WWF / WWE Judgment Day Results

Judgment Day 98 – Chicago, IL – Rosemont Horizon – October 18, 1998 (18,153; 5th sell out in a row at the Horizon)
Sunday Night Heat – included Triple H officially handing over the IC title to the newly crowned champion Ken Shamrock; later in the show, Triple H, on crutches, told Shamrock that he would take him apart once he healed up; Shamrock then assaulted Triple H and repeatedly slammed Hunter’s car door into his injured leg:
Steve Blackman defeated Bradshaw
The Giant Silva, Kurrgan, & Golga defeated Jose Estrada, Miguel Perez, & Jesus Castillo when Golga pinned Jesus
The Godfather defeated Farooq
Scorpio defeated Jeff Jarrett after Al Snow interfered
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary:
Al Snow pinned Marc Mero (w/ WWF Women’s Champion Jackie) at 7:35 with the Snow Plow after avoiding the TKO; prior to the bout, Jeff Jarrett came out and demanded to wrestle Snow instead of Mero, due to Snow costing him a match earlier in the night, but was eventually sent backstage
Road Warrior Animal, Road Warrior Hawk, & Droz defeated Skull, 8-Ball, & Paul Ellering when Droz, the illegal man, slid in the ring and pinned Ellering following the Doomsday Device from Hawk & Animal at 5:55; after the bout, Hawk seemed to be upset with Droz for scoring the pin
Christian (w/ Gangrel) pinned WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku (w/ Yamaguchi-san) to win the title at 8:34 by reversing the Michinoku Driver into a cradle; during the bout, Edge was seen watching on from the crowd (Christian’s TV debut)
Goldust pinned Val Venis (w/ Terri) at 12:10 with a kick to the groin after Venis narrowly avoided colliding with Terri on the ring apron; prior to the bout, Venis attempted an in-ring promo but his mic was cut off by Goldust backstage
X-Pac (w/ Chyna) pinned WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown to win the title at 14:36 by hitting the X-Factor as D-Lo came off the top, despite interference late in the match from Mark Henry
The Headbangers defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg via disqualification at 14:01 when Road Dogg broke the Headbangers’ boom box over the back of Mosh after Gunn had sustained a number of illegal double team moves behind the referee’s back
WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock defeated Mankind at 14:35 when, after Shamrock applied the ankle lock on the challenger, Mankind put himself in the Mandible Claw until he passed out; after the bout, Shamrock continued to stomp away at Mankind and knocked out the referee as well; moments later, Mankind made it to his feet and put Shamrock in the Mr. Socko Mandible Claw
Mark Henry pinned the Rock at 5:03 with a splash as D-Lo Brown, who came ringside earlier in the bout, held Rock’s feet down from the outside; prior to the bout, Henry read a poem in the ring expressing his love for Chyna
The Undertaker fought Kane to a no contest at 14:39; late in the bout, Paul Bearer came out and double crossed Kane, allowing Taker to hit his opponent over the head with a steel chair and make the cover; moments later, guest referee Steve Austin refused to make the count and hit the Stunner on Taker, then counted both men down for 3; after the bout, Austin said he was the winner, then went backstage to confront Vince McMahon since Vince said he would fire Austin if he didn’t raise the hand of the winner; after not being able to find Vince backstage, Austin returned to the ring, where Vince appeared in a box above the entrance, alongside the Big Bossman, and publically fired Austin; the bout was to have determined the new WWF World Champion; the show came to a close with Austin saying it wouldn’t be the last time he would be in a WWF ring before he drank several beers in the ring

Judgment Day 00 – Louisville, KY – Freedom Hall – May 21, 2000
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary:
Rikishi & Too Cool defeated Kurt Angle & WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian at 9:47 after Grandmaster Sexay hit Edge with a legdrop off the top behind the referee’s back
WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chyna) defeated Perry Saturn and WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko when Guerrero pinned Malenko with an Oklahoma side roll after Malenko hit his head on Chyna’s loaded bouquet of flowers
Shane McMahon pinned the Big Show in a No DQ match at 7:11 after outside interference from Test, Albert, and Bull Buchanon, Shane trapping Show underneath a stereo, and then breaking a cinder block over Show’s head
WWF IC Champion Chris Benoit defeated Chris Jericho in a submission match at 13:26 when Benoit choked Jericho out with a modified version of the Crippler Crossface
X-Pac & the Road Dogg (w/ Tori) defeated the Dudley Boyz in a tables match at 10:55 following an X-Factor off the top onto Bubba Ray after outside interference from Gerald Brisco; the Dudleyz were the first to put their opponents through tables but the referee was knocked out
