Nassau Coliseum – 2000-2009 Results


WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – March 14, 2000
Sunday Night Heat:
Test pinned Gangrel with the flying elbowdrop; during the bout, Trish Stratus came out to scout Test (Trish’s TV debut)
Val Venis pinned Viscera with the Money Shot
Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Essa Rios (w/ Lita) with a top rope DDT
Albert pinned Joey Abs (w/ Rodney & Pete Gas); during the bout, Trish Stratus made a second appearance to scout Albert
Mideon defeated the Big Bossman via disqualification when Bull Buchanon interfered and hit a top rope legdrop on Mideon (Buchanon’s TV debut)
Smackdown! – featured the Headbangers and referee Earl Hebner visiting Funtime U.S.A to find WWF Hardcore Champion Crash Holly; Crash was seen in the arcade and then went on a slide to get downstairs where he was double teamed by both Headbangers; Crash eventually went in the ball room and hit a flying clothesline on one and a hurricanrana on the other before running out the door (WWF Hardcore):
WWF Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz defeated Edge & Christian following the 3D on Christian as Edge was distracted by Terri Runnels at ringside; after the bout, the Hardy Boyz prevented Terri from leaving and took her into the ring where she was eventually hit with the spear from Edge
The Godfather pinned WWF World Champion Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) in a non-title match after the Big Show attacked the champion on the floor and slammed him into the ringpost
The Acolytes (w/ Mideon) defeated Al Snow & Steve Blackman after Bradshaw hit Snow with the Clothesline from Hell after Snow hit Mideon with Head
Rikishi pinned the Big Show (w/ Shane McMahon) with the Bonzai Drop after WWF World Champion Triple H interfered and hit the Pedigree on Show
Chris Jericho & Tazz (w/ Chyna) defeated WWF IC & European Champion Kurt Angle & Bob Backlund via disqualification when Chris Benoit interfered as Jericho had the Walls of Jericho applied on Angle; after the bout, Chyna hit a low blow on an interfering Eddie Guerrero while Benoit hit the diving headbutt on Angle
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko (w/ Eddie Guerrero) pinned Grandmaster Sexay (w/ Scotty 2 Hotty) after Guerrero pushed the challenger off the top; after the bout, Too Cool hit a flapjack on Malenko while Chyna came ringside and hit a DDT on Guerrero
Matt & Jeff Hardy fought Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn to a double count-out; the bout was to have determined the #1 contenders for the tag team championship
The Rock defeated X-Pac (w/ Tori) via disqualification after Triple H and the Big Show interfered; after the bout, Rock fought off both men before they began fighting each other

WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – May 8, 2000
The Dupps defeated the Mean Street Posse
Davey Boy Smith pinned Mideon
Raw is War:
WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian defeated the Acolytes via disqualification at 3:33 when Bradshaw hit Edge with the ring bell; the Big Bossman & Bull Buchanon attacked the Acolytes after the match
WWF IC Champion Chris Jericho defeated Kurt Angle via submission with the Walls of Jericho at 5:35
WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chyna) pinned the Godfather with a missile dropkick at 2:26 after D-Lo Brown interfered
The Dudley Boyz defeated Test, Albert, & Gerald Brisco in a handicap tables match at 4:37 following the 3D on Test through a table; after the match, X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Tori attacked the Dudleyz, with Brisco putting Bubba Ray through a table
WWF IC Champion Chris Jericho defeated the Big Show (w/ Shane McMahon) via count-out at 3:19 when Show chased Shane backstage after finding out Shane was trying to brainwash him
Too Cool defeated the Big Bossman & Bull Buchanon at 4:01 following Grandmaster Sexay’s Hip Hop Drop on Bossman behind the referee’s back; the Acolytes made the save for Too Cool after the match
Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko at 3:25 following the Swanton on Malenko after Saturn accidentally hit his partner; after the match, Saturn and Malenko began brawling – despite Eddie Guerrero and Chyna trying to break it up
Rikishi defeated Pat Patterson via disqualification at 1:43 when X-Pac & the Road Dogg interfered and used a chair; Too Cool made the save after the match
Chris Benoit defeated WWF IC Champion Chris Jericho with the Crippler Crossface to win the title at 7:08 when the special troubleshooting referee – Triple H – stopped the match even though Jericho never tapped out; Too Cool, Rikishi, the Dudleyz, and the Big Show fended off DX and saved Jericho after the match
Jakked – 5/13/00:
D-Lo Brow pinned Stevie Richards with the Lo Down at 2:11
Val Venis pinned Joey Abs with the Money Shot at 3:48
Al Snow & Steve Blackman defeated the Headbangers at 6:49 when Snow & Blackman hit the Stage Dive on Thrasher
Hardcore Holly pinned Essa Rios (w/ Lita) at 2:54 with the Hollycaust

WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – July 18, 2000
The Mean Street Posse defeated the Dupps
Just Joe pinned Scott Vick
Pete Gas pinned Headbanger Thrasher
Smackdown! – 7/21/00:
WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chyna) defeated Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) by pinning Saturn with an inside cradle after Saturn leap frogged over Malenko; Saturn attacked the champion and Chyna after the match
Kane defeated Kurt Angle via disqualification after Angle shoved the referee and repeatedly hit Kane’s leg with a chair
WWF Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman pinned Al Snow after Tazz interfered and choked Snow out
Rikishi, Matt & Jeff Hardy (w/ Lita) defeated Test, Albert, & Val Venis (w/ Trish Stratus) after Jeff hit the Swanton on Test; Test, Albert, and Trish attacked the Hardys and Lita after the match; Val and Rikishi battled their way backstage late in the contest
Bull Buchanon (w/ Steven Richards) pinned the Godfather with the scissors kick after Richards interfered and hit the Steven Kick
The Big Bossman defeated the Undertaker via count-out when Taker began chasing Kurt Angle around the arena after Angle poured a liquid over Taker’s motorcycle; Angle knocked Taker out with a wrench backstage but ran off when Kane appeared
Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) & Chris Benoit (w/ Shane McMahon) defeated WWF World Champion the Rock & Chris Jericho via disqualification when the Rock hit the referee; after the match, Rock and Jericho applied the Crippler Crossface and the Walls of Jericho on their respective rivals
Sunday Night Heat – 7/23/00 – live portions of the show included talent arriving to Reunion Arena for Fully Loaded as well as backstage interviews:
Taka Michinoku pinned Essa Rios with the Michinoku Driver at 2:01 after avoiding a jump kick
WWF Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman pinned Sho Funaki after after hitting the challenger over the head with a kendo stick at 4:38
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko pinned Crash Holly with a modified fisherman’s suplex into a cradle at 2:43
The Dudley Boyz defeated D-Lo Brown & Chaz at 5:15 when D-Von pinned D-Lo after hitting the 3D; after the bout, the Dudleyz attempted to put D-Lo through a table but Chaz made the save by knocking out both Bubba Ray & D-Von following shots over the head using the time keeper’s bell
Grandmaster Sexay (w/ Scotty 2 Hotty) pinned the Road Dogg (w/ X-Pac) when Scotty interfered and rolled his partner on top of Road Dogg behind the referee’s back (shown exclusively on the international broadcast)

WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – October 24, 2000
Jackie, Charlie & Russ Haas defeated the Dupps & Ophelia
K-Krush pinned Joey Abs
Smackdown! – 10/26/00:
WWF Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy (w/ WWF Women’s Champion Lita) fought the Dudley Boyz to a no contest when Edge & Christian interfered and attacked both teams with steel chairs
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Triple H & the Road Dogg when Road Dogg submitted to Malenko’s Texas Cloverleaf after Perry Saturn interfered and attacked Road Dogg; after the bout, Triple H attacked Saturn and Malenko
Chris Jericho defeated WWF World Champion Kurt Angle (w/ Stephanie McMahon) via disqualification when Kane attacked the challenger and hit the chokeslam
Albert pinned Crash Holly in a hardcore match
The Rock, Billy Gunn, & Chyna defeated Steven Richards, Val Venis, Bull Buchanon, & the Goodfather (w/ Steven Richards) when Buchanon submitted to the Rock’s Sharpshooter
Raven pinned Al Snow with the DDT; after the bout, Snow and Jerry Lawler fought off Tazz, who was doing guest commentary for the bout, and Raven
Rikishi defeated Too Cool in a handicap match by pinning Scotty 2 Hotty with the Bonzai Drop; after the bout, Rikishi hit a Samoan Drop and Bonzai Drop on Grandmaster Sexay; moments after, Rikishi called out Steve Austin; Austin eventually came out, after being attacked backstage by an unknown assailant, and the two battled from the entrance way to the ring where Rikishi eventually hit the Bonzai Drop
Sunday Night Heat – 10/29/00:
WWF Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman defeated WWF European Champion William Regal via disqualification when Regal hit Blackman with the title belt; after the bout, Blackman attacked Regal with his kendo sticks; only the European title was on the line
WWF Women’s Champion Lita, WWF Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Test, Albert, & Trish Stratus when Matt pinned Albert after Crash Holly interfered and hit Albert with a trash can as Albert had Matt up in a gorilla press


WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – February 13, 2001 (12,127; sell out)
Scott Vick pinned Steve Bradley with the Kryptonite Krunch
The Inferno Kid pinned Mike Bell
Smackdown! – 2/15/01:
Kane (w/ the Undertaker) pinned Edge (w/ Christian) with a flying clothesline; after the match, the Dudley Boyz – who were watching from ringside – taunted Kane until he stood on the ring apron while, in the ring, Christian Irish whipped Taker into Kane who then went through a table that had been set up by the Dudleys; moments thereafter, Kane and the Undertaker hit chokeslams on Edge and Christian
Matt Hardy (w/ Lita & Jeff Hardy) pinned Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) with a roll up after Lita was knocked into the arms of Dean Malenko – who had just came to ringside; after the match, Malenko kissed Lita before she slapped him and challenged him to a match the following Monday on Raw
Steve Austin pinned Chris Benoit with the Stunner
X-Pac defeated WWF IC Champion Chris Jericho via disqualification when Eddie Guerrero prevented the pinfall from being made after the challenger hit the X-Factor; after the bout, Guerrero and Jericho began brawling until Justin Credible appeared and nailed Guerrero; moments thereafter, Jericho chased Credible and X-Pac off with a steel chair before hitting Guerrero with the chair
WWF Hardcore Champion Raven fought the Big Show to a no contest when Raven ran away with help from the masked woman after Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki, Albert, K-Kwick, Val Venis, Tazz, Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman got involved in the match
The Rock defeated Triple H via disqualification when Kurt Angle prevented the Rock?s pin attempt; after the match, a brawl ensued involving the Rock, Triple H, Angle, Chris Benoit, and Steve Austin; as the show went off the air, the Rock was caught in Angle?s ankle lock while Austin was caught in Benoit?s Crippler Crossface as Triple H poured beer on him
Sunday Night Heat – 2/18/01:
Haku defeated Hardcore Holly with the Tongan Death Grip
Eddie Guerrero pinned K-Kwick with the Frog Splash
The Undertaker defeated Christian (w/ Edge) via disqualification when Edge prevented the pinfall by hitting Taker with a steel chair after Taker hit the powerbomb on Christian; after the bout, Kane made the save

WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – May 7, 2001 (14,509; sell out)
Sho Funaki (w/ Taka Michinoku) pinned Yoshihiro Tajiri at 5:50 with a reverse DDT from the middle turnbuckle
Dave Taylor pinned Scotty Vick with a butterfly suplex
Raw is War:
Bradshaw defeated Kurt Angle via count-out when Angle left the ring to find Chris Benoit at WWF NY and regain his gold medals
Edge, Christian, & Rhyno defeated Eddie Guerrero, WWF European Champion Matt Hardy, & Jeff Hardy after Guerrero pushed Lita out of the way of Rhyno’s Gore, having himself suffer the blow instead
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn defeated Crash Holly, Grandmaster Sexay, and Taka Michinoku by pinning Crash with a Tornado DDT
Chris Jericho defeated William Regal in a steel cage match by escaping over the top and kicking the door in Regal’s face on the way down
Lita pinned Molly Holly with the moonsault
Spike, Bubba Ray, & D-Von Dudley defeated X-Pac, Albert, & Justin Credible in a tables match when Spike sent Albert through the table with the Dudley Dog after Raven interfered and hit Albert with a cane
WWF World Champion Steve Austin pinned Rikishi with the Stunner in a non-title match after Vince and Stephanie McMahon distracted Rikishi
Jakked – 5/12/01:
Steve Blackman defeated Prince Nana via submission with a dragon sleeper at 3:01
Perry Saturn (w/ Terri) pinned Mike Bell with the spinning fisherman suplex at 3:17; early in the match, Saturn shot on Bell with a series of brutal moves, including throwing Bell to the floor and having him land on his head, after Bell botched a hip toss; due to his unprofessional behavior in the match, Saturn was sent home after the show
Billy Gunn pinned the Inferno Kid with the One and Only at 2:29
Essa Rios pinned Low-Ki with the moonsault at 3:37

WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – August 11, 2001 (9,172)
Albert, Scotty 2 Hotty, & Spike Dudley defeated Test, Justin Credible, & Tommy Dreamer
WWF IC Champion Lance Storm defeated William Regal
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Tajiri defeated X-Pac
WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Jeff Hardy
Kane defeated WCW World Champion Booker T via disqualification after approximately a minute when a number of Alliance members interfered
WWF European Champion Matt Hardy defeated the Hurricane
WWF Tag Team Champions Diamond Dallas Page & Chris Kanyon defeated the Acolytes
Edge & Christian defeated Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire and the Dudley Boyz in an elimination match after Spike Dudley interfered with a kendo stick
Chris Jericho defeated Rhyno
WWF World Champion Steve Austin defeated Kurt Angle

WWF @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – November 5, 2001
Randy Orton & Ron Waterman defeated Rico Constantino & Shawn Stasiak at 7:45 when Orton pinned Rico with a wheelbarrow suplex
Brock Lesnar pinned Crash Holly with a powerslam at 3:52
Billy Kidman pinned Sho Funaki with a reverse DDT at 4:40
Raw is War:
Ivory pinned Lita at 4:03 with a facebuster after Lita became distracted by Lance Storm at ringside; Matt Hardy came down during the closing moments of the match to counter Storm?s interference
Test pinned WWF IC Champion Edge to win the title at 5:26 with a roll up and putting his feet on the ropes for leverage
WWF European Champion Christian pinned the Hurricane at 3:09 with the Unprettier after avoiding the Nightmare on Helms Street by pushing the challenger into the turnbuckle
The Undertaker defeated WCW US Champion Kurt Angle via disqualification at 8:37 when Steve Austin interfered and hit the Stunner on the challenger as the Undertaker had the ankle lock applied on Angle
The Acolytes & Jackie defeated the Dudley Boyz & Stacy Keibler in a tables match at 4:26 when a spinebuster from Farooq put Bubba Ray through a table
WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam fought Booker T to a no contest at 2:25 when Tajiri attacked William Regal at the announce table, which prompted Booker to make the save, while the Big Show entered the ring and hit the chokeslam on RVD; after the match, Show carried Tajiri backstage
The Rock pinned WCW World Champion Chris Jericho to win the title at 15:03 with an inside cradle as the champion attempted to apply the Walls of Jericho; after the bout, Jericho hit Rock in the head with the title belt before twice hitting the champion with a steel chair (Rebellion 2001)
Jakked – 11/10/01:
Spike Dudley pinned Justin Credible with a standing three-quarter nelson at 3:31; after the bout, Credible hit the superkick on Spike
Perry Saturn pinned Tommy Dreamer with the spinning fisherman’s suplex at 4:41
Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert defeated Raven & Hugh Morrus at 5:13 when Albert pinned Morrus with the Baldo Bomb
Jeff Hardy pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the Swanton at 2:46


WWF (Raw) @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – April 19, 2002 (9,000)
The Big Show, D-Lo Brown, & Crash Holly defeated Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards, & Justin Credible when the Big Show hit a double chokeslam on Credible and Dreamer
WWF European Champion Spike Dudley pinned William Regal with a roll up
WWF Women?s Champion Jazz & Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus & Jackie when Molly pinned Trish with a roll up and held the tights for leverage
Brock Lesnar defeated Jeff Hardy via referee?s decision when the referee deemed Jeff unable to continue
Goldust pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Bubba Ray Dudley to win the title with a bulldog
Raven pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Goldust to win the title following the DDT
Bubba Ray Dudley pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Raven to win the title following a powerbomb through a table
WWF IC Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Booker T with the Five Star Frog Splash
Matt Hardy pinned Shawn Stasiak (w/ Mr. Perfect) with a roll up
Scott Hall (w/ X-Pac) pinned Bradshaw with the Razor?s Edge as Bradshaw was on the middle turnbuckle pounding X-Pac
Steve Austin pinned the Undertaker with the Stunner; the Undertaker originally won the match, even though Austin?s foot was on the bottom rope, but Ric Flair had the match restarted

