ECW World Title History

4/26/92; Philadelphia, PA; Original Sports Bar
– Johnny Hot Body pinned ECW Champion Jimmy Snuka to win the title

7/14/92; Philadelphia, PA; Original Sports Bar
– Jimmy Snuka pinned ECW Champion Johnny Hot Body to win the title

9/30/92; Philadelphia, PA; Chestnut Cabaret
– Don Muraco pinned ECW Champion Jimmy Snuka to win the title

11/16/92; Philadelphia, PA; Chestnut Cabaret
– Mr. Sandman defeated ECW Champion Don Muraco to win the title

8/8/93; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– Tito Santana defeated ECW Champion Don Muraco to win the title

NWA Bloodfest: Part 2 – 10/2/93; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
Hardcore TV – 11/2/93: Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) pinned ECW Champion Shane Douglas to win the title

– 11/13/93: Sabu also won the ECW TV Title by defeating Terry Funk at the ECW Arena.

3/26/94; Valley Forge, PA
Hardcore TV Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes, & Public Enemy defeated ECW Champion Terry Funk, Road Warrior Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, & the Tazmaniac in a Wargames match at 22:20 when Douglas pinned Funk after suffocating Funk with a plastic bag; due to pre-match stiupulations, Douglas won the ECW Title

– 8/27/94: Shane Douglas renamed the Eastern Championship Wrestling title to the Extreme Championship Wrestling world title after winning the vacant NWA World title at the ECW Arena and then throwing it down in favor of the ECW belt.

Hostile City Showdown – 4/15/95; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– The Sandman pinned ECW World Champion Shane Douglas (w/ Woman) to win the title at 7:52 when the challenger fell backwards on top of Douglas after Woman hit Douglas in the leg with Sandman’s cane as the champion had a Crossface Chicken Wing applied; after the bout, the crowd chanted “You got fucked” and “Shane is Dead” at Douglas before Douglas put on a WWF Monday Night Raw t-shirt; moments later, Douglas grabbed the mic and told the crowd to kiss his ass before then leaving the arena through the crowd; the crowd chanted “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” towards Douglas as Sandman and Woman celebrated in the ring

10/28/95; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– Mikey Whipwreck pinned ECW World Champion the Sandman to win the title in a ladder match at around the 7-minute mark with a splash onto a ladder, pinning the champion underneath, after repeatedly hitting him with the ladder; the match could only be won via pinfall or submission; during the ring introductions, Steve Austin came out, climbed a ladder which was set up in the ring, and cut a promo on the challenger, champion, and Woman, saying he would soon have the belt; immediately after the bout began, Austin threw Woman over his shoulder and took her backstage; after the bout, Cactus Jack, Axl Rotten, and several others came out to congratulate the new champion

December to Dismember 95; 12/9/95; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– ECW Tag Team Champion the Sandman (w/ Woman) defeated ECW World Champion Mikey Whipwreck and Steve Austin in an elimination match to win the title at 20:05; Austin pinned Whipwreck with the Stun Gun at 12:34 after knocking Sandman off the apron; Sandman pinned Austin after hitting him in the back of the head with Austin’s own brass knuckles, even though Austin’s foot was on the bottom rope during the cover (Austin’s debut with short hair) (Austin’s last appearance)

1/27/96; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– Raven (w/ Stevie Richards, the Blue Meanie, & Kimona Wanalaya) pinned ECW World Champion the Sandman (w/ Woman) to win the title with a DDT onto a steel chair after the champion missed a legdrop off the top onto the chair; late in the bout, Sandman assaulted an interfering Richards and the Blue Meanie; moments later, Cactus Jack appeared and dropped Sandman with a double arm DDT onto a steel chair; Tommy Dreamer then came out and attacked Cactus, Richards, and Meanie, with Shane Douglas coming out to help as well (Woman’s last appearance)

10/5/96; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer (w/ Beulah McGillicutty) defeated Stevie Richards (w/ the Blue Meanie, Nova, & Lori Fullington) & Brian Lee at 14:24 when Sandman pinned Richards with a DDT after avoiding being hit with a Singapore cane; stipulations stated whomever defeated Richards would win Raven’s ECW World Title, Lee would be shaved bald if he was pinned, and Sandman would be canned if he was pinned; during the match, Lee and Dreamer fought their way into the men’s room; moments later, they fought their way to the eagle’s nest where Lee dropped Dreamer with a chokeslam through four tables set up on the floor

