ECW DVD Results

ECW Extreme Evolution (8/29/00)
– ECW TV Champion Rob Van Dam (w/ Bill Alphonso) pinned Jerry Lynn with the Van Daminator and Five Star Frog Splash at 26:56, moments after Lynn kicked out of an initial Five Star Frog Splash (Hardcore Heaven 99 – 5/16/99; Poughkeepsie, NY)
– ECW World Champion Mike Awesome (w/ Judge Jeff Jones) pinned Masato Tanaka at 12:28 with a sit-down powerbomb off the top (November to Remember 99 – 11/7/99; Buffalo, NY)
– Raven pinned ECW World Champion the Sandman in a barbed wire match to win the title at 17:40 with a DDT onto a broken table; prior to the bout, Raven was escorted to the ring by Lori and Tyler Fullington; moments later, Tod Gordon came out and sent them backstage (12/7/96; ECW Arena)
– Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney defeated ECW Tag Team Champions Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley (w/ Sign Guy Dudley) to win the titles at 23:15 when Balls pinned D-Von with the Nutcracker Suite; late in the bout, Buh Buh Ray put Spike through a flaming table on the floor (8/14/99; Toledo, OH)
– Perry Saturn & John Kronus defeated Steve Williams & Terry Gordy at 8:58 when Saturn pinned Gordy with an elbow drop from a scaffold over the ring, built for the night’s main event; after the bout, Saturn and Gordy were taken backstage on stretchers (10/26/96; ECW Arena)
– Taz (w/ Bill Alphonso) defeated Sabu via TKO with the Tazplex and the Tazmission at 17:48; after the bout, Taz grabbed the mic and said he had a lot of respect for Sabu and said he would be up for a rematch; the two men shook hands and raised each other’s hand in a showing of respect until Rob Van Dam attacked Taz from behind; as Taz attempted to hit a Tazplex on RVD, Sabu punched him and the two double teamed Taz with Sabu eventually putting him through a table on the floor and locking on the Tazmission outside the ring; moments later, Alphonso got in the ring and took off his Team Taz t-shirt to reveal a Sabu t-shrit underneath; RVD then grabbed the mic and said promoters wanting his business should now call Alphonso for RVD’s schedule, then added he loves to work Mondays (Barely Legal – 4/13/97; ECW Arena)
– ECW TV Champion Shane Douglas & Francine defeated Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty when Douglas pinned Beulah at 12:54 with the belly to belly suplex, moments after Beulah hit a moonsault on Francine (12/7/96; ECW Arena)

ECW Path of Destruction (11/14/00)
– Shane Douglas defeated ECW TV Champion Chris Jericho, 2 Cold Scorpio, and Pitbull #2 (w/ Francine) in an elimination match to win the title at 39:37; Scorpio pinned Jericho at 27:02 with a tombstone and the Tumble Weed; Pitbull #2 pinned Scorpio with the Super Bomb at 31:36; Douglas pinned Pitbull #2 with the belly to belly suplex; during the final moments of the match, Francine turned on Pitbull #2 and revealed a “Franchise” thong; Pitbull #1 then came out with the Pitbulls eventually hitting the Super Bomb on Francine through a table in the ring before the finish (Heatwave 96 – 7/13/96; ECW Arena)
– Rob Van Dam (w/ Bill Alphonso) pinned ECW TV Champion Bam Bam Bigelow to win the title at around the 15-minute mark with the Van Daminator after Sabu interfered and jabbed the champion in the face with a fork (4/4/98; Buffalo, NY)
– The Sandman pinned Sabu (w/ Bill Alphonso) at 17:49 in a Stairway to Hell match after hitting him in the face with a Singapore cane, moments after Sabu suffered an apparent broken jaw and had Alphonso tape his jaw bone shut (House Party 98 – 1/10/98; ECW Arena)
– Axl Rotten pinned Ian Rotten in a Taipai Death Match at 9:13 with a splash after backdropping Ian onto a pile of thumbtacks; the match originally ended at the 1:30 mark when referee Bill Alphonso stopped the bout after Ian began trickling blood from his forehead; moments later, the Gangstas and Public Enemy brawled into the aisle, with all four men and Alphonso eventually going backstage with a host of security guards and police; Tod Gordon then came out to the ring and said since Alphonso was gone the match would continue with a new referee (Hardcore Heaven 95 – 7/1/95; ECW Arena)
– Jerry Lynn defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/ Steve Corino & Jack Victory) and Super Crazy in an elimination match at 11:00; Tajiri pinned Crazy at with a brainbuster at 6:41 after Crazy sustained Lynn’s cradle piledriver; Lynn pinned Tajiri with the cradle piledriver; Lynn’s ribs were heavily taped for the match; after the bout, Corino attacked Lynn until Lynn knocked Victory off the apron and hit the cradle piledriver on Corino as well (November to Remember 99 – 11/7/99; Buffalo, NY)
– Eddie Guerrero fought Dean Malenko to a draw in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 19:43; fall #1: Eddie pinned Malenko with a reversal into a roll up at 10:31; fall #2: Guerrero submitted to Malenko’s Texas Cloverleaf at 13:26; fall #3: both men were counted down when Malenko made a cover with a bridge, with Guerrero then hooking Malenko’s arms back so he couldn’t lift his shoulders; moments later, the referee announced the match as a draw and raised both men’s hands; prior to the bout, Joey Styles announced to the crowd that Malenko and Guerrero would be leaving for WCW, prompting a “Bischoff sucks” chant, and then said that the upcoming match would be their last in ECW; during the match, the crowd chanted “Please don’t go” to both men; after the bout, Guerrero took the mic addressed those who chanted “You sold out” and thanked all the fans for their support; Malenko then took the mic and said the ECW fans had given him the pleasure of wrestling in front of them for a year, said he was an ECW fan, and a fan of all of those in the audience; Guerrero then told Malenko he was one of the best wrestlers he had ever faced, then embraced Malenko as Paul E. Dangerously, Tod Gordon, Tommy Dreamer, the Pitbulls, and several others filled the ring and hoisted Malenko and Guerrero on their shoulders; Guerrero then took the mic and said he hoped he made his late tag team partner Art Barr proud (Malenko and Guerrero’s last match in ECW) (8/26/95; ECW Arena)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Psychosis at 10:19 with a hurricanrana off the top (Mysterio and Psychosis’ debut) (Gangsta’s Paradise – 9/16/95; ECW Arena)

