WCW Tag Team Title win and the challenge of Lord Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton; featured Gene Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Kevin Sullivan regarding his upcoming match against the Man With No Name; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Jimmy Hart regarding their upcoming match against Ric Flair & Vader; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Big Bubba regarding his upcoming lights out match against Sting; included a vignette promoting the upcoming match between Alex Wright and WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Flair, Vader, and Anderson regarding their upcoming matches; featured Gordon Solie hosting the WCW Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the entranceway in which Wahoo McDaniel, Terry Funk, Angelo Poffo, Antonio Inoki, Dusty Rhodes, and the late Big John Studd were inducted; Studd’s son Robert accepted on his behalf; Rhodes’ son Cody and daughter accompanied him for the segment; following Rhodes’ induction, Rhodes surprised Solie by inducting him into the Hall of Fame as well; included Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Sting regarding his upcoming match with Bubba; featured a video package hyping the main event:
The Nasty Boys defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) to win the titles at 10:52 when Jerry Saggs pinned Booker T following the running powerslam / flying elbowsmash double team, moments after Brian Knobbs threw an interfering Sherri onto Stevie Ray outside the ring; prior to the bout, a vignette on the champions aired; stipulations stated it was the challengers’ last shot at the titles; Saggs came out to start the match by himself as Brian Knobbs was still recovering from injuries sustained from Lord Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton during The Main Event earlier in the night; after the bout, Regal & Eaton appeared in the aisle as the Nasty Boys celebrated the title win
Kevin Sullivan pinned the Man With No Name with the Tree of Woe and double stomp at 5:25; after the bout, an unknown man appeared on the big screen calling for Sullivan to come speak with him regarding Hulkamania, with Sullivan leaving through the crowd
Wahoo McDaniel pinned Dick Murdoch with a chop to the chest at 6:18; Gordon Solie joined Bobby Heenan on commentary for the match; the bout aired in black and white
IWGP World Champion the Great Muta pinned Paul Orndorff with a backbreaker and the moonsault at 14:10; the champion’s entrance included several Japanese drummers performing near the entranceway
WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson pinned Alex Wright with the DDT at 11:36 when the challenger lowered his head to duck a punch (Wright’s first TV loss)
Road Warrior Hawk fought Meng (w/ Col. Rob Parker) to a double count-out at 4:40 when both men began brawling on the floor; after the match, several officials and wrestlers, including Doug Dellinger, Eddie Jackie, Jeff Gaylord, Nick Patrick, Ricky Santana, Dennis Knight, and Mark Starr, held the two men apart as they tried to get at one another
Sting defeated Big Bubba in a lights out match at 9:30 via submission with the Scorpion Deathlock after laying a table across Bubba and jumping on it; prior to the bout, Sting came ringside carrying the table over his head
WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage (w/ Angelo Poffo & the Renegade) defeated Vader & Ric Flair (w/ WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson) at 18:58 when Hogan pinned Flair with the legdrop after Anderson accidentally dropped Flair with a double axe handle off the top when Hogan moved out of the way; during Hogan & Savage’s entrance and mid-way through the bout, a large man (Paul Wight) was shown standing near the curtain; after the bout, Flair, Vader, and Anderson attacked Hogan, Savage, and Hart; moments later, Angelo Poffo, who sat ringside for the match, jumped the rail and climbed in the ring; Flair then repeatedly punched Poffo before putting him in the figure-4; Hogan and Renegade eventually cleared Flair and Anderson from the ring and tended to Savage and Poffo (Flair’s TV in-ring return after a 7-month absence; Wight’s TV debut) (Hulk Hogan: The Unreleased Archives)

