TNA Legends / Television Title History

Bound for Glory V – Irvine, CA – Bren Events Center – October 18, 2009
– Eric Young defeated TNA Legends Champion Kevin Nash and Hernandez to win the title at 8:53 by pinning Nash after ramming Hernandez’s head into Nash’s groin as Nash attempted the powerbomb on Hernandez

Final Resolution 2010 – Orlando, FL – Universal Studios – December 5, 2010
– Douglas Williams pinned TNA TV Champion AJ Styles to win the title at 14:48 with the Styles Clash after hitting the Rolling Chaos on the floor Genesis 2011 – Orlando, FL – Universal Studios – January 9, 2011
– Abyss (sub. for an injured AJ Styles) pinned TNA TV Champion Douglas Williams to win the title with a standing Black Hole Slam at 9:46 after Styles limped out and struck Williams in the head with the title belt as the referee and Abyss were on the floor; Williams’ left hand and wrist was heavily taped for the bout after a recent injury sustained at the hands of Styles; Styles appeared to be in great pain during the few moments he was in the ring

Turning Point 2011 – Orlando, FL – Universal Studios – November 13, 2011
– Robbie E pinned TNA TV Champion Eric Young to win the title

Victory Road 2012 – Orlando, FL – Universal Studios – March 18, 2012
– Devon pinned TNA TV Champion Robbie E (w/ Robbie T) to win the title at 3:02 with the spinebuster, moments after knocking T off the apron; prior to the bout, Robbie E took the mic and said he had some bad news because every wrestler backstage already had a match and thus he couldn’t have his scheduled open challenge, prompting a chant from the crowd of “RVD;” Robbie T then whispered something to the champion, with Robbie E agreeing and then issuing a challenge to any fan in the venue; the two then went looking for the right opponent, with E then saying nobody in the crowd deserves a shot and canceled the open challenge; the champion then started posing before Devon made his way through the crowd and to ringside; a frantic E then called for security since he had already canceled the open challenge; referee Brian Hebner then ordered T to leave the ring so he could start the match; Brooke Hogan was shown sitting ringside during the bout (Devon’s surprise return)

TNA @ Orlando, FL – Universal Studios – December 6, 2012
iMPACT – 12/6/12:
– Devon pinned TNA TV Champion Samoa Joe to win the title

Slammiversary 2013 – Boston, MA – Agganis Arena – June 2, 2013
– Abyss defeated TNA TV Champion Devon to win the title