ECW Deep Impact (4/10/01)

ECW Barely Legal 97 (4/10/01)

ECW Hardcore History (8/7/01)
– Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated ECW Tag Team Champions Taz & Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously & 911) to win the titles at 10:32 when Benoit pinned Sabu with a powerbomb off a table laid across the top turnbuckle; prior to the bout, Benoit & Malenko interviewed the Public Enemy as they were being interviewed at ringside, with the challengers assaulting both Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock, who was confined to a wheelchair; Taz was helped backstage by 911 mid-way through the bout after sustaining an injury; after the match, Benoit cut an in-ring promo, issuing a challenge to the Public Enemy; moments later, Public Enemy returned to the ring and 911 returned Taz ringside; moments later, 911 tossed Taz onto the PE, Benoit & Malenko on the floor with Sabu then hitting a crossbody off the top to the floor; the three teams then brawled backstage as 911 twice chokeslammed the referee (2/25/95; ECW Arena)
– ECW Tag Team Champions New Jack & Mustafa defeated Perry Saturn & John Kronus in a steel cage weapons match at around the 13-minute mark when New Jack pinned Kronus after coming off the top with a steel chair, following a powerslam from Mustafa, moments after Saturn was knocked off the top of the cage through a ringside table; late in the bout, Shane Douglas was revealed to be one of the masked men at each corner providing weapons to the participants and interfered on behalf of the challengers (8/24/96; ECW Arena)
– The Pitbulls defeated ECW Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards (w/ Beulah McGillicutty) in a Best 2 out of 3 falls dog collar match to win the titles at 19:47; fall #1: Raven pinned Pitbull #2 following a piledriver through a table; fall #2: both challengers pinned Richards after a powerbomb off the top through a table; fall #3: both challengers pinned both champions following a powerbomb on top of one another; the Pitbulls originally won the third fall when Raven was pinned after Tommy Dreamer interfered and hit Raven with a DDT but referee Bill Alphonso ordered the match to continue (9/16/95; ECW Arena)
– ECW TV Champion Shane Douglas (w/ Francine) pinned Pitbull #2 (w/ Pitbull #1) at 15:26 after twice hitting the belly to belly suplex; prior to the champion’s entrance, Pitbull #1, wearing a head brace, cut an in-ring promo on the broken neck he sustained from Douglas and that he was told by his doctor earlier in the day he would never wrestle again; Joel Gertner took over the ring announcing for Bob Ortiz to introduce Douglas & Francine; after the bout, Pitbull #2 hit the Super Bomb on the referee and Gertner (8/3/96; ECW Arena)
– ECW World Champion the Sandman (w/ Woman) pinned Cactus Jack at 13:10 after Shane Douglas interfered, dropped Sandman with a piledriver and then hit Cactus in the face with the champion’s broken Singapore cane; after the match, Douglas said over the mic, “ECW, kiss my ass goodbye.” (7/1/95; ECW Arena)
– Sabu defeated Rob Van Dam in a stretcher match at 23:22 when RVD was placed on a stretcher and taken backstage after hitting a somersault splash off the top onto the stretcher on the floor but missing Sabu (8/3/96; ECW Arena)
– Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Juventud Guerrera in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 16:06; fall #1: Guerrera pinned Mysterio with a dragon suplex into a bridge at 5:34; fall #2: Mysterio pinned Guerrera with a sit-down gutwrench powerbomb at 9:05; fall #3: Mysterio pinned Guerrera by reversing a Splash Mountain into a hurricanrana; after the bout, Mysterio hit a sit-down powerbomb through a table set up at ringside (3/8/96; ECW Arena)
– Tommy Dreamer defeated Brian Lee in a scaffold match at 8:49 after repeatedly punching Lee until he fell backwards off the scaffold and onto about a dozen tables set up in the ring below; after the bout, a bloody Dreamer celebrated in the crowd and Lee was taken backstage in a neckbrace and on a stretcher (10/26/96; ECW Arena)

