ECW on Syfy – 2010 Results

1/5/10; Louisville, KY; Freedom Hall
1/5/10 – featured an opening in-ring promo by ECW World Champion Christian regarding the ECW Homecoming and facing the winner at the Royal Rumble; moments later, CM Punk, alongside Luke Gallows, interrupted at the entrance stage and said he would qualify later in the show, win the Homecoming the following week, and beat Christian for the title at the Rumble; moments later, Christian listed off the names of men who have already qualified and noted Punk was facing Mark Henry, a guy he might not even get by; included a “Did you know?” graphic which read WWE had more live events during 2009 in Europe than the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL combined; featured an ad promoting “The Marine 2;” included a promo by Zack Ryder, with Rosa Mendes, at the entrance stage in which he bragged about retiring Tommy Dreamer the previous week and said ECW was now all about him; included a backstage segment with Mark Henry and Tony Atlas in which Atlas asked whether Henry might want him ringside for his match later against Punk, with Henry politely turning him down:
ECW Homecoming Qualfying Match: Shelton Benjamin pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with Paydirt at 4:49
Ezekiel Jackson (w/ William Regal) pinned Vladimir Kozlov with the uranage at 5:11; after the match, Jackson held Kozlov up as Regal told Kozlov he was a disgrace
ECW Homecoming Qualfying Match: CM Punk (w/ Luke Gallows) pinned Mark Henry at 10:39 with a kick to the head after Gallows hit Henry from the apron behind the referee’s back

1/12/10; Green Bay, WI; Resch Center
1/12/10 – included an ad promoting the Mattel line of WWE action figures; featured a backstage promo by CM Punk, alongside Luke Gallows, regarding his participation later in the night in the ECW Homecoming Finale battle royal; included an ad promoting “The Marine 2;” featured a backstage promo by William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson regarding Jackson’s participation in the ECW Homecoming Finale:
Zack Ryder (w/ Rosa Mendes) pinned the Hurricane in an impromptu match at around the 8-minute mark after knocking Hurricane off the top and hitting the Zack Attack; prior to the bout, Mendes introduced Ryder, with Ryder saying he was the new heart and soul of ECW and was above those competing later in the show in the ECW Homecoming; moments later, the Hurricane interrupted and said it would take Ryder more than one match to be the heart and soul of ECW, and Ryder was currently ECW’s rear end; Mendes then began yelling at Hurricane in spanish, with Hurricane asking her to press 1 for English; Rosa then slapped Hurricane, with Hurricane clearing Ryder & Mendes from the ring (the match began during the commercial break)
Trent Baretta (w/ Caylen Croft) pinned Goldust at 4:52 with an elbow to the head and flying knee to the jaw
Ezekiel Jackson won an 8-man battle royal by last eliminating Kane at 13:54; other participants included: CM Punk, Yoshi Tatsu, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, and Vance Archer; prior to the match, Tiffany introduced ECW World Champion Christian, who provided guest commentary for the bout; after Christian appeared, he apologized to Josh Matthews & Byron Saxton for saying they asked him stupid questions the last time he came out and then gave them a sheet of prepared questions they could ask him during this match; during the introductions, Benjamin and Archer briefly brawled; eliminations: Bourne by Kane after Kane caught Bourne coming off the top (0:12); Benjamin & Archer were eliminated following a dive by Benjamin over the top rope into Archer on the apron (8:32); Hardy by Jackson following a kick to the head as Hardy attempted to skin the cat (10:00); Punk by Jackson (10:56); Tatsu by Kane (11:10); Kane by Jackson via a clothesline after avoiding a clothesline off the top; stipulations stated the winner would earn an ECW World Title shot at the Royal Rumble

1/19/10; Greenville, SC; Bi-Lo Center
1/19/10 – featured Tony Atlas introducing Santino Marella as the guest host of the Abraham Washington Show; after Marella tried teaching Atlas how to speak Italian, Marella brought out his guest Vladimir Kozlov; Marella then said he wanted to have an immigrant on his show but ECW World Champion Christian, the Great Khali, and Yoshi Tatsu already had plans; Kozlov then spoke of being in a Ukranian bike gain and said he likes being in the United States but people are scared of him because of “Rocky IV;” Kozlov said he liked Hannah Montana, chilli cheese fries, and Walmarts that are open 24 hours a day; Marella then suggested he and Kozlov become a tag team, with both Kozlov and the fans saying no; included a trailer for “The Marine 2;” featured a “Did you know?” graphic which read almost 16 million people watch WWE each week in the US – more than the entire populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas combined; included an in-ring promo by Zack Ryder, alongside Rosa Mendes, in which he bragged about his victory the previous week over the Hurricane and wanted to now be referred to as the new heart and soul superhero of ECW; Ryder then had Savannah come in the ring and introduce him as such; Rosa then began yelling at Savannah for doing it wrong until the Hurricane ran out and cleared Ryder and Rosa from the ring; Hurricane then took Savannah’s hand and kissed it; featured an ad promoting “The Best of Raw: 2009;” included the announcement Shelton Benjamin would face Vance Archer Thursday on WWE Superstars; ; included a graphic on how to donate to AmeriCares in the wake of the Haiti earthquake:
Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta defeated Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu at 6:12 when Croft pinned Goldust with a roll over after Baretta hit a flying knee to the face as Goldust had Croft covered behind the referee’s back
ECW World Champion Christian defeated William Regal (w/ Ezekiel Jackson) via disqualification in a non-title match at 16:11 when Jackson attacked the champion from behind after Christian threw Regal to the floor; after the match, Regal dropped Christian with the knee to the head and Jackson followed by twice hitting the uranage