Summer Slam 02 – Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – August 25, 2002 (sell out)
Sunday Night Heat: Spike Dudley pinned Steven Richards with the Dudley Dog; after the match, Spike sent Richards to the floor and further assaulted him
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the Raw matches and Michael Cole & Tazz on commentary for the Smackdown! bouts; included a backstage segment in which Stephanie McMahon walked into her office to find Eric Bischoff, with the two having words until they agreed to watch the show together and prove their respective brand was superior; featured a backstage segment in which Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar discussed Lesnar’s recent victory over Hulk Hogan and facing WWE World Champion the Rock later in the show; included a vignette on WWE and the fact their season never ends; featured Jonathan Coachman conducting a backstage interview with Test, WWE Tag Team Champions Christian & Lance Storm regarding their upcoming title defense against Booker T & Goldust; included WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble & Nidia at The World in New York City in which Nidia chose a fan to make out with; featured a backstage segment with Bischoff and Stephanie in which they discussed which brand would have the WWE IC Title by the end of the night; featured an in-ring promo by Howard Finkel in which he noted he announced WrestleMania 2 at the same venue; moments later, Trish Stratus interrupted and sweet talked Finkel, distracting him until Lilian Garcia came up behind him and kicked him in the groin:
Kurt Angle defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. via submission at 9:20 with the ankle lock after blocking a hurricanrana from the top; during the bout, there were chants of both “Angle sucks” and “Let’s go Angle” (Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man)
Ric Flair defeated Chris Jericho via submission with the figure-4 at 10:21 after Jericho collided with referee Charles Robinson and Flair landed a low blow on Jericho; earlier in the bout, Flair grabbed the ring ropes while caught in the Walls of Jericho and then tapped out, leading Jericho to believe he had won
Edge pinned Eddie Guerrero with the spear after ducking a clothesline at 11:48
WWE Tag Team Champions Christian & Lance Storm defeated Booker T & Goldust when Christian pinned Booker at 9:38 after Test – who escorted the champions to the ring before the match – interfered and hit a boot to the face on Booker; immediately after interfering, Test escaped through the crowd
Rob Van Dam pinned WWE IC Champion Chris Benoit to win the title at 16:24 with the Five Star Frog Splash after reversing a back suplex off the top; Tony Chimel introduced Benoit before the bout while Howard Finkel introduced the challenger; Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon were shown watching backstage during and after the bout
The Undertaker pinned Test with the tombstone at 8:19 after kicking a steel chair into his opponent’s face; WWF Tag Team Champions Lance Storm & Christsian interfered late in the bout but Taker easily fought them off and dropped each with chokeslams; after the bout, Taker celebrated in the ring with the American flag
Shawn Michaels pinned Triple H in a non-sanctioned streetfight at 27:20 with a double leg pick up into a roll over after avoiding the Pedigree; after the match, a bloody Triple H twice hit Michaels in the back with the sledgehammer and then gave Michaels the DX chop; moments later, Michaels was tended to in the ring and eventually taken backstage on a stretcher (Michaels’ first match in more than 4 years) (Shawn Michaels: From the Vault)
Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) pinned WWE World Champion the Rock to win the title at 15:49 by blocking the Rock Bottom and hitting the F5; at about the 12-minute mark, the champion hit the Rock Bottom on Heyman through the Spanish announce table; Rock was noticably booed in the match (Rock’s last appearance for 4 months) (Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain, The History of the WWE Heavyweight Championship)

WWE (Smackdown!) @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – December 8, 2002
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman pinned Jamie Noble with the Shooting Star Press
Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Doug Basham defeated Albert, Bill DeMott, & Redd Dogg when Haas forced a submission from Redd Dogg with a leglock
Chuck Palumbo pinned John Cena (w/ Bull Buchanon) with the Jungle Kick after sending Cena into Buchanon
Shannon Moore & Spanky defeated Crash Holly & Nunzio when Spanky pinned Nunzio
Scott Steiner defeated Matt Hardy via submission with the Steiner Recliner
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Eddie & Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit via disqualification when Angle used a title belt to hit Eddie
Gail Kim defeated Dawn Marie in a Bra & Panties match; Sho Funaki was the special referee
WWE World Champion the Big Show defeated Brock Lesnar in a steel cage match after the cage broke and Show fell to the floor to win


WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – March 3, 2003
Christian pinned Jeff Hardy with the Unprettier after a failed attempt at a neckbreaker by Hardy
Chief Morley pinned Spike Dudley with the Money Shot after a slingshot suplex; had Spike won the match, the Dudley Boyz would have been reinstated; since Morley won, the suspension of Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley would continue indefinitely
Trish Stratus & Jackie defeated WWE Women?s Champion Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) & Jazz when Trish pinned Victoria with a roll up after countering a sunset flip
Chris Jericho pinned Test with a low blow and a sleeper slam after distraction from Christian; Christian forced Stacy Keibler to ringside midway through the bout to add more of a distraction to Test; after the bout, Jericho and Christian hit the Con-Chair-Two on Test and attempted to injure Stacy until Shawn Michaels made the save; Jericho laid Michaels out with a devastating chair shot before issuing a challenge to Michaels for WrestleMania
Booker T pinned Scott Steiner with a roll up out of the corner moments after Triple H and Ric Flair distracted Steiner from the rampway
Rob Van Dam & Kane defeated Al Snow & Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match when RVD simultaneously pinned both opponents following the Five Star Frog Splash
Sunday Night Heat – 3/9/03:
WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Lance Storm defeated Maven via submission with the Sharpshooter
The Hurricane pinned Steven Richards (w/ Victoria) with the Vertebreaker

WWE (Smackdown!) @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – August 31, 2003
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Nunzio with the 619 and a springboard spalsh
Doug & Danny Basham defeated Jamie Noble & Billy Gunn when Shaniqua’s interference led to Noble being pinned
Matt Hardy pinned Mortis with the Twist of Fate
Billy Kidman & Spanky defeated Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli
Albert pinned Orlando Jordan with the backbreaker
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas defeated the Acolytes after Benjamin hit the superkick on Ron Simmons
Tajiri fought Rhyno to a no contest when Vince McMahon came ringside, had the bell rung, and sent the participants backstage to he could begin the bikini contest
Sable defeated Torrie Wilson, Nidia, and Dawn Marie in a bikini contest; Vince McMahon was the guest MC
The Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar and the Big Show in a No DQ match by pinning Lesnar; after the bout, John Cena – who was the guest referee – dominated an altercation with Lesnar


WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – January 12, 2004 (6,100)
Lance Storm & Val Venis defeated Travis Tomko & Kevin Fertig following the Hart Attack
Raw – included an in-ring face-to-face confrontation between Shawn Michaels and Triple H:
WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly & Jazz (w/ Teddy Long) defeated Trish Stratus & Lita at 4:53 when Jazz pinned Trish with a roll up and using the tights for leverage after Long threw his jacket on Trish to distract her; after the bout, Chris Jericho made the save for Trish against Long and Jazz before being attacked from behind by Mark Henry
Bill Goldberg pinned Matt Hardy in an impromptu match at 2:26 with the spear and Jackhammer; the bout came about from Hardy complaining to Steve Austin about having no one to face; after the bout, Goldberg announced that he was entering the 30-man Royal Rumble match (Goldberg’s surprise return from suspension)
WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Batista (w/ WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Ric Flair) pinned D-Von Dudley (w/ Bubba Ray Dudley) with the sit-down powerbomb at 3:14, moments after Flair sent Bubba Ray into the steel steps and then the ring barrier; after the bout, Bubba Ray prevented the champions from putting D-Von through a table
Booker T defeated Kane via disqualification at 1:47 after Kane twice sent Booker head-first into the ring steps; after the bout, Kane scared officials from the ring where he hit the tombstone on a dazed Booker
Mark Henry (w/ Teddy Long & Jazz) pinned Chris Jericho with the powerslam at 7:51 after Jericho became distracted by Long on the ring apron; moments prior to the finish, Jericho made Henry tap to the Walls of Jericho but the referee was distracted by Trish Stratus and Jazz brawling in the ring and around ringside
WWE IC Champion Randy Orton pinned Rob Van Dam with a DDT off the top at 18:55 after crotching the challenger as he prepared for the Five Star Frog Splash; after the bout, Triple H came to the ring to celebrate Orton’s win; earlier in the bout, Orton reserved a ringside seat for Mick Foley and sent a limo to Foley’s house to pick him up but Foley did not show
Sunday Night Heat – 1/19/04:
Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeated the Hurricane & Rosey at 5:05 when Jindrak pinned the Hurricane after he sustained a blow to the back of the head from Cade
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Rico (w/ Jackie Gayda) pinned Tommy Dreamer at 3:27 with a spinning heel kick after Jackie hit Dreamer in the back with his own Singapore cane
Rob Conway (w/ Rene Dupree) pinned Spike Dudley with a springboard corkscrew suplex at 4:19
Scott Steiner pinned Steven Richards at 2:03 with the Flatliner; after the bout, Test came ringside and kicked Richards in the face

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – June 8, 2004
Sho Funaki defeated Carly Colon
Smackdown! – 6/10/04 – featured Eddie Guerrero hijacking John Bradshaw Layfield’s limosine, with JBL inside, eventually returning it to the arena heavily damaged; included the Undertaker ‘joining’ Paul Heyman in order to protect Paul Bearer, who had been kidnapped weeks earlier:
Kenzo Suzuki pinned Scotty 2 Hotty at 2:16 with a claw hold / outer leg sweep combo (Suzuki’s TV debut)
Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. at 11:10 with a standing West Coast Pop after Chavo collided with Chavo Guerrero Sr., who did guest commentary for the bout, on the ring apron
WWE US Champion John Cena fought Booker T to a 5-minute time-limit draw; had Booker pinned Cena, he would have earned a US title match at the Great American Bash
WWE US Champion John Cena fought Rob Van Dam to a 5-minute time-limit draw seconds after RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash but was unable to make the cover in time; had RVD pinned Cena, he would have earned a US title shot for the Great American Bash
WWE US Champion John Cena pinned Rene Dupree at 5:44 with the FU; the bout originally ran to the 5-minute limit but Smackdown! GM Kurt Angle gave in to Dupree’s request to grant him an additional 5 minutes; had Dupree pinned Cena, he would have earned a US title shot for the Great American Bash; after the contest, Booker T attacked Cena which later brought out RVD to make the save; moments thereafter, Kurt Angle scheduled a 4-way match for the Great American Bash involving all the participants; after clearing the ring, RVD and Cena had a confrontation with RVD dropping the champion to the mat
Velocity – 6/13/04:
Mark Jindrak pinned Billy Kidman with the Mark of Excellence at 4:25
Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly defeated Ken Phoenix & Jason Pacaro at 3:36 when Holly pinned Pacaro with the Alabama Slam
Spike Dudley pinned Akio with the Dudley Dog at 4:42
Rico pinned Jamie Noble at 6:53 by blocking a sunset flip


WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – January 3, 2005
Chris Masters pinned Chris Cage
Batista pinned Chris Benoit at 7:06 with the sit-down powerbomb after repeatedly ramming Benoit’s head into an exposed turnbuckle while Benoit was up in a fireman’s carry
Edge pinned Chris Jericho at 10:24 by blocking a victory roll and grabbing onto the ring ropes for leverage
WWE IC Champion Shelton Benjamin pinned Sylvian Grenier (w/ Rob Conway) at 3:18 in a non-title match with the Exploder suplex; prior to the bout, Maven came out to do guest commentary
Trish Stratus pinned Victoria at 3:06 with the kick to the head
Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko) pinned WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Eugene (w/ William Regal) at 3:44
Randy Orton pinned Triple H with the RKO at 16:43
Sunday Night Heat – 1/9/05:
Simon Dean pinned Val Venis
The Hurricane & Rosey defeated Johnny Heartbreaker & Slyk Wagner Brown
Rhyno pinned Danny Doring
Tajiri pinned Steven Richards

WWE (Smackdown!) @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – March 6, 2005 (9,500)
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Doug & Danny Basham
Mark Jindrak defeated Luther Reigns
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Paul London
Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas defeated Johnny Nitro & Joey Matthews (w/ Melina)
Booker T defeated John Heidenreich via disqualification
John Cena & the Big Show defeated WWE World Champion John Bradshaw Layfield & WWE US Champion Orlando Jordan
Torrie Wilson defeated Michelle McCool, Joy Giovanni, Dawn Marie, and Jackie Gayda in a bikini contest
The Undertaker defeated Kurt Angle


WWE (Raw) @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – February 18, 2006 (11,400)
Included Matt Striker conducting an in-ring interview with Tazz about a big announcement in which Tazz eventually locked Striker in the Tazzmission after being repeatedly interrupted; moments later, Paul Heyman came out and announced that ECW One Night Stand would return to New York in June
Rob Van Dam pinned Carlito Caribbean Cool with a spin kick and the Five Star Frog Splash
Goldust pinned Tyson Tomko with the Curtain Call
The Spirit Squad defeated Viscera & Val Venis after another Spirit Squad member interfered and hit Venis with a megaphone
Chris Masters defeated Eugene via submission with the full nelson
WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus & Mickie James defeated Candice Michelle & Victoria when Trish pinned Victoria with the Chick Kick; Ashley was the guest ring announcer for the bout
WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Kane pinned Gene Snitsky with the chokeslam
Shawn Michaels & WWE IC Champion Ric Flair defeated Triple H & Shelton Benjamin when Michaels pinned Triple H with the superkick at the same time Benjamin submitted to Flair’s figure-4; after the bout, Triple H hit the Pedigree on Benjamin
WWE World Champion John Cena pinned Edge with the FU; Mick Foley was guest referee for the bout

