Nassau Coliseum – 2010-2019 Results

Fatal 4 Way – Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – June 20, 2010
Zack Ryder pinned MVP with the Rough Ryder at 3:02
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, & Matt Striker on commentary; included an opening segment in which Vince McMahon came out to the entrance stage to announce Bret Hart wouldn’t be appearing, before showing footage of Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Darren Young, & Michael Tarver injuring Hart the previous week on Raw; McMahon then said he would meet with Hart’s representative to discuss when Hart would be back to the WWE and what would be done with Nexus; the crowd then chanted “Daniel Bryan;” featured Savannah conducting a backstage interview with Natalya Neidhart, WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith regarding the recent injury to Bret and their upcoming six-person tag team match against Tamina, Jimmy & Jey Uso; included a backstage segment with the Big Show and Rey Mysterio Jr. regarding Mysterio’s chances in the World Heavyweight Title match; featured an ad promoting WWE’s Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2009-2010; included Josh Matthews conducting a backstage interview with WWE World Champion John Cena regarding the NXT Season 1 rookies, his upcoming title defense, and the fact every Fatal 4 Way match in the night has led to a title change; featured a “Don’t try this at home” PSA; included Todd Grisham conducting a backstage interview with Edge regarding his participation in the WWE World Title match:
WWE IC Champion Kofi Kingston pinned Drew McIntyre at 16:29 with the spin kick to the face after Matt Hardy came out of the crowd and dropped the challenger with the Twist of Fate; prior to the bout, McIntyre appeared at the entrance stage and shook Vince McMahon’s hand after McMahon addressed the audience; moments later, footage showed McIntyre beating Teddy Long Friday on Smackdown before fighting off Kingston and Matt Hardy; after McIntyre’s entrance, McMahon was shown getting in his limo and leaving the arena; moments later, McIntyre said McMahon told Long to come out, which he then did, before then insulting Long and said he would have to sit ringside and hand him the title after he won it; late in the bout, the referee was knocked out, with McIntyre then dragging Long into the ring, putting the referee shirt on him, and ordering him to make the pinfall after dropping Kingston with the Future Shock; Long counted to 2 but refused to make the final count, with McIntyre then threatening Long leading into the finish
Alicia Fox defeated WWE Divas Champion Eve, Maryse, and Gail Kim to win the title at 5:42 by pinning Maryse after Eve hit a moonsault on Maryse and Fox threw Eve to the floor
Evan Bourne pinned Chris Jericho with the Shooting Star Press at 12:04 after knocking Jericho off the top rope; prior to the bout, Jericho cut an in-ring promo saying a large base of fans knew he was the sole reason they were watching but he had not made an impact lately because he spent years being the underdog and was now the one being targetted; Jericho then said Bourne was just the latest person trying to make a name at Jericho’s expense; during the bout, there were dueling chants of “Let’s go, Jericho” and “Let’s go, Evan”
Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, the Big Show, and CM Punk to win the title in a No DQ, no count-out match at 10:29 by pinning Swagger with the 619 and springboard splash; prior to the bout, Serena & Luke Gallows escorted Punk to the entrance stage; late in the match, Kane came out wheeling a casket ringside; moments later, he tried to put Punk in it, with Gallows then returning and fighting with Kane; Kane then chased Punk & Gallows backstage
WWE US Champion Mike Mizanin pinned R-Truth at 13:17 by blocking a roll up attempt; prior to the bout, footage was shown from the previous week’s Raw of Miz regaining the title; during his entrance, Miz cut a promo and did his own rap in tune with Truth’s theme song; during the contest, there were chants of “Daniel Bryan”
Natalya Neidhart, WWE Unified Tag Team Champions David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd defeated Tamina, Jey & Jimmy Uso at 9:29 when Natalya pinned Tamina with a discuss clothesline after Tamina missed a splash off the top; during the bout, there were chants of “Daniel Bryan”
Sheamus defeated WWE World Champion John Cena, Edge, and Randy Orton to win the title at 17:25 by pinning Cena after Nexus attacked the champion in the ring; during the bout, there were dueling chants of “Let’s go, Cena” and “Cena sucks;” R-Truth, Evan Bourne, WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith were shown watching on backstage until they were attacked by Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young, & Heath Slater attacked them; moments later, Nexus came ringside, assaulting officials en route, before fighting with Cena in the ring; Edge tried to intervene but was laid out on the floor; after the contest, Cena continued to be assaulted, ending with Gabriel hitting the 450 splash; Sheamus then celebrated his victory at the entrance stage until Nexus chased him backstage; the final minutes of the match and aftermath had no commentary; after the bout, the crowd chanted “Daniel Bryan”

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – November 1, 2010 (9,000)
Yoshi Tatsu pinned Primo Colon at 5:28