12/7/96; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– Raven pinned ECW World Champion the Sandman in a barbed wire match to win the title at 17:40 with a DDT onto a broken table; prior to the bout, Raven was escorted to the ring by Lori and Tyler Fullington; moments later, Tod Gordon came out and sent them backstage

Barely Legal 97; 4/13/97; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– Terry Funk pinned ECW World Champion Raven to win the title with an inside cradle at 7:20; late in the bout, Reggie Bennett interfered on behalf of the champion and dropped Funk with a sit-down powerbomb; moments later, Raven grabbed the mic and said he would put Funk through three tables and end his career right in front of Dreamer; Big Dick Dudley then appeared on the stage behind Dreamer at the commentary table and attempted to chokeslam Dreamer through the three tables set up below but Dreamer knocked Big Dick off the stage and through the tables before going to the ring and dropping Raven with the DDT; after the match, Dreamer celebrated with Funk

Born to Be Wired; 8/9/97; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– Sabu (w/ Bill Alphonso) pinned ECW World Champion Terry Funk to win the title in a barbed wire match at 20:40 after wrapping himself in barbed wire and hitting a legdrop on top of Funk, also wrapped in barbed wire, through a table on the floor; the pinfall came a couple minutes later after both men pulled themselves back inside the ring and were connected by the barbed wire; Funk attacked Alphonso during the bout with the barbed wire; late in the match, Rob Van Dam attacked Funk on behalf of the challenger but was dropped with a DDT onto a trash can lid by Tommy Dreamer and carried backstage; after the bout, medics and Tommy Dreamer attended to the two men in an attempt to cut them apart

Hardcore Heaven 97; 8/17/97; Ft. Lauderdale, FL
– Shane Douglas (w/ Francine) defeated ECW World Champion Sabu (w/ Bill Alphonso) and Terry Funk in an elimination match to win the title at 26:37; Alphonso and an interfering Tod Gordon were both put through a table by Sabu via a legdrop off the top mid-way through the match; Gordon was placed on the table by Douglas, while Funk put Alphonso on the table without Sabu knowing; moments later, officials pulled both men out of the ring and took them backstage; Douglas and Funk pinned Sabu at 19:34 with a double roll up after the Sandman came out and assaulted Sabu with a ladder until he was pulled out of the ring by officials; moments later, Sabu hit a springboard splash over Funk to hit Sandman in the aisle; moments later, the two brawled their way backstage; during the final moments of the contest, Al Snow, Tracy Smothers, Little Guido, PG-13, Mikey Whipwreck, and several others came out to watch; late in the match, Dory Funk Jr. appeared to counter Francine’s interference and attacked Douglas before leaving ringside; Douglas pinned Funk with the belly to belly suplex after Funk kicked out after sustaining a series of them

10/16/97; Queens, NY; Elk’s Lodge
Hardcore TV – 10/24/97: Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Rick Rude) pinned ECW World Champion Shane Douglas (w/ Francine & Chris Candido) in an impromptu match to win the title at 6:50 with a powerbomb; prior to the bout, Candido and Tammy Sytch came out to try to talk Bigelow out of the match but he shoved them away; after the bout, Rude celebrated with Bigelow in the ring

November to Remember 97 – 11/30/97; Monaca, PA; Golden Dome
– Shane Douglas (w/ Francine on crutches, recovering from a fractured pelvis) pinned ECW World Champion Bam Bam Bigelow to win the title at 25:01 with a belly to belly suplex through a table after avoiding a powerbomb off the top through the same table; both Chris Candido and Lance Storm were banned from ringside for the duration of the match but attempted to interfere at the 19:30 mark only for Bigelow to press slam the challenger onto them at ringside; Bigelow played the heel for the match since it was near Douglas’ hometown of Pittsburgh; after the bout, Candido and Storm came to the ring to check on the condition of the new champion