1/26/10; Cincinnati, OH; US Bank Arena
1/26/10 – featured an ad promoting WWE The Music Vol. 10 “A New Day;” included a video package recapping the history of the Royal Rumble match; featured a backstage promo by the Shelton Benjamin regarding his participation in the Royal Rumble, during which Vance Archer jumped Benjamin from behind, knocking him out:
Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal defeated ECW World Champion Christian & Kane at around the 18-minute mark when Jackson pinned Christian with the uranage immediately after Christian dropped Regal with the Killswitch; prior to the bout, Jackson & Regal cut an in-ring promo on Jackson’s upcoming match with Christian at the Royal Rumble; moments later, Christian interrupted and gave his own version of Ezekiel 25:17 before bringing out Kane as his tag team partner (the bout began during the commercial break)
Yoshi Tatsu, the Hurricane, & Goldust defeated Zack Ryder (w/ Rosa Mendes), Trent Baretta, & Caylen Croft at 14:54 when Tatsu pinned Baretta with the kick to the head; during the bout, it was noted Hurricane and Ryder would be part of the Royal Rumble match

2/2/10; Memphis, TN; Fed-Ex Forum
2/2/10 – featured an opening segment of ‘The Abraham Washington Show,’ with Washington and Tony Atlas, in which Washington said he had been off TV the past several weeks because he was being recruited by NBC to host ‘The Tonight Show;’ Washington then said he turned it down because he didn’t want to deprive the WWE Universe; after Atlas made fun of Washington, Washington noted that Vince McMahon would be out later to address the future of ECW and said perhaps Atlans won’t have a future; moments later, Washington introduced ECW World Champion Christian as his guest, with Christian talking about his win at the Royal Rumble over Ezekiel Jackson; Zack Ryder, with Rosa Mendes, then interrupted with Ryder showing Gregory Helms’ mugshot on the big screen and made fun of the fact he got arrested for “being in a drunken brawl;” Christian then suggested Ryder was jealous because Helms made it on TMZ, said everyone makes mistakes, and then made fun of Ryder and Mendes; Ryder eventually got in Christian’s face, with Christian shoving him onto Washington’s couch; included a WrestleMania ad to the tune of Kevin Rudolf’s “I Made It;” featured the announcement that Batista and John Cena had a confrontation after Monday Night Raw went off the air and footage of that altercation would air Friday on Smackdown!; included a “Did you know?” graphic which read had more than 4.3 billion page views in 2009 – beating,,,,,, and; featured an ad promoting “The Best of Raw: 2009;” included a promo by Vince McMahon at the entrance stage in which he announced ECW would be off the air in 3 weeks and thanked those that helped make ECW the success that it was; the segment, which appeared to be heavily edited, continued when McMahon went on to state a new WWE program would take ECW’s timeslot on the network; featured Helms conducting an in-ring interview with Ezekiel Jackson & William Regal regarding Jackson’s loss at the Rumble; moments later, Regal brought up the fact Helms was having a tough week and said it was only going to get worse, with Jackson & Regal then double teaming Helms before Jackson dropped him with the uranagi and Regal followed with the knee to the head; eventually, Christian ran out and cleared the ring with a kendo stick:
Vance Archer pinned Shelton Benjamin at 9:46 by putting both feet on the ropes for leverage
Yoshi Tatsu (w/ Goldust) pinned Trent Baretta (w/ Caylen Croft) at 3:58 with the kick to the head
ECW World Champion Christian defeated Zack Ryder (w/ Rosa Mendes) via disqualification in a non-title match at 5:26 when Ezekiel Jackson, alongside William Regal, attacked the champion after Christian dropped Ryder with the Killswitch; after the bout, Jackson assaulted Christian on the floor and threw him into the ring steps as the show ended