Raw – featured an opening in-ring promo by WWE World Champion Randy Orton in which he called out John Cena and said he could accept losing the title but not because of a crooked referee at Survivor Series; moments later, Cena came out, discussed the fact he would be fired if Orton retained at Survivor Series and he would be out of Nexus if Wade Barrett won, and said he didn’t know what he would do in the match; Orton replied by saying Cena would be the biggest phoney in the WWE if he cost him the title and that ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ would have no meaning; after Cena insulted Barrett, Barrett, David Otunga, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater appeared at the entrance stage, with Barrett saying Cena could say what he wanted but he would still raise Barrett’s hand at the pay-per-view; Cena replied by saying he would beat the hell out of Barrett, regardless of the outcome; Orton then said he would beat on Barrett at Survivor Series and then called him out; Michael Cole then received an e-mail from the Raw GM which stated Barrett and a partner of his choice would face Orton and a partner of his choice, with Cena as the referee; included an ad promoting ‘Knucklehead;’ featured a backstage segment with Cena and R-Truth in which Truth said what Cena said to Barrett was great but then questioned what he would do at Survivor Series, with Cena walking away; included the announcement Edge would face Alberto Del Rio Friday on Smackdown; featured a backstage segment with Truth and Orton in which Truth said he expects Cena to cost Orton the title at Survivor Series, with Orton making Truth his tag team partner for the main event; included an ad promoting ‘Best of Smackdown: 2009-2010;’ featured a backstage segment with Mark Henry and Pee Wee Herman, talking to each other on cell phones while standing to each other; moments later, Henry said he wanted Pee Wee as his tag team partner, since Evan Bourne was injured; moments later, Pee Wee brought in Brie & Nikki Bella, Eve, and Melina came in with Twister to cheer up Henry; moments later, Pee Wee turned to the camera to promote his stage production and then brought in Lita (Lita’s first appearance in 4 years); included a focus on the WWE’s efforts supporting the military, with comments from presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama; featured an in-ring segment in which Pee Wee addressed the fans and told them the secret word was ‘ring,’ then telling them to scream whenever someone said it; moments later, Mike Mizanin & Alex Riley interrupted, with Miz saying Riley was a fan but Miz never was, instead prefering He-Man; after Pee Wee told Miz to marry He-Man, Miz repeatedly said ‘ring’ with the crowd then screaming; Pee Wee then used his catch phrases on both men before saying he had his cousin backstage that would wipe the mat with them; moments later, Big Show came out wearing a costume matching Pee Wee’s; Show then quickly sent Miz & Riley to the floor; Cole then received an e-mail from the Raw GM which stated Miz would face Show; Pee Wee & Show then danced together to ‘Tequila;’ included a ‘Stand Up for WWE’ segment with comments from Dennis Miller, Ryan Phillippe, Florence Henderson, Bob Barker, Jeremy Piven, Jon Lovitz, Cedric the Entertainer, Jewel, Johnny Knoxville, and Maria Menounos in which they talked about the individual experiences working with WWE; after the segment, the commentary team urged fans to visit for more information on how fans can help; featured a backstage segment with Cena and Barrett in which Barrett said he wanted Cena to clean his locker room and scrub his back after Barrett’s team wins the main event; moments later, David Otunga walked in and said he had more talent than anyone in Nexus or Cena and said he would be the one winning the match; included a segment in which Freddie Prinze Jr., as a doctor, was checking up on Vince McMahon, in a coma, and noted McMahon was going to miss the election; featured an ad promoting WrestleMania 27 tickets going on sale in two weeks; included another segment with Prinze and McMahon, with McMahon coming to his senses after being told Linda McMahon spent $50 million in her senatorial campaign; moments later, it was revealed McMahon had several campaign stickers on his shirt; McMahon then said he hated politics but was OK as long as everything in the WWE was running smoothly; Prinze then complained about the Undertaker being buried, Nexus being stronger, Cena being in the group, Goldust getting married, and Pee Wee running Raw; McMahon then joked that the next thing Prinze was going to tell him was Daniel Bryan was the WWE US Champion; moments later, McMahon became sick – pausing briefly to say if Linda could run for Senate, he could run for President – before walking away, revealing a Richard Blumenthal sticker on his backside; Stephanie McMahon was then shown waking up from a dream, then asking Triple H – off camera – if Vince was still in a coma; Triple H replied by saying he was and he was probably brain dead; Stephanie then went back to sleep:
WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeated Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith in a non-title match at 3:53 when Gabriel pinned Kidd with a kick to the back of the head and the 450 splash, moments after Kidd accidentally dove onto Smith outside the ring; after the bout, Smith yelled at Kidd for the loss
Sheamus pinned Vladimir Kozlov (w/ Santino Marella) at 1:44 with the boot to the face; prior to the bout, Sheamus cut an in-ring promo in which he said Santino didn’t beat him the previous week, Sheamus beat himself; before Sheamus could officially make a challenge for a rematch, Santino appeared at the entrance stage and said he went dressed as Sheamus for Halloween but everyone thought he was a ghost; Santino then said he couldn’t wrestle because of all the candy he ate but picket a replacement, with Kozlov then appearing and saying he could crush Sheamus; after the contest, Sheamus confronted Santino as the crowd chanted “Cobra;” moments later, Sheamus stalked Santino up the ramp as Santino offered him cash and a check; Sheamus then hoisted Santino up for the crucifix powerbomb, with John Morrison then coming out, kicking Sheamus in the gut, and knocking him to the floor
Ezekiel Jackson pinned Zack Ryder with the uranage at the 42-second mark
The Big Show defeated Mike Mizanin (w/ Alex Riley) via disqualification at 6:50 when Miz twice hit Show with his Money in the Bank briefcase, moments after Show attempted to drop Miz with the chokeslam