Guilty as Charged 99 – 1/10/99; Kissimmee, FL; Millennium Theater
– Taz defeated ECW World Champion Shane Douglas (w/ Francine) to win the title at 22:20 via submission with the Tazmission; Douglas’s hand was in a cast for the match; late in the bout, the lights in the arena went out with ECW Tag Team Champion Sabu then appearing amid pyro and attacking both men – putting Douglas through a table on the floor and Taz through a table in the ring – before returning backstage with Bill Alphonso; moments later, Tammy Lynn Sytch appeared in the ring, with Francine then brawling with Tammy until Chris Candido appeared and pulled Tammy away as Douglas pulled Francine away; Candido then punched Douglas and left ringside with Tammy, leading to the finish

Anarchy Rulz 99 – 9/19/99; Villa Park, IL; Odeum Sports & Expo Center
– Mike Awesome (w/ Judge Jeff Jones) defeated ECW World Champion Taz and FMW World Champion Masato Tanaka in an elimination match to win the ECW title at 13:49; the match was scheduled as simply Taz vs. Tanaka but Taz spotted Awesome & Jones in the crowd and challenged Awesome to get in the ring as well; moments later, Paul Heyman – who was on the floor – agreed to Taz’ demand the match become a three way dance; Awesome and Tanaka pinned Taz at 2:01 after Tanaka hit the Roaring Elbow and Awesome followed with a splash off the top; after the elimination, much of the ECW locker room – including Heyman, Axl Rotten, Spike Dudley, Roadkill, Nova, Little Guido, New Jack, and Skull Von Krus – were seen on the ramp watching the match; Awesome pinned Tanaka with a powerbomb off the top through a table set up inside the ring; after the bout, Taz returned to the ring and personally handed the belt over Awesome, shook his hand, and raised his hand; moments later, Taz and Heyman hugged on the ramp and Taz was embraced by several of the ECW wrestlers as Awesome and Tanaka shook hands in the ring; the crowd, who were harsh towards Taz during and after the match since he was leaving for the WWF, then began a chant of “Taz” until he pointed to the new champion and they chanted “Awesome”

12/17/99; Nashville, TN; Municipal Auditorium
– Masato Tanaka pinned ECW World Champion Mike Awesome to win the title in an impromptu match with the Roaring Elbow; after the bout, Awesome shook the new champion’s hand, strapped the belt around his waist, and raised his hand in victory before hitting a clothesline and a running Awesome Bomb from the ring through a table set up on the floor

12/23/99; White Plains, NY; Westchester County Center
– Mike Awesome (w/ Judge Jeff Jones) pinned ECW World Champion Masato Tanaka to win the title at 11:49 with a sit-out powerbomb off the top

4/13/00; Indianapolis, IN; Murat Center
ECW on TNN – 4/14/00:
– Tazz defeated ECW World Champion Mike Awesome (w/ Judge Jeff Jones) to win the title via submission with the Tazzmission at 1:13 after Tommy Dreamer interfered an dropped the champion with the DDT; after the bout, Awesome and Jones left through the crowd; moments later, Dreamer and Tazz celebrated in the ring (Tazz’s surprise return after a 5-month absence)

Cyberslam 00 – 4/22/00; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
– Tommy Dreamer pinned ECW World Champion Taz to win the title with a roll up reversal at around the 5:30 mark; following the entrances, the crowd chanted “Welcome back” at Taz; after the bout, Taz took the mic and noted he and Dreamer wrestled each other for 10 years and Dreamer had never beaten him; Bill Alphonso then came out as Taz discussed he, Dreamer, Raven, Sandman, Sabu, and Shane Douglas building the company; Taz then presented the title to Dreamer and shook his hand and told him to be the strong leader he his and give the fans their money’s worth; moments later, Taz said he was professional “unlike other fuckers I won’t name,” prompting a chant of “Awesome sucks;” the two then hugged before Taz led the crowd in repeating his catchphrase and left the ring; the crowd then gave Dreamer a standing ovation as he said he may never make it to WrestleMania and didn’t want to make it to Starrcade but he made it in the ECW Arena; an emotional Dreamer then noted his friends in other companies, or dead, and thanked the crowd for their support; moments later, Balls Mahoney, Alphonso, CW Anderson, Nova, Chris Chetti, Little Guido, Roadkill, Danny Doring, Raven, and Francine came out to congratulate Dreamer; after everyone else left the ring, Raven entered it, shook Dreamer’s hand, and hugged him before raising Dreamer’s hand; moments later, both men were jumped by ECW Tag Team Champion Justin Credible, alongside Jason, and laid out by shots with a Singapore cane; Credible then took the mic and said all he was hearing about was Mike Awesome trashing the belt on WCW Monday Nitro and Taz defending the belt on WWF Monday Night Raw; Credible then said everyone that held the ECW Tag Team Titles could kiss his ass, throwing the belts down, and then challenging Dreamer to an immediate title match

