ECW – 2001 Results

Guilty as Charged 01 – New York City, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom – January 7, 2001 (2,500; sell out)
Bilvis Wesley pinned Mike Bell
Pay-per-view bouts – featured an opening in-ring introduction by Joey Styles & Joel Gertner before Gertner, noting himself as the manager of perhaps the greatest ECW tag team of all time, introduced Joey Matthews & Christian York for the opening match and put them over as future ECW Tag Team Champions; included a backstage promo by ECW World Champion Steve Corino, with Jack Victory, in which he complained about not having possession of his title belt and then said he would finally regain the belt later in the show; featured a backstage segment between Corino and Francine in which Francine said she didn’t want anything to do him until he had his title belt back and said Justin Credible was busy in the bathroom with Missy Hyatt; Corino, not believing Francine, then left with Credible and Hyatt – in only a towel – then appearing; Francine then told Credible he couldn’t have any of her until he won the title; moments later, Hyatt walked past Corino and Jack Victory in the hallway with Corino being shocked to see her and Missy not remembering who Victory was even though she once managed him, though she did ask if he “fucked” her; included a backstage promo by the Sandman regarding his ECW World Title match later in the show:
Jerry Lynn & Cyrus defeated Joey Matthews & Christian York at around the 3-minute mark when Cyrus pinned Matthews following the cradle piledriver from Lynn; Matthews & York were attacked in the aisle by Tony Devito & Angel – who also laid Joel Gertner out with a DDT on the floor – and assaulted for several minutes in and out of the ring before Lynn & Cyrus appeared and picked up the pieces; there was no opening bell; after the match, Cyrus paid off the Baldies by giving them cigars; moments later, Lynn cut an in-ring promo saying Matthews & York’s job was to make the stars look good and he had that job himself for 12 “fucking years” but now he was the “whole fucking show,” and then taunted Rob Van Dam who he said wasn’t going to be on the show and wasn’t the promised surprise; following the match, Cyrus joined Joey Styles on commentary, replacing Gertner
ECW Tag Team Champions Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated EZ Money & Julio Dinero (w/ Chris Hamrick & Elektra) at 10:06 when Doring pinned Dinero with the Boogie Bang after Dinero collided with Hamrick on the ring apron, sending Hamrick onto Money on the floor; after the bout, Hamrick, Money, & Dinero triple teamed the champions until Nova ran out and single-handedly cleared the ring; moments later, Nova and Hamrick began brawling in and out of the ring (Nova’s surprise return)
Nova pinned Chris Hamrick (w/ Elektra) in an impromptu match at 7:47 with the Kryptonite Krunch with Spike Dudley, who made the save against Chris Chetti and Lou E. Dangerously moments earlier, making the pinfall; Hamrick originally won the match at 5:08 when Chetti, in a referee shirt, ran in the ring and gave Nova a fast count but the decision didn’t stand
Tommy Dreamer defeated CW Anderson in an I Quit Match at 14:09 following a Spicolli Driver off the top through a table with Dreamer then taking a cable from the table, wrapping it around Anderson’s eyes, and pulling back (Bloodsport: ECW’s Most Violent Matches)
Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/ the Sinister Minister) defeated Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke (w/ Sal E. Graziano) and Super Crazy & Kid Kash in an elimination match at 13:29; Mamaluke pinned Kash at 6:56 after Sal interfered and hit a splash on Kash; Whipwreck pinned Guido and Tajiri pinned Mamaluke with double tiger suplexes after Guido sustained three Tajiri kicks to the head and Tajiri sprayed green mist into Mamaluke’s face; due to pre-match stipulations, Tajiri & Whipwreck became #1 contenders for the ECW Tag Team Championship (ECW: Unreleased Vol. 1)
Simon Diamond (w/ Francine) & Johnny Swinger (w/ the Blue Boy & Jasmine) fought Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy to a no contest at around the 1-minute mark when ECW TV Champion Rhino interfered, avoided a chairshot from Balls and hit Balls, Dawn Marie, Chilly Willy, and the Blue Boy with the spear; moments later, he dropped Jasmine with a piledriver off the middle turnbuckle; prior to the bout, Swinger cut an in-ring promo saying he really hadn’t benefitted yet from having Francine as a manager so he enlisted the services of the Blue Boy & Jasmine on a part-time basis; after the bout, Rhino cut a backstage promo saying he had only just begun for the night
The Sandman defeated ECW World Champion Steve Corino (w/ Jack Victory) and Justin Credible (w/ Francine) in a tables, ladders, and canes match to win the title at 13:20 after both Corino and Credible were put through tables; following the bout, both Credible and Corino shook the Sandman’s hand before they were attacked by the Baldies; moments later, Credible and Corino fought the Baldies all the way backstage (ECW: Extreme Rules)
ECW TV Champion Rhino pinned ECW World Champion the Sandman to win the title in an impromptu match at 1:25 with a piledriver onto a piece of broken table, after the Sandman kicked out after being speared through the table and sustaining a piledriver from the apron through a table on the floor; the match came about when Rhino hit the spear on the Sandman and goaded him into defending the title, saying he would go out into the crowd and take out the new champion’s family if he didn’t agree; after the bout, Cyrus celebrated in the ring with Rhino before issuing an open challenge for anyone to face the new champion; moments later, Rob Van Dam appeared and had a face off with Rhino until Jerry Lynn attacked RVD from behind, leading to the final match of the night
Rob Van Dam pinned Jerry Lynn in an impromptu match following the Van Terminator at 19:30, with Joel Gertner holding the chair over Lynn?s face so RVD could hit the move; late in the contest, Gertner chased Cyrus into the ring and hit a DDT on him (Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind)