Slamboree 96 – Baton Rouge, LA – Riverside Centroplex – May 19, 1996 (7,791; 6,308 paid)
The Main Event – featured Eric Bischoff & Dusty Rhodes on commentary:
Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Scotty Riggs defeated Shark (w/ Jimmy Hart) & Maxx at 2:38 when Riggs pinned Shark after, as Shark had Riggs up for a powerslam, Maxx accidentally dropped his partner with a clothesline, with Riggs folling on top for the win; after the bout, WCW World Champion the Giant appeared as Shark attacked his partner and grabbed at Hart; moments later, the Giant dropped Shark with the chokeslam
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, & Bobby Heenan on commentary; included Gene Okerlund, with three girls from Hooters, deciding which team would receive a bye in the second round – Scott Norton & Ice Train – and the first second round match, Dick Slater & Bobby Eaton vs. VK Wallstreet & Jim Duggan; featured Okerlund drawing the second round matches of Public Enemy vs. Randy Savage & Ric Flair and Diamond Dallas Page & the Barbarian vs. the Booty Man & Rick Steiner; included Okerlund conducting an interview in the aisle with Flair, Arn Anderson, Woman, & Elizabeth, with Flair saying Savage had been arrested; moments later, Flair cut a promo on Steve McMichael and alleged that McMichael’s wife had a crush on Flair; McMichael then appeared, with Flair challenging McMichael to find a partner and face himself & Anderson; McMichael then brought out Kevin Greene, with Flair backing off and saying he said McMichael could pick any retired player; Flair, Anderson, Woman, & Elizabeth then went toward the exit as Okerlund conducted an interview with McMichael & Greene, during which McMichael said they would face Flair & Anderson any time, anywhere; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with WCW World Champion the Giant & Jimmy Hart regarding Giant’s title defense with Sting and potentially facing Diamond Dallas Page at the Great American Bash:
Lethal Lottery Round 1: Road Warrior Animal & Booker T fought Road Warrior Hawk & WCW TV & WCW Tag Team Champion Lex Luger to a double count-out at 6:52 when the Road Warriors began brawling with Luger and Booker on the floor, with Luger then leaving ringside (Road Warrior Hawk’s last appearance) (Road Warrior Animal’s last appearance for nearly 5 years)
Lethal Lottery Round 1: Public Enemy defeated Chris Benoit & Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) at 4:44 when Rocco Rock pinned Benoit following a double team modified somersault splash from the apron through a table on the floor, with Johnny Grunge holding Benoit’s foot down during the cover; during the closing moments, Sullivan appeared to have held Benoit down on the table and then had Hart help him backstage after he complained of a knee injury
Lethal Lottery Round 1: Rick Steiner & the Booty Man (w/ Kimberly) defeated Scott Steiner & Sgt. Craig Pittman (w/ Teddy Long) at 8:22 when Rick pinned Pittman with a German suplex into a bridge after Booty made the blind tag while caught in the Code Red
Lethal Lottery Round 1: VK Wallstreet & Jim Duggan defeated Lord Steven Regal & Dave Taylor at 3:48 when Duggan pinned Taylor after hitting him with a taped fist; prior to the bout, Regal & Taylor were escorted ringside by Jeeves
Lethal Lottery Round 1: Dick Slater (w/ Col. Rob Parker) & Bobby Eaton defeated Alex Wright & Disco Inferno at 2:58 when Slater pinned Disco after hitting him in the back of the head with his cowboy boot behind the referee’s back as Disco danced; prior to the bout, Eaton was escorted to the ring by Jeeves
Lethal Lottery Round 1: Diamond Dallas Page & the Barbarian defeated Meng & Hugh Morrus at 5:17 when Barbarian pinned Morrus with a boot to the face; Meng pinned Page at the same time following a boot to the face but Page’s foot was outside the ring during the cover, with referee Randy Anderson giving the win to Page & Barbarian as a result
Lethal Lottery Round 1: Scott Norton & Ice Train defeated Big Bubba & Stevie Ray at 3:34 when Norton pinned Bubba following a double clothesline after Bubba collided with Stevie Ray on the apron