WWE US Champion Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase (w/ Maryse) in a non-title match at 3:43 via submission with the LeBell Lock; there were repeated chants of “Daniel Bryan” during the bout; after the contest, Dibiase yelled at Maryse saying that he needed his Million $ belt back and couldn’t concentrate
Natalya Neidhart pinned WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool (w/ WWE Divas Champion Layla) in a non-title match at 3:21 with a roll up after McCool accidentally stomped Layla on the apron; prior to the bout, McCool & Layla cut an in-ring promo in which they said they would give Natalya another shot at the title, at Survivor Series, if she could beat McCool
WWE World Champion Randy Orton & R-Truth defeated Wade Barrett & David Otunga at 8:50 when Truth pinned Otunga moments after Orton, the illegal man, dropped Otunga with the RKO behind the back of guest referee John Cena; after the match, Barrett yelled at Cena for the loss; moments later, Cena stood on the stage, Barrett in the aisle, and Orton in the ring and all stared at the others as the show ended
WWE Superstars – 11/4/10 – featured an ad promoting ‘Knucklehead’ on DVD; included an ad promoting WrestleMania 27 tickets going on sale the following Saturday; featured a “Did you know?” graphic which read John Cena is the first celebrity to join Michael Jordan on the Make-A-Wish Ambassador Council; included an ad promoting ‘Wrestling’s Highest Flyers’ on DVD; featured a vignette on Edge: Gail Kim pinned Alicia Fox with the Eat Defeat at 5:01; Scott Stanford & Jerry Lawler provided commentary for the bout
Jimmy & Jey Uso (w/ Tamina) defeated Mark Henry in a handicap match at 3:13 following a kick from Tamina to the head behind the referee’s back, a kick from an Uso, and a splash off the top from the other Uso; Scott Stanford & Jerry Lawler provided commentary for the bout
Dark match after the taping: WWE World Champion Randy Orton defeated Sheamus and Wade Barrett at 4:06 by pinning Barrett with the RKO; John Cena was scheduled to be the fourth participant but Barrett ordered him backstage before the match


WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – February 1, 2011 (6,500)
Percy Watson defeated an unknown
Johnny Curtis defeated Brodus Clay via disqualification in an arm wrestling contest
Chris Masters defeated Byron Saxton
Brodus Clay defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.
WWE US Champion Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman defeated R-Truth & Johnny Curtis
WWE Superstars – 2/3/11: Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks defeated JTG & Trent Barretta at 13:15 when Hawkins pinned Barretta with the elbow drop off the top; Jack Korpela & Matt Striker provided commentary for the match; after the bout, Reks attacked his partner and dropped him with the Burning Hammer
Smackdown! – 2/4/11 – a WrestleMania pinata was hung above the ring, noting the Royal Rumble victory of Alberto Del Rio; featured an opening segment in which Booker T was introduced, with Booker climbing in the ring, doing the Spinarooni, and then joining the broadcast team of Michael Cole & Josh Matthews; moments later, Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler came to the ring, with Vickie saying she had set up several qualifying matches to determine which Smackdown stars would be part of the Elimination Chamber match; Vickie then noted Ziggler, Michelle McCool, & Layla would face World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Kelly Kelly later in the show, with the world title at stake, before demanding that Kelly come to the ring; Vickie then said Kelly was the reason and distraction that Ziggler wasn’t already champion, then saying she would cost Edge the title; Kelly replied by saying she knew Vickie was going through her stuff backstage and she could very well quit rather than continue to deal with Vickie; Ziggler interrupted to show a still photo of Edge using the illegal spear after Kelly’s interference, then calling himself the uncrowned world champion; Ziggler then ordered Kelly to leave the ring, with Kelly then fighting with Vickie, McCool & Layla running out, and then Edge coming out to make the save and help clear the ring; included a “Did you know?” graphic which read Smackdown has been the #1 show on SyFy every week since its debut in the fall; featured an ad promoting The Best of Raw 2010; included a vignette showing a man walking through the rain to a cabin, with the date “2 21 11” then appearing; featured a backstage segment with Edge & Kelly in which they discussed their upcoming tag team match, with Kelly getting upset that Edge didn’t have faith in her and walking off; included an in-ring segment in which Hornswoggle and Rosa Mendes threw T-shirts to the crowd, including Booker T, before Ricardo Rodriguez interrupted from the entrance stage and introduced Del Rio, who then drove out; moments later, Del Rio and Rodriguez joined Hornswoggle and Rosa in the ring, bragged about his Royal Rumble win, and then told Hornswoggle about the pinata above the ring that was full of candy and toys for him; after Hornswoggle was blindfolded, he accidentally struck Del Rio with the pinata stick, with Del Rio then kicking Hornswoggle in the head and assaulting him until WWE IC Champion Kofi Kingston ran out and cleared Del Rio from the ring; Rodriguez then distracted Kingston, allowing Del Rio to attack Kingston from behind and smash the pinata stick across his back before locking him in the armbreaker; several referees then ran out to pull Del Rio away and tend to Kingston; featured the announcement that Booker T would also be a coach, alongside Steve Austin, for the upcoming season of Tough Enough; included the trailer for ‘The Chaperone,’ staring Triple H; featured a WrestleMania 27 ad to the tune of Tinie Tempah’s “Written in the Stars”:
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (w/ Tamina) in a non-title match at 3:06 when Gabriel pinned Kozlov with the 450 splash after Slater dropped Kozlov with a reverse DDT