Triple H defeated WWF World Champion the Rock in a 60-minute Ironman match to win the title, 6 falls to 5; Shawn Michaels was the special referee for the bout; named Pro Wrestling Torch’s Match of the Year; fall #1: Rock pinned Triple H with the Rock Bottom at 10:44; fall #2: Triple H pinned Rock by blocking the figure-4 and hitting the Pedigree at 25:30; fall #3: Triple H pinned Rock immediately after with an inside cradle at 26:31; fall #4: Triple H pinned Rock with a piledriver at 32:27; fall #5: Rock pinned Triple H with a jumping DDT at 40:38; fall #6: Triple H is disqualified for a chair shot at 43:43; fall #7: Triple H scores the pinfall after the chair shot at 44:10; fall #8: Triple H locks on a sleeper to get the win at 47:29; fall #9: Rock won via count-out at 56:09 after hitting the Pedigree onto the commentary table; fall #10: Rock pinned Triple H with the spinebuster and People’s Elbow at 58:04 after fending off Vince & Shane McMahon; fall #11: Rock is disqualified, after the 60-minute time-limit, once the Undertaker entered the ring and took out each member of the McMahon faction – including Triple H (Taker’s surprise return after an 8-month absence) (Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come)

Judgment Day 01 – Sacramento, CA – Arco Arena – May 20, 2001 (sell out)
Sunday Night Heat:
Raven defeated Val Venis
Hardcore & Crash Holly defeated Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Paul Heyman on commentary; included the Undertaker confronting William Regal in his office and forcing him to add a no holds barred stipulation to the main event; featured WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn at WWF New York in which he argued his title should have been defended at the pay-per-view; included a vignette promoting Foley is Good:
William Regal pinned Rikishi at 3:57 with the modified neckbreaker after Rikishi injured his shoulder when Regal avoided a charge in the corner
Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match to regain his Olympic gold medals at 23:58; fall #1: Benoit pinned Angle with the Olympic Slam at 1:05 after Angle missed a top rope move; the fall could only end via pinfall; fall #2: Angle defeated Benoit with the ankle lock after hitting the Olympic Slam at 13:25; the fall could only end via submission; fall #3: Angle defeated Benoit in a ladder match to gain possession of his stolen Olympic medals after Edge & Christian came ringside, battled Benoit on the floor, and prevented him from making the save as Angle climbed the ladder to win the match; after the bout, Benoit knocked Angle to the floor
WWF Hardcore Champion Rhyno defeated the Big Show and Test at 9:13 by pinning Show following the Gore into a trash can (WWF Hardcore)
WWF Women’s Champion Chyna pinned Lita at 6:31 with a kick to the mid-section and powerbomb; late in the bout, Eddie Guerrero came out to watch the contest; after the match, the participants hugged out of respect (Chyna’s last appearance; the last WWF Women’s Title match for 6 months)
Kane pinned WWF IC Champion & WWF Tag Team Champion Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) in a chain match to win the title at 12:28 after Triple H’s tag team championship partner, WWF World Champion Steve Austin, interfered and accidentally hit the champion over the head with a steel chair before Kane knocked Austin down to the mat (The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane)
Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit (mystery partner) defeated Edge & Christian to win Tag Team Turmoil; the Acolytes defeated Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (w/ Lita) at 1:32 when Farooq pinned Saturn with a spinebuster; the Acolytes defeated the Dudley Boyz (w/ Spike Dudley) when Bradshaw pinned Bubba Ray with the Clothesline from Hell at 4:56 after Hardcore & Crash Holly came ringside and Hardcore dropped D-Von with an Alabama Slam through a table at ringside; X-Pac & Justin Credible (w/ Albert) defeated the Acolytes at 3:44 when X-Pac pinned Bradshaw when Albert swept Bradshaw’s leg as Bradshaw attempted a fall away slam and held the leg down from the floor during the cover; X-Pac & Justin Credible defeated Jeff Hardy & WWF European Champion Matt Hardy at 3:11 when X-Pac pinned Matt after Credible hit the superkick as Matt attempted the Twist of Fate; Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit defeated X-Pac & Justin Credible at 5:16 when Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho on X-Pac and Benoit applied the Crippler Crossface on Credible, moments after double teaming an interfering Albert; Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit defeated Edge & Christian at 7:10 when Christian submitted to Benoit’s Crippler Crossface after Benoit, with the help of Jericho, avoided a Con-Chair-Two; due to pre-match stipulations, Benoit & Jericho became the #1 contenders to the tag team titles
WWF World Champion & WWF Tag Team Champion Steve Austin pinned the Undertaker in a no holds barred match at 23:06 after Austin’s tag team partner, Triple H, interfered and hit the challenger in the head with the sledgehammer as Taker attempted the powerbomb on Austin, moments after Austin accidentally hit an interfering Vince McMahon over the head with a steel chair; McMahon did guest commentary for the bout early on and remained ringside for the duration of the match; late in the contest, Taker fought off Triple H’s interference and landed several chairshots to both Austin and Triple H; Kane’s music and pyro went off during the final seconds of the match and he ran out to the ring in an attempt to break Austin’s cover but Triple H held him back, with Austin and Triple H then making a hasty retreat backstage as the show came to a close