Lethal Lottery Round 1: Ric Flair (w/ Woman & Elizabeth) & Randy Savage defeated Arn Anderson & Eddie Guerrero at 4:07 when Flair pinned Guerrero after Anderson dropped his partner with the DDT and then threw Savage into the ringpost outside the ring; during the ring entrances, Flair’s music played first but he didn’t appear; Savage then appeared, with Flair only coming out after Anderson jumped Savage from behind; it wasn’t until the match began that Woman & Elizabeth came out to be in Flair’s corner; after the contest, Flair and Anderson held Savage for Elizabeth to slap him, with Anderson then dropping him with a DDT on the floor; Flair then repeatedly stomped Savage before the Horsemen left ringside
WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko pinned Brad Armstrong at 8:28 with a firemans carry into a gutbuster off the top; during the bout, Pedro Morales & Miguel Alonzo were shown providing Spanish commentary for WCW’s first Spanish broadcast pay-per-view
Lethal Lottery Round 2: Dick Slater (w/ Col. Rob Parker) & Bobby Eaton defeated VK Wallstreet & Jim Duggan at 4:09 when Eaton pinned Wallstreet with a roll up after Duggan punched his partner in the face, moments after Wallstreet twice punched Duggan; after the bout, Duggan cleared Wallstreet from the ring
Lethal Lottery Round 2: Public Enemy defeated Ric Flair (w/ Woman & Elizabeth) & Randy Savage via forfeit; during the ring entrances, Savage’s music played but he didn’t appear; moments later, Flair, Woman, & Elizabeth came out, with Elizabeth throwing Savage’s money out to the crowd until Savage jumped Flair from behind; security then swarmed the aisle and, along with Sgt. Craig Pittman, Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Eddie Guerrero, and Scotty Riggs, held Savage back while Flair left ringside; Public Enemy were then awarded the match
Lethal Lottery Round 2: Diamond Dallas Page & the Barbarian defeated the Booty Man (w/ Kimberly) & Rick Steiner at 5:07 when Barbarian pinned Booty after Page hit an elbow drop to the back of the head behind the referee’s back as Booty had Barbarian covered with a roll up
WCW US Champion Konnan pinned Jushin Liger (w/ Sonny Onoo) with the Splash Mountain at 9:31; Mike Tenay joined the commentary team for the match, subbing for Dusty Rhodes
Diamond Dallas Page won an 8-man battle royal by last eliminating the Barbarian at 9:39; stipulations stated the winner would become the Lord of the Ring and earn a WCW World Title match at the Great American Bash; Page’s feet touched the floor at the 1:30 mark but referee Nick Patrick didn’t see it; other participants included: Johnny Grunge, Rocco Rock, Scott Norton, Ice Train, Bobby Eaton, and Dick Slater (w/ Col. Rob Parker); order of elimination: Rock by Barbarian via a backdrop (3:45); Eaton by Slater when Slater accidentally hit Eaton with his boot when Norton moved out of the way (4:03); after the elimination, Eaton punched Parker on the floor when Parker began yelling at him; Slater by ? (4:14) (not shown on camera); after the elimination, Slater and Eaton fought on the floor; Norton by Page (4:34); Page pinned Grunge with the Diamond Cutter (5:39); Page pinned Train with the Diamond Cutter (5:46); Page pinned Barbarian with the Diamond Cutter after avoiding the headbutt off the top; the pinfall stipulation was not mentioned by the commentary team until Page began pinning opponents
WCW World Champion the Giant (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned WCW Tag Team Champion Sting (w/ WCW TV Champion & WCW Tag Team Champion Lex Luger) at 10:42 with the chokeslam after Sting was struck in the head with Hart’s megaphone as Luger and Hart, who were handcuffed together for the duration of the match, began fighting over the weapon while on the ring apron (The Big Show: A Giant’s World)

Slamboree 97 – Charlotte, NC – Independence Arena – May 18, 1997 (9,643; announced as a sell out)
Yugi Nagata defeated Pat Tanaka
Public Enemy defeated Harlem Heat
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Dusty Rhodes on commentary; included Randy Savage, with Elizabeth, interrupting a Gene Okerlund segment in the aisle and sending Okerlund backstage after Savage took his mic; moments later, Savage cut an in-ring promo on Diamond Dallas Page until DDP came out of the crowd – with the crutch Savage bent over him recently – and scared him to the floor, with Eric Bischoff, Scott Norton, Vincent, and Buff Bagwell coming out to hold him back; Page then said Savage had to leave the ring because he had a previous engagement – washing Hulk Hogan’s car and kissing his ass; Savage then made his nWo teammates move aside so he could go to the ring; DDP laid out Savage, Bagwell, Bischoff, and Vincent with the crutch until Norton targetted his taped up ribs, with DDP being ganged up on for several moments until the Giant made the save; Savage again tried to get at Page but was forced backstage by the other members of the nWo:
Steven Regal defeated WCW TV Champion the Ultimo Dragon (w/ Sonny Onoo) to win the title at 16:04 via submission with the Regal Stretch following a reverse suplex after Onoo kicked his own man; Mike Tenay did guest commentary for the match
Madusa pinned Luna Vachon with a German suplex into a bridge at 5:09; Lee Marshall did guest commentary for the match
Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Yuji Yasuraoka with the springboard hurricanrana at 15:01; Mike Tenay did guest commentary for the match
Glacier defeated Mortis (w/ James Vandenburg) via disqualification when Wrath interfered and choked Glacier with Mortis’ stick at 1:54; after the bout, Mortis hit a modified Rocker Dropper onto the steel ring steps and was double teamed until a “fan” ran in the ring and made the save; moments later, security escorted the man from the ring as the commentary team introduced him as tournament karate champion Ernest Miller who had recently been seen on WCW Worldwide
WCW US Champion Dean Malenko defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf at 15:02 following a double underhook into a powerbomb, moments after Steve McMichael came ringside, pushed Jarrett back inside the ring as he was on the floor, and took Debra backstage with him to prepare for his match later in the show
Meng defeated Chris Benoit (w/ Woman) in a Death Match via KO with the Tongan Death Grip at 13:55 after catching Benoit as he came off the top with the diving headbutt; prior to the match, Jimmy Hart escorted Meng to the ring; early in the bout, Jacquline briefly appeared in the aisle before returning backstage; after the match, Benoit was attended to by medics
Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Konnan & Hugh Morrus at 9:35 when Rick pinned Morrus after Scott hit the Frankensteiner; after the match, Konnan assaulted Morrus before leaving ringside and firing Jimmy Hart – who appeared in the closing moments of the match
Steve McMichael (w/ Debra) pinned Reggie White at 15:17 when Jeff Jarrett came out and threw McMichael a second Halliburton, who then it White with it, after one of White’s teammates stole away the Halliburton he came out with
Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, & Kevin Greene defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Syxx, WCW Tag Team Champions Kevin Nash & Scott Hall at 17:19 when Flair pinned Hall with the figure-4 as Piper had Nash in a sleeper and Greene hit a powerslam on Syxx; Nick Patrick was the replacement referee during the closing moments of the contest, after being reinstated as a WCW referee, and made the pinfall (Flair’s return match after a 6-month absence)

Slamboree 98 – Worcester, MA – Centrum – May 17, 1998 (11,592)
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Mike Tenay on commentary:
WCW TV Champion Fit Finlay pinned Chris Benoit with the tombstone
Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams via submission with the Torture Rack
Ciclope won a cruiserweight battle royal; due to pre-match stipulations, he earned an immediate WCW Cruiserweight Title match; other participants included: Evan Karagias, Damien, El Dandy, El Grio, Juventud Guerrera, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Marty Jannetty, Kidman, Lenny Lane, Psychosis, Super Calo, Johnny Swinger, and Villano IV; after the match, Ciclope unmasked to reveal himself as Dean Malenko
Dean Malenko defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho to win the title via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf
Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero Jr.) pinned the Ultimo Dragon at 11:10 with a brainbuster and the frog splash after Dragon accidentally knocked Chavo off the ring apron when Eddie moved out of the way; stipulations stated Chavo would win his freedom from Eddie if Dragon won; after the contest, Chavo cornered Eddie and acted as though he was going to attack him but then attacked Dragon instead, with Chavo shoving Eddie away when Eddie tried to stop him (Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero)