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Drew McIntyre pinned WWE IC Champion Kofi Kingston in a non-title match at 13:01 with a kick to the knee and the Future Shock after Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez appeared on the big screen, with Del Rio winking at Kingston and distracting him; prior to the bout, it was announced that Dolph Ziggler would receive a bye into the Elimination Chamber match
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Jack Swagger at 10:21 with a kick and roll up after reversing the ankle lock and sending Swagger into the corner; prior to the bout, Michael Cole noted that Cody Rhodes would undergo facial reconstruction surgery after the injury he sustained from Mysterio two weeks prior
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Kane pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the chokeslam at 1:03 after catching Guerrero with a choke as he attempted the frog splash
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Wade Barrett (w/ Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, & Justin Gabriel) pinned the Big Show at 1:58, moments after Jackson attacked Show as the referee was knocked down; after the match, Show attempted to attack Corre but sustained a bodyslam from Jackson; Jackson then took the mic and cut a promo while looking at Show
World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Kelly Kelly defeated Dolph Ziggler, Michelle McCool, & Layla (w/ Vickie Guerrero) in a handicap match at 10:12 when Kelly pinned Layla with the spear; stipulations stated Edge’s title was at stake in the match and that he would be stripped of the championship if he used the spear; after the bout, Vickie entered the ring and fired Kelly before ordering her from ringside; moments later, as Kelly cried and walked up the ramp, Vickie told Edge he would defend against Ziggler the following week with herself as the referee; Ziggler then came up behind Edge and dropped him with the Zig Zag to end the show
Dark match after the taping: World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Kane & Alberto Del Rio

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – June 13, 2011 (10,000)
Raw All Stars Night – 3-hour show – featured an opening in-ring promo by Mike Mizanin in which he said Alex Riley was a fraud and he would expose him at Capital Punishment like a tweet from Anthony Weiner; Riley then said Steve Austin owed him an apology and that he was sick of names like Austin and the Rock showing up and taking his spotlight; Austin, the guest GM for the night, came out to the ring, noted being in the ring with Miz the night after WrestleMania, and told Miz to shut his mouth; Austin then noted that Riley jumped him weeks earlier while Miz was the one that fled; moments later, Austin grabbed Miz by the tie and said that he and Riley would join Roddy Piper in a Piper’s Pit later in the show; after Miz left ringside, Alberto Del Rio drove into the arena and was introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez; Del Rio then took a mic and said that Austin, the greatest superstar of his time, was there to pass the torch to the greatest superstar of all time, himself; Austin then said Del Rio had been thinking highly of himself since injuring the Big Show but he had someone lined up to face him, with Kane then appearing for the opening match; included an ad promoting WrestleMania 27 on DVD and Blu-ray; featured an in-ring segment in which Hornswoggle shot T-shirts into the ring only to be interrupted by R-Truth, who came out saying Hornswoggle looked to be having a lot of fun and that he would beat WWE World Champion John Cena at Capital Punishment; Hornswoggle then shot Truth with the T-shirt gun, with Truth immediately saying it was OK and they were cool but then kicking Hornswoggle in the face; Austin then appeared on the big screen, revealing John Morrison was with him backstage, and then said Truth would face Morrison later in the show; Truth responded by stomping Hornswoggle (Morrison’s surprise return after a 6-week absence); included an ad promoting USA’s “Suits;” featured an in-ring promo by World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in which he said he would hurt Christian at Capital Punishment before asking that Christian come out to the ring so he could talk to him; moments later, Christian appeared on the big screen and said Orton was practically born into the WWE while Christian had to fight and crawl for everything he’s earned, and that he wouldn’t be coming to the ring; Orton then said it was a shame Edge wasn’t around to carry Christian to the ring like he’s been carrying him 17 years; Christian then came out to the stage, immediately backing away as he had security hold Orton back; moments later, Michael Cole received an e-mail from the Raw GM that stated Orton knew he had a concussion and wouldn’t be wrestling anyone during the show and should instead focus on facing Christian, and if he didn’t comply and leave the arena he would be stripped of the title; after Orton went backstage, Austin appeared on the big screen and said Christian could instead face Rey Mysterio Jr. up next; included a backstage segment with Austin, Vickie Guerrero, and Dolph Ziggler with Vickie asking Austin for a match against WWE US Champion Kofi Kingston at Capital Punishment, with Austin agreeing but only if Ziggler gets rid of Vickie; after Austin egged Dolph on, he agreed to get rid of Vickie, with Austin then admitting he was just kidding; featured a “Did you know?” graphic that read WWE has more Twitter followers than Disney, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, and McDonald’s; included the announcement the Rock won “Biggest Ass Kicker” at the 5th Annual Guy’s Choice Awards for his role in ‘Fast Five;’ featured an ad promoting The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro on DVD; included an in-ring segment of Piper’s Pit in which Roddy made note of fighting Mr. T in the same arena as part of WrestleMania II; Miz then interrupted, bragged about winning the WWE World Title, winning the WrestleMania main event, and then said ‘The Real World’ was more entertaining than ‘They Live;’ Piper then introduced