Judgment Day 02 – Nashville, TN – Gaylord Entertainment Center – May 19, 2002 (14,000)
Sunday Night Heat:
WWE European Champion William Regal defeated D-Lo Brown
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary:
WWE IC Champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Rob Van Dam at 10:47 with a backslide and putting his feet on the ropes during the cover
WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus (w/ Bubba Ray Dudley) pinned Stacy Keibler (w/ D-Von Dudley & Batista) at 3:00 with the bulldog; after the bout, D-Von and Batista put Bubba Ray through a table
Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy at 4:00 when Heyman pinned Jeff after Brock hit the F5
Steve Austin defeated Ric Flair & the Big Show in a handicap match at 15:34 when Austin pinned Flair with the Stunner after interference from the nWo backfired
Edge pinned Kurt Angle at 15:28 in a hair vs. hair match with an inside cradle after avoiding the ankle lock; after the match, Angle attacked Edge before Edge eventually dropped Angle with the DDT and dragged him to the barber’s chair positioned near the entrance stage; moments later, Angle attempted to escape backstage but Edge went after him; Angle eventually jumped Edge from behind backstage, with the brawl then returning to the entrance stage; Angle then grabbed a mic and said he would cut Edge’s hair; as the fight continued, Edge avoided an Olympic Slam on the podium and locked on a sleeper; after Angle passed out, Edge positioned Angle in the chair, sheared his head, and then lathered it with shaving cream; Edge then slapped Angle on the back to wake him up and then prompted the crowd into chanting “You’re bald” instead of “You suck” (Edge: A Decade of Decadence)
Triple H pinned Chris Jericho in a Hell in a Cell match at 24:29 by pinning Jericho on the roof of the cell after hitting him over the head with a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire and following with the Pedigree; the two left the cell late in the bout and climbed to the top when the door was opened to allow officials to check on knocked out referee Tim White (Hell in a Cell)
Rikishi & Rico (mystery partner) defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo to win the titles at 3:50 when Rikishi pinned Palumbo after Rico accidentally kicked Palumbo when Rikishi moved out of the way, with Rikishi then kicking Rico before making the cover; prior to the bout, Rico escorted the champions to the ring; following the ring entrances, Howard Finkel receiced a note identifying Rico as Rikishi’s partner, as chosen by Vince McMahonThe Undertaker pinned WWE World Champion Hulk Hogan to win the title at 11:20 with a chair shot and chokeslam after Hogan attacked Vince McMahon, who came ringside late in the contest as Hogan was about to win the match (Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker)

Judgment Day 03 – Charlotte, NC – Coliseum – May 18, 2003
Sunday Night Heat – featured Josh Matthews interviewing Sable backstage regarding her bikini challenge against Torrie Wilson later in the show; included Eric Bischoff speaking with Chief Morley backstage in which Morley said he was there to compete in the WWE IC title battle royal but not as Chief Morley; featured Terri interviewing WWE Women’s Champion Jazz & Teddy Long regarding the four-way women’s title match later in the show; included Matthews interviewing WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas regarding Chavo Guerrero Jr.’s injury and their tag team ladder match:
The Hurricane pinned Steven Richards with the Shining Wizard at 2:59 (Judgment Day 03)
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the Raw matches and Michael Cole & Tazz on commentary for the Smackdown! matches; included an opening segment in which Raw co-GM Steve Austin came out and said he would be watching every match from the sky box; Austin then shared a beer with Tazz outside the ring and walked through the crowd to the sky box; included Eric Bischoff joining Austin as he was enjoying a hotdog and beer at his sky box; several members of the Carolina Panthers were shown in attendance; featured Gregory Helms, in newspaper reporter garb, interviewing Mr. America backstage in which they questioned each other’s secret identity; included Josh Matthews interviewing Eddie Guerrero backstage in which he introduced Tajiri as his surprise tag team partner, subbing for an injured Chavo Guerrero Jr.; featured a segment in the sky box in which Austin and Bischoff put over the ladder match before Austin criticized Bischoff’s style of beer drinking and said he would throw him out if Bischoff didn’t start drinking it right; included Terri interviewing Chris Jericho backstage regarding his participation in the WWE IC Championship battle royal, with Roddy Piper interrupting and the two insulting each other; featured a IC title history video package with highlights featuring Pat Patterson, Ken Patera, Don Muraco, Pedro Morales, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, the Honkytonk Man, the Ultimate Warrior, Davey Boy Smith, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Ricky Steamboat, Jeff Jarrett, Triple H, Chyna, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Rikishi, Edge, Christian, Eddie Guerrero, Kane, Goldust, Steve Austin, the Rock, and many others; included Sable confronting Torrie Wilson backstage prior to their bikini challenge; featured Austin and Bischoff in the sky box in which Bischoff was sick from all the food and beer Austin forced him to have; included Sean O’Haire speaking with Piper backstage in which he told Piper to forget about Jericho; moments later, Vince McMahon appeared and gave Piper a pep talk before his match with Hulk Hogan; featured Triple H walking out for his title defense in which he was stopped by Stephanie McMahon, who told him to be careful; included a commercial for Freddie Blassie’s book Listen You Pencil-Necked Geeks; featured Austin and Bischoff in the sky box in which Bischoff vomitted out the sky box window, with Austin then pouring beer on him:
John Cena, Chuck Palumbo, & Johnny Stamboli (w/ Nunzio) defeated Chris Benoit, Rhyno, & Brian Kendrick at 3:57 when Palumbo pinned Kendrick following a backbreaker / legdrop off the top double team by the FBI, after blocking an attempt at the Sliced Bread #2; at the same time of the pinfall, Benoit had Cena caught in the Crippler Crossface
Sylvian Grenier & Rene Dupree defeated Scott Steiner & Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) when Grenier pinned Steiner at 6:21 following a spinebuster double team, moments after Test accidentally kicked his partner in the face and was dumped to the floor; after the bout, Stacy checked on Steiner until Test ordered her to leave ringside with him instead
Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri (sub. for Chavo Guerrero Jr.) defeated WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas in a ladder match to win the titles at 14:17 when Guerrero grabbed the title belts after Tajiri sprayed green mist into Benjamin’s eyes as all three men were climbing the ladder (Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn)
Christian won a 9-man battle royal by last eliminating Booker T in order to win the reinstated WWE Intercontinental Title at 11:43; order of elimination: Lance Storm by WWE Raw Tag Team champion Kane (0:44); Kane by Chris Jericho, Christian, Booker T, Goldust, Test, and Val Venis (1:07); after his elimination, Kane returned to the ring and assaulted each of the other participants; Test by Booker (1:50); Venis by Goldust (1:56); WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Rob Van Dam by Jericho via a springboard dropkick (2:07); Goldust by Booker as Goldust attempted to throw Booker out (4:44); Jericho by Christian via pushing him off the ropes as Jericho attempted the Lionsault on Booker (8:14); Booker eliminated Christian at 10:34 with a Harlem side kick as Christian stood on the apron but the referee was knocked out; when Booker’s music began playing, Pat Patterson, who sat ringside for the match, went to present Booker with the title belt but was punched out by Christian, who then hit Booker with the belt, and dumped him to the floor as the referee came to; prior to the bout, Steve Austin told Eric Bischoff in the sky box he rehired Venis after Bischoff fired Chief Morley the previous week (the surprise return of the Val Venis character after a 6-month absence)
Torrie Wilson defeated Sable in a bikini challenge; Tazz was the MC for the contest; after the cheers were about even for each woman, Torrie took off her bikini to reveal a smaller diamond bikini underneath; moments later, before leaving the ring, Torrie kissed Sable on the lips
Mr. America (w/ Zach Gowan) pinned Roddy Piper (w/ Sean O’Haire) with the legdrop at 4:56 after O’Haire accidentally hit Piper with a lead pipe as Vince McMahon, who came out late in the match, distracted the referee; prior to the bout, Hogan introduced Gowan, the fan who Piper assaulted the previous week on Smackdown!, as his cornerman; Gowan grabbed McMahon during the finish, preventing him from getting in the ring
Kevin Nash defeated World Heavyweight Champion Triple H via disqualification at 7:49 when the champion hit referee Earl Hebner with his sledgehammer as Hebner attempted to stop Triple H from using the weapon on Nash; prior to the bout, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair were scheduled to be in the participants’ corners but were ejected for brawling before the opening bell; after the bout, Nash dropped Triple H with a Snake Eyes onto an exposed turnbuckle and hit the powerbomb; moments later, Sgt. Slaughter, Terry Taylor, Tony Garea, and referees came out to help the champion backstage but Nash jumped the champion, fought off Flair, shoved away Michaels, and hit the powerbomb on Triple H through the Raw announce table near the entranceway
WWE Women’s Champion Jazz (w/ Teddy Long) defeated Trish Stratus, Victoria (w/ Stevie Richards), and Jackie at 4:49 by pinning Jackie with a DDT after splashing Jackie as she had Victoria covered with a northern lights suplex
WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar defeated the Big Show in a stretcher match at 15:28; late in the contest, after failing to be able to properly put Show on the stretcher, the champion went backstage where he later returned driving a forklift to ringside; as Lesnar was gone, Rey Mysterio Jr. made a surprise appearance by coming through the crowd and hitting the 619 on the challenger and distracting him long enough for Lesnar to return, hit a crossbody off the forklift into the ring, a vertical suplex, a modified version of the F5, placed Show on the stretcher and forklift, and put it in reverse to cross the yellow line near the entranceway and win the match (Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain)