Diamond Dallas Page pinned Raven in a Bowery Death Match
WCW US Champion Bill Goldberg pinned Perry Saturn
Bret Hart defeated Randy Savage; Roddy Piper was the guest referee for the bout
Sting & the Giant defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (w/ Dusty Rhodes) to win the titles

Slamboree 99 – St. Louis, MO – TWA Arena – May 9, 1999 (13,789 paid)
Dale Torborg defeated Johnny Swinger
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, & Mike Tenay on commentary; included a backstage segment in which World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelow were seen talking together; featured a backstage segment in which an angry WCW TV Champion Rick Steiner was shown looking backstage for WCW US Champion Scott Steiner after the way Scott interfered in his match, with Rick bumping into Buff Bagwell and wishing him well in his match later in the night:
Raven & Perry Saturn defeated WCW Tag Team Champions – WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman and Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/ Arn Anderson) to win the titles at 17:29 when Raven pinned Kidman with an Evenflow after Kanyon, wearing a Sting mask, crotched Kidman on the top rope; Malenko had Saturn caught in the Texas Cloverleaf, after Anderson dropped Saturn with the spinebuster, as the referee counted the pinfall
Konnan pinned Stevie Ray (w/ Horace & Vincent) at 6:10 with a roll up after WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. countered Horace & Vincent’s interference before coming off the top onto Stevie Ray
Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Brian Knobbs in a falls count anywhere hardcore match at 11:31 with a suplex through a concession stand table after Knobbs missed a dive from the crowd into the concession area; the falls count anywhere stipulation was not announced until just before the match
Rick Steiner pinned WCW TV Champion Booker T to win the title at 11:09 with the bulldog off the top after WCW US Champion Scott Steiner, who appeared late in the bout, tripped Booker as he ran the ropes
Gorgeous George (w/ Randy Savage, Madusa, & Ms. Madness) pinned Charles Robinson (w/ Ric Flair & Aysa) with an elbowsmash from the middle turnbuckle at 10:39; due to pre-match stipulations, Savage was reinstated as a wrestler
WCW US Champion Scott Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell via KO with the Steiner Recliner at 7:11 after WCW TV Champion Rick Steiner, who appeared late in the bout under the guise of helping Buff, hit Bagwell with a steel chair as Bagwell attempted the Buff Blockbuster
Ric Flair (w/ Arn Anderson & Aysa) pinned Roddy Piper at 12:10 when, after Piper fought off the interference of Anderson, Aysa, and referee Charles Robinson, Flair hit Piper with a foreign object; prior to the bout, Flair fired referee Johnny Boone and put Robinson in his place; after the match, Eric Bischoff appeared, said Piper won the match, and told Flair to bite him; Bischoff and Piper then hugged as they raised their hands together, with Piper then firing Flair; moments later, Bischoff told the production truck to turn off Flair’s mic; due to pre-match stipulations, Piper won Flair’s spot as WCW President
Sting fought Bill Goldberg to a no contest at 8:16 when Bret Hart interfered, hit Goldberg over the head with a steel chair, and then repeatedly hit Goldberg’s leg with the chair before leaving ringside; moments later, Rick & Scott Steiner ran to the ring and laid out both Sting and Goldberg (Bret’s surprise return after a 2-month absence)
Kevin Nash pinned WCW World Champion Diamond Dallas Page to win the title at 18:23 with the powerbomb after kicking a steel chair into Page’s face; Nash originally won the match at 13:01 via disqualification when Randy Savage interfered and hit Nash in the face with the title belt; moments later, Savage was escorted backstage before Eric Bischoff told the referee the match would continue

Slamboree 00 – Kansas City, MO – Kemper Arena – May 7, 2000 (7,165)