Riley, who he said would beat up Miz at Capital Punishment; the crowd chanted “Alex Riley” before Riley said Miz was never really his friend and he knows he can beat him; moments later, Riley said he knew Piper could beat Miz then and there; Miz then agreed and said he would put up $1,000 of his own money, with Piper uping the ante to $5,000; Austin then appeared on the big screen and made the match official, with each man putting up $5,000 of their own money and with Riley as the referee; featured anti-bullying comments from Booker T, Alicia Fox, Daniel Bryan, Christian, the Big Show, Kingston, Eve, Nikki Bella & WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella; included footage of Kelly Kelly and the Bellas appearing on ‘The Price is Right’ the following day; featured a backstage segment with Austin and Andy in which they shared a beer until Punk walked in; after Andy left, Austin offered Punk a beer with Punk then saying he wasn’t sure if Austin was sober but he did make one good decision in giving him a match against WWE World Champion John Cena; Austin then said Nexus wouldn’t be allowed ringside and that he would have another announcement to make shortly; included in-ring segment in which Austin drove ringside on his ATV and took the mic until he was interuppted by an e-mail from the Raw GM that read Austin did a fine job being GM for the night but the regular GM would take back over the show the following week; Austin replied by saying the following week would be another 3-hour show, with the fans choosing all the matches and stipulations; repeated e-mails then came in until Austin chased Cole into the crowd, knocked over the podium, and poured two beers on the GM laptop before twice running over it with his four-wheeler; featured a segment in which doctored President Obama press conference footage showed Christian, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Great Khali, and Hornswoggle asking Obama questions; featured a “Did you know?” graphic that read 10,000,000 fans watched Tough Enough and Raw the previous week; the graphic read “last night” instead of “last week”:
Kane defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) via disqualification at 2:48 when Del Rio refused to break the armbreaker as Kane grabbed the rope; after the match, the Big Show ran out to the ring and, after Rodriguez threw himself in the way to protect Del Rio, pummeled Rodriguez as Del Rio escaped backstage; moments later, Kane had to force Show to stop attacking Rodriguez; moments later, Steve Austin appeared at the entrance and said Del Rio would face Show at Capital Punishment; during the commercial break, Rodriguez was taken backstage on a stretcher (Show’s surprise return after a 3-week absence)
Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, & Ezekiel Jackson defeated Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr., & WWE IC Champion Wade Barrett at 3:47 when Sin Cara pinned Barrett with a springboard crossbody into the ring; the match was wrestled under blue and orange lights
Sheamus defeated Santino Marella via submission with a Texas Cloverleaf at 2:46 after a boot to the face
Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Christian via disqualification at 5:31 when Christian refused to break in the corner; Booker T joined Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the show; prior to the bout, it was announced Mysterio would face CM Punk at Capital Punishment; after the contest, Mysterio fought off Christian, backdropped him off the top, and then hit a crossbody to the floor on Punk as Punk appeared ringside; moments later, Mysterio attempted to fight off WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty before Mason Ryan rammed Mysterio into the ringpost; as Nexus backed up the ramp, Christian dropped Mysterio with the Killswitch
R-Truth fought John Morrison to a no contest; Morrison’s music played twice but he did not appear, with Truth then taking the mic and asking where Morrison was; moments later, Truth said he would go find Morrison if Morrison wouldn’t come to him; Truth then walked around backstage, still with a mic, until he found Morrison down on the ground; Truth, subtly letting on that he was responsible, acted upset that all the “Little Jimmys” wouldn’t get to see the match; moments later, Truth took a rolling cart and rammed it into Morrison’s face
WWE US Champion Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) & Jack Swagger at 2:56 when Bourne pinned Swagger with Air Bourne after Kingston hit the spin kick to the head from the ring apron behind the referee’s back; prior to the bout, a Ziggler vignette was shown; Vickie repeatedly yelled at Ziggler during their entrance in reference to the earlier backstage segment with them and Steve Austin
Roddy Piper pinned Mike Mizanin with a roll up at 1:07 after Miz began fighting with guest referee Alex Riley; Miz wrestled the match in street clothes; each man put $5,000 on the line in the match
Kelly Kelly, Eve, Gail Kim, Natalya Neidhart, Beth Phoenix, Kaitlyn, & AJ defeated WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Maryse, Rosa Mendes, Tamina, Alicia Fox, & Melina at 1:24 when Kelly pinned Rosa with the K2; after the bout, Eve took the mic and noted the Tony Awards were the previous night, then led the other members of her team to doing the Rockettes dance in the ring
CM Punk pinned WWE World Champion John Cena in a non-title match at 14:04 with the Go To Sleep after Cena became distracted by R-Truth in the crowd confronting a young fan and acting like he would spit water in his face; Nexus was banned from ringside for the bout; during the match, there were dueling chants of “Let’s go, Cena” and “Cena sucks;” after the contest, Truth threw his water bottle at Cena in the ring before hitting the What’s Up, drawing chants of “R-Truth” and “Little Jimmy” from some in the crowd; moments later, Truth took a mic, stood over Cena, and said he would beat him for the title at Capital Punishment; Truth then left the ring with the title belt as the show ended