Judgment Day 04 (Smackdown!) – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center – May 16, 2004 (18,722; 13,500 paid; sell out)
Sunday Night Heat: Mark Jindrak (w/ Theodore Long) pinned Sho Funaki with the Mark of Excellence at 3:46
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Michael Cole & Tazz on commentary; included a vignette promoting WrestleMania 21 taking place at the Staples Center; featured a vignette promoting the debut of Kenzo Suzuki:
Rey Mysterio Jr. & Rob Van Dam defeated the Dudley Boyz at 15:20 when RVD pinned D-Von with the Five Star Frog Splash after Mysterio hit a 619 on both opponents; RVD’s music briefly played around the 11-minute mark of the match, foreshadowing the outcome
Torrie Wilson pinned Dawn Marie with a backslide at 6:16; prior to the bout, Luther Reigns pushed a giant box out to ringside, with Kurt Angle then coming out the top in a red, white, and blue wheelchair; Angle cut a promo saying he expected a riot from the LA fans after JBL wins the WWE World Title from Eddie Guerrero in the main event and that he would be leaving immediately after the show so as not to be eaten by a giant earthquake; Angle then blamed Torrie Wilson for the fact he was in a wheelchair and said that if she lost her match then she would be fired
Mordecai pinned Scotty 2 Hotty with a short-arm clothesline and crucifix powerbomb at 3:02 (Mordecai’s TV debut)
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Rico (w/ Jackie Gayda) defeated Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn at 10:27 when Haas pinned Holly with a sunset flip-like roll over after Rico hit a superkick as Holly attempted the Alabama Slam on Haas
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/ Chavo Guerrero Sr.) pinned WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jackie to win the title at 4:50 with a Gory Bomb after dropping Jackie throat-first across the top rope; the challenger wrestled with one arm tied behind his back, per pre-match stipulations, but Chavo Sr. untied the arm late in the contest behind the referee’s back, allowing Chavo Jr. to use his arm illegally as Chavo Sr. distracted referee Charles Robinson; after the bout, Chavo Jr. cut an in-ring promo saying his actions were the result of those who laughed at him for losing to a girl before he then kicked Jackie in the ribs
WWE US Champion John Cena pinned Rene Dupree with the FU at 9:56 after catching the challenger as he attempted to use the turnbuckle to jump over Cena as the champion rushed the corner
The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) pinned Booker T with a chokeslam and the tombstone at 11:28, despite Booker throwing a face full of dirt in Taker’s face moments earlier
John Bradshaw Layfield defeated WWE World Champion Eddie Guerrero via disqualification at 23:11 when the champion hit Layfield in the head with the title belt, moments after the challenger brought it in the ring to use as a weapon; prior to the bout, JBL cut an in-ring promo guaranteeing he would win the match; late in the contest, Guerrero sustained heavy blood loss after a chair shot to the head from JBL; after the match, Guerrero continued to assault JBL and bloodied him after landing two chair shots to the head and a Frog Splash; moments later, as referees helped JBL backstage, Guerrero attacked Layfield in the aisle until he was pulled away by referees and officials Arn Anderson, Steve Keirn, Fit Finlay, and Dean Malenko (Viva La Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero)

Judgment Day 05 (Smackdown!) – Minneapolis, MN – Target Center – May 22, 2005 (9,500)
Sunday Night Heat: Nunzio pinned Akio with a crucifix at 3:29 as Akio argued with the referee over a near fall (Judgment Day 05)
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Michael Cole & Tazz on commentary; Roberto Duran was in attendance for the event:
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury (w/ Melina) defeated Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas at 8:05 when Mercury pinned Haas following the Snapshot after Nitro hit a knee to the back and dropped Haas throat-first across the top rope behind the referee’s back
Carlito Caribbean Cool (w/ Matt Morgan) pinned the Big Show at 4:44 after Morgan interfered, kicked Show in the face as Show attempted the chokeslam on Carlito, and followed with an F5
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. at 10:42 with the 450 splash after backdropping the challenger from the top rope
Booker T pinned Kurt Angle at 14:08 with a cradle after blocking the Olympic Slam; after the bout, Sharmell came ringside to celebrate Booker’s win; moments later, Angle attacked Booker and threw him to the floor before dragging Sharmell inside the ring and attempting to handcuff her to the top rope; Booker then made the save, handcuffed Angle to the rope, and let Sharmell slap Angle and kick him in the groin
WWE US Champion Orlando Jordan pinned John Heidenreich with a DDT at 4:55; prior to the bout, Heidenreich brought a young girl named Alice out of the crowd, referring to her as his friend, and read her a poem; after the bout, Alice helped Heidenreich up and the two marched around the ring
Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Eddie Guerrero via disqualification at 18:28 when Guerrero struck Mysterio with a steel chair as Mysterio attempted the springboard legdrop after hitting the 619; moments earlier, Chavo Guerrero Jr. distracted the referee from the ring apron as Guerrero grabbed the chair from ringside; after the bout, Eddie repeatedly hit Rey with the chair until referees and officials, among them Fit Finlay and Steve Kiern, swarmed the ring (Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man)
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated John Bradshaw Layfield in an I Quit Match at 22:44 when the challenger submitted when Cena threatened to hit him with the exhaust pipe from a freight truck; moments later, Cena hit him with the weapon anyway, knocking JBL through the stage; prior to the bout, the champion came out on the back of the truck, alongside a DJ, and walked across JBL’s limo on his way to the ring; after the bout, Cena regained possession of the original WWE World Title belt and celebrated with that and his custom spinner belt as the show came to a close (John Cena: My Life)

Judgment Day 06 (Smackdown!) – Phoenix, AZ – US Airways Center – May 21, 2006 (announced as 15,421; 9,800 paid; sell out)
Matt Hardy pinned Simon Dean
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Michael Cole & Tazz on commentary; included highlights of the 1993, 1996, and 2000 King of the Ring finals; featured a backstage promo by WWE US Champion John Bradshaw Layfield regarding the night’s main event until he had a confrontation with Chavo Guerrero Jr.; WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham, Arizona Diamondbacks’ Luis Gonzalez, famed one-legged high school wrestler Anthony Robles, and several members of the Phoenix Suns were in attendance for the show; included a backstage segment in which Melina & Johnny Nitro barged into Teddy Long’s office to demand he do something about their losses of the night, with Melina slapping Long when he said he wasn’t going to do anything; Long then fired Melina and fired Nitro when he got in Long’s face as well; featured a look at Kane’s role in “See No Evil”:
Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeated WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury (w/ Melina) to win the titles at 13:44 when London pinned Mercury with a roll up and roll over after Mercury collided with Nitro on the ring apron, sending Nitro into Melina on the floor; after the match, Melina slapped Mercury and blamed him for the loss with Nitro then attacking Mercury from behind as he attempted to get at Melina; Nitro and Mercury brawled in and out of the ring for several minutes, and Melina gave the referee a low blow when he tried to intervene, until officials and Teddy Long came out to break it up, with Long being knocked down in the melee
Chris Benoit defeated Finlay via submission with the Crippler Crossface at 21:11
Jillian Hall pinned Melina with a sunset flip out of the corner at 4:17, though Melina grabbed the bottom rope during the cover; prior to the bout, Johnny Nitro escorted Melina to the ring but was sent backstage by the referee; after the match, Kristal came out to interview Melina at ringside, with Melina trying to attack Kristal but Kristal fought her off
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms pinned Super Crazy by reversing a hurricanrana into a powerbomb and putting his feet on the ropes for leverage at 9:56
Mark Henry defeated Kurt Angle via count-out at 9:11 after splashing Angle against the steel ringpost; after the bout, Angle fought off an attack from Henry, repeatedly hit him with a steel chair, and applied the ankle lock on the floor until he was pulled off by officials; moments later, Angle dropped Henry with an Olympic Slam onto the commentary table and finished with a chairshot to the head that caused Henry to fall through the table
King of the Ring Finals: Booker T (w/ Sharmell) pinned Bobby Lashley at 9:15 with the scissors kick after Finlay interfered and hit Lashley in the face with his shillelagh as Sharmell distracted the referee; after the bout, Booker and Sharmell celebrated at the entranceway, with Booker putting on the King of the Ring robe and crown until Lashley speared him out of the throne (The Best of King of the Ring)
The Great Khali (w/ Daivari) pinned the Undertaker by placing one foot on his chest at 8:32 after a boot to the face, a chop to the head, and a second kick to the face as Taker attempted to get to his feet
World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned WWE US Champion John Bradshaw Layfield at 15:56 with the 619 and frog splash after kicking a steel chair into the challenger’s face, moments after JBL punched out replacement referee Charles Robinson; Mysterio’s wife Angie was shown throughout the match sitting ringside; after the bout, Chavo Guerrero Jr. came out and celebrated Mysterio’s victory (Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man)

Judgment Day 07 – St. Louis, MO – Scotttrade Center – May 20, 2007 (10,500; 9,399 paid)
Kane pinned William Regal with the chokeslam
