ECW Hardcore TV – 2000 Results

2/23/00; White Plains, NY; Westchester County Center
1/1/00 – included an ad promoting the Big Ass Extreme Bash on home video; featured an ad promoting ECW action figures; included an ad promoting Extreme Warfare Vol. 1 on home video; featured a backstage segment with Nova and Chris Chetti in which Chetti was dancing to Ricky Martin music; included a backstage promo by Rhino, alongside Steve Corino & Jack Victory, regarding his match with the Sandman at Guilty As Charged; featured an ad promoting It Ain’t Seinfeld; included footage of New Jack jumping off the balcony during his match with Balls Mahoney against Tony Devito, Vic Grimes, & Angel which took place during the same taping; featured an ad promoting Extreme Warfare Vol. 2; featured the conclusion of the handicap match; included the announcement of the following matches for Guilty As Charged: New Jack vs. Angel, the Sandman vs. Rhino, Super Crazy & a mystery partner vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri & a mystery partner, ECW TV Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu, Lance Storm & Justin Credible vs. ECW Tag Team Champions Tommy Dreamer & Raven, and ECW World Champion Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley; featured the Mike Awesome vs. ECW World Champion Masato Tanaka match from the 12/31/99 ECW on TNN; included a video package recapping the ECW title changes from Shane Douglas to the Sandman, the Sandman to Mikey Whipwreck, the Sandman over Steve Austin, Raven over the Sandman, the Sandman over Stevie Richards, Raven over the Sandman, Terry Funk over Raven, Sabu over Funk, Douglas over Sabu, Bam Bam Bigelow over Douglas, Douglas over Bigelow, Taz over Douglas, Awesome over Taz and Masato Tanaka, and the recent title changes between Awesome and Tanaka; featured a backstage promo by Spike regarding his upcoming match with Awesome:
Little Guido (w/ Sal E. Graziano) pinned Super Calo at 6:16 with the Unprettier after Graziano hit an elbow drop from the apron onto Calo, putting him through a table on the floor
Kentaro Kanemura pinned CW Anderson (w/ Lou E. Dangerously & Bill Wiles) at around the 4-minute mark with a senton off the top, moments after Anderson collided with Wiles on the ring apron; prior to the bout, Lou cut an in-ring promo saying he wasn’t paying tribute to Paul E. Dangerously because Paul sucked (the match was joined in progress)

10/20/00; Battle Creek, MI; Kellogg Arena
10/29/00 – included Joey Styles & Joel Gertner on commentary; featured opening footage of Balls Mahoney putting the Prodigette through a flaming table in the ring; it was then announced Balls & Chilly Willy would face the Baldies in a flaming tables match as part of November to Remember 2000; included a video package hyping November to Remember, announcing the return of Super Crazy, Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. ECW Tag Team Champions Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke, New Jack vs. ECW TV Champion Rhino, and ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn vs. the Sandman vs. Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible in a Double Jeopardy match; featured an ad promoting Extreme Evolution on VHS and DVD; included an ad promoting Hardcore Heaven 99 on home video; featured a backstage promo by CW Anderson regarding his upcoming match against Steve Corino and the fact the winner would be the #1 contender to the ECW World Title; featured surveillance camera footage of Chris Hamrick confronting Spike Dudley, as Spike was using the men’s room urinal, about his interference earlier in the night after the Kid Kash vs. EZ Money bout; after Spike accepted Hamrick’s challenge, Hamrick said he would settle it in the ring and then referred to Spike as “you cripple, you retard, you bitch;” included an ad promoting Extreme Warfare Vol. 2 on home video; featured a backstage promo by Justin Credible, alongside Francine, regarding the upcoming Massacre on 34th Street in New York City; included the announcement Spike would face Hamrick the following week; featured a backstage segment with Dangerously and Chetti in which Dangerously spoke about traveling with Taz and Tommy Dreamer and helping open the House of Hardcore training school; moments later, Simon Diamond walks in and confronted Chetti about interfering in his match; Dangerously then told Chetti to trust him and he wouldn’t let him down; included exclusive footage from two weeks earlier, following Credible’s loss to New Jack, of Francine picking up a trash can lid and thinking about hitting Credible with it; featured the announcement Credible & Rhino would face Steve Corino & New Jack the following week; included an announcement that the Sandman wanted back into the ECW World Title picture and to win the title a fourth time; featured a backstage promo by Rob Van Dam, alongside Bill Alphonso, regarding Rhino and his goal of taking back the ECW TV Title; included seperate backstage promos by Rhino and Credible, alongside Francine, regarding the following week’s main event:
Kid Kash pinned EZ Money (w/ Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero) at 8:44 with the Money Maker butterfly piledriver, despite interference throughout the match by Hamrick & Dinero; after the contest, Kash briefly fought off Hamrick & Dinero before sustaining a springboard dropkick double team; moments later, Spike Dudley ran out to make the save and dropped Dinero with the Acid Drop
Simon Diamond pinned Nova at 4:48 with a fast count from referee Danny Daniels after Diamond busted Lou E. Dangerously’s phone across Nova’s head as Nova fought off an interfering Chris Chetti; during the bout, it was noted Nova would face Chetti at November to Remember; Nova began fighting with Chetti late in the match after noticing he was dressed as ECW security at ringside; moments later, Dangerously came out to the ring
Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Chris Krueger & Phoenix (w/ Oz) at 1:43 when Doring pinned Krueger following the Buggy Bang; prior to the bout, it was noted Krueger, Phoenix, & Oz were graduates of Shawn Michaels’ wrestling school in San Antonio, TX
Steve Corino (w/ Jack Victory & Dawn Marie) pinned CW Anderson at 9:33 with the Old School Expulsion; late in the bout, referee Danny Daniels took over officiating after referee Mike Keeter was knocked out; moments later, Corino attempted to hit a superkick on Daniels but struck Dawn instead; referee HC Loc then ran out and began fighting with Daniels in and out of the ring, with Keeter then coming to his senses to count the pinfall; stipulations stated Anderson would win Corino’s #1 contender spot for the ECW World Title if he won; after the match, Justin Credible, alongside Francine, came out and assaulted Corino with his Singapore cane until New Jack made the save and assaulted Anderson and Corino with several weapons; ECW TV Champion Rhino then ran out and hit the Gore on New Jack, with Credible then assaulting New Jack with the cane; Credible shoved Francine out of his way and posed to the crowd as Corino and New Jack were laid out in the ring

