Smoky Mountain Wrestling – 1991 Results

SMW @ Greenville, SC – Memorial Auditorium – October 30, 1991
2/1/92 – hosted by Bob Caudle & Dutch Mantell; included comments from Bobby & Jackie Fulton who claimed they would take down Ivan Koloff in the main event; featured Caudle introducing Bob Armstrong as the Commissioner of SMW, who claimed he wanted wanted to provide affordable wrestling the way it used to be, that wrestlers would be fined, and disqualifications would occur for being thrown over the top, using a foreign object, or abusing a referee; included comments from Ron Wright, in a wheelchair, who claimed he was scouting for a wrestler to manage and help him make enough money to get hip and knee surgery; featured Caudle interviewing Jim Cornette who claimed the big wrestling corporations were all about wearing costumes, selling toys, and doing steroids, with Cornette then announcing he would be bringing a new team to SMW that would revolutionize wrestling just as the Midnight Express did; included Caudle & Mantell interviewing Brian Lee, who claimed he wanted to enter the SMW Heavyweight Title tournament, with Mantell stating Lee had a lot to learn, with Lee then claiming he could defeated Mantell:
Robert Gibson pinned Killer Kyle at 3:18 with a sunset flip out of the corner
Brian Lee pinned Barry Horowitz at 4:39 with the Cancellation (overhead backbreaker drop)
Tim Horner pinned Joe Cazana at 4:26 with a bridging O’Connor roll
Paul Miller pinned the Black Scorpion at 3:13 with an inside cradle
Ivan Koloff pinned Bobby Fulton at 6:58 after hitting him with a foreign obect handed to him by Ron Wright, who came to ringside late in the match; during the match, a video insert aired with Koloff stating he would embarass Fulton; after the bout, Jackie Fulton came to the ring to dispute the decision but was double-teamed by Ivan & Vladimir Koloff and hung over the top rope by their chain; after the commercial break, Bob Armstrong announced Ivan was fined $500 for using a foreign object and the Koloffs would face the Fultons next week
2/8/92 – hosted by Bob Caudle & Jim Cornette; included comments from Ivan & Vladimir Koloff who claimed they would finish off Bobby & Jackie Fulton later in the show; featured comments from Robert Gibson who claimed it was a pleasure to return from knee surgery and compete in SMW; included Caudle interviewing Brian Lee who stated he would settle any problems that Dutch Mantell had with him; featured SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong stating that Mantell could bring his whip to ringside as it was part of his paraphernalia, but he’d be fined $500 for using it, with Armstrong announcing Mantell would face Lee the following week; included Cornette promising not to reveal his new tag team until SMW decided to crown tag team champions, with Cornette then stating other organizations decided who to give breaks to based on who sold the most trading cards, had licensing deals, or was starring on a TV show, and that SMW’s champions would be decided by who was the toughest; featured Caudle introducing Wally Yamaguchi of Power Channel TV & Universal Wrestling of Japan, who was scouting talent and interested in televising SMW in his home country; included comments from Ron Wright who claimed he was a crippled man in a wheelchair and that the Fultons had no right to accuse him of handing Ivan a foreign object one week prior; featured Caudle interviewing Tim Horner who was glad to compete in SMW before his home area fans, and noted that SMW wasn’t a bodybuilding competition or rock concert:
Bob Holly pinned Tim Frye at 4:30 with the knee drop off the top
Paul Orndorff pinned Rip Rogers at 6:29 with a double leg hook after reversing Rogers’ attempt at a piledriver; neither man’s entrance was shown
Scott Armstrong defeated Dutch Mantell via disqualification at 4:45 when Mantell hit Armstrong in the throat with his bullwhip and repeatedly whipped him in the back until Brian Lee chased Mantell away; after the match, Mantell threatened to whip Lee for interfering in his business
Bobby & Jackie Fulton defeated Ivan & Vladimir Koloff at 9:01 when Jackie pinned Ivan with a crossbody off the top

SMW @ Morristown, TN – East High School – November 27, 1991
Thanksgiving Day
TV taping:
2/15/92 – hosted by Bob Caudle & Jim Cornette; included the announcement that Vladimir Koloff had been called back to Russia for important business and that Ivan Koloff would introduce a new partner at a future date; featured comments from Bobby Fulton who claimed the identity of Koloff’s new tag team partner didn’t matter because the Fultons had always proven to be winners; moments later, Caudle interviewed Koloff, who introduced Jimmy Golden as his new partner; included Cornette claiming that unlike Magic Johnson and Pee Wee Herman, you could believe in Cornette and that his new team would win the SMW Tag Team Title Tournament; featured Dutch Mantell speaking with Ron Wright, with Mantell stating Wright’s condition saddened him and that he would like Wright to accompany him to ringside later when Mantell faced Brian Lee, with Wright shedding a tear; included comments from Buddy Landell who stated he left the major organizations because he doesn’t do favors for the promoters and was here in SMW to hurt people:
Bob Holly pinned Pat Rose at 3:43 with the knee drop off the top
Rip Rogers pinned Joey Maggs at 4:44 with the Ripperplex (superplex)
Robert Gibson pinned the Mighty Yankee at 3:18 with a bulldog
Tim Horner pinned Barry Horowitz at 5:08 with the Natural Bridge (bridging O’Connor roll); after the match, Bob Caudle interviewed Horner who said he was happy to compete in his hometown
Dutch Mantell defeated Brian Lee via disqualification at 5:21 when the referee saw brass knuckles on Lee’s hand that Lee had used, moments after Ron Wright came to ringside and handed them to Mantell; after the commercial, Bob Caudle interviewed Lee who demanded a rematch and promised to put Mantell in a wheelchair next to Wright
2/22/92 – hosted by Bob Caudle & Dutch Mantell; included Caudle interviewing Ivan Koloff & Jimmy Golden who claimed Bobby & Jackie Fulton were fools for facing them later on in the show; featured Mantell introducing Carl Stiles who would be by his side to protect him from Brian Lee; included comments from Ron Wright who stated it broke his heart to see Brian Lee use brass knuckles the previous week and it was men like Lee who were responsible for Wright being crippled in a wheelchair, with Wright stating he hoped to find a wrestler to manage before flu season kicked in; featured an in-ring segment with Don Cunningham of the juvenile court of Morristown presenting Tim Horner with an award for his community work; included comments from Bob Holly who claimed he was in SMW to give the hillbillies a look at a real movie star:
Hector Guerrero pinned Tommy Angel at 4:44 with a rolling stretch cradle
Killer Kyle pinned Rikki Nelson at 3:44 after Nelson’s head was slammed into Kyle’s violin case in the corner
Brian Lee pinned Brad Anderson at 3:46 with the Cancellation; after the match, Carl Stiles and Lee brawled in the ring until Stiles accidently knocked Dutch Mantell off the ring apron
Ivan Koloff & Jimmy Golden defeated Bobby & Jackie Fulton at 9:14 when Golden pinned Jackie after Vladimir Koloff ran in and hit Jackie in the back of the head with a boot as he applied a sleeper to Golden; after the commercial, Bob Caudle interviewed Golden & the Koloffs until Bobby ran onto the set and brought Ivan back to the ring, where all five wrestlers brawled until Tim Horner helped even the sides; the two teams then brawled throughout the arena as the show ended
Dark match: Tim Horner (w/ East High Principal Jerry Williams) vs. Stan Lane (w/ Jim Cornette)