2/9/10; Baton Rouge, LA; River Center
2/9/10 – featured an opening backstage segment in which Tiffany addressed the ECW roster – ECW World Champion Christian, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson, Abraham Washington, Tony Atlas, Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta, Shelton Benjamin, Vance Archer, Zack Ryder, and Rosa Mendes regarding the fact WWE NXT would replace ECW in two weeks and that all of the talent would be going to the brand of their choice; moments later, Tiffany put on Mardi Gras beads and told the roster to have fun; Ryder, alongside Mendes, then began complaining to Tiffany but she just said “Woo woo woo, you know it” in response; included a video package announcing Ted Dibiase as the first inductee into the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame; featured an ad promoting WWE NXT; included a backstage promo by ECW World Champion Christian in which he accepted Jackson & Regal’s challenge from earlier in the night and proposed they make it an extreme rules match:
Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust defeated Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta at 12:06 when Tatsu pinned Croft with the kick to the head after avoiding a roll up; stipulations stated the winners would earn a WWE Unified Tag Team Title shot the following week
Ezekiel Jackson (w/ William Regal) pinned Perry Wallace with the uranage at 1:13; after the bout, Jackson threw his opponent to the floor before Regal took the mic and said it was a travesty what happened to Jackson at the Royal Rumble; Regal then said Tiffany had done a horrible job as ECW general manager and said she should give Jackson a rematch the following week to redeem herself; Jackson then took the mic and said ECW World Champion Christian’s reign would end with the last night of ECW
Shelton Benjamin pinned Vance Archer in a No DQ, no count-out match at 14:02 with a flying neckbreaker and Paydirt; prior to the bout, Benjamin cut an in-ring promo in which he said he came to ECW thinking he was too good for ECW and was quickly proven wrong; Benjamin then praised the ECW roster for their dedication and said he would miss them all except Archer; late in the bout, the trainer tended to Benjamin after he cut his head after being thrown into the commentary table

2/16/10; Kansas City, MO; Sprint Center
2/16/10 – final episode – featured an opening video package citing, after 20 years, ECW was coming to an end; the package featured video clips from the original ECW; included the announcement Chris Jericho would mentor Wade Barrett and Matt Hardy would mentor Justin Gabriel as part of WWE NXT; featured backstage comments from Tiffany in which she began discussing WWE NXT until she was interrupted by Zack Ryder, alongside Rosa Mendes, who argued he should be part of the ECW World Title match later in the show; Ryder then reminded Tiffany the match would be extreme rules, so he could show up whenever he wanted; included the announcement MVP would mentor Skip Sheffield as part of WWE NXT; featured an in-ring segment of the Abraham Washington Show, with Washington and Tony Atlas, in which Washington said it was sad this was the final ECW but he was going to be a free agent and Raw and Smackdown! would have to pay him a lot of money to get him on their show; Washington then said he went to Vince McMahon to get him the biggest name he had for his final guest, with Washington then introducing himself as his guest; moments later, Shelton Benjamin came out and noted everyone was now a free agent and that no one can stand Washington’s show; Vance Archer then appeared and warned Benjamin not to go to the same show as him, otherwise Benjamin wouldn’t have a future; Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta then appeared, said the segment was boring, and the only thing that mattered was where they were going; moments later, Vladimir Kozlov appeared and cut a promo on Russian, with Archer insulting him before Kozlov cleared the ring and shook Benjamin’s hand; included the announcement Carlito would mentor Michael Tarver as part of WWE NXT; featured the announcement WWE US & WWE Unified Tag Team Champion Mike Mizanin would mentor Daniel Bryan at WWE NXT; included a video package hyping the Elimination Chamber; featured the announcement ECW World Champion Christian would mentor Heath Slater as part of WWE NXT; included an ad promoting WWE NXT; featured the announcement CM Punk would mentor Darren Young as part of WWE NXT; included the announcement R-Truth would mentor David Otunga as part of WWE NXT:
WWE Unified Tag Team Champions – WWE US Champion Mike Mizanin & the Big Show defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust at 9:35 when Miz pinned Goldust with the Skull Crushing Finale after Show punched Goldust in the gut behind the referee’s back
Ezekiel Jackson (w/ William Regal) pinned ECW World Champion Christian to win the title in an extreme rules match at 11:26 following a uranage through a table set up in the ring after the champion dropped an interfering Regal with the Killswitch; prior to the bout, and after bringing out a shopping cart of weapons ringside, Christian noted it was a year ago this week that he returned to the WWE and addressed comments from many that his being on ECW was a demotion; Christian said he never saw it as that and that ECW was his home and opened a lot of doors for him; he then said he would fight for every original ECW member and every young guy backstage trying to find their way; within the 2-minute mark, Zack Ryder, and Rosa Mendes, interfered and fought with Christian; moments later, Christian threw Ryder to the floor before he was slapped by Mendes; moments later, Tiffany ran out, speared Rosa, knocked her to the floor, and ordered both she and Ryder backstage; late in the match, Christian chased Regal backstage, only for Regal to return for the finish (the final ECW match)