Heatwave 98 (8/7/01)

The Best of Cactus Jack (10/23/01)

The Best of the Dudley Boyz (12/4/01)
– Buh Buh Ray & Big Dick Dudley defeated D-Von Dudley & Axl Rotten at 8:54 when Buh Buh pinned Axl after Big Dick threw his partner on Axl after D-Von accidentally hit Axl with a steel chair and was knocked to the floor (8/24/96; ECW Arena)
– Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley (w/ Joel Gertner, Sign Guy & Big Dick Dudley) defeated New Jack & Spike Dudley in an impromptu match at 10:02 when both men pinned Spike following the 3D; prior to the bout, Buh Buh Ray issued an open challenge to any team since he and D-Von didn’t have a match on the show; late in the bout, New Jack sustained a 3D on the ramp and after the match was double teamed inside the ring; moments later, D-Von grabbed the mic and cut a promo and said “Thou shall not steal … thou shall not kill … and thou shall not fuck with the Dudleyz” as New Jack continued to be assaulted (Guilty as Charged 99 – 1/10/99; Kissimmee, FL)
– Buh Buh Ray, D-Von, & Big Dick Dudley (w/ Joel Gertner & Sign Guy Dudley) defeated Tommy Dreamer (w/ Beulah McGillicutty), the Sandman, & Spike Dudley at 23:24 when all three men pinned Spike after Big Dick dropped him with Total Penetration (5/14/98; Queens, NY)
– Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley (w/ Sign Guy Dudley) defeated ECW Tag Team Champions Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney to win the titles at 10:58 when Buh Buh Ray pinned Spike with the 3D after the challengers put Balls through a table covered in thumbtacs; prior to the bout, the Dudleyz received chants of “Please Don’t Go,” “You Sold Out,” and “Raw is Dudley,” with Buh Buh Ray then cutting a promo saying it was the Dudleyz’ last night in ECW and mentioned other ECW stars who left the company for other promotions – the Sandman, Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, and Cactus Jack – and said each was responsible for putting ECW and the ECW Arena on the map just as the Dudleyz had put the Elk’s Lodge on the map; he then challenged Spike & Mahoney to one last match at the Elk’s Lodge, who appeared with Balls making the match a streetfight; after the bout, Buh Buh Ray called Tommy Dreamer out, who appeared but was held back by Paul Heyman and Francine, as Buh Buh threatened to appear on Monday Night Raw and throw the tag titles on the ground and then reminded Dreamer of breaking Beulah McGillicutty’s neck; Buh Buh then accused Beulah and Francine of enjoying being double teamed, which prompted Dreamer to run to the ring and fight the Dudleyz himself (8/26/99; Queens, NY)
– Tommy Dreamer (w/ Francine) & Raven defeated ECW Tag Team Champions Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley (w/ Sign Guy Dudley) to win the titles at 4:02 when Dreamer pinned D-Von by reversing a 3D into a DDT, with Raven then appearing and pinning Buh Buh at the same time with the DDT; Dreamer worked the bout himself until Raven appeared during the closing seconds; late in the bout, several referees, wrestlers, and Sign Guy attempted to make the save for Dreamer, who had not been medically cleared to wrestle, but were cleared to the floor by the champions; after the match, in an untelevised segment, the Dudleyz put the tag title belt around Dreamer’s waist, with the ring then filling up with Paul Heyman, Axl Rotten, New Jack, Roadkill, Dawn Marie, CW Anderson, Balls Mahoney, and several other wrestlers as the crowd chanted “Thank you, Dudleyz” and “ECW;” Buh Buh then grabbed the mic, praised his coworkers in ECW, praised Heyman, and then introduced his father and sister sitting in the crowd, with D-Von introducing his wife sitting behind them; Heyman then thanked the Dudleyz for what they had done for ECW, with Buh Buh then leading the crowd in a chant of “ECW” (Raven’s surprise return after a 2-year absence; the Dudleyz’ last appearance for over a year) (8/26/99; Queens, NY)
– Tommy Dremer, Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley (w/ Joel Gertner) defeated Simon Diamond (w/ Dawn Marie), Johnny Swinger, & CW Anderson when Dreamer pinned Swinger following the 3D after Buh Buh put Dawn through a table with a Buh Buh Bomb off the top (joined in progress) (12/15/00; Queens, NY)

Anarchy Rulz 99 (3/12/02)

Guilty as Charged 01 (3/12/02)

Cyberslam 99 (9/10/02)

Wrestlepalooza 97 (9/10/02)