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – November 21, 2006 (10,500; sell out)
ECW – included an in-ring promo by Paul Heyman and ECW World Champion the Big Show in which Show ran down the list of men he’s defended the title against – the Undertaker, Ric Flair, Batista, Sabu, and the Sandman – and said no one could take the title from him; moments later, Bobby Lashley came out and after a brief struggle knocked Show to the floor with his own title belt; featured a video package highlighting the history of the elimination chamber:
Bobby Lashley pinned Matt Striker with the Dominator at 1:04; prior to the bout, Striker cut an in-ring promo on Lashley’s surprise debut last week until Lashley came out and destroyed Striker’s “classroom”
WWE IC Champion Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy defeated Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke (w/ Trinity) at 5:12 when Matt pinned Guido following the Twist of Fate / Swanton combo; prior to the bout, highlights from Jeff’s ladder title defense the night before on Raw were shown (the first Hardy Boyz tag team match after 4 years)
CM Punk defeated Kevin Thorn (w/ Arial) via submission with the Anaconda Vice at 2:24, moments after Kelly Kelly came out to cheer Punk on; after the bout, Thorn & Arial attacked Punk and Kelly from behind but Punk and Kelly eventually cleared the ring; moments later, Mike Knox was shown watching as Kelly hugged Punk in the ring
Rob Van Dam pinned Hardcore Holly in an extreme rules match at 15:49 with a Five Star Frog Splash as a steel chair was laid across Holly’s chest, moments after RVD hit a superplex onto the same chair; had Holly won the bout he would have earned RVD’s spot in the December to Dismember Extreme Elimination Chamber
Smackdown! – 11/24/06 – featured footage from the Survivor Series press conference held the previous Monday in Philadelphia, with comments from Teddy Long, Edge, WWE Women’s Champion Lita, ECW World Champion the Big Show, World Heavyweight Champion Booker T, and Batista; included a backstage segment in which Vickie Guerrero confronted WWE US Champion Chris Benoit about speaking to her attorney behind her back, with Vickie attempting to slap Benoit in the face before he grabbed her hand; featured a backstage segment in which Ken Kennedy spoke with MVP, still recovering from his steel cage match, in which he apologized to MVP and said tonight was a time of giving thanks and later on he would be giving thanks to the Undertaker; included a video package highlighting the history between King Booker and Batista; featured an in-ring promo by Ken Kennedy in which he discussed his match with the Undertaker at Survivor Series and showed various clips of their altercations over the past several weeks; moments later, the Undertaker appeared behind Kennedy in the ring, scaring him to the entrance stage; Taker then grabbed the mic and said “Survivor Series. First blood” as blood began to pour onto Kennedy; included a look at the gore in “See No Evil,” now available on DVD; featured a closing in-ring segment with World Heavyweight Champion Booker T and Sharmell in which he had Teddy Long agree that Batista’s title shot at Survivor Series would be his last, since he had faced and defeated him in the past; after Long signed Booker’s “royal decree,” Batista came out and did the same before Booker assaulted him with the table set up in the ring; Batista briefly regained control before Booker hit him in the throat with his sceptor and then broke it over his head:
MVP defeated Kane in a steel cage match at 7:29 by escaping over the cage after kicking Kane off the top rope
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms pinned Jimmy Wang Yang (w/ Amy) in a non-title match at 5:45 with the Nightmare on Helms Street after dropping Yang face-first onto the top rope
William Regal (w/ Dave Taylor) pinned WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick (w/ WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Paul London & Ashley) at 7:11 with a running knee to the head after Kendrick hit a plancha to the floor on Taylor after Taylor knocked down London and Ashley at ringside
Finlay pinned WWE US Champion Chris Benoit in a non-title match at 17:25 with the Celtic Cross after hitting Benoit with his shillalagh as the referee was distracted by Vickie and Chavo Guerrero Jr. at ringside; after the bout, Chavo twice hit the frog splash on Benoit before both he and Vickie yelled at Benoit and told him to stay out of their business
The Boogeyman fought Mike Mizanin to a no contest at around the 3-minute mark when Mizanin left the ring and the Boogeyman hit the double chokeslam on the referee after dropping worms on the referee’s shoulder; after the bout, the Boogeyman dropped worms out of his mouth onto the referee’s face


WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – October 30, 2007 (12,300; sell out)
Brett & Brian Major defeated Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre
ECW – the entrance stage was decorated with a Halloween theme for the broadcast; featured a vignette of Kane to promote the battle royal main event; included Nunzio, dressed as a vampire, backstage with several kids and leading them around trick-or-treating with Balls Mahoney, ECW World Champion CM Punk, and eventually the Boogeyman – who scared Nunzio away and put worms in the kids’ baskets; featured an ad for WrestleMania 24 tickets going on sale the following Saturday; included a Great Khali vignette to promote the night’s battle royal; featured a Mark Henry vignette to promote the night’s main event; included a Big Daddy V vignette to promote the night’s battle royal; featured an ad for the Wal-Mart exclusive “Undertaker: 15-0”:
Elijah Burke pinned Jimmy Yang Wang with the Elijah Express at 4:45 after sending Wang shoulder-first into the ringpost; prior to the bout, it was announced Burke would appear live on the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” the following night
Tommy Dreamer pinned Nunzio with the DDT at 3:34; Dreamer was dressed as Paul Heyman and Nunzio as a vampire for the bout
John Morrison pinned Mike Mizanin with the corkscrew neckbreaker at 3:24; due to pre-match stipulations, Morrison earned a ECW title shot the following week
ECW World Champion CM Punk pinned James Curtis in a non-title match with the Go To Sleep at 1:39; John Morrison provided guest commentary for the match; after the bout, Morrison attacked Punk and dropped him with the corkscrew neckbreaker
Mark Henry defeated Kane, Big Daddy V (w/ Matt Striker), and the Great Khali (w/ Runjin Singh) in a battle royal at 4:20 by last eliminating Kane; eliminations: V by Kane (2:54); Khali by Kane & Henry via a double clothesline (3:20); Kane by Henry via a bearhug throw after catching Kane as he came off the top
Smackdown! – 11/2/07 – featured an opening in-ring promo by World Heavyweight Champion Batista regarding his win at Cyber Sunday over the Undertaker and the fact their rivalry was tied at one win apiece and two draws; as Batista commented on teaming with Taker later in the show, Taker appeared and said he would watch Batista’s back because he still had the title; Batista then agreed to a rematch for the title, with Taker saying it would be a Hell in a Cell bout; included a backstage segment with Jamie Noble and Vickie Guerrero in which Vickie gave Noble the new Rey Mysterio Jr. DVD because he would be facing him later in the show; featured backstage footage before and after Eve was named the 2007 Diva Search winner Monday on Raw; included an ad for WrestleMania tickets going on sale the following Saturday; featured a backstage segment with WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions – WWE US Champion MVP & Matt Hardy – regarding Hardy being back in action the next week to defend the titles and Hardy telling MVP he had a match with Kane up next; included a vignette of ECW World Champion CM Punk to promote his appearance on Smackdown! the following week; Dee Snider & Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister were shown in attendance; featured footage from the previous week of Mysterio appearing at a Best Buy in Washington DC for an autograph session; included a backstage segment with the Great Khali, Runjin Singh, and Mark Henry regarding their tag team match later in the show against Batista & Taker:
Festus (w/ Jesse) pinned Domino (w/ Deuce & Cherry) with a fireman’s carry slam at 2:52; during the bout, it was announced the Undertaker / Batista Hell in a Cell match announced earlier in the show would take place at Survivor Series
Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Jamie Noble at 9:06 with a hurricanrana into a roll up after avoiding a powerbomb; prior to the bout, it was announced Mysterio would face Finlay the following week; Finlay sat ringside for the duration of the match; after the bout, Finlay cut a promo from ringside on facing Mysterio the next week
Kane pinned WWE US Champion & WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion MVP in a non-title match with the chokeslam at 13:33, moments after Big Daddy V & Matt Striker appeared ringside; after the bout, V attacked Kane and dropped him with a Samoan Drop
Mick Foley pinned Jonathan Coachman at 2:55 after surprise guest referee Hornswoggle hit a frog splash after Foley applied the Mandible Claw
Chuck Palumbo (w/ Michelle McCool) pinned Kenny Dykstra (w/ Victoria) with a shoulderblock off the top and Full Throttle at 3:32 after McCool knocked Victoria off the apron
World Heavyweight Champion Batista & the Undertaker defeated the Great Khali (w/ Runjin Singh) & Mark Henry via disqualification at 13:43 when John Bradshaw Layfield interfered and attacked both Batista & Taker, with Henry then locking Batista in the bearhug as Khali applied the head vice on Taker to close the broadcast


Great American Bash 08 – Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – July 20, 2008 (announced at 14,126; sell out)
Umaga pinned Ken Kennedy with the thumb strike to the throat at 4:00
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Mick Foley on commentary for Smackdown!, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for Raw, and Mike Adamle & Tazz on commentary for ECW; included an ad for “The Definitive Ric Flair Collection;” featured footage of Todd Grisham conducting a backstage interview with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk following the previous week’s Raw in which Punk responded to Batista interfering in his match with Kane and commented on his upcoming match with Batista; included a text poll in which fans were asked who they sympathized with more, Edge or Vickie Guerrero; featured Ross conducting an interview with Edge, backstage, regarding WWE World Champion Triple H causing his relationship with Vickie to end and his upcoming title match with Triple H, during which Edge said he had no more personal life and only his professional life remained; included the results of the text poll in which 45 percent sided with Vickie and 55 percent with Edge; featured Eve conducting a backstage interview with Triple H in which he said he didn’t regret his actions to Edge during the previous Smackdown!:
Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder defeated WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin, Jesse & Festus, and Finlay & Hornswoggle to win the titles at 9:14 when Hawkins pinned Jesse after causing him to fall off the top, moments after Ryder prevented Jesse & Festus from hitting a Rocket Launcher
Shelton Benjamin pinned WWE US Champion Matt Hardy to win the title at 9:35 with the Paydirt after raising his knee to block a moonsault and hitting Hardy in the face
ECW World Champion Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas) defeated Tommy Dreamer (w/ Colin Delaney) at 5:30 with the powerslam after Delaney pulled Dreamer off the turnbuckle and throat-first across the top rope
Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels via referee’s decision at 18:19 when the referee stopped the bout after Jericho repeatedly attacked a bloody gash near Michaels already injured eye; Lance Cade appeared at the 10-minute mark to be in Jericho’s corner; after the bout, Michaels was tended to by medics and helped backstage
Michelle McCool defeated Natalya Neidhart via submission with a heel hook at 4:40; stipulations stated the winner would be the first WWE Divas Champion; after the contest, Michelle was congratulated by Cherry and Eve until Chris Jericho appeared on the entrance stage and cut a promo telling the fans to take good care of their ticket stubs because Shawn Michaels’ career was over and he had sustained a detached retna
World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk fought Batista to a double disqualification at 11:04 when, after Batista caught Punk coming off the apron and hit a spinebuster on the floor, Kane attacked Batista on the floor and threw him into the ringpost and then dropped Punk with the chokeslam; after the bout, Kane, with a sack in his hand, starred at the camera and asked “Is he alive or is he dead?”; Kane then kicked a cameraman in the face and left ringside; moments later, following the decision, Punk held the title belt up in Batista’s face before Batista dropped the champion with the sit-down powerbomb and left the ring
John Bradshaw Layfield pinned John Cena in a parking lot brawl at 16:17 after throwing Cena off the stage onto a car, which Cena brought into the arena late in the bout via a forklift; there was no commentary until the 13-minute mark, when Cena used a forklift to drive a car with JBL inside from backstage into the arena; following the bout, both men were attended to by referees
WWE World Champion Triple H pinned Edge with the Pedigree at 16:46 after Edge attempted to hit the spear on an interfering Alicia Fox but speared Vickie Guerrero instead; after the bout, Chavo Guerrero Jr. came out to tend to Vickie