WWE Superstars – 6/16/11 – featured a segment in which doctored President Obama press conference footage showed Christian, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Great Khali, and Hornswoggle asking Obama questions; included a “Did you know?” graphic that read WWE has more than 5 million Facebook fans, more than ESPN, Pepsi, MLB, Gatorade, NASCAR, and the NFL; featured an ad promoting The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro; included the Yoshi Tatsu vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Tyson Kidd vs. Kane matches taped 6/14/11 in Providence, RI:
Zack Ryder pinned Primo Colon at around the 10-minute mark with the Rough Ryder after holding onto the ropes to avoid the Back Stabber; featured Scott Stanford & Josh Matthews provided commentary for the bout; following his entrance, Ryder took the mic and cut an in-ring promo in which he noted his broskis, his dad, and even his girlfriend in attendance; Ryder then noted the numerous Ryder signs in the crowd and told the fans to “take care, spike your hair”
Drew McIntyre pinned Vladimir Kozlov with the Future Shock at 3:55; during his entrance, McIntyre cut a promo on the crowd, noting none of them were chosen by their boss to be the future of their company, and then said he was having to live in the US to follow his WWE dream; McIntyre then said the crowd could refer to him as the great American nightmare; Scott Stanford & Josh Matthews provided commentary for the bout
Dark match after the show: WWE World Champion John Cena deeated Mike Mizanin

WWE (Raw & Smackdown!) @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – December 17, 2011 (7,000)
WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston defeated Epico & Primo Colon when Bourne pinned Primo with Air Bourne
Daniel Bryan pinned Dean Mabrose via submission with the LeBell Lock; after the bout, WWE US Champion Dolph Ziggler attacked Bryan
Eve & Alicia Fox defeated WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart when Eve pinned Natalya after Natalya accidently collided with Phoenix
Ted Dibiase pinned Jinder Mahal with Dream Street; after the match, Dibiase was attacked by WWE US Champion Dolph Ziggler
Zack Ryder defeated WWE US Champion Dolph Ziggler via disqualification when Vickie Guerrero broke the cover after Ryder hit the Rough Ryder
The Big Show pinned Jack Swagger with the punch to the face
John Cena pinned Mike Mizanin in a streetfight with the FU; the audience chose the stiuplation over a Best 2 out of 3 falls match and a falls count anywhere match; late in the bout, Kane appeared and dropped Cena with a chokeslam, with Cena later knocking Kane to the floor
WWE World Champion CM Punk pinned Alberto Del Rio with the Go To Sleep after throwing ADR into an interfering Ricardo Rodriguez; Mick Foley was the guest referee for the bout; after the match, WWE US Champion Dolph Ziggler attacked Punk, with Punk and Foley eventually clearing the ring and double teaming Rodriguez

WWE (Smackdown!) @ East Rutherford, NJ – Izod Center – December 30, 2011
Justin Gabriel defeated Hunico
Sheamus (sub. for Randy Orton) pinned Wade Barrett in a streetfight with the boot to the face; prior to the bout, Barrett cut an in-ring promo about Orton being out of action with an injury for several months and threatened to do the same to Sheamus
Booker T fought WWE IC Champion Cody Rhodes to a no contest when Rhodes attacked Booker from behind during the challenger’s entrance; Booker then had to be helped backstage
Ted Dibiase Jr. pinned Jinder Mahal with Dream Street
Seth Rollings pinned Tyson Kidd
Booker T defeated WWE IC Champion Cody Rhodes via disqualification after Rhodes hit the challenger with the title belt; after the bout, Hornswoggle came out, hit the frog splash on Rhodes, and did a Spinaroonie with Booker
Alicia Fox & AJ defeated Natalya Neidhart & Tamina when Alicia pinned Natalya with a roll up; Aksana was the guest referee for the bout
WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston defeated Primo Colon & Epico when Bourne pinned Primo with Air Bourne; the challengers initially won the match and titles when Epico pinned Kingston but the referee had the match continue after noticing Kingston’s foot was on the rope during the cover
World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan defeated Mark Henry and the Big Show in a steel cage match by escaping over the top of the cage after kicking Show to the mat

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – June 18, 2012
Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Kincaid via submission with a Regal Stretch at 2:29
Raw SuperShow – featured an opening introduction of Mick Foley, who cut an in-ring promo about the upcoming 1,000th episode of Raw before saying the board of directors reached out to him as a former GM while they were searching for a new GM; Foley then said he would host both Raw and Smackdown this week before announcing Daniel Bryan & Kane would face World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus & WWE World Champion CM Punk later in the show; Foley then said John Laurinaitis, fired the previous night, was allowed to make a farewell address; Laurinaitis then came out, wearing a neckbrace and his arm in a sling, as the crowd chanted “You got fired;” Laurinaitis, after saying the crowd was rude, said he would wait until later in the show for his farewell address; Laurinaitis then said John Cena would face himself, Big Show, & David Otunga later in the show before then leaving the ring; moments later, Sheamus came out for the opening contest, passed Laurinaitis in the aisle, and hugged Foley in the ring; included a “Did you know?” graphic which read more than 1 million females watched the previous week’s Raw and more males watched than any show on ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBs; featured a backstage segment with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in which they argued who had been more successful, with Ziggler saying he was the real star of their team; Vickie Guerrero then interrupted, yelled at