ECW @ Poplar Bluff, MO – Black River Coliseum – January 12, 2001 (1,200)
Michael Shane defeated Oz
Prodigy defeated Phoenix
Christian York & Joey Matthews defeated Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke
Jack Victory pinned CW Anderson in a streetfight
Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Super Crazy
ECW Tag Team Champion Danny Doring & Nova (sub. for ECW Tag Team Champion Roadkill) defeated Julio Dinero & EZ Money when Nova pinned Dinero
Tommy Dreamer pinned Justin Credible
ECW World Champion Rhino pinned the Sandman

ECW @ Pine Bluff, AR – Convention Center – January 13, 2001 (1,300)
The final ECW show
Nova pinned Tom Marquez (w/ Oz) at 8:24 with a corkscrew neckbreaker
Christian York & Joey Matthews defeated Julio Dinero & EZ Money at 8:05 when Matthews pinned Dinero following a double powerbomb
Super Crazy pinned Yoshihiro Tajiri at 8:31 with a roll over
Tommy Dreamer (sub. for ECW Tag Team Champion Roadkill) & ECW Tag Team Champion Danny Doring defeated Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke at 10:17 when Doring pinned Mamaluke following the wheelbarrow / legdrop off the top double team; the titles were at stake in the match
Jack Victory pinned CW Anderson (w/ Lou E. Dangerously) in an impromptu streetfight at 6:55 after Spike Dudley interfered and dropped both the interfering heel referee and Anderson with the Acid Drop before laying Victory on top and sitting on him during the cover; the match came about after Victory interrupted Anderson appearing as a guest on The Danger Zone
Michael Shane pinned Oz at 3:43 with a double axe handle off the top
ECW World & TV Champion Rhino pinned Spike Dudley at 9:20 with a piledriver onto a steel chair after the challenger was put through a table on the floor and sustained a powerbomb onto a chair
Justin Credible (w/ Francine) pinned the Sandman at 4:11 when Francine pulled Sandman’s leg out from under him as he attempted to suplex Credible into the ring, with Credible falling on top for the win; after the match, Sandman grabbed the mic, said Credible owed him a rematch, went backstage, and returned with a Dumpster full of weapons
The Sandman pinned Justin Credible (w/ Francine) at 9:14 following a piledriver onto a metal sheet after Francine was knocked down in the corner; after the bout, the two men shook hands and hugged in the ring; moments later, Tommy Dreamer, Little Guido, Spike Dudley, Joey Matthews, Michael Shane, Julio Dinero, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Super Crazy, CW Anderson, Lou E. Dangerously, Nova, and several other wrestlers and referees joined Sandman in the ring, with Dreamer thanking the crowd for their support and Sandman toasting the crowd before all the wrestlers shared a beer and hugged each other; as the talent slowly left the ring, several in the crowd chanted “Please come back”

– 3/5/01: ECW promoter Paul Heyman made his debut as a commentator for WWF Monday Night Raw.