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary for the Raw matches, Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield on commentary for Smackdown!, and Joey Styles & Tazz on commentary for ECW; included Todd Grisham conducting a backstage interview with Shawn Michaels regarding his recent concussion and match later in the night against Randy Orton, during which Orton attacked Michaels from behind and threw him head-first into the interview set; featured backstage footage of a physician telling Michaels he was unable to compete in his match due to the attack; included Kristal conducting a backstage interview with World Heavyweight Champion Edge about his recent title win and his title defense later in the night against Batista; featured Grisham conducting a backstage interview with the Great Khali and Runjin Singh regarding Kahli’s match against WWE World Champion John Cena later in the show:
Ric Flair defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool via submission with the figure-4 at 15:35 after repeatedly stomping Carlito’s legs
Bobby Lashley defeated ECW World Champion Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, & Umaga in a handicap match at 1:15 by pinning Shane with the running powerslam; after the bout, Lashley celebrated with the title until he was attacked from behind by Umaga, with Vince then grabbing the mic and stating the only way Lashley could win the title was by beating Vince and since that didn’t happen Vince was still the champion
CM Punk pinned Elijah Burke with the Go To Sleep at 17:12 after avoiding the Elijah Experience
Randy Orton defeated Shawn Michaels at 4:30 when the referee stopped the match after Michaels collapsed while attempting the superkick; after the bout, just as the referee helped Michaels to his feet, Orton dropped him with the RKO; moments later, Michaels’ wife Rebecca ran into the ring and was followed soon thereafter by medics; Michaels was then placed on a stretcher and taken backstage
WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch at 15:05 when Jeff pinned Cade following the Twist of Fate / Swanton combo; Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield provided commentary for the match; after the bout, the champions extended their hands to Cade & Murdoch, who shook them (Twist of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story)
World Heavyweight Champion Edge pinned Batista at 10:39 with a roll up immediately after Batista hit a spinebuster and injured his taped right leg
MVP defeated WWE US Champion Chris Benoit in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 14:28 to win the title, 2 falls to none; fall #1: MVP pinned Benoit at 8:32 with the Playmaker after Benoit’s injured leg went out as he attempted an electric chair; fall #2: MVP pinned Benoit with an inside cradle after kicking Benoit’s bad leg; there was a 60-second rest period between falls
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated the Great Khali via submission with the STFU at 8:15 after hitting a legdrop off the top; the challenger’s foot was under the bottom rope during the finish but the referee didn’t notice (Khali’s first submission loss)

Judgment Day 08 – Omaha, NE – Qwest Center – May 18, 2008 (10,663; 2,000 short of a sell out)
WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeated Carlito & Santino Marella
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary for Raw, Michael Cole & Mick Foley on commentary for Smackdown!, & Mike Adamle & Tazz on commentary for ECW; included a text poll in which fans could vote on who they thought would win the World Heavyweight Championship match; featured footage from WWE.com’s “The Dirt Sheet” in which WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin in which they dressed up as CM Punk & ECW World Champion Kane, respectively, to make fun of them; included Todd Grisham conducting a backstage interview with WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James regarding her upcoming title defense, during which John Bradshaw Layfield interrupted – scaring Mickie off – and claimed he beat John Cena earlier in the show because Cena was the one being tended to in the trainer’s room; featured a backstage segment with Shawn Michaels and Batista in which Batista said he would pick the time and the place to hurt Michaels for faking his knee injury; included the results of the text poll in which 85% voted the Undertaker to win; featured a pre-taped promo by Randy Orton regarding his WWE World Title reign and rematch against Triple H later in the show:
John Cena pinned John Bradshaw Layfield with the FU at 15:05 after avoiding a short-arm clothesline; after the bout, William Regal was shown watching the show from the skybox
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin defeated ECW World Champion Kane & CM Punk at 7:13 when Morrison pinned Punk with the Moonlight Drive after Kane hit a chokeslam on Mizanin outside the ring
Shawn Michaels pinned WWE IC Champion Chris Jericho in a non-title match at 15:54 by reversing the Walls of Jericho into a roll up; after the match, Jericho offered his hand to Michaels, who relunctantly shook it before leaving the ring (WWE Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels)
WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James defeated Melina and Beth Phoenix by pinning Melina with the DDT at 4:43 after Melina knocked Phoenix to the floor