them both, and said the two would have a match, with the crowd chanting “We want Ziggler;” included a backstage segment with Big Show, Laurinaitis, and David Otunga in which Laurinaitis talked about their upcoming match against Cena, with Laurinaitis plotting to pin Cena in the match to make a lasting impact on WWE; Show then left after not being impressed by the plans; featured a “Raw 1,000” segment in which Jerry Lawler talked about the debut of Mr. Socko from 10/5/98; included an in-ring promo by Paul Heyman responded to the challenge from Triple H the previous night, said neither he or Brock Lesnar would drop their respective lawsuits, and Lesnar would not face Triple H at Summer Slam; moments later, Triple H joined Heyman in the ring and said he would make Lesnar the star of the promotion for Summer Slam; Heyman then said Triple H was becoming more and more like Triple H each day, then threatening another lawsuit should Triple H lay a finger on him; after Heyman mentioned Stephanie McMahon’s name, Triple H grabbed him by the tie but eventually released; Heyman then said he was smarter than Triple H and knew his every move, with Triple H knocking Heyman out with a punch; Triple H then told Heyman that he would see Lesnar at Summer Slam; featured an ad promoting the Orion Music Fest, featuring Metallica; included a video package on Cyndi Lauper and her WWF involvement in the mid 1980s; featured a “Did you know?” graphic that read stamps cost 29 cents and a gallon of gas $1.11 when Raw debuted in 1993; included an in-ring segment in which WWE Divas Champion Layla in which she introduced Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter; after Richter and Lauper talked about being at the first WrestleMania, Heath Slater interrupted and mocked the two; moments later, Roddy Piper walked out and made fun of Slater before talking about the gold record of her’s he smashed over Capt. Lou Albano’s head; Piper then had a new gold record of “She Bop” to give to her from the WWE; Piper then said he loved Lauper and hugged her; Slater soon interrupted, making fun of what happened “20 years ago” before Piper poked him in the eyes; Lauper followed by smashing the gold record over Slater’s head; featured an ad promoting WWE’s YouTube content; included the announcement Chris Jericho would return to Raw the following week, while showing a clip of Fozzy performing overseas; featured an ad promoting Raw going to 3 hours beginning July 23:
WWE World Champion CM Punk & World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan & Kane at 14:22 when Sheamus pinned Bryan with the boot to the face after Punk hit the Go To Sleep on Bryan; during Punk’s entrance, it was noted he would appear on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ later that night on NBC; late in the match, there were dueling chants of “Daniel Bryan” and “…Sucks;” during the final moments, AJ came ringside wearing a Kane mask, skipped around the ring, and then backstage, prompting a confused Kane to leave his corner and follow her halfway up the aisle
Dolph Ziggler pinned Jack Swagger with the Zig Zag at 4:10 after reversing the ankle lock and sending Swagger shoulder-first into the ringpost; Vickie Guerrero was ringside for the match, with stipulations stating the winner would earn her respect and admiration; after the bout, Guerrero joined Ziggler in the ring and kissed him
Alberto Del Rio defeated WWE US Champion Santino Marella via submission in a non-title match at 1:26 with the cross armbreaker; Ricardo Rodriguez served as ADR’s ring announcer for the match; after the bout, Rodriguez attacked Marella’s injured arm
Primo Colon & Epico (w/ Rosa Mendes) defeated Darren Young & Titus O’Neil (w/ AW) via count-out at 2:57 when AW talked his team into not returning to the ring, noting they were already the #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles; prior to the bout, AW introduced his team from the entrance stage, calling them the Prime Time Players and the next WWE Tag Team Champions
John Cena defeated John Laurinaitis & David Otunga in a handicap match at 6:14 when Laurinaitis submitted to the STFU after sustaining three FUs; prior to the bout, Laurinaitis said all the fans were losers and the next time they would see him was when he gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame; prior to Cena’s entrance, Teddy Long joined the commentary team, with Long ripping up his “Hello, My Name is Teddy” sign before the match; moments later, the Big Show, who was to be Laurinaitis & Otunga’s partner, noted the interference by many in his match the previous night against Cena and thanked Laurinaitis for his recent help, but then said he saw no reason for the match to happen and walked out; following Cena’s entrance, there were dueling chants of “Let’s go, Cena” and “Cena sucks;” there were chants of “We want Ryder, Woo Woo Woo” during the bout; Otunga walked out of the match at the 4-minute mark

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – December 28, 2012

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – November 25, 2013
Raw – featured an opening graphic noting the passing of Mad Dog Vachon; included an in-ring promo by WWE World Champion Randy Orton in which he said those who thought he wouldn’t leave Survivor Series should apologize to him, then said Triple H & Stephanie McMahon wanted to join him in the ring and introduced them; Triple H said he knew Orton had the potential to be one of the greatest in the WWE history when he hand-picked him 10 years ago; Orton then took exception to their appearance at ringside and that he could have won the match without them, prompting chants of “Daniel Bryan” from the crowd; he said he was the greatest star the WWE ever produced in its 50-year history and no one could take that away from him; World Heavyweight Champion John Cena then came out and said the crowd chants “Daniel Bryan” and “Yes” because they’re sick of the Authority; Cena then said it was time there should be only one champion between he and Orton and challenged Orton, title vs. title; when