Live pre-show – featured an opening shot on locations within Kansas City as well as fans outside the arena; hosted by Gene Okerlund inside the arena; included highlights from Ric Flair winning the battle royal on Thunder to earn a WCW World Title shot at the Great American Bash, by last eliminating Shane Douglas; featured Mike Tenay conducting a backstage interview with Flair about his upcoming bout against Douglas, with Flair responding to Douglas’s comments about him in previous years; included Mark Madden conducting a backstage interview with WCW World Champion David Arquette about his match in the steel cage, with Arquette admitting he didn’t belong there but was going through with it; featured a video package hyping the Jeff Jarrett vs. Arquette vs. Diamond Dallas Page match; included Tony Schiavone conducting a backstage interview with DDP about the upcoming cage match; featured a video package hyping the Hulk Hogan vs. Billy Kidman match; included an in-ring promo by Eric Bischoff, Kidman, & Torrie Wilson about Kidman’s upcoming bout against Hogan and Bischoff being the guest referee; featured Tenay conducting a backstage interview with Hogan about his upcoming match; included a video package hyping Flair vs. Douglas; featured Madden conducting a backstage interview with Vince Russo & Douglas about the match with Flair, with Russo promising to interfere; included a video package hyping Curt Hennig vs. Shawn Stasiak; featured a video package hyping Chris Kanyon vs. Mike Awesome; included Tenay conducting a backstage interview with Jarrett about the steel cage match
Pay-per-view bouts – aired free on wcw.com; included Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, & Scott Hudson on commentary; featured an opening video package reviewing the Millionaries Club vs. New Blood battle royal days earlier on Thunder, won by Ric Flair, which included an appearance by Randy Savage as he attacked members of the New Blood; included a bus arriving to the arena, with members of the Millionaires Club including Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair; the New Blood, including Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, Elizabeth, Billy Kidman, Torrie Wilson, Vampiro, Jeff Jarrett, Buff Bagwell, Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, Shane Douglas, Kimberly, and Stan Stasiak were shown watching the bus arrive backstage; featured Gene Okerlund interviewing WCW World Champion David Arquette as he arrived in his limo, with Arquette saying he was scared about participating in the main event; included a backstage segment in which Russo gave WCW US Champion Scott Steiner a pep talk before his match, with Steiner telling Russo to keep his hands off him; featured Gene Okerlund interviewing Kanyon backstage about his match against Mike Awesome later in the show, with Kanyon saying he backed Diamond Dallas Page because DDP was like his brother and he would get ahead in the business not by kissing ass but by busting ass; included a backstage segment with Russo and Elizabeth in which he ordered her to change her clothes; featured Okerlund interviewing Shane Douglas backstage about his match later in the show against Ric Flair; included Tenay interviewing Diamond Dallas Page and Arquette regarding their participation in the main event; featured footage of Kevin Nash looking for Russo backstage; included Tenay interviewing Billy Kidman, with Torrie Wilson, and Eric Bischoff, with Kimberly, regarding Kidman’s match against Hulk Hogan later in the show; featured Russo running into the parking lot, putting Elizabeth back on the Millionaire’s Club bus and speeding off in his car as Nash calmly looked on; included Okerlund interviewing Jeff Jarrett on his participation in the main event:
WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Candido (w/ Tammy Sytch) pinned the Artist (w/ Paisley) at 8:01 with a piledriver and diving headbutt; Candido originally won at 7:21 after Tammy accidentally hit the Artist with a steel chair, meaning to hit Pasiley, with the bell ringing and Candido’s music playing but the referee said it was only a 2-count; after the bout, the challenger threw Candido to the floor, with Paisley stealing Tammy’s dress before Candido pulled her to safety
WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk defeated Norman Smiley & Ralphus (mystery partner) by pinning Smiley with a roll up at 10:18 as Smiley was checking on his injured partner; the challengers wore Kansas City Royals outfits for the match, with Ralphus also wearing a catcher’s mask so his identity wasn’t revealed until late in the contest; after the bout, Smiley & Ralphus did the Wiggle in the ring (Ralphus’ surprise return after a year absence)
Shawn Stasiak pinned Curt Hennig at 7:55 with a fisherman’s suplex after a catapult sent Hennig face-first into the ringpost; Chavo Guerrero Jr., Van Hammer, and Lash LaRoux were shown sitting ringside during the match
WCW US Champion Scott Steiner (w/ Shakira & Madajah) defeated Capt. Rection at 9:23 via submission with the Steiner Recliner after Steiner avoided the moonsault; prior to the bout, the challenger said he didn’t want to be called Hugh Morrus, citing Eric Bischoff gave him the name, and instead wanted to be called by his real name Hugh G. Rection, or Capt. Rection; after the match, Steiner threw the referee to the floor and reapplied the hold as the MIA, attempting to make the save, brawled with R&B Security at ringside; moments later, Booker T made the save for Rection, knocking Steiner to the floor (the debut of the Gen. Rection character)
Kanyon fought Mike Awesome to a no contest at 11:59 when, after Kevin Nash interfered and began attacking Awesome, Billy Kidman, Shane Douglas, Vampiro, and Chris Candido attacked Nash; moments later, Ric Flair and Sting helped make the save and, with Nash and Kanyon, cleared the ring of the New Blood and R&B Security
Lex Luger defeated Buff Bagwell via submission with the Torture Rack at 9:30 after Elizabeth hit Bagwell in the back with a baseball bat, knocking him off the top; Elizabeth was backstage until mid-way through the match when she attacked Vince Russo and came ringside; after the bout, Chuck Palumbo – wearing attire exactly like Luger’s – jumped Luger with the bat, double teamed him with Bagwell, and then put him in the Torture Rack as Bagwell held Elizabeth back; moments later, Bagwell dragged Elizabeth backstage
Shane Douglas pinned Ric Flair at 8:45 with an inside cradle after a man wearing a Sting mask hit Flair in the back as Buff Bagwell distracted the referee; pre-match stiuplations stated if Vince Russo were to interfere, Flair would get 5 minutes in the ring alone with him; prior to the bout, Flair cut a promo in the ring saying he would kick Douglas’ “ECW ass;” after the bout, Douglas and Bagwell double teamed Flair until Flair grabbed the mic and demanded “Russo” (the man wearing the mask) get back in the ring and give him the 5 minutes; Lex Luger then came up behind the man and forced him into the ring, with Russo then appearing, knocking out Luger, and distracting Flair as the masked man broke a small Statue of Liberty over Flair’s head; the masked man then revealed himself as David Flair, with Russo then demanding the 5-minute clock start; as the two men double teamed Flair, Kevin Nash came out to attempt make the save but Daffney appeared and gave Nash a low blow from behind
Sting pinned Vampiro at 6:49 after twice dropping Vampiro with the Scorpion Death Drop; after the bout, Sting returned to the ring and hit Vampiro with his baseball bat as Vampiro attempted to get to his feet
Hulk Hogan pinned Billy Kidman (w/ Torrie Wilson) at 13:30 when Horace Hogan came out and slapped the hand of unconcious referee Eric Bischoff three times as Hulk covered Kidman after he came off the top and crashed through a table set up in the ring; prior to the bout, Horace escorted Hulk ringside but was sent backstage by Bischoff; Bischoff was knocked out at the 12-minute mark after Hogan powerbombed him through a table
Jeff Jarrett defeated WCW World Champion David Arquette and Diamond Dallas Page in a triple cage match to win the title at 15:29 when Arquette smashed a guitar across DDP as Page attempted to climb to the top cage, with Jarrett then hitting him with a second guitar and then hugging Arquette before reaching up to grab the title belt; after the bout, Mike Awesome, who interfered late in the bout, attacked DDP with Kanyon attempting to make the save; moments later, Awesome threw Kanyon off the second cage onto the aisle about 20 feet below