Cyberslam 00 – 4/22/00; Philadelphia, PA; ECW Arena
ECW on TNN – 4/28/00: ECW Tag Team Champion Justin Credible (w/ Jason) pinned ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer (w/ Francine) to win the title with That’s Incredible at 6:42, moments after Francine hit a low blow on Dreamer as the champion had Credible up for a Dreamer Driver; after the bout, Francine ripped off her shirt, accidentally exposing her breasts before she covered them; a black bar covered her chest during the segment; she then took the mic as Credible and Jason celebrated and, with Credible, cut a promo on the title change

Anarchy Rulz – 10/6/00; Minneapolis, MN; Roy Wilkens Auditorium
– Jerry Lynn pinned ECW World Champion Justin Credible (w/ Francine) to win the title at 19:35 with a cradle tombstone after both he and Credible reversed attempts; prior to the match, Credible came out wearing a Brett Favre Green Bay Packers jersey; late in the bout, heel referee Danny Daniels took over officiating duties until New Jack – originally scheduled as the guest referee for the bout – assaulted Daniels; after the match, Credible and New Jack celebrated in the ring, with Tommy Dreamer, the Sandman, Spike Dudley, Roadkill, Kid Kash, Mikey Whipwreck, Balls Mahoney, Danny Doring, Nova, Yoshihiro Tajiri, and many others filling into the ring to congratulate Lynn as the crowd chanted “Jerry”

November to Remember 00 – 11/5/00; Villa Park, IL; Odeum
– Steve Corino (w/ Jack Victory & Dawn Marie) defeated ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn, the Sandman, and Justin Credible (w/ Francine) to win the title in a Double Jeopardy match at 24:26; rules for the bout stated only Corino and Sandman could eliminate each other and only Lynn and Credible could eliminate each other, with the winners then facing off for the title; Sandman did not become involved in the match until the 7-minute mark; Corino pinned Sandman with the Old School Expulsion and Credible pinned Lynn with That’s Incredible simultaneously at 16:21; after Lynn was eliminated, the crowd chanted “Bullshit;” Corino pinned Credible with a superkick after taking several cane shots to the head; moments prior to the finish, Dawn Marie turned on Corino, hitting low blows on both he and Victory before leaving ringside; after the bout, Lynn returned ringside and personally handed Corino the title belt

Guilty as Charged 01 – 1/7/01; New York City, NY; Hammerstein Ballroom
– The Sandman defeated ECW World Champion Steve Corino (w/ Jack Victory) and Justin Credible (w/ Francine) in a tables, ladders, and canes match to win the title at 13:20 after both Corino and Credible were put through tables; following the bout, both Credible and Corino shook the Sandman’s hand before they were attacked by the Baldies; moments later, Credible and Corino fought the Baldies all the way backstage

Guilty as Charged 01 – 1/7/01; New York City, NY; Hammerstein Ballroom
– ECW TV Champion Rhino pinned ECW World Champion the Sandman to win the title in an impromptu match at 1:25 with a piledriver onto a piece of broken table, after the Sandman kicked out after being speared through the table and sustaining a piledriver from the apron through a table on the floor; the match came about when Rhino hit the spear on the Sandman and goaded him into defending the title, saying he would go out into the crowd and take out the new champion’s family if he didn’t agree; after the bout, Cyrus celebrated in the ring with Rhino before issuing an open challenge for anyone to face the new champion; moments later, Rob Van Dam appeared and had a face off with Rhino until Jerry Lynn attacked RVD from behind, leading to the final match of the night