Orton interrupted, Triple H cut him off and said the match would happen at TLC and it would be in a TLC match; featured a “Did you know?” graphic which read WrestleMania 29 is the best selling sports DVD in 2013, outselling the Super Bowl, NBA championship, and the World Series DVDs combined; included an in-ring segment of Miz TV in which Mike Mizanin introduced Michael Straham as his guest, with Titus O’Neil then coming out as Straham; after several minutes, “Straham” praised the work of O’Neil; moments later, the real Straham came out and announced Alberto Del Rio & Orton would face Cena & Show later in the show; Straham and Miz then had words, Miz challenged Straham to take a hiptoss; Straham then hiptossed Miz and did the same to O’Neil; featured a segment in which the commentary team showed fans how to download the WWE app so they could determine the stipulation for the Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow match later in the night; included an ad promoting The History of WWE; featured an ad promoting WWE 2K14; included a look at ‘Christmas Bounty’ starring the Miz; Francia Raisa of the film was shown sitting ringside; featured a backstage segment in which Straham and Santino Marella were shown talking, with Erick Rowan then appearing wearing his sheep mask and giving Straham to wear himself; included Renee Young conducting an in-ring interview with CM Punk & Daniel Bryan regarding their win at Survivor Series and facing the Wyatt Family in a handicap match later in the show; Punk said it didn’t matter who was with the Wyatts — then listed off a long list of names including Colt Cabana, the Ring Crew Express, Midnight Express, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Express; featured a backstage segment with Mick Foley as himself, Dude Love, and Mankind promoted merchandise; included Jerry Lawler conducting a ringside interview with Charlie Tebele, who won a Superstars for Sandy auction to be at the show; featured footage from The History of WWE release; included an ad promoting Total Divas; featured a backstage segment with Straham in which he signed footballs for the members of Total Divas before WWE Tag Team Champion Goldust appeared; included a look at the Rock vs. Cena, Rock vs. Hulk Hogan, and Rock vs. Steve Austin in WWE 2K14, with results of a fan poll showing fans picked Rock vs. Austin as Rock’s best WrestleMania rivalry; featured a backstage segment with Cena and Straham:
WWE US Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns defeated Rey Mysterio Jr., WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust at 8:25 when Ambrose pinned Rhodes with the bulldog as Rhodes attempted the Crossroads to Rollins
WWE IC Champion Big E Langston & Mark Henry defeated Curtis Axel & Ryback when Henry pinned Axel with the powerslam at 2:31
Natalya Neidhart, Brie & Nikki Bella, Naomi, Cameron, Eva Marie, & JoJo defeated WWE Divas Champion AJ, Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Tamina, Aksana, Rosa Mendes, & Alicia Fox in an elimination match at 8:20
Damien Sandow pinned Dolph Ziggler in a hardcore match at 11:35 with the You’re Welcome through a trash can in the ring; prior to the bout, Jerry Lawler went to reveal the results of the WWE app poll before Sandow took the mic and said he was above having to do the match; the stipulation won with 37% over a streetfight at 31% and lumberjack match at 31%
CM Punk & Daniel Bryan defeated Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan via disqualification in a handicap match at 13:28 when the Wyatts triple teamed their opponents; after the match, Bryan was carried backstage by the Wyatts; when Punk went to make the save, Roman Reigns appeared and decked Punk with the spear on the floor; moments later, WWE US Champion Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins aided Reigns in hitting the triple powerbomb to Punk inside the ring
Mike Mizanin pinned Kofi Kingston with a crucifix at 4:58; prior to the bout, Miz spoke with his “Christmas Bounty” co-star Francia Raisa backstage; during Miz’s entrance, footage was shown of their match the previous day as part of the Survivor Series pre-show
Xavier Woods (w/ R-Truth, Cameron & Naomi) pinned Heath Slater (w/ Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal) with the Lost in the Woods at 3:19; prior to the match, Truth introduced Woods to the ring (Woods used the Funkadactlyes’ theme music for the bout)
World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & the Big Show defeated WWE World Champion Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio at 15:33 when ADR submitted to Cena’s STFU; late in the match, Show was unable to continue after a series of kicks to the head; after the contest, ADR attacked Cena but Cena dropped him with the FU only to be struck in the head by Orton and his title belt; moments later, Orton grabbed Cena’s title belt from ringside, slid back into the ring, and held them both in the air as the show ended

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – December 27, 2014
NXT Heavyweight Champion Sami Zayn pinned Adrian Neville with the Helluva Kick
Ryback pinned Fandango with Shellshocked
Jack Swagger defeated Curtis Axel via submission with the Patriot Lock
WWE IC Champion Dolph Ziggler pinned Luke Harper with the Zig Zag
WWE Tag Team Champions Mike Mizanin & Damien Sandow defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso when Sandow pinned Jey with the Skull Crushing Finale
The Big Show pinned Erick Rowan with the punch to the head; prior to the bout, Show interrupted an in-ring promo by Santino Marella, with Rowan then coming out to protect Marella
Emma & Alicia Fox defeated WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella & Brie Bella; Paige was the guest referee for the bout and made a fast count during the finish
John Cena defeated Seth Rollins & Kane in a handicap streetfight by pinning Kane with the FU after Randy Orton interfered and hit both Rollins and Kane with the RKO; Orton was scheduled to be Cena’s partner but was deemed too injured to compete