The Undertaker defeated Edge via count-out at 16:17 after pulling Edge off the apron into the barricade after both men began fighting on the floor; Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder appeared ringside at the 10-minute mark, distracting referee Charles Robinson as Edge took the protective covering off one of the turnbuckles; the match was to have decided the held up World Heavyweight Title but Vickie Guerrero appeared, alongside Hawkins & Ryder, after the match and announced that because the title can only be won via pinfall or submission then the title remained vacant; following the announcement, Taker dragged Edge back into the ring and dropped him with the tombstone, with Vickie then calling him a son of a bitch; Hawkins & Ryder then pulled Edge from the ring and helped him backstage as Taker stood in the ring with the title belt
Jeff Hardy pinned MVP with the Whisper in the Wind in an unadvertised match at 9:44; prior to the bout, MVP cut an in-ring promo claiming it was wrong of him to be left off the show and made an open challenge to anyone backstage; moments later, WWE US Champion Matt Hardy appeared and said that, while he had already proven he was better than MVP, someone else backstage wanted to prove he was better than MVP too; Michael Cole & Mick Foley provided commentary for the match
WWE World Champion Triple H pinned Randy Orton in a steel cage match at 21:12 with the Pedigree after avoiding Orton’s kick to the head and hitting him over the head with a steel chair; after the match, Triple H climbed to the top of the cage and posed with the title belt

Judgment Day 09 – Chicago, IL – AllState Arena – May 17, 2009 (13,443; announced at 14,822; sell out)
Pay-per-view bouts – featured Jim Ross & Todd Grisham on commentary for Smackdown!, Josh Mathews & Matt Striker on commentary for ECW, and Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler on commentary for Raw; included a backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and the Big Show regarding John Cena being cleared to wrestle, with Show saying Cena would join Triple H on the injured list when Show was done with him; moments later, World Heavyweight Champion Edge walked in to speak with Vickie, with Show and Chavo then leaving; featured a backstage segment with Chavo and Edge in which Chavo questioned what Edge wanted with Vickie, with Edge calling Chavo an embarassment because he didn’t do anything about Santino Marella calling Vickie a pig; several members of the Chicago Bears were shown in attendance; included an ad for the WrestleMania 25 DVD; featured an in-ring promo from Mike Mizanin in which he referred to John Morrison as Marty Jannetty and, because John Cena already had plans for the night, pointed out Alfonso Sariano of the Chicago Cubs in the crowd and insulted the Cubs; Mizanin then said if Sariano didn’t like what he had to say, he would win a World Series or be Cena’s stand-in by facing Mizanin in the ring; Mizanin then opted out because he wanted Sariano to suffer his yearly injury on the field instead of off and proclaimed himself the winner by forfeit; Santino Marella then interrupted to stand up for Sariano, believing him to be Italian, and said several WWE stars were starting to look like animals; Marella said Vickie resembled a pig, Vladimir Kozlov looked like Sam the eagle from the Muppets, and Mizanin looked like a jackass; moments later, the two began brawling in the ring with Mizanin eventually hitting a DDT before leaving the ring; Chavo then ran in the ring and hit the frog splash on Marella; included a “Do Not Try This At Home” public service announcement; featured Matthews conducting a backstage interview with Chris Jericho regarding his claim there was a conspiracy against him and his upcoming match against WWE IC Champion Rey Mysterio Jr., during which Jericho guaranteed there would be no 619 and that he would win the title; included an ad for Extreme Rules 09; featured an ad for the “Terminator Salvation” video game:
Umaga pinned CM Punk at 11:54 with a back splash in the corner and thumb strike to the throat after Punk failed an attempt at the Go To Sleep
ECW World Champion Christian pinned Jack Swagger at 9:35 with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage after avoiding a clothesline
John Morrison pinned Shelton Benjamin (w/ Charlie Haas) at 10:10 with the Starship Pain after knocking Haas off the apron and hitting a springboard kick to the head
WWE IC Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Chris Jericho at 12:38 with the 619 and springboard splash after Jericho hit his head on the middle turnbuckle
Batista defeated WWE World Champion Randy Orton via disqualification at 14:43 when the champion slapped referee Mike Chioda; after the bout, Ted Dibiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes helped gang up on Batista until Ric Flair ran out to make the save, with Batista then dropping Orton with the sit-down powerbomb; moments later, Flair knocked Rhodes to the floor with a series of chops and then hugged Batista (Flair’s surprise return)
John Cena pinned the Big Show at 14:59 with the FU after avoiding Show’s punch to the face; after the bout, Cena celebrated at ringside with Alfonso Sariano (The John Cena Experience)
World Heavyweight Champion Edge pinned Jeff Hardy with a DDT off the top at 19:55; late in the bout, Matt Hardy, in the crowd, struck the challenger with his hand cast behind the referee’s back (WWE’s Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2009-2010)