WWE (Raw & ECW) @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – February 27, 2009
WWE IC Champion CM Punk pinned William Regal with the Go To Sleep
Mike Knox pinned Goldust with the Hard Knox
WWE Women’s Champion Melina pinned Beth Phoenix; after the bout, Santino Marella issued an open challenge to defend Phoenix’ honor following her loss; moments later, the Boogeyman appeared, chased Marella around the ring and backstage
Kane pinned Kofi Kingston with the chokeslam
Finlay pinned Mark Henry in a Belfast Brawl after hitting him with the shillelagh while Henry was distracted by Hornswoggle
ECW World Champion Jack Swagger pinned Christian with a roll up after avoiding the Unprettier
WWE World Champion Triple H, Shawn Michaels, & John Cena defeated Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, & Vladimir Kozlov when Cena pinned Jericho with the FU following Michaels’ superkick; prior to the bout, Orton cut an in-ring promo saying Ted Dibiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes made sure earlier in the day that Triple H wouldn’t make the match; the contest continued as a 3-on-2 handicap match until Triple H arrived mid-way through the match

WWE @ Long Island, NY – Nassau Coliseum – August 4, 2009
ECW – featured an opening segment of the Abraham Washington Show in which he said he was happy to hear he was coming to New York but upset when he found out it was Long Island; Washington then commented on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin recently stepping down until Zach Ryder interrupted and laid down on one of Washington’s couches; Ryder then said he was the only good thing to come from Long Island and his girlfriend was in the crowd; the two then discussed Shelton Benjamin, with Washington saying the only reason Benjamin was on his show was because Tiffany made him and that Benjamin was boring and had no personality; Benjamin then appeared and subbed the word “smurf” to cuss out both Washington and Ryder; moments later, Benjamin brought up Ryder’s girlfriend which led to Washington officiating a sing off between the two wrestlers; Ryder and Benjamin then sang Hootie & the Blowfish’s “I Only Wanna Be With You,” with the crowd cheering Benjamin until Ryder jumped him from behind; the two then brawled over Washington’s set, knocking down one of the couches; included a backstage segment in which Tiffany spoke with Nikki & Brie Bella; moments later, a stage hand was almost run over by equipment until the Hurricane stepped in to save her; Paul Burchill then walked in, look at the camera, and said “This is rediculous;” featured Josh Mathews & Matt Striker speaking with Tommy Dreamer, backstage, about his extreme rules ECW World Title match later in the show against Christian; included the announcement WWE IC Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. would face Mike Knox Thursday on WWE Superstars:
Ezekiel Jackson pinned Danny Danger at the 38-second mark with the uranagi; after the match, Vladimir Kozlov came out, dropped Danger with the Iron Curtin, with Jackson again dropping Danger with the uranagi before leaving the ring
Sheamus pinned Goldust at 4:42 after grabbing Goldust’s ankle and pulling him off the middle turnbuckle; after the bout, Sheamus cut a promo at ringside in which he came in search of gold but ended up with dust; moments later, Goldust jumped Sheamus from behind with Sheamus then leaving ringside
ECW World Champion Christian pinned Tommy Dreamer in an extreme rules match; prior to the bout, Dreamer brought out with him a hot dog cart while Christian brought a car door
Smackdown! – 8/7/09 – featured a backstage segment of “Word Up” with Eve in which the word of the day was “pretender” and Cryme Tyme referred to WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & the Big Show as Christina and Chewbacca the Show; Jesse then showed up and wished Cryme Tyme well in their match at Summer Slam; inculded a “Did you know?” graphic which read the previous week’s show was the #1 program on TV among all male viewers, beating all programs on broadcast and cable; featured a “Did you know?” graphic which read more than 1 million females watched the previous week’s show, beating all programming on The CW, Lifetime, and Oxygen; included a backstage segment in which Melina and Maria were speaking about how happy Maria was about going to Summer Slam with Dolph Ziggler, with Maria saying Dolph wasn’t the same man outside the ring as he was inside:
World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy fought CM Punk to a no contest; prior to the bout, Punk cut an in-ring promo in which he showed footage of him attacking Hardy the previous week and then said the fans cheered Hardy because they were weak like him; Punk then brought up fans that smoke “funny cigarettes” and said the vast majority of everyone in the arena is a criminal for smoking them and are also weak for drinking; Punk then said the world deserved better and needed a strong leader like him; following his introduction, Hardy hit the ring and brawled with Punk until the two were pulled part by Mike Rotundo, Dean Malenko, and several referees; Teddy Long then appeared, followed by Vince McMahon who ordered everyone backstage; McMahon then called for a special guest enforcer for the match, to take place later in the show, and said he would make everyone wait to find out who it was; Hardy then lunged for Punk again until referees held Punk back
John Morrison pinned Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya Neidhart & David Hart Smith) with the Flying Chuck and Starship Pain at 12:35
Slam Master J pinned Charlie Haas at 3:37 with a splash off the top after knocking Haas off the top; during the bout, Cryme Tyme & Eve were shown watching on backstage (Jesse’s TV in-ring debut as Slam Master J)
Dolph Ziggler defeated Finlay, Mike Knox, and R Truth at 7:56 by pinning Finlay with the jumping reverse bulldog after Finlay hit Knox with the shillelagh behind the referee’s back; stipulations stated the winner would challenge WWE IC Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. at Summer Slam; Mysterio joined the commentary team for the bout and noted his previous wins over Kevin Nash and Bam Bam Bigelow earned him the name of the giant killer; after the contest, Ziggler confronted Mysterio on the floor until Finlay intervened, with Mysterio then laying Ziggler out at ringside
JTG (w/ Shad Gaspard) pinned WWE Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho (w/ WWE Unified Tag Team Champion the Big Show) with an inside cradle after Jericho pulled JTG away from the ropes following the Code Breaker
The Great Khali (w/ Runjin Singh) pinned Ricky Ortiz with the tree slam at the 31-second mark; after the bout, Kane attacked Khali from behind, knocking him to the floor, and then stalked Singh around the ring; Kane eventually dragged Singh up through the crowd backstage
World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy pinned CM Punk at 11:06 with a roll up as Punk argued with guest ringside enforcer Matt Hardy after Hardy pulled the referee out of the ring as Punk made the cover after blocking the Swanton; prior to the bout, Matt was announced as the ringside enforcer; after the bout, Matt left ringside with Punk then running up the ramp to try to catch him; moments later, Punk returned ringside, threw Jeff to the floor, assaulted him around ringside, then put his head in a steel chair and rammed him into the ringpost; a stretcher was then brought out for Jeff; as Punk went to leave ringside, Teddy Long appeared and ordered Punk to face Jeff at Summer Slam in a TLC match; Long then ran ringside to check on Jeff as he was fitted with a neckbrace