10/20/00; Battle Creek, MI; Kellogg Arena
11/5/00 – featured an opening backstage promo by Steve Corino, alongside Dawn Marie & Jack Victory, in which he talked about his teaming with New Jack later in the show to face Justin Credible & ECW TV Champion Rhino; moments later, New Jack walked in and said old school for Corino was a headlock but old school for him was taking a screwdriver and putting it in someone’s head; Jack then said he couldn’t stand Corino or Victory and that Dawn was a retard but they were going to take out Credible & Rhino; Jack then said he was going to give Dawn chilli sauce and that it wasn’t what she thought it was; after Jack walked out, Corino ordered Dawn to stay in the locker room and Victory said he would stay behind to watch after her; moments later, when Dawn realized they were on TV, she began dancing on a table; included Joey Styles & Joel Gertner on commentary; featured an ad promoting “Extreme Evolution” on VHS and DVD; included a backstage promo by Credible, alongside Francine, regarding the main event; moments later, Francine told Credible to get back into title contention or she would look elsewhere; included a backstage promo by Spike Dudley in which he said he was sick or rehab, doctors, and Paul E. telling him what not to do and that he was going to take out his frustrations on Chris Hamrick; featured an ad promoting “Extreme Warfare Vol. 2;” included a backstage promo by Credible & Francine regarding the Massacre on 34th Street coming to New York City; featured an ad promoting “Extreme Warfare Vol. 1;” included the announcement that Super Crazy would face CW Anderson and Chris Chetti would face Nova at November to Remember; featured a backstage promo by ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn regarding defending against Steve Corino, the Sandman, and Justin Credible at the pay-per-view; included a backstage promo by Anderson regarding facing Crazy at the pay-per-view; featured a backstage promo by Francine in which she offered herself to whoever was the ECW World Champion after November to Remember, with Credible then walking in; included a backstage promo by Sal E. Graziano, ECW Tag Team Champions Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke regarding their match with Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri at the pay-per-view; featured a backstage promo by Rhino in which he thanked New Jack for pissing him off during their match earlier in the show; included a promo in the empty arena by Sinister Minister, Whipwreck, & Tajiri regarding the FBI; during several of the November to Remember hype segments, the opening of Guns N Roses’ “November Rain” was played:
Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/ the Sinister Minister) defeated Christian York & Joey Matthews at 9:31 when both men pinned Matthews following a double brainbuster; following the ring entrances, ECW TV Champion Rhino cut a bakcstage promo regarding his teaming with Justin Credible against New Jack & Steve Corino later in the show
Spike Dudley pinned Chris Hamrick at around the 45-second mark following an Acid Drop onto a steel chair; prior to the bout, Hamrick came limping out and cut an in-ring promo saying he hurt a muscle in his leg while doing squats backstage and asked for Spike to come out and reschedule the match; once Spike came out, Hamrick assaulted him with a chair, showing the injury was fake; after the bout, EZ Money and Julio Dinero ran out and jumped Spike, with Kid Kash then coming out to make the save; eventually, Kash was also double teamed until Danny Doring & Roadkill made the save
ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn pinned Danny Daniels at around the 40-second mark following the cradle piledriver onto the title belt; following Daniels’ entrance, Tommy Dreamer briefly appeared at the commentary area, stared at the camera, and walked off without saying a world
New Jack & Steve Corino defeated Justin Credible (w/ Francine) & ECW TV Champion Rhino in a death match at 8:41 when both men pinned Rhino after Corino hit a superkick and Jack followed with the 187 chair dive; after the bout, Credible assaulted both men with his Singapore cane and Rhino put Jack through a table set up in the corner; Jack’s theme song played throughout the match; after the bout, the Sandman appeared and dropped Credible with the White Russain legsweep; Sandman then repeatedly hit Rhino in the head with his own cane and offered Corino a beer but Corino